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Picky eaters

The next day, Border Town People’s Hospital.

The doctor sitting in the consulting room handed the follow-up report to Father Ji: “The old man has no major problems with his body, but he must take medicine on time to avoid too much emotional fluctuation.”

Ji’s father was relieved in his heart, walked out of the hospital and returned home, dialed a phone number, the call was only connected after a long time, he said awkwardly: “Shen Fu hello.”

“If you don’t feel good, just answer the phone.” Shen Fu’s indifferent voice came over the phone, “Recently, I’ve been busy and can’t get out of my body.Xiao Shu is also going to take a monthly exam.”

“I know, I haven’t dared to bother you and Xiao Shu.” Father Ji quickened his tone,”But I am discharged from the hospital today, and I want to thank you. If you help contact the hospital in Yancheng, the operation will not be so smooth.”

“Help?” Shen Fu stopped, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Ji Dad was stunned.

The phone immediately hung up.

” Shen Fu, what did she say?” Seeing Father Ji’s expression, Mother Ji asked.

“Shen Fu said she didn’t know about the transfer.” Father Ji looked at the neatly folded transfer form in his hand and said hesitantly, “Probably, I’m really lucky.”

Mother Ji turned around and continued to clean up the house. When she saw Shen Chi’s empty room, she suddenly asked Father Ji: “Do you want to see him today?”


“‌Do you live here ‌?”

The two walked into an old residential building in Beicheng. Because of the most planned housing area in the border town, the residential building looked dilapidated. Mother Ji asked with a gift bag in her hand.

“I asked , he lives on the second floor.” Father Ji avoided the sewage in the alleyway and walked into the building. The sound-controlled light in the building was broken, and he walked carefully.

When they walked to the stairs, they saw Shen Chi came up with a bag on one shoulder.

Father Ji’s voice brought a hint of tension: “Go home, your grandpa’s health is good, mom and dad can go home every day, and you can have whatever you want to eat.”

Shen Chi continued walking without saying a word.

He walked to the top of the stairs, and Father Ji continued: “Dad knows that you were wronged last time, but after all, a family ——”

Dad Ji’s words were not finished yet, a shivering middle man was picked up like a dead dog and thrown down from the upper floor.

Shen Chi looked up, standing on the stairs and throwing. Yan Shen, who was in his class, originally lived upstairs from him.

Yan Shen’s eyebrows were dark and thick, and there was a scar on his face. Chong Man said: “Who and you are in the family? Next time, you will fight again.”

Looking less at father Ji, he naturally avoided his eyes and whispered to Mother Ji: “Let’s go.”

Mother Ji handed the bag that he had taken all the way to Shen Chi’s hand: “This is the mouse I bought in Yancheng, I picked a big brand, I don’t know if you like it or not.”

Afraid that he would not accept it, Mother Ji left behind Father Ji. Shen Chi took the box and walked to the rented house.

The movement attracted the landlord. After he left, the long curly-haired ‌‌ walked to the top of the stairs in a nightgown.

‌ The open neckline showed a large area of ​​skin, and the hickey on her neck was faint. She embraced her arms and held a cigarette in her right hand: “How many times have I told you, don’t come to my building.” ”

“Sister Hong, Ah Shen is my son.” The middle man sneered, his forehead was covered with bruises, and he looked very weak and pitiful.

“Come on, you.” Sister Hong pinched out the cigarette butt with her hand.

He got up from the ground, stopped before going downstairs, and looked at the end of the building: “Is the last room occupied?” Seeing that Ji(Who Ji is, I also don’t know) is still alive, his appearance is not like the local border town, and his parents look familiar. ”

“Why are you asking so much?”

The elder sister turned into the room without him

Shen Chi went to the end of the building and opened it. He dropped the box to the side. He returned to the room to play games. Shen Chi don’t know how long it took. He stood up from his seat and opened it again . He looked to the side.

The mouse box thrown on the ground is gone.

Someone probably took it.

He leaned on the chair ‌ and turned on the phone.

[Shen Chi] The mouse is gone


After Yan Xue Xiao corrected the paper, he put down the German text “Analysis of the Elephant” in his hand and browsed the snacks on Amazon.

jelly contains a lot of additives and does not have the nutrients needed by the body. Excessive intake will affect the absorption of fat and protein; baked potato chips are high in carbohydrates, and excessive consumption can easily lead to increased blood pressure.

It is not very healthy.

He bought only a box of jelly and a bag of potato chips. The others bought a can of nuts and dried fruit according to the taste of the youth. When he was about to place an order, he clicked on the screen. Message sent too late.

[Shen Chi] The mouse is gone

He raised his eyebrows lightly.

[Yan Xuexiao] What kind of mouse?

He asked the brand originally, and after a while, he sent a few words.

[Shen Chi] My Mother gave it to me

Yan Xue Xiao’s hand on the screen paused, he thought, sure enough, he is still a child.


Shen Chi didn’t receive Yan Xue Xiao’s reply. Maybe he didn’t know how to comfort him. In fact, he didn’t expect him reply. He just wanted to say it, and it would be better to say it.

It is already a place where he can earn money. He has a rented house, he can cook noodles, heat milk, and take care of himself, even if he doesn’t earn money. It’s easy, but he doesn’t want to go back and be a kid.

He tried his best to be a mature young man and turn on the computer. He broadcast live until 12:30 in the evening. Only a piece of jerky was eaten in the middle of the night. At the same time, he ranked 21st, only one step away from Xu Cheng. .

When he received the snack package, he carried the heavy box from the courier on Tuesday morning. It was still sent from the United States, and UPS Express arrived the next day.

Shen Chi put the box on the table. He was almost late for class. He picked up his school bag and walked outside.

But when his hand was just on the handle of the door, jelly, potato chips and biscuits came out of his mind. He turned back to the table and opened the box with a knife.

There must be a lot of snacks that he loves in such a big box, but he opened the express and thought he had read it wrong.

Low-salt potato chips.

The original flavor is transparent ‌jelly.

Olive oil whole grains ‌biscuits.


Shen Chi’s brows gradually wrinkled, he also opened a packet of biscuits and ate a piece of biscuits. It was healthy, but there was no taste at all. His mouth was full of thick vegetable flavor, and he felt that his face was going to turn green.

However, there is still a trace of expectation in his heart. Jelly can’t taste any worse. He tore open the only box of jelly.

The original flavor on the label really has no taste at all, because he can’t bear to waste it, so he swallows it with a straight face.

As if he knew he was signing for it, Yan Xue Xiao sent a message.

[Yan Xuexiao] He didn’t lie to you, did he?

He looked at the material objects that were not in conformity with the propaganda seriously, and said that he didn’t lose money, but he always thought that he could buy a big bag of jelly for ten dollars, so he considered the reply.

[Shen Chi]I’ll say something but you might not want to hear it. You’re still studying in school and you’re relatively simple. The tricks of scammers are changing with each passing day. Ten dollars for a snack bag, and the postage from the United States is more than ten dollars.

It seems that he was speechless and asked for a sentence.

[Yan Xuexiao] What do you get?

Shen Chi responded seriously.

[Shen Chi] Definitely want to get my money


Yan Xue Xiao on the phone chuckled.

A cautious wolf cub, though he has little money,he still firmly protects his own money. If he gives some bait, he will poke his head out of the hole, if he takes away the food, the cub immediately retract.

[Shen Chi] But this time the snack pack is still a large box, still it’s not very delicious. Can you imagine the original flavor of jelly? I saw it for the first time

Yan Xue Xiao’s complexion turned cold and pale. He squinted his eyes slightly.

[Yan Xuexiao] Don’t like it?

[Shen Chi] I don’t like it very much

Yan Xue Xiao stared at the screen for a while, turned off the phone, and continued to sit in front of the computer and backtest the algorithm with the team members. He had Heidegger’s “Existence and Time” on his hand.

Quantitative transactions in the financial market use numerical models instead of subjective judgments, and the market is changing rapidly to avoid traders from making non ‌ decisions.

He downloaded nearly 20 data on the futures market, and he needed to select the algorithm with the highest agreement.

The members of the group are all students at school, most of them are doctoral students. They do not have a serious working atmosphere. They hear laughter from time to time, which slightly relieves the boring study of datas

A doctor of the Department of Physics with children said: “Children are very picky eaters. He keeps on reading papers at home on weekends. He doesn’t eat sandwich bread for him. He has to take him to the pizza shop. Do you have any recommended snacks?”

Many students in the group immediately exchanged their snack experiences.

“I know this, coconut-flavored LIBERTE yogurt, I had to drink a cup every day some time ago.”

“KitKat’s chocolate wafers are also good, the chocolate flavor is very strong, and children like to eat sweet ones.”

“Goldfish’s cheese biscuits are also delicious, ‌The best cheese biscuits I have ever tasted, they are not greasy at all.”

One of the Russian students happened to be sitting next to Yan Xuexiao, with a pair of thin gold-rimmed glasses sandwiched between her tall and straight nose, and she was looking at the computer screen intently. She asked embarrassedly: ” Is it bothering you?”

Yan gave her the feeling of being introverted. If there is a light agarwood scent on her body, he would not be interested in snacks.


Yan Xue Xiao answered.

She sighed with relief, and continued to chat with the team members about snacks while studying the data.

‌Yan Xue Xiao wrote it down silently.


Shen Chi turned the snack box to the bottom, and determined that there was only one packet of jelly and one packet of potato chips, and the rest were all nuts and dried fruit.

When he was about to put the snacks on the table back into the box, he suddenly saw a box.

He opened the box suspiciously, not a snack, an expensive gaming mouse, although the colors and styles were different, but it made him unconsciously think of the missing mouse.

He half-dropped his eyes to hide his slight loss, turned on the phone, and sent a message to the store manager.

[Shen Chi] Manager, you sent me an extra mouse. I can’t pay the postage. If you send it, you can get it on delivery. Is it okay to pay on delivery?

He didn’t know if the store manager was busy, so after a while, he replied to him.

[Raising Cubs‌Shop] No postage is required

He was a little relieved, and he didn’t need to pay for it.
When he was about to ask how to send it another message popped out. He was stunned when he saw the message.

【Raising Cub Shop】‌Gifts

The red-haired boy squeezed his phone subconsciously.

He lost a mouse and received another mouse.


it is better than the missing one.

Translator’s Note: Updates might be delayed because I would be busy starting tomorrow until next week. It’s the end of school year and there are a bunch of things needed to be done in real life.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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    As always… Thank you for serving us these cuties ~ <3

  2. Avatar kayrahiss says:

    The Ji family is really something. It’s true that Shen Chi hasn’t been trying to reach out to them, but they neglect him to a frightening extent and yet they still accepted his money (and were unhappy he didn’t give more). Mother Ji seems to have a bit of conscience but probably not enough to go against her husband on this issue.
    Poor cub ?. Yan Xue Xiao, you have to take good care of him!
    Thank you for the translation ?

  3. Avatar Face-con says:

    Ji family is surprisingly shameless that grandpa’s hospital fee were already paid but they still have not returned money that cub earned

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