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New Computer

Shen Chi finished entering his contact information and address, and the sound of a loudspeaker playing on a loop from the street office suddenly came from outside the window: “Everyone participates in preventing fraud, everyone benefits from a harmonious society, everyone participates in preventing fraud ……”


 There seems to be a lot of fraud in the border town. The teenager recalled the details of the lottery, stopped sending the hand, and asked a sentence carefully.


[Shen Chi] Didn’t you say that the lottery will be held at the end of the month?

  The other side sent a reply after a while.


  [Aurora] The general award is open at the end of the month, but you received the special award


 The young man is staring at the screen, although he doesn’t know why there is an extra special award, but since he is not paying, he still fills out the information half-believingly.


  Every day, besides going to school, he had to broadcast live. There was no time to spare, and the official never contacted him again. After filling in the information, he left the matter behind.


  However, what he did not expect was that the express delivery really came to the door on the weekends. A courier truck from a neighboring province stopped outside. The courier in blue uniform got out and asked politely: “Hello, are you Shen Chi?”


  He nodded blankly.


  ”Your computer is here.” The courier unloaded the thick paper box from the car. “May I ask if you need the free installation?”


  Shen Chi led the courier through the door.


  Because his room is too small to accommodate a complete set of tables and chairs, he can only use wooden boards to place them beside the bed.


 When installing the computer, Aunt Ji happened to come to the door. She stood around a high imitation scarf and didn’t turn her eyes. She said to Shen Chi: “Look at this computer, it’s better than the computer in the Internet cafe . It’s a lot of money.”


  Shen Chi ignored her.


  The mainframe was placed at the bottom of the wooden board, and the courier took out the screen, stereo and mechanical keyboard from the carton, all of which were popular models of top brands, and the combined price was not much cheaper than the mainframe.


  He said puzzledly: “Isn’t it only the computer?”


  ”We don’t know this.” The courier replied apologetically, “We are only responsible for door-to-door delivery. If you have any questions, you can consult the shipper.”


  Shen Chi opened WeChat.


  [Shen Chi] In addition to the computer , I also received the screen, keyboard and stereo.

  Did you make a mistake when you shipped it? 


      [Aurora] It is not a mistake. The special prize will be sent as a whole set of computer. It is normal for you to receive it


  Shen Chi turned off the phone. Silently, there was a difference between the special prize and the ordinary prize. Not only did the draw start early, but the prizes were also twice as expensive. This was one of the luckiest moments in his life.


  The courier installed the computer and left. There was no network cable at home. He dialed the manual voice of the local telecommunications according to the number checked on the Internet: “What should I do with broadband?”


  ”After confirming the installation, the staff will come and be responsible for the installation.” The soft voice of the customer service came from the phone, “You can choose the package first. It is recommended that you set up a voice integration package. 100M broadband is 1,500 a year, and 200M broadband is 3,000 a year. Free call time and Internet data are provided every month. “


  Online games, of course, the Internet speed is getting better and better, reducing the server delay rate, but he does not have three thousand dollars now, thinking about it and asking: “Can I pay in monthly installments?”




  He breathed a sigh of relief. He replied: “Three thousand.”


  Shen Chi hung up, and Aunt Ji was still standing by the door, looking inward. He ignored Aunt Ji’s reaction and closed the door nonchalantly.


  When Dad Ji and Ma Ji returned from buying vegetables from the vegetable market, they saw Aunt Ji sitting in the living room alone with unpacked paper boxes stacked at the door.


  Aunt Ji glanced at the closed door, and whispered to Dad Ji, “Xiao Chi bought a computer today. I have seen that brand on TV. The price is tens of thousands. Broadband alone costs 3,000 a year. Did he tell you in advance?”


 Seeing that Ji Dad and Ji Ma didn’t speak, Ji Aunt said again: “I didn’t say it. At that time, I didn’t approve of you letting Xiao chi take 600,000.”


 ”He came out of the Shen family, he is used to spending money, what concept of money can he have, a computer can be worth half a year of money you saved, if you do not think for yourself, think for Xiao Chi’s future.”


  Ji Ma said helplessly. Cut off her words: “What’s the matter today?”


  Hearing Ji Ma’s question, Aunt Ji’s attention was diverted: “Dad is in the hospital again, but the doctor said it’s not a major problem. The elderly are prone to fever when it’s cold. Just a little fluid infusion is enough. Dad always said that his knee hurts and he lacks calcium.”


  Her voice fell, and Dad Ji took out two thousand yuan from his pocket: “Buy some nutrition for Dad. I will give more if it is not enough.”


  Aunt Ji took the money skillfully. When she left the home, she looked down at the paper box piled at the door: “This paper box can still be sold. You don’t want me to take it away, so as to save the waste collectors from taking it away.”


  Ji Ma looked at Aunt Ji’s back. Shook his head.


  Shen Chi returned to the room, turned on the phone, took a picture of the computer carefully, restrained his tone and sent a WeChat message.


  [Shen Chi] I have a new computer.


  [Shen Chi] I won a lottery. I have never won a prize before. I won a computer after one hit. I felt that I was quite good 


After a while,  the other party replied to him. .


  [Yan Xuexiao] En


  He didn’t feel embarrassed when he praised himself just now, but after receiving Yan Xue Xiao’s reply, he suddenly felt that the mobile phone in his hand was hot.


  The teenager quickly turned off the phone, pretending not to be embarrassed.


  Yan Xue Xiao turned off WeChat and dialed a phone call: “I received it.”


  ” Just receive it.” 


Yan Ji on the other side of the phone is on vacation at the seaside. Yan Ji is drinking iced brandy and asks doubtfully, “But who did you send the computer to?”



  His nephew has always been clearly separated from his family, and it’s the first time he asked him to help. If it hadn’t been for his nephew, he wouldn’t have noticed that his Aurora was engaged in a lottery. He didn’t understand why he needed to send the computer in a round way,as if I’m afraid the other party won’t accept it.


  Yan Xue Xiao did not answer, and said softly: “I will transfer the money to you.”


 Yan Ji choked, but his temper remained unchanged. The least like Yan’s family was his nephew, not like a strict family, but like a scholarly family.




  In the afternoon, Shen Chi did not go to the Internet cafe, but waited for the telecom staff to come and install the network cable. After the installation was completed, he paid for it, and then he did not go to the Internet cafe to broadcast live.


  Facing the brand-new computer, he carefully pressed the switch, the spotless screen suddenly turned on, and he boarded the live broadcast.


  There was always someone online in the live broadcast room, but no one spoke. When he started the live broadcast, the solidified atmosphere became active again.


  ”Is it my illusion?! The picture quality is much better today. I wonder if I went to the wrong live broadcast room.”


  ”You are not alone”


  ”The feeling of myopia suddenly wearing glasses”


  ”It’s my feeling. Did you change your computer?”


  Because the external server connected to it is easily unstable, Shen Chi turned on the network accelerator and replied: “Change the computer.”


  ”Can you tell me what brand?”


  ”Want to know +1″


  ”Right. I want to change my computer.”


  He casually replied: “Aurora.”


  ”Is it the new console launched by Aurora? I have confirmed that it is a brand I cannot afford.”


  ”It shouldn’t be. That model is not only expensive, but also difficult to buy. At this time, it’s more cost-effective to buy an old model. I saw that the old model was on sale yesterday.”


  ”The new Aurora machine is really hard to buy. Yesterday I heard that several anchors wanted to buy but they did not manage to buy. The brands under Yan’s brand are very cold. “


“I love to buy or but cannot “


 “Can’t agree more.”


  Shen Chi didn’t look up at the bullet screen and clicked to download PUBG in the store. Because the game itself was large in size, although it was 200M broadband, it took ten minutes to download.


  After he was finished, he logged on to his account, and when he was about to enter the game, he looked up and saw the barrage on the screen. A trace of confusion appeared in his amber eyes.


  ”The  the forum release the rates”


  ”I saw it”


  ”The cub is B grade”


  ”It’s just grade B, I’m not convinced, it’s grade A anyway.”


 After thinking about it for a while, he opened the forum, watching the bulletin and saying that a person named Yu Sheng would rate the game anchors on the platform every year, because the fairness of the ranking always attracts most of the support. It’s always lively every year when  the rankings come out.


  At this time, someone is raising questions under the post.


  [Ice Watermelon] Late I have seen his performance in the Cat Cup. If Xu Cheng is A-level, I think his strength is not worse than Xu Cheng, and he should be A-level, and he said that he will enter the top ten of the Asian server. It’s very easy, you can enter the upper reaches of the platform.


  Yu Sheng refuted this one by one.


  [Yu Sheng] I watched the live broadcast of Late yesterday. You talked too much about him, and he still made mistakes in the low level game. The first reaction when his teammates were injured in the wheat field was to go back and save his teammates . Even passers-by wouldn’t do that.


  [Yu Sheng] So I don’t think he has the A-level strength. As for the top ten of the Asian servers, it is even more impossible. At the beginning of each season, there are a group of anchors clamoring to enter the top ten of the Asian server. Look at the ranking at the end of the season. I won’t be on the list. If he does get in, I will reward you with 10,000 dried fish.


  Someone reminded after the post.


  [Mango Melaleuca] Late is watching this post.


  Yu Sheng has insisted on rating anchors for four years. He knows that posting this kind of post offends people, but he doesn’t care about it for the sake of objective justice, but since he’s watching it, he calmed down a bit and gave the other side one step.


  [Yu Sheng] Don’t talk about the top ten of the Asian servers, he has not even entered the top five hundred of the Asian servers. We know who the top ten of the Asian servers are. Let’s do it, I won’t make it difficult for him. If he can enter the Asian server top 50 within a week, I’m rewarding 10,000 dried fish. If you can’t do it, please don’t interfere with my rating.


  He guessed that the other party should leave, and it would be shameful to stay and not speak, but he never thought of it. What’s more, the other party not only didn’t leave, but was also eager to try, and an additional reply was added to the post in an instant.


  [Shen Chi] It was decided 


  Yan Xue Xiao in front of the screen watched the live broadcast and didn’t know what to think of, and raised his brows slightly.


  He lowered his head and continued to read the book, the tip of his pen stroking on the paper as if he was thinking, making a slight hissing sound.


  What can be clearly drawn is a brazen little wolf pup with pointed furry ears erected.


Translator’s Notes: Finally a new computer! I’m happy for our little cub

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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