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Raising a cub

At the end of early self-study, Zhuang Zhou sneaked in from the classroom door, sat on his seat, opened his schoolbag, and opened the exercise book.

The representative of the English class is a girl with pigtails. She hugs a stack of exercise books to collect homework. When she comes to Zhengzhou, she looks at the blank page while he is writing .

“I am ‌ writing ‌.”

He quickly picked up the pen and worked hard.

Shen Chi hung earphones on his neck, walked from the front door blankly, walked to his seat and sat down.

“Shen Chi, have you finished your English homework? I have to hand in the exercise book today.”

The young man flipped through a brand-new exercise book from his schoolbag. He didn’t even write the name. He obviously didn’t open it. There was a faint bewilderment between his eyebrows: “Is this it?”

The air is silent ‌ for two or three seconds.

Zhuang Zhou feels that compared with Shen Chi, he is quite diligent and studious. The Studious class representatives won’t tolerate him.

However, the next second he heard the class representative shyly say: “Next time, remember to write, but don’t forget to write your name.”

Zhuang Zhou:…………The differential treatment is too obvious

He has to admit that having a good-looking face is enough to make girls be nice, unlike them, they need a good ability if they don’t want to submit their homework.

Because the representatives of each subject were collecting homework, the classroom was a mess, some were handing in homework, some were borrowing homework, and some were talking about trivialities, until Teacher Wang walked out of the classroom, they still were messed up.

“Class be quiet.”

Teacher Wang said helplessly.

However, Yan Shen, who is a man with a thick head, walked deep with his schoolbag, and the whole classroom was quiet. No one dared to speak, only the sound of pages turning could be heard.

Shen Chi looked at Yan deeply.

“Everyone in the class is afraid of him.” Zhuang Zhou whispered while making up his homework, “His father is a murderer who just came here, and the teacher doesn’t dare to care about him.”

Shen Chi did not look again.

The first class in the morning is English. Teacher Wang teaches the text on the podium, Chinese again and English again, Chinese again and English again…

His spoken language is not standard, he has a low tone, and has a strong border accent. Most of the people in the class listen to sleep .

The class in particular, can be said to be completely annihilated, only surviving Shen Chi, bowed his head and took notes.

Teacher Wang was very pleased to see that the red hair on the other end who wanted to go to the barber shop was also pleasing to the eye. He took the lesson and paced to Shen Chi, and wanted to see what he took down. Just wanting to look ‌——

He drew a picture of an island.

The young man focused on ‌drawing ‌‌, but there was no response when he saw him. He finally couldn’t bear it: “Shen Chi, you tell me the text I just read.”

Hearing Teacher Wang’s voice, Zhuang Zhou was suddenly awakened from his dream, and he quickly opened the book.

He remembered that before going to sleep, he seemed to talk about page eighty-nine, but it was quite unfamiliar to him and he didn’t know how to cover Shen Chi.

“The Road to Modern English At the end of the 16th century……” Shen Chi memorized the original word exactly.

If it hadn’t been for Teacher Wang who had been paying attention to Shen Chi’s side, he would have thought that Shen Chi was a good learner who listened carefully to the class. He was puzzled and asked: “When did I recite it?”

“When you are in class.”

The young man continued to draw pictures.

“You can memorize it when you hear it?”

“You read it too many times,” the boy replied in a cold voice.

Teacher Wang:…………

He has only read ‌ for ten times. Doesn’t he need to read to teach English? He coughed: “You come to my office after class.”

Seeing that the young man didn’t lift his head, he added: “If you don’t come, I’ll go to your house.”

Teacher Wang’s voice fell, and Shen Chi’s hand holding the pen paused.

After class ‌, the young man walked to the office with his school bag on his back.

“Let’s take a look at your grades in Yanwai.” Teacher Wang stood up from the chair. “The grades can be said to be very unsatisfactory, but your memory is very good, and you chose a liberal arts course. It should be no problem to take a specialist course. Work hard. One can still go to the department, as long as you can study exclusively this year.”

Hearing the most ‌ line, Shen Chi lowered his head, in an unclear mood, and said the sentence: “I’m already in third year of high school.”

The boy turned and left the office.

Shen Chi returned to ‌, and when he walked to the door, his pace was very slow. If Mother Ji did not come to coax him, he would not talk to ‌.

At least, he will not speak for a week.

He slowly opened the door with the key. Father Ji and Mother Ji didn’t know if they were going to the hospital. On the second, third, fourth day… He was the only one in the house, as if it didn’t matter. ——

He was forgotten ‌.

He did not wait any longer, but walked silently to his room, packed his clothes and put them in his suitcase, and packed the computer with a black mainframe.

The red-haired boy left the season with his backpack and luggage, and brought nothing but his own things.

He turned on the phone and sent a message to Yan Xue Xiao.

[Shen Chi] Are you renting a house outside?

‌‌For a while, he received a response from ‌.

[Yan Xue Xiao] No

Shen Chi remembered that Yan Xue Xiao was still studying, and he should live in the dormitory. He carried his suitcase with his right hand and typed and replied with one hand.

[Shen Chi] Then I will see how to rent a house on the Internet myself

When he was about to turn off the phone, a message floated on the screen, like a silent question.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Do you have money?

When the teenager looked at the screen, he suddenly realized a problem. He didn’t have any money on him, so he didn’t move. His head hung down again, and he replied slowly.

[Shen Chi] No

But even so, he doesn’t want to go back, he can go wherever he wants, even if he is under the overpass at night, he silently thinks.

It seemed like someone heard his voice, just at this time, a mobile phone shook and swept a message from the live room.

[Anonymous users will reward you with dried fish x3000]

The young man’s footsteps couldn’t help but froze. He seemed to often receive dried fish from anonymous users. He thought about the result of not thinking for a while, and opened the rental website of Biancheng‌.

There are many small apartments to be rented on the website, but knowing that he is a minor, he is unwilling to rent the house to him. Only one person replied to him.

The room in the picture is small, with a kitchen and a bathroom. It is well-lit and has a wall of windows. He clicked on the address on the website to find the house.

The house is not far from the school. It is located among rows of abandoned houses. A woman with curly hair saw him, put out the cigarette butt in her hand and asked, “You are here to rent a house? Come with me.”

He carried a heavy bag and carefully looked at the surrounding environment, which was worse than the house he lived in before. The smell of the sewers was scattered in the crowded alleys, and pictures of half naked women were posted in the corridors.

“This is this room.” The woman led him to a room at the end of the second floor.

It’s worse than it looks in the photo, the walls are engraved with crooked words, and the windows in the sunrise are splashed with stains, which makes them look dirty.

The teenager, frowns his pretty eyebrows.

The woman in the red dress seemed to see what he wanted, and lit a cigarette again: “No one wants to rent a house to a minor. If you want to rent, you only need to pay 1,500 yuan. I can rent it to you and return the original amount when I cancel the lease.”

Shen Chi hesitated, then nodded.

He paid one thousand five hundred yuan and one month’s rent. After signing the contract, he had only five hundred yuan left.

When he left, he had nothing with him except his suitcase and computer. He had to pull back the network cable, and he needed to buy sheets, quilts and daily necessities.

The teenager carefully locked the door, walked the house, and went to a small supermarket nearby. The things in the supermarket were fairly complete. He bought an autumn quilt and necessary daily necessities.

Because there is a kitchen in the room, he can cook in the kitchen by himself, so he went to the refrigerator in the supermarket. A pack of quick-frozen dumplings cost 38 yuan, which is enough for three days.

The teenager hesitated to see the price for a while, but put the dumplings back in the freezer and picked up a pack of seven point nine dried noodles.

He took the bag and returned home. He tried to clean his house. He wiped the glass with a damp towel mixed with detergent. The dusty windows immediately became clean, and the light of the setting sun shone from the windows.

The bright sunlight reflected on his face appeared to move, and the boy still wearing an apron took a picture of the window.

[Shen Chi] Rent a good house ‌


Yan Xue Xiao was sitting in the library reading a book, and received a photo from Shen Chi, showing the sky outside the window.

He was about to turn off his phone, suddenly narrowed his eyes, his eyes stopped on the figure of the boy who was reflected in the window, he was extraordinarily thin, like a thin cold blade.

The youth looks unclear. Close the phone.

It was ten o’clock in the evening after Shen Chi had cleaned the room. He turned on the computer and boarded the game.

“Look at what I’m waiting for!”

“Where is the cub going these few days?”

“I haven’t been online, so I’m worried about it. Did you post something?”

He pursed his lips: “It’s nothing big.”

“It’s all right”

“It’s too hard to play in the rankings, why don’t you not play in the rankings today? I want to see matching passers-by”

“I also want to see!”

“Can you squat down to a passerby in four rows?”

The boy held the mouse and clicked on four random rows.

“Squat here”

“Cub is so good”

“Quietly, I want to watch the cubs open the camera”

“I want, too”
The game was matched successfully. He was in position 1, and position 2 was a middle-aged man with a head of 30. As soon as he entered the game, he said to them: “I was one thousand before the Asian server last season. Listen to my command.”
“Listen to who, will you say it again????”

“Rank fifty from Asian servers is looking at you”

“Four digits dropped these days”

“The sound of garbage, come whip the corpse”

Shen Chi was too lazy to talk, and jumped to ‌P City with ‌2.

No.2 is a typical just-shot player. As soon as he picked up AKM, he began to flee into the crowd, but he was always not sure. Shen Chi aimed, knocking down the enemy in front of him.

No. 2 immediately found the right time to replenish the gun, and commented: “No. 1’s response is a bit slow, I’ll make up for you.”

“…………Isn’t it that you grabbed the head too fast?”

“Snatching people’s heads is such a righteous word”

“The first time I heard someone say that Late is slow to respond”

He don’t know if it was intentional or unintentional, No.2 has been following Shen Chi’s side, always making up shots and taking away the head points when he knocked down people. Wait for Shen Chi to fight first.

“Judging from the proficiency of the action, this big brother seems to be grabbing the head.”

“I know how he came from the first thousand in the Asian server ‌

“Unfortunately, killing teammates is banned”

“Little boy has a good temper”

a group of people walked in front again, but he said he was the only one shooting, Shen Chi stood motionless on his face, asked: “Why don’t you move ‌?”

“Number One is slow to respond.”

Shen Chi said blankly.

Number two:…………

“Hahahahahahahahahaha I just said how Late’s temper suddenly changed ‌


“No.2 directly shuts down the microphone”

“There’s no head at all.”

The blood volume of No. 2 slowly dropped , he fired and easily solved the group of people in front of him.

Shen Chi broadcast the live broadcast until 12 o’clock in the evening, and when he got up from the chair, he felt dizzy and realized that he had forgotten to eat.

He turned on the phone, started the fire, poured water, and cooked the noodles according to the steps ‌ searched on the Internet. Every step was small.

‌The water was boiling. He tasted a piece of noodles and made sure that it was soft. The young man poured the noodles into a bowl and had small mouths ‌ to eat the noodles.


On the other side of the coast, Yan Xue Xiao returned to the dormitory and was eating pasta. He had a light taste and only put some black pepper. He put down his fork and put on a headset to connect to a phone call.

“Yan, I am honored that you are willing to participate in our project.” A Jewish woman’s voice came over the phone.

“Our job is to design a quantitative fund trading model. You are learning philosophy. It would be more difficult to do without a background. Can we know what major you are studying in university?”

“Department of Mathematics.”

“Then there is no problem .” The other party sighed loosely, and Xiao Yiyi asked, “No, I did not think you are interested in finance. Recently, do you need money for anything?”

Yan Xue Xiao browsed the milk brand on the screen, and answered faintly: “I’m raise a child.”

Translator’s Note: I’m still unsure if the name of the guy who’s father is a murderer is Yan Chen or Yan Sheng. I’ll update you all when I saw it again on the next chapter and there are changes

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  1. littleyen littleyen says:

    Shen Chi is strong, being forgotten indeed it would be so sad. Fortunely he has Yan Xue Xiao who care about him.

  2. Avatar Sofea says:

    My heart hurts more. I just want him to eat properly 😭😭

  3. Avatar Hyunee says:

    I’m soft. At least, there’s one person giving him the genuine care and appreciation that he deserves. On the other hand, I felt funny, YXX’s way of carefully raising him, feels like he’s slowly building his territory and no one could trespass aside from him.

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