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Shen Chi didn’t like to eat the stuff in the box except milk, but when he thought that he bought it for a dollar, he still took out a pack of oatmeal and used hot milk to soak soft oatmeal for breakfast.

Original oatmeal tastes light, even if it is mixed with milk, it is not delicious, but he saves money and does not eat breakfast. He eats a bowl of oatmeal and feels that he has strength.

The boy wiped off the milk mark on his lips, sat in front of the computer, and boarded the live broadcast.

”Cub, good morning”

“Today we are ranked 38th!”

“Do you want to live with Lan Heng?”

Lan Heng was only released at 4 o’clock last night, Shen Chi‌‌ will not start broadcasting in the morning. Who knows that Lan Heng got up earlier than him, ‌He sent a team invitation.

He pressed agree.

When the two entered the game, Lan Heng asked with concern: “‌ Did something happen last night? You stopped playing at eleven.”

“‌What do you want to ask!”

“Cub: ‌ Secretly playing behind your back.”

The teenager didn’t speak, Lan Heng acquiesced and opened the next topic: “The qualifying event ends the day after tomorrow. The anchors of the platform are all rushing forward fifty times. We have to hurry up.”

He originally meant to pay close attention not to be squeezed out of the top 50 by the people behind him, but the teenager obviously got the wrong idea and said thoughtfully, “It is necessary to pay close attention to the first place.”

Lan Heng:…………

Xu Cheng is now ranked 21st in the Asian server, pulling out a lot of other anchors, to have tacit understanding who is the number one.

Xu Cheng is from a group of anchors who signed the contract early, and was pushed by the platform, which increased the rewards. The anchors with high ranking can not only get a bonus of 8,000 yuan, but also scroll through the live broadcast room on the homepage for a week.

But obviously the boy didn’t care about the gap, he only had the first two words in his eyes.

They hit eleven o’clock in the evening, that is, before starting a new game, Shen Chi watched the news that Yan Xue Xiao was online and cancelled his preparations.

Lan Heng asked: “Can’t you play again?”

Shen Chi said: “You can play.”

There was confusion in Lan Heng’s eyes: “Then, why did you cancel the preparation?”

“Play with other people.” After Shen Chi answered, he withdrew from the team.

Lan Heng: …………I can play but not with him?


“haven’t you realized your position as a gratis fish?”

“Smell sad”

Shen Chi hadn’t planned to continue playing with Lan Heng today, but Lan Heng tirelessly sent an application to join the team. He frowned and agreed.

Lan Heng entered the room, ‌the third person’s portrait, and realized afterwards that it was estimated that Late was leaving yesterday to play a game with this person.

Is he an anchor who often matches passers-by. He is used to playing games with strangers, but he doesn’t think there is anything until they land in the school.

The resources in the school are abundant, but the advanced resources are still lacking. He cleared the first floor and still hasn’t found the sniper. It happened that during this time he heard the voice of the teenager: “I have sniper.”

“Third-level A.”


Hearing the endless supply of material names, Lan Heng quickly put his gun on his back, speeding up his running speed: “I’m here.”

But when he walked to Late and was about to bend down to pick up the resources, he heard the young man open coldly: “It’s not for you.”

“Lan Heng’s heart is dripping blood”

“Who said Lan Heng is not a girl”

“The cub is really straight”

Lan Heng can only be wronged and pick up what others have left. Just as they collected the materials and walked out of the school, a kill message was uploaded on the screen.

Lan Heng’s footsteps stopped, not because of the large number of kills, but because this ID is Xu Cheng’s ID, which means that Xu Cheng is also in the game!

“The competition is fierce”

“There are three people on Xu Cheng’s side, right? They are all anchors.”

“Then it’s dangerous, it’s better to avoid it”

But Shen Chi didn’t have the idea of ​​avoiding it, and continued to walk towards the gunfire. Instead of encountering it in the finals, it was better to solve it earlier.

“Do you really want to go?”

“This time I finally found a level three helmet”

“Finally, it’s time for Late to deliver express delivery to others!”

” Why everyone is so excited”

Xu Cheng in front of the computer also noticed Lan Heng’s team, probably a team of three, who had been wandering outside the room, and there were intermittent footsteps. It seemed to kill their patience.

Xu Cheng has this patience.

It’s not easy to attack a house, and the number of the other party is at a disadvantage, so it will be them who win, but it’s dangerous outside.

The door was opened.

Xu Cheng shot without hesitation, but what he didn’t expect was that more people entered from the window. Only then did he realize that Lan Heng’s team had never thought of attacking the house, but relied on moving. ‌ The three teams led outside the room.

After he was stunned for a second, a bullet shot from outside the window quickly, followed by another bullet.

“Late killed with 98K”

He is silent. It is not the first time he has heard of Late’s name. He is just an unknown little anchor, who normally will not have any intersection with him.

But he almost lost to Late in the last kitten cup. He didn’t expect that this time… he still lost.

Xu Cheng squeezed the mouse tightly.

Shen Chi’s live broadcast room expressed slight regret.

“I was going to deliver this by express.”

“It was too wild, Xu Cheng must have been dumbfounded. There were only three people, so how come so many people came in suddenly?”

“Late’s hatred is still stable, saying that when his son is leaving with his father, everyone is chasing with guns.”

“you can only besiege Xu cheng while there are many people, otherwise you can only cooperate in the finals, and the possibility of winning is very small.”

Lan Heng felt that he should be surprised and eliminated Xu Cheng’s team ahead of time. Xu Cheng’s Asian server ranking dropped to twenty-fourth, but it didn’t seem strange that anything happened next to the boy.

Games passed slowly and entered the finals. In addition to their team, there were three lone wolves hovering in the wheat field, ready to counterattack.

The intention of a team is a good judgment, and the intention of a person is difficult to figure out, because three lone wolves are often more lethal than a team.

Shen Chi started to clean up from the circle.He don’t know where the cold gun came out. He used 98K. Fortunately, they missed the head and only penetrated the second-level armor. But even so, he was knocked down to the ground. .

“Caltha knocked you down with 98K ‌”

Yan Xue Xiao helped him up.

He reminded: “The other party is very dangerous.”

Yan Xue Xiao seemed to have heard it, he helped him up and leaned against the cover, and Shen Chi gave himself a medical kit.

There are only six people left on the field, and all of Shen Chi’s thoughts are on the game.

Someone is shooting with a sniper, and the probe shots are all facing the risk of getting a headshot. There is no need to shoot the gun on the spot. He slowly regained his blood volume and said: “Let’s go first.”

A line of ‌ slowly appeared on the screen.


It’s normal to get injured in the game. Shen Chi didn’t think it was a big deal, but Yan Xue Xiao next to him shot.

Compared with Lan Heng, Yan Xue Xiao didn’t say much, probably because he wasn’t interested in the game. He hadn’t shot a lot. He still saw Yan Xue Xiao killed for the first time.

“Yan killed Caltha with M416”

He killed the person who just knocked him down.

The boy holding the mouse blinked at the flashing kill message. He didn’t know what he was feeling, his heartbeat was faster than normal.


It was twelve o’clock in the evening when Shen Chi’s broadcast ended. He rubbed his sore wrist and got up from the chair. Maybe it was the screen. After a long time, his head was still a little dizzy and his eyes were dark.

He stood still holding the chair for a while, walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. The refrigerator’s fresh-keeping room was already full of the stuff he received today.

He took out a carton of milk from the refrigerator and heated it up in the stove. He felt better after drinking the hot milk, and his eyes gradually became clearer.

The young man lowered his head and drank milk, as if thinking of something, he turned on the phone and sent a WeChat message.

[Shen Chi] By the way, the store you sent to me was a fraud, ‌It is not easy to make money, don’t be cheated.

Although the owner is Yan Xue Xiao’s friend, the girl has a good heart. He still wants to remind.

After a while, the other party asked.

[Yan Xue Xxiao] How did he lie?

[Shen Chi] On the shop page, it says that you can buy snacks for one yuan, but they are not snacks at all. There are no frozen, no soda biscuits, and no baked potato chips. Although it only lied to me for one yuna, I think it is necessary to pay attention to it. , Maybe It will cheat ten yuan tomorrow

seems unable to refute, the other party did not send a message, Shen Chi consciously did his duty to remind him and turned off the phone.

He turned off the light, and the sound of smashing and throwing was heard from upstairs. He put on the headphones and wrapped himself tightly in the quilt.

Shen Chi closed his eyes and got ready to go to bed. Suddenly, the phone placed by the pillow shook, and the owner of the one-yuan purchase ‌ sent a message.

【Cub Raising Shop】New snack packs

According to his observation, this shop should be a pet shop,because of its name. It just happens that the stuff sold is human food, and it’s a bit of a bad business.

But when the word “snacks” came up, the boy’s ears were still erected, his sleepiness disappeared without a trace, hesitating to open the shop page.

The snack pack includes his favorites: frozen, baked potato chips, danpi, soda crackers… and it only sells for ten yuan.

It’s been a long time since he had snacks.

The teenager sipped his lips and told himself that it was the last time, and ordered a snack bag in the shop.

As soon as he placed the order, the snack bag was sold out.

He used to be a three-no shop, but I didn’t expect this shop to be quite popular.

Probably more people bought it, and his heart unconsciously raised a sense of security. The teenager couldn’t help but send a message from the manager.

[Shen Chi] May I ask a question?

【Cub Raising Shop】You can ‌

He relaxed ‌‌.

[Shen Chi] The snack pack was off the shelf, I only ordered one pack, and suddenly wanted to buy another pack, do you have any more?

And Yan Xue Xiao was sitting at the desk writing a discussion, his gaze paused on the screen, glanced at his bank card balance, and typed calmly.

【Cub Raising Shop】No more

The young man on the other side Unfortunately, he replied “Oh”, just about to turn off the conversation and go to bed, the owner sent another message.

【Cub Raising Shop】Restocking next week


Translator’s Notes: Wow We are now at Chapter 30. Still can’t believe, please tell me if there are any errors or any suggestions especially in the gaming part translation since I’m also not proficient with PUBG gaming jargons

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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