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Show Off

The teenager recovered, looked at the label of the mouse, and was keenly aware that yes, he checked the price of snacks. The original jelly box was fifteen yuan, and the cheapest potato chips were eight yuan …

Although it is not delicious, the whole case of snacks is in postage, and the cheapest is 500 yuan.

He only spent ten yuan.

He asked with suspicion.

[Shen Chi] I looked it up on the Internet, and the mouse is 600yuan. Are you not afraid of losing money if you only sell it for ten yuan? If you are trying to cheat me, I don’t have so much money on me.

[Cub Raising shop] This is the first time I open a shop, the price set was wrong

Shen Chi pressed down his doubts from the bottom of his heart. It was strange that it was a new store, but the goods were off the shelves so quickly that he could not buy another pack. He almost thought it was a scam.

The other party must be short of money. He does not like to take advantage of others. Do you want to transfer the 600 yuan saved by the live broadcast in the past few days?

[Shen Chi] There are only so many. Be careful next time

Yan Xue xiao, on the other side, quietly looked at the screen. The little wolf lived independently in the cave. He was probably used to the kindness of others, and half of it had to be returned, so he needed to approach more patiently.

He made a phone call: “Do you know where there is a cheap purchase channel?”

Mr. Wang lives in the faculty dormitory, because the teaching building is in front of the dormitory. He gets up and leaves the dormitory slowly every day, and can arrive late and early.

Today, however, he was woken up by a quick telephone call, and he groggily picked the phone.

“Is there a student accident?”

His face instantly became serious and dignified, and he quickly put on his clothes without even washing his face.

It was not until the afternoon that he dragged his tired body back to school, walked out of the principal’s office with a pile of forms, and entered the classroom of Class 9.

There was a mess in the classroom before class. He stepped onto the podium and said, “There are a few words to say before class. Please be quiet.”

But nobody paid any attention to him.

He was angry with the students for the first time, screaming loudly, and tears were faintly shining in the room: “be quiet!”

The voice of the classroom died down slowly.

“Today the teacher is too good.” Zhuang Zhou quietly said to Shen Chi on the side, “We have never seen him angry even if our class rank bottom.”

Shen Chi looked up at Teacher Wang, and continued to bow down and memorize the weapon damage value.

“I have an application form for subsidies for poor students.” Teacher Wang raised the form in his hand. “If everyone has difficulties, they must apply from the school. Although there are many financial subsidies in our school, they will definitely satisfy everyone .”

“I hope that the students will not go astray.” He said with a trembling voice, “Yes, the border town is compared with the big city. The students in the capital are attacking the famous schools, and it is difficult for the schools in the border town to produce an undergraduate course.”

“I ask you all to go to college. I only hope that you can be honest and upright, and you wil notl be caught in the middle of crimes and harm your family.”

Teacher Wang circled red: “When people outside heard we are from the border town, they shake their heads, but are we born like this?”

Shen Chi stopped writing and raised his eyes.

Zhuang Zhou saw that he was interested and whispered, “I heard from my mother this morning that yesterday, the border police caught another person who was transporting drugs in the middle of the night. It was Lao Wang’s student.”

“Is this very common?” Shen Chi asked.

“It is quite common in the border town.”

Zhuang Zhou lives in the border town from small to large. If there are few people in the class on any day, most of them will go to jail. The crime rate in the border town is high, especially juvenile delinquency.

Teacher Wang didn’t speak again, and asked the monitor to send out the application form for subsidizing poor students and spread it to the row of Zhuang Zhou, who handed the table to the teenager.

He noticed that Shen Chi seems to be particularly short of money recently. They usually eat lunch in the school cafeteria, and it is cheaper to pay six yuan each.

And Shen Chi always sat in the position to eat cheap biscuits, and the whole person was thin at the speed of visible meat, which made his school uniform extremely loose.

The red-haired boy didn’t look up: “Don’t Need.”

Zhuang Zhou accidentally signed, getting along for a long time, he knew, Shen Chi, this person is more proud than anyone else. He wanted to bring a sandwich from the commissary at home and Shen Chi would accept it, not to mention the poor student allowance. The first time he saw him, he thought he would accept a sandwich from the commissary.

He need to hand back the form later.

The class bell rang, and this class was the last class in the afternoon. The math teacher went to the provincial capital for a meeting. Teacher Wang wiped the foggy lenses and handed out the next set of test questions: “Teacher Luo said that you can go if you do the five questions correctly.”

Zhuang Zhou is relieved. He is so good at math that he can do five problems correctly. He can also search on the Internet. It is no problem to finish class early.

There are a large number of test questions, only ten questions, and the questions are simple. He gets a pen and writes a solution in the blank space while he gets stuck.

The first question seems a little difficult.

He looked at the second question.

The second question seems a bit difficult.


After ten minutes of thinking, he failed to work out a problem. At first, he thought it was his poor math, but even the math class representative could not answer a problem.

What’s even more irritating is that it was found on the Internet.

Zhuang Zhou figured out the teacher’s intention, don’t say anything about leaving class early, this is to let them go after class.

While Shen Chi looked at the clock on the wall, it was already five o’clock, and he wanted to go back early to play a rank game.

He looked at the test questions lost in thought. He remembered Yan Xue Xiao was at school and turned on his mobile phone to send a message in WeChat.

[Shen Chi] Can you do it?


Yan Xue Xiao walked to the library, exam week was not coming yet. There were only a few people in the library at five o’clock in the morning. He sat at a table by the window and received photos from teenagers.

It’s a set of test questions.

The youth lightly raises an eyebrow and writes the standard answer on a blank piece of paper.

Five minutes later, he did the fourth question. Just as the Jewish girls in the group passed by, they saw the numbers on his paper and asked, “Are you measuring the fitting degree? It will be much faster to use the computer.”

“The topic is from high school.”

The youth answered lightly.

Hearing his words, the Jewish girl remembered: “Is it the child at home?”

Seeing that Yan Xue Xiao did not refute, she whispered a reminder: “It is normal that the topic is difficult to do, but you should not do the problem for him, he should finish it himself.”

The youth politely said “thank you”.

He only sent four messages.

Shen Chi, on the other side, didn’t expect Yan Xue Xiao to answer four questions so quickly. Even if it is only four, she is very powerful. He thought silently in his mind that her performance must be very good.

He forbade questions.

[Shen Chi] What school do you go to?

Every once in a while, the other party sends an answer.

[Yan Xuexiao] Princeton graduate school

Princeton, as a top university, is one of the most difficult universities in the United States. Shen Chi felt that Princeton Graduate Student would not work part-time as a virtual girlfriend, and thought Yan Xue Xiao was joking.

[Shen Chi] I am from Yancheng University

The other party seems to have a sense of helplessness, so reply to him.

[Yan Xuexiao] Have a good class

Shen Chi turned off his cell phone and continued to look at the fifth question.

The fifth question is analytic geometry, which is a bit like the third question. He looked at the answer to the third question and tried to do the fifth question.

One minute passed, and at 5: 20, he finally solved the fifth problem.

Just waiting for this, Mr. Wang stood up in his chair: “Don’t do it yet, I’m sorry I took the wrong question. This is a competition question. I’ll reissue it.”

When the class was discussed, Zhuang Zhou said with deep delay: “I said that this topic is too difficult, and even the class representative has not answer a question. How can a normal person answer five questions?”

“I finished.”

The young man replied.

Zhuang Zhou, since Shen Chi transferred to their class, jumped to replace Yan Shen’s last position, and the title said that he didn’t understand his capital.

What he didn’t expect was that Shen Chi stood up in his seat, walked to the podium, and handed the test questions to Teacher Wang. The voice asked without any waves: “Can you go after five correct answers?”

“Did you make it?” Teacher Wang was surprised to ask, this set of questions is a difficult problem in the competition questions, not to mention the border town, and it is very difficult for students in Yancheng to answer one question.

He hurriedly took out the answer to check, and the result was word for word. His solution is simpler than the method on the answer.

If the last time he talked with Shen Chi, there was a hint of encouragement, now he really thinks that Shen Chi will have no problem taking an undergraduate course.

If you sprint in the last year of Senior Three, you will definitely be able to repeat the book. Their school has never produced a repeat book, and it is a great event to enter the school records.

Shen Chi just put on headphones and left the classroom.

He returned to the residential building, went to the rented room, and was ready to open it with the key. His hand paused.

Knowing that it was his illusion, he had other people’s sweat stains on his hands. He frowned and wiped it with a paper towel, opened it, and locked it when he entered the room.

He wants to change the lock tomorrow.

The teenager sat in front of the computer and turned on the live broadcast.

Today is the last day of qualifying activities. There are still five gaps between him and Xu, with a difference of 160 points. He needs to keep winning more than 20 games in a row.

“It’s so early today.”

“There are only seven small ones left.”

“Can you surpass it?”

Lan Heng sends out the game invitation, he clicks on it, and two people team up to enter the game.

He sat straight in front of the computer, and the interval on the pointer passed slowly. The difference of 160 points was shortened to 120 points, 80 points and 50 points … Only 30 points were left in the end.

And there are only thirty minutes left until twelve o’clock.

He needs to win at least twenty-five kills in one game.

“Late’s highest record is 23 kills.”

“Yes, it was qualifying.”

“The low-end bureau is better, and the high-end bureau is too difficult to kill, almost impossible.”

Even Lan Heng is forbidden to ask: “Is it OK?”

The higher the level, the smaller the gap is. Twenty-five kills in Bronze Bureau are rare, but the highest number of kills in professional league is just over twenty-four. Therefore, the less broadcast will keep the low level and pursue the number of kills to ensure the live broadcast effect.

“The problem is big.” Shen Chi wears headphones.

Lan Heng: ……….

He hasn’t heard Late talk about private affairs in the live broadcast room, but he guessed that he should have grown up in a rich family, otherwise he would raise a self-confident and wanton model and broadcast live with him for a living, just earning pocket money.

Entering the game, he hopes that if it is an island map, the rainforest map is the best, and it is an island map that is loaded.

Island map is large in area, scattered in number, and easy to conceal. It is too friendly for ranking. The youth doesn’t seem to be disappointed. They search for equipment in a confused way after landing in the port.

Fortunately, Late is very accurate in defending his position. When he hears gunshots, he can always tell the number of opponents and possible circles. In the third lap, he won 17 heads.

As long as meet with a hang up, 25 kills or can be blunt, Lan Heng thought as he looked at the house.

A person flies directly to the roof.

“The first time I saw a fairy who could fly”

“This is a fairy.”

“Does everyone play using hang up now?”

“Walk into the cultivation of immortals”

Just overlapping with them in the circle, Lan Heng asked nervously: “What should I do?”

Avoiding is a good strategy. No matter how, he will meet in the finals and declare the defeat of this game, but if he catches up head on, he will fly.


Shen Chi looked at the screen intently, changed the gun to 98 K, changed the double mirror to eight times the visual distance, and aimed at the people who flew to the roof.

“The distance is more than 800.”

“There must be a kilometer.”

“The other party is still moving, and the probability of hitting is too low.”

“One kilometer exceeds the effective range of 98K, and the ballistic fall is terrible. I know how to press the gun.”

There is no barrage in Shen Chi’s room, only his opponent in the mirror. He calculated quickly in his mind according to his opponent’s moving speed, and predicted his position in advance.

Determine the good side, he held his breath, as far as possible to make his heart beat more stable, let anything interfere with himself, and then hold the hand of the mouse down sharply.

He pressed to shoot.

The next second, the bullet rustled through the air like a broken wind blade, hitting the other side’s head!

“Kilometers away a shot to the head!”


“Mom, it’s so cool.”

“How was it easy to do it? I took advantage of my hands when I shot at 200 meters. Every time I watched the live broadcast of Late, I lamented the use of my hands.”

Lan Heng was shocked. He always knew that Late was a good marksman. He didn’t expect it to be so powerful that this operation could catch up with professional players.

He finally knows why the teenager said there was a big problem before, and this is the positive level.

Without plug-in interference, they easily won the victory. Late’s personal killing number reached 25 times of terror. In the last second before zero, the performance ranked 16th in the Asian server, exceeding Xu Chen!

“The cub is great.”

“More than that, I still dare to believe that many teenagers are broadcasting CF before they broadcast PUBG.”

“This may be a gift.”

“Live room attention number broke fifteen thousand!”

After playing the last game, the young man’s hand trembled because he took off the force. It was better to level off for a few seconds. Today, he probably used too much force. It took three minutes to stop shaking. He was dizzy before he stood up in his chair.

But he enjoyed every game.

The teenager turns on the phone and sends Yan Xue Xiao a message.

[Shen Chi] I am the first in website ranking activities

Later, he received a reply.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Congratulations

The other person’s words are light, but the young people still resist the happiness, at least there is someone he can share with.

In the rented conference hall, older group members are communicating about their children.

“My daughter will paint by herself, and she will paint badly. I asked her what it was, and she pointed at me and said it was Dad.”

“My son hasn’t grown any teeth yet. Ping especially likes to sleep with my hair. I don’t have much left in my hair. He is willing to lick it. Who makes him cute?”

“My child is better in the first grade. He likes to do his homework. I didn’t expect him to return to the second place in this exam.”

Yan Xue Xiao, who has never joined the discussion, turned off his mobile phone and calmly said: “My child takes the first place.”

Translator’s Note: Awwww Yan Xue Xiao is proud of his cub

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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