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Everyone has never doubted that Xu Cheng is the number one in the qualifying event, including Xu Cheng.

He frowned when he watched the ranking of Asian Server Seventeen on the screen. ‌‌He didn’t say a word, and played ‌Late’s recording.

With Late’s usual flair, Late’s level is surprisingly stable. 20 kills in a game is considered high in his eyes, but 20 kills per game is a pretty scary figure.

In the last game, even he was able to guarantee that he would hit the target, from the sight of the cat cup. The same, he looked at Late’s name for the first time.

“Why do I feel that Late’s strength is getting stronger and stronger, and the anchors that have been passed are also very strong. No one has rushed into the top 20 of the Asian server before in the platform.”

「‌Unfortunately, it’s only seven points away」

“It is clear that heaven is still number one”

“It’s okay , I ‌ feed you ‌dried fish”

It’s already twelve o’clock in the evening, and Xu Cheng still hasn’t broadcast. After watching the recording, he entered the training ground and said to the screen: “Next time, I will not lose.”


On the first day of October, ‌In order to get first place in the qualifying event, Shen Chi’s account has an extra 8,000 bonus ‌ dried fish.

He had never had so many dried fish. After that, he repaid the Shen family three thousand, paid 800 rent, and deducted another five hundred for internet and utility bills. In the end, there were only 3,700 dried fish. It’s all his property.

After counting the dried fish, he posted on the website. According to the event page, he will get a recommendation on the homepage today.

He wrote the notes of Renduo. The recommended position on the homepage is the recommendation of all the anchors. According to the location, the same flow rate is the same. The last time you can easily get tens of thousands of attention, much more than an average anchor. It is difficult to have this opportunity, which is heavier than the reward of 8,000 yuan.

But he did not find his name on the homepage of the website. Instead, Xu Cheng’s live broadcast room came into view, setting a record in the top 20 of the Asian server. As the only PUBG anchor on the homepage, he occupies most of the space.

He flipped through it for a long time and didn’t see himself. Finally, he found his live room bulletin board on the homepage of the unpopular stand-alone zone.

[Lan Heng] What recommendations are you on, why didn’t I see you?

【Late】Stand alone area

[Lan Heng] You are the first in the ranked event, and Xu Cheng’s second is on the homepage of the website. PUBG is also a stand-alone player. In the stand-alone area, how much attention has been paid to you, your position, It should be better than him.Ask the customer service, it must be a mistake.

Shen Chi dialed the customer service phone and switched to manual voice. The one who answered the call was a male customer service worker. After hearing his question, he quickly replied: “There is no mistake.”

Shen Chi pursed his lips and hung up the phone.

Lan Heng talked about this to Ren Duo during dinner at night: “The platform knows what to think. The one who ranked highest in Asian server is exiled to the stand-alone zone. Late has worked hard for a week to qualify. He said that he is better than Xu Cheng. There is no location recommended by both of us‌.”

Ren Duo’s live broadcaster is longer than Lan Heng, and he can see the original plan at a glance: “The platform has signed a new contract with Xu Cheng today. The owner will push Xu Cheng, will let people pass, he can only be treated coldly.”

Lan Heng sighed, “I hope Late can relax.”


Seventeen-year-old Shen Chi knew for the first time that everything in the world is fair, and both ends of the balance are inclined.

He stood in place for a while, the wind blew up his open red hair, making his facial features stronger

But even so ‌, he still believes that one day he will be on the homepage of the website.

Shen Chi turned off his mobile phone and continued to walk to the residential building. In order to save money, he bought a Class B lock and screwdriver when he passed by the supermarket and prepared to change the lock cylinder by himself.

He walked into the stairwell. The light control hadn’t been repaired yet, so he needed to use the flashlight to climb the steps, and he walked to the end of the corridor.


There are more sweat marks on the doorknob.

Has anyone entered the room? He pushed the door cautiously, and there were more male footprints on the floor. He held his breath and looked up into the room.

There are no traces of rummage in the room. The luggage compartment is placed in a bad position, but the computer on the table was stolen.

His brain felt blank on the spot, his chest was blocked, and his breathing was extremely obscure. He rolled his Adam’s apple and restrained his emotions, but his hand holding the lock was shaking.

Shen Chi was originally born thin, his thin profile body was like a thin and sharp blade, and his back under his school uniform trembled. The whole person looked shaky, and he would fall down the next moment.

He refrained from trembling and walked into the room, looking at the empty desktop, the latent exhaustion suddenly rushed to his heart, and the dizziness came again.

It was like breaking the last string, falling into the darkness under control, falling flat on the cold ground, and the thin body curled up, revealing the fragility that was never seen before.

He didn’t wake up until seven o’clock.

The live room was empty.

“why hasn’t cub broadcast yet?””

“It’s almost eight o’clock”

“It’s nine o’clock”

“It’s ten o’clock”

The young man was lying alone in a narrow room, his thick eyelashes casting deep shadows under his eyes, his skin so pale that there was no blood, and the blue veins on the back of his hands were vaguely visible.

The phone kept ringing on the cell phone.

But no one answered.


The middle aged man held the stolen computer with heart and walked to the second-hand electrical appliance store that was closing quickly: “This is a computer, please price it.”

“Aurora.” The boss glanced at the computer as usual, without asking the source, “It’s well maintained, wrong, I bought new digital products, bought old, three thousand yuan, I can get more.”

“How is it only three thousand?” The middle male’s expression froze for a moment, followed by a minute to discuss, ” At least four thousand, Ah Shen is a senior this year, he will take university, I want to enroll him in the provincial tutoring classes.”

“You are in the fifth and third year of high school, and you can take the early exam.” The boss shook his head.

“He can pass the exam this year.” The man was still discussing and laughing.

The boss can’t help and said: “Then four thousand.”

The boss took the whole machine from him, frowned and asked, “Why is there no power cord?”

“I forgot to take it.” The middle man immediately spoke, “Go back and take it now.”

He walked back to the residential building and slipped into the second floor while people were watching. After hearing the room was quiet, he pried the locks in a familiar way.

There is no light in the room. He smeared and took the data cable from the bottom of the table. Suddenly there was something warm and cold blocking his footsteps. He turned on the mobile phone flashlight and took a few steps back in shock.

——Its a bloodless young man.

Embarrassment appeared on his face, but he looked at less than himself. He carried the boy, ran to the hospital, and forgot to put the power cord in his pocket when he left.

It was midnight when he got home from the hospital, and he entered the door with a big bag: “Ah Shen, I bought something for you and your mother. Your mother should eat more meat and not care about money.”

Yan Shen, who was reading on the sofa, raised his fierce eyebrows: “Yan Jianguo, where did you get the money?”

“I made it with my own hands.” Yan Jianguo put the things in the living room and put an apron around his waist, “You are tired from reading. I bought beef. After making beef noodles for you, I will give it to you tomorrow. When I reported to the remedial class in the provincial capital, I saw the advertisement that It was taught by a famous teacher, and you will be able to pass the exam today.”

The blind woman in the room seemed to hear the movement, and fumbled to the door and asked: “A Shen, is anyone here?”


Yan Shen threw things out of the door one by one, and his eyes showed obvious disgust: “I’ll say it again, stay away from my mother!”

“Stealing is also by my own ability, and others want to steal and steal.” Yan Jianguo’s voice gradually became a little bit, “Today I also did something and sent people to the hospital . But if the child died in the room, nobody would know.”

“Where did you steal it?” Yan Shen’s eyebrows wrinkled deeper.

Yan Jianguo’s gaze flickered: “In the last room on the second floor, he look like a child from a rich family, the mouse thrown is a big name. For the sake of his school and yours, I didn’t steal it. Yes, only the computer was stolen.”
“You fucking return it to me!” Yan Shen was born tall, picking up the collar of the middle aged man, the scar on his face looked very fierce, “Don’t touch him next time, if something happened. I will find you.”

“Is he your friend?” Yan Jianguo panicked. He didn’t expect to steal something and get on his friend. The man’s face appeared to blame himself.

“Take care of it.”

Yan Shen closed the door and sat down at the table.

When Shen Chi woke up again, he was in the hospital ward. His nose was filled with the smell of disinfectant. He was infused with liquid in his left hand. His consciousness was not yet awake. He only heard the doctor making a call. He could hear clearly.

“Looking at you making so many calls, are you Shen Chi’s family?” The doctor looked down at the case sheet.

The doctor’s tone is somewhat angry: “How do you take care of your child, anemia caused by malnutrition, this is the time when the body is thin, a child fainted in the room, how can you save the living expenses?”

Yan Xue Xiao on the phone did not deny it, but said lightly: “It’s my fault.”

When the doctor walked out of the room, his consciousness gradually recovered. The first sentence of his mouth was to ask: “How much is the medical expenses?”

The nurse took his temperature: “Your family has paid for it for you.”

Is that a phone call from mom …

The mobile phone was full of missed calls, like an advertisement. Before he had time to think about it, a message appeared on WeChat.

To be precise, it was a piece of news. The one he sent was a particularly detailed one-week recipe, with a proper mix of vegetables, meat, egg and milk.

Only the method is introduced in detail, and even the use of cooking utensils is written step by step, including which time period is the cheapest to buy food in the vegetable market, and how many cups of milk he drinks every day.

【Yan Xue Xiao】Only 500 yuan a month

He didn’t even have money to consider it.

He later realized that the call was from Yan Xue Xiao, which should have been from the shop, and helped him pay for the medical expenses.

He is not accustomed to accepting other people’s opinions and goodwill. His bushy eyelashes trembled, and he passed a sentence stiffly.

[Shen Chi] I’ll transfer you how much is the medical expenses?

But he stared at the screen, knowing why, and resisted asking a question.

[Shen Chi] Are you so concerned about everyone?

After he sent it, he felt that he had no right to ask. Of course, his virtual girlfriend had a relationship with every customer, and it was normal for him to care about others.

After a while, a reply appeared on the phone screen. The moment he saw it, He subconsciously squeezed the phone, and there were only two simple words on the screen.

【Yan Xue Xiao】‌Yes

Translator’s Note: Poor Shen Chi, please take care of your health.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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