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Yan Xue Xiao returned to the bar, turned on the phone, and slowly flicked the screen with his slender hand, turning to Shen Chi’s name.

It turned out to be a wild wolf cub.

The young man’s long, thick eyelashes were constricted, and he paused with his hand on the deleted contact, then moved away after a while.

In the end he did not delete it.


It’s been five days since Yu Sheng logged out of Cat Live. He thought that adults should be aware of what it ‌ means, but he didn’t know why, so he opened Cat Live again.

He opened the post from ‌ ‌.

[dried strawberry] Yu Sheng hasn’t appeared yet?

[Kiwi Soda] If you can’t get 10,000 dried fish, can you come out and apologize? He stayed up late and played games for a few days.

[Milk Bread] The top 50 of the Asian server is difficult to achieve, only eight anchors on the platform have entered the top 50 of the Asian server, let alone the top 50 of the Asian server within a week

Yu Sheng’s post turned to the bottom, and his eyes filled with guilt. He re-registered to the cat live and sent a private message to Late.

[Yu Sheng] I’m sorry I broke my word, and I made a mistake in my previous analysis of you. Your marksmanship is stable. What is lacking is operational awareness. You have found a problem and you are correcting it. You will be a good anchor in the future. If you can strengthen your team cooperation, you will definitely become a good professional player in the future.

Shen Chi received the news from Yu Sheng before going to bed. There was obvious confusion in his eyes. If 10,000 dried fish were not rewarded by Yu Sheng, who would have rewarded it?

But sleepiness came gradually, which made him lose the energy to think about a problem. He just meditated on it. Since recently, it seems that he is lucky.

The next day was Sunday, and Shen Chi did not go to class. He sat at the dining table and had breakfast with Mom and Dad Ji in silence.

Mother Ji handed him a cup of half-warm soy milk, and asked gently: “How are your grades in school?”

The teenager doesn’t like to drink soy milk. He prefers to drink milk, but he frowned and drank soy milk: “It’s very stable.” He remained firmly at the bottom of the list.

Just as mother Ji was about to continue to ask, suddenly a very rapid phone rang, and father Ji answered the phone: “What’s the matter?”

Father Ji’s face gradually became dignified as he listened to the phone. He was so heavy that he could drip out of water. He put on his clothes and went out. Mother Ji followed out: “What happened? How urgent?”

“Dad has a heart attack and has just been sent to the county hospital.” Father Ji hurried to the county hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Aunt Ji stood up from the bed and said to them, “Dad has a coronary heart disease. Now his condition is stable. The doctor said that the coronary artery is blocked. He suggested that he go to a major hospital for heart bypass surgery. The second attack will be dangerous.”

“Then why not go?” Father Ji asked.

“The operation fee is 100,000 yuan,” Aunt Ji replied.

Father Ji and Mother Ji looked at each other, and they couldn’t get the money.

Aunt Ji asked: “Isn’t Xiao Chi rich?”

The air was silent for a while.


Shen Chi returned to the room ‌ to live broadcast after eating breakfast. Suddenly the door of the room was knocked. He interrupted the live broadcast and opened the door.

Aunt Ji was about to talk, but she looked at the cold look of the boy, closed her mouth and said nothing. Father Ji took a deep breath, put down his body and asked: “Xiao Chi, can I discuss something with you?”

Shen Chi took off the headphones on his head, hung loosely on his white neck, and walked to the living room.

“Your grandfather has always had coronary heart disease, and he has been sick again and went to the hospital. The operation costs 100,000 yuan. We and your aunt can’t get the money.” Dad Ji hesitated and said, “Look. Can you take one hundred thousand in an emergency? We will pay it back.”

Aunt Ji helped out: “Your grandfather is still lying on the hospital bed now—”

Shen Chi stared at Aunt Ji. Aunt Ji was so cold that she lowered her head and did not dare to make a sound.

Shen Chi turned slowly and entered the room ‌.

He returned to the bedroom and picked up his mobile phone, opened the payment software to check his bank card balance, and only saved 13,000 yuan.

He pursed his lips and walked out of the room. When he returned to the living room, he heard Aunt Ji’s low voice: “What does Xiao Chi mean? The Shen family gave 600,000 yuan. It’s impossible to spend it soon but he refused to help.”

The boy’s voice was indifferent: “I have never received the six hundred thousand.”

Aunt Ji did not watch out for the sudden appearance of the young man, and was shocked. She quickly hid behind father Ji.

Shen Chi ignored her and said, “I can only take out 13 thousand, but I can’t give more.”

He transferred all the money ‌‌ to Mother Ji, went back to the room without saying a word, put on the headphones and closed the door.

Seeing that the young man was gone, Aunt Ji whispered to Father Ji: “I only want to take 10,000 yuan. Xiao Chi bought a computer that costs 20,000 to 30,000. Moreover, with Mrs. Shen’s status, he was deceived? He is guarding against you.”

A faint disappointment flashed in Father Ji , it seemed that a certain determination had been made: “Stop talking, I’ll think of a way.”

“What else can be done?” Aunt Ji asked.

“I’ll call Xiao Shu.” Father Ji replied.

Aunt Ji had an overdue expression: “I told you before that Xiao Shu was raised by you, so you should have contact . You say Xiao Shu needs to keep a distance. ”

Father dialed Ji Shu’s phone.

Ji Shu was doing a mock test in the study, and seeing the caller ID, he hesitated to answer the phone.

“Xiao Shu, are you used to living there?” Father Ji asked.

Ji Shu said “um”.

“You know that your grandpa’s heart is not very good, and he has been hospitalized again and again. The hospitalization fee requires one hundred thousand yuan. We really can’t get the money.”

“Hundred thousand?”Ji Shu was about to agree when the phone was snatched by a woman’s hand. The luxuriously dressed woman looked at the screen and spoke gracefully.

“Mr. Ji, you are looking for Xiao Shu. What can I do for you? My child is preparing for the college entrance examination and doesn’t want to be interfered with other things. Please forgive me for being a little selfish, if you have something to say tell me. ”

Mrs. Shen hung up the phone and asked Ji Shu: “They asked you for money?”

“Grandpa is sick and needs one hundred thousand yuan for surgery.” Ji Shu clenched the pen in his hand, “not even one hundred thousand yuan–”

“One hundred thousand yuan is not enough.” Madam Shen interrupted him: “But you are still young, and you don’t know the greed of the people at the bottom. They will haunt you like bone gangrene. They are no longer in the same world with you.”

Ji Shu lowered his head and said, “Oh”, and shrank his body. He didn’t know if he was also marked as a bottom person by his mother.


“Why did you hang up?” Aunt Ji asked hurriedly.

“Xiao Shu is busy studying, Mrs. Shen answered the phone.” Father Ji held the phone, “I don’t mean to borrow money directly.”

“What does it mean?” Aunt Ji hated iron and steel, and said, “Mrs. Shen is gentle and kind. If you talk to her, she will definitely lend it.”

“It’s really impolite to borrow money empty-handed.” Mother Ji shook the hand of Father Ji, “Would you like to bring some special products from the border town to visit Shen’s house?”

“I don’t think I can automatically meet her there.” Ji Dad’ s eyebrows showed anxiety. “Why don’t we bring Xiao Chi, he should also want to have a look.”

Mother Ji nodded, and she gently knocked on Shen Chi’s door: “Xiao Chi, would you like to go to Yancheng with your father?”

The boy’s back stiffened, and after a long period of time he spoke: “I don’t want to.”

Mother Ji did not expect an answer. She was taken aback for a while, and warmly persuaded: “Your father would go to Shen’s house to borrow money. I think it should be more convenient for you to follow it. If you don’t want it, it’s okay.”

The boy did not speak.

Mother Ji carefully closed the door.

“Xiao Chi doesn’t want to go.” She said to the two people in the living room.

Aunt Ji whispered: “This child’s heart is quite cold. Shen is so kind to him that he doesn’t want to take a look at it. It’s not nice to say it. Some people are born with this heart, so they won’ t be hot. They may have more points with you in the future.”

“The child is still young, don’t you say that.” Mother Ji, who has always been gentle, retorted disapprovingly. She turned to Father Ji and said, “I have given you the train ticket. ‌Buy something and take it with you.”

In order to catch the train for the next day, Father Ji got up at 5 in the morning and went out with a large bag of things. When he was about to close the door——

The young man wearing white headphones went out of the door of the room, hung his head and said, “Let’s go.”


In a villa in Yancheng, servants set up a rectangular table. The seasonal bouquets were decorated by the table. The silver tableware on the table was cleaned spotlessly in preparation for the upcoming banquet.

Ji Shu walked down the stairs in a white suit. He has become accustomed to the day in Yancheng, as if he had been living a life like he had been.

He wakes up from the bright floor-to-ceiling windows every day. There is a maid to help him change clothes. There is exquisite food on the table. Don’t worry about being late. He will arrive on time because there is a driver.

mothers always hold banquets, and they are all high-class and expensive professors who he could only see in textbooks. Now they can talk face-to-face and get what they want without much effort.

Suddenly, he heard the servant whispering: “Madam, someone is coming.”

“Is it Mrs. Lin?” Mrs. Shen is arranging flowers.


The maid looked at Ji Shuyi, and then replied in a low voice: “It’s Shen Chi.”

Mrs. Shen’s flower arranging movement stopped, her eyebrows frowned: “Did he come with his father?”

The servant nodded.

“‌Let him stay in the reception room.” Madam Shen’s expression returned to calmness, and she added as if remembering something, “Don’t let the guests see.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The servant left.

Ji Shu suddenly became nervous. He took a glass of water, and the hand holding the glass was shaking unconsciously. Is he going to see Shen Chi?


The Shen family’s villa occupies a thousand hectares of land, and the drawing room is twice as large as the entire Ji’s house.

“Madam will see you later.”

The servant said politely.

Father Ji did not sit down, but picked up large and small bags : “It is a specialty jerky from the border town. I brought it here. Can you please bring it to your madame?”

The servant looked at the dirty bag , stained the clean floor with a layer of dust, and reminded him heartily: “Madam has a habit of cleanliness.”

Father Ji looked at the ground and apologized: “I’m sorry, the bag was put on the train all the way, and the inside is not dirty.”

He took out a tissue and wiped it.

“Just put it in the corner ‌.”

The servant came out of the drawing room.

After coming in, the boy sat on the sofa without saying a word, wearing headphones on his head, and kept his head down without ever lifting it up.

The banquet was held until late. They waited from 3pm until 12pm. The banquet hall was staggered, and there were only cold refreshments in the living room.

He didn’t know how long it took but no one came.

“Let’s go.”

The boy stood up and said blankly: “She won’t lend it to us.”

“How can you say that to Mrs. Shen?” Ji Dad couldn’t help but say, “She is your foster mother, and you must know how to be grateful.”

The boy gave a sneer smile.


“Aren’t they leaving yet?”

After the banquet, Mrs. Shen returned to the room to remove her makeup. Even if it was well maintained, the crow’s feet on the horns inevitably appeared fatigued.

“Not yet.” The servant said respectfully.

Madam Shen shook her head: “Then let them wait.”

She remembered that Shen Chi was a very cute child when she was young, and everyone said that she had never seen a child more beautiful than him. He would lie softly in her arms and call her mother, and would drink from a bottle milk. The wet eye looks like a little milk dog.

They were living in the northwest. In order for Shen Chi to get a better education, she sent Shen Chi, who had just turned seven, to boarding at the most popular school in Yancheng.

That was the first time that Shen Chi left her side. The child carrying a small school bag raised his head and hugged her leg at the airport. She almost felt weak, but she still sent him away and couldn’t see his face for a month.

But Shen Chi did not grow as she hoped. He skipped classes, fights, and played games in high school, and even dyed red hair.

Every time she was called to Yancheng by the teacher, the amber eyes of the teenager were always shiny when she looked at her, without any guilt, she was extremely disappointed.

She was born in a superior family, married a good husband and lived an enviable life. She didn’t think she would have such child

One day she had a DNA test. At that time, they had moved to Yancheng, and they realized that Shen Chi was not a child of her own.

She breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Without even thinking about it, she let Shen Chi return to the border town and return to where he should be. She could not tolerate letting others see her failure.

She threw Shen Chi to the airport, but the red-haired boy always followed her stubbornly with red eyes. For the last time, she stayed at the railway station and got into the driver’s car.

She thought the boy would catch up, but the boy in front of the train station did not follow up for the first time. She sat in the car and received a call from him. The boy’s voice became cold and jerky: “I will pay back the money.”

She thought he was joking, and said nonchalantly, “Paying back the money? Did you know that you spent a lot of money from the Shen family since childhood? Even if it is one million, you still have to pay three thousand in a month and you would need to pay for 30 years.”

The phone was silent for a while, and she heard the boy say “‌good”.

She really received three thousand yuan a month. She doesn’t know how he earned it. He heard Ji’s family say that he has stopped studying.

She shook her head. The border city was like a deep water pool, pulling people into the mud step by step, especially the beautiful child like Shen Chi.

Anyway, they won’t have any intersection, so she withdrew her thoughts.

Ji Shu came down the stairs cautiously, walked to the living room, and opened the door.

The Father Ji in his impression is tall and loves to laugh, and he can put the breakfast stalls in an orderly manner. Father Ji will work hard to give him whatever he wants.

However, in the bright lights of the living room, he realized that Father Ji was just a thin and small man, wearing work clothes eliminated from the factory, and sitting on the sofa he could not hide the cramps from the inside out.

He looked at Shen Chi on the side. The young man hung his head and couldn’t see his face clearly. The earphones on his head were already old models. The clothes he was wearing also showed traces of repeated washing, and there was no trace of the elegant prince picture. ‌.

He remembered his mother’s words, they really are not people in the same world.

He didn’t dare to resist his mother’s words. When he was about to turn around and leave, the people inside seemed to not want to wait any loner, and just ran into him.

Father Ji raised his head, his voice revealed surprise: “Xiao Shu, you are here.”

“You have grown taller.”

Father Ji is taller than him.

Ji Shu held his breath. He didn’t think it before, but now he only smelled the lingering smell of oily smoke from Father Ji, and he nodded strangely.

“Is the madam still busy?” Father Ji asked him.

Ji Shu lied to Ji Dad for the first time: “She’s still busy, do you want to go back to the border town?”

Although the time spent between him and his biological mother is not long, he understands that his mother will not change anything after she decides. No matter how long Dad Ji stays in the living room, she won’t see him.

If it weren’t for the banquet today, her mother was afraid that the guests would bump into it at the door, and probably wouldn’t even let them in at the door of Shen’s house.

Dad Ji believed: “We won’t stay anymore. If the madame is not busy, can you ask her to call me and ask her to help. You can study, don’t worry about other things.” .”

“I will.” Ji Shu nodded, “If my mother can help, I will help.”

His voice fell, and the red-haired boy with his head down raised his eyes and looked at him. He don’t know why, he had a feeling of being pierced, and he subconsciously avoided his gaze.

It was already two o’clock in the morning when they left Shen’s house. Father Ji and Shen Chi got on the night train, which took 75 hours to the border city.

“When I came, I didn’t choose a time .” Dad Ji sighed, and there was a hint of hope in , “But Xiao Shu said that Mrs. Shen would help, and she should be able to help.”

Shen Chi did not speak.

The train was moving slowly, and everyone around was asleep on the seats, but the boy did not sleep. He stared at the glorious night scene of Yancheng without blinking, until Yancheng gradually disappeared beyond the horizon.


It’s been three days since I returned to Yancheng. Father Ji walked in the door and said to Aunt Ji, “I didn’t see Mrs. Shen.”

Aunt Ji looked at Father Ji in a disappointed tone: “You should have asked the Shen family for money. Now Dad is still lying in the hospital waiting for the operation. What do you say?”

“I’ll go back to my parents’ house and borrow something.”

Mother Ji went out.

“Where would she borrow money? It would be good if her family did not ask for money.” Aunt Ji looked at Mother Ji’s back and shook her head. Suddenly she caught a glimpse of Shen Chi’s open room, “Didn’t Xiao Chi go with you?”

“He is back to school for class.”

Hearing what Father Ji said, Aunt Ji looked towards Shen Chi’s room: “Xiao Chi can’t really have no money. There may be a passbook or something in the room. If it is not good, there will be something that Shen brought .”

“Don’t touch Xiao Chi’s things.” Ji Dad scolded.

Aunt Ji persuaded him: “Have you seen the situation in the hospital for a few days. Dad missed you the most when he was awake. I hope the Shen family doesn’t know when to wait. Can you bear to watch Dad go?”

Hearing the last sentence, Dad Ji didn’t speak, but acquiesced.

Aunt Ji went into Shen Chi’s room and looked at the brand-new computer and gave a cry: “This computer is not tens of thousands less.”

She turned over the suitcase of Shen Chi: “The clothes are good. Xiao Chi is growing taller and faster. If he doesn’t wear clothes in the future, he can leave them to Lele. Lele has not worn such good clothes.”

father Ji frowned.

However, Aunt Ji ‌ rummaged through the suitcase, and found nothing but clothes. She murmured, “It shouldn’t be.”

Just as she was closing the suitcase, the door of the bungalow suddenly opened, and there was the sound of young people’s footsteps.

Aunt Ji hurriedly drew up the zipper of the suitcase, came out of Shen Chi’s room, breathlessly greeted: “Xiao Chi, you are back.”

Shen Chi went home to get his textbooks. He passed Aunt Ji’s side and walked towards his room without a word.

The suitcase in the room‌ was hurriedly placed on the ground, and the clothes were stuffed into a ball. It was obviously a trace of being opened by someone, as if searching for something.

Shen Chi pursed his lips, coldly opened his face and was about to speak, but when he saw Father Ji next to Aunt Ji, his eyes stopped abruptly, and his thin back trembled.

He didn’t say a word, and he shut his room violently to cut off all the light. The darkness would make him safe.

The young man leaned against the wall and closed ‌. After a long period of time, the spine under his shirt did not tremble.

He turned on the phone and sent a message, probably because of the grievance that he didn’t even realize through the Internet.

[Shen Chi] I have given all the money, why do they still think I am rich? I obviously can’t bear to eat the shredded pork at four and five dollars

The opposite seemed to have guessed that something happened ‌ and asked.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Something happened at home?

He restrained his faintly shaking hands.

[Shen Chi] Grandpa is sick, and it costs 100,000 yuan to do a heart bypass operation. I only have less than 20,000 yuan. Today I went home and the suitcase was opened.

[Shen Chi] I know, if it’s not for blood relationship, no one would want me as their child, and their behavior is quite normal. If I can become an adult soon, I can live by myself

The young man on the other side looked at the words on the screen thoughtfully, ‌ Because no one wants you, you want to grow up?

After a while, Shen Chi received a reply.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Not an adult yet?

He retorted subconsciously.

[Shen Chi] I’m already seventeen years old

The screen ‌ turned on again, and he received the last sentence from the other party. For some reason, the heart under his chest jumped.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Still a child ‌

It seems to be a low sigh.


Mother Ji heard about the incident in the hospital, and she said to Father Ji with a complex expression:”You are chilling the child’s heart.”

“It’s not that there is no way.” Father looked at the old man on the hospital bed, “When Dad’s matter is over, I can always find a chance to make up for the relationship.”

Mother Ji lowered her head.

Probably because Xiao Chi was born to her. Even if Xiao Chi’s father thinks Xiao Chi is not ‌, she also thinks Xiao Chi is a good child‌.

It’s just that he just came to the border town and was not familiar with them. He is still on guard. He is wary when he looks at people and doesn’t know how to express himself. But as long as I treat him a little bit, he will put down his guard. But he is also more stubborn than anyone else.

She knew there would be no chance to make up for it.

Just then, a nurse knocked on the door of the ward: “Are you Shen Chi’s parents? There is a hospital that is willing to provide you with free treatment and come over to complete the transfer procedures.”

Father was taken aback: “We are.”

He followed the nurse to the triage station to do the transfer procedures. At first, he thought it was a hospital in the province that provided the treatment, but he was shocked after seeing the doctor.

The hospital that is willing to provide treatment is the best hospital in Yancheng, and the surgeon is a famous surgical specialist. Not only money can get it, but only Shen has this ability among the people he knows.

After he was transferred to the hospital, when he returned to the ward, he opened his mouth to Ji Ma, “Xiao shu is a good boy, this time I really want to thank the Shen family.”

In a car outside the hospital, a fox-eyed young man dialed a phone call: “I went to the border town in person, and the person was found in the People’s Hospital. The transfer is completed. You owe me a favor.”

“Go back to China to invite you to dinner.” The gentle voice of the youth came over the phone.

“Forget it, when will you return home, but who is Shen Chi?” The Fox doctor couldn’t help asking.

In his impression, Yan Xue Xiao was indifferent to everything. This is the first time he saw Yan Xue Xiao, who was very concerned about people.

“The kid at home.”

Yan Xue Xiao raised the curtain lightly.

No one wanted it, so he took it away.

Translator’s Note: I finally finished this long chapter. I won’t split the chapters but the progress would be slow, I feel sad while translating this especially when Shen Chi said he is unwanted.  I want to give the Cub a hug

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