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Shen Chi suddenly loosened his hold on the mouse After confirming that the other party had joined the team, he clicked to start the game.

“Is the rank just bronze!”

“The first time I saw bronze in the live broadcast, it was gold before, and the shot was generous.”

“Cub Blood Loss”

They started randomly on the island map. Shen Chi breathed a sigh of relief. The other maps were too fast-paced. He was afraid that Yan Xue Xiao would not adapt.

The route passed through the island in the northwest direction. For safety, he chose to jump off the ruins of the remote mountaintop, at least there would be no people everywhere when he landed.

“Late’s first time to jump into the ruins on the top of the mountain.”

“It’s the first time to jump. This place is too poor and it’s no different from a jungle. The advantage is that there are fewer people, but why did Late suddenly become so cautious?”

“Last time he took someone to jump to the Resorts, the contrast is obvious.”

There are indeed only two of them in the ruins at the top of the mountain. They are really poor. Searching the house only found an MP5K and a rifle.

The MP5K can be said to have no recoil when it is fully equipped, but it lacks accessories now, and the shortcomings of being a submachine gun are also obvious. It has a short range and is only suitable for close-range face-to-face combat.

Shen Chi didn’t think much, and left the easy-to-handle rifle to Yan Xue Xiao, and used MP5K to load the bullet.

“Cubs take good care of people”

“Is it okay to use machine guns?”

“Don’t worry, Late is someone who can win with a crossbow”

“I’m not worried, I just guess if the opposite is a girl.”

After searching at the top of the mountain and preparing to descend, Shen Chi heard a sound of footsteps, and he reminded him: “Come to me.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s pace stopped, and after a while, he walked to him. The distance between the two was extremely wide. It was so close that he could touch it as soon as he turned his head, and he quickly turned his head back.

“Should I go closer?”

Seeing the text on the screen, the boy’s breathing was slightly stagnant, and he hesitated: “No need.”

“Is the cub’s voice shy?”

“I can be sure that the opposite is a girl”

“OK +1”

it is from the southeast, he hides in the bunker and observes, there is no sound, but the enemy can’t help it. Began to look for him outside the house.

Shen Chi listened to the sound and judged the enemy’s position. At this time, he fired behind the bunker, calculated the muzzle vibration arc in advance, and fired with the gun.

“You used MP5K to knock down the teoist.” The enemy was knocked down on the ground. He didn’t shoot again, but asked Yan Xuexiao next to him: “Shooting is easy. Would you like to try?”

Yan Xue Xiao paused, loaded the bullets and took away the guns of those who fell to the ground.

“…Easy shooting?”

“I can do this kind of shooting!”

“Ah, I want to play games with cub, too”

The people on the ground turned into boxes, and Shen Chi walked over to search. The equipment in the box was not bad. Enough for them to put on the second-level helmet and second-level armor, but unfortunately lack of guns.

Except for landing, he didn’t have the habit of searching for supplies specially. He just walked from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain and went all the way to fight. He found two firearms, one MP5K and one AKM, which could be used in the finals.

“How to collect equipment efficiently?”

“Late reply: Thanks for the invitation, and wait for someone to deliver the express.”

“For the previous supplement, if the express does not come to the door, knock on the door of the express by yourself.”

“Hahahahahahahaha, a true portrayal ”

Because the route is located in the center of the island, the routes are all popular resource points. Just after the third lap of the race, half of the people on the field are gone.

After he and Yan Xue Xiao moved to the bungalow, they didn’t meet anyone until they caught a glimpse of someone wandering outside the room aimlessly in front of them, moving slowly, looking like an official number of robots, only to be beaten blankly.

Yan Xue Xiao apparently saw it too, turned on the magnifier and raised the muzzle, obviously not shooting by himself, but he did not know why he held his breath.

However, a shot was missed.

Shen Chi couldn’t help but comfort: “The other party is too strong.”

“Is it strong?”

“It feels like a robot”

“It doesn’t have to be a robot.”

And LanHeng and Ren took some supper and watched the live broadcast of Late while eating.

Ren Duo now clearly remembers that Late said he was a rookie. If someone else said that, he would definitely not be convinced. With Late’s strength, he had no objection.

But he heard that the teenager on the screen actually praised the person in front of him for being too strong, and he could use his anchor career as a guarantee that it was an obvious robot that couldn’t be more obvious.

Ren Duo:……

Lan Heng handed him a skewer of grilled fish tofu, looked at the screen and said leisurely: “Nowadays young high school students, are they all good at hooking girls? How can we be simple back then.”

Ren Duo Deeply agree.


Shen Chi went over and killed the robot. The robot was not equipped, but armour was still level three. He only found two medical kits, and Yan Xue Xiao was assigned one.

“It’s so poor, it must be the robot.”

“So Cub was comforting just now, oh oh so gentle”

“Want to know who I am playing with”

“Isn’t it a girlfriend?”

Shen Chi looked at the barrage and hesitated for a few seconds. He should be friends with Yan Xue xiao. He plucked up the courage and replied: “I am friends with her.”

He doesn’t know why. Hearing his answer, Yan Xue Xiao’s attitude seemed to get colder. He didn’t picked the medicine kit on the ground, and walked into a house alone.

It should be an illusion.

The boy didn’t take it seriously, and went into the house.

They didn’t stay in the housing area for too long. The poison ring was refreshed again. They needed to pass through the endless wheat field to enter the safe area, and the possibility of being attacked by the ring was very high.

“It’s dangerous to go through the wheat field.”

“There is no cover. If you crawl forward, the speed is too slow.”

“I hope no one will snipe at the circle.”

Shen Chi did not immediately run to the wheat field. Instead, he observed by the window through a magnifying glass. He glanced at a section of the helmet passing over the roof.

Sure enough, someone snipes on the roof!

They were bound to pass through the wheat field. He could only rely on the zigzag position to run to avoid the bullets, but suddenly there was another person on the roof. Under the concentrated fire|power, Yan Xue Xiao was knocked down in the wheat field.

“The enemy should have 98K.”

“The terrain is too flat, and the enemy is at a commanding height. Smoke or fog bombs can’t be saved.”

“Late will definitely not be saved. before, Lan Heng, the kitten cup, was knocked down and left by the door.”

“If you are locked in position, it is definitely a better strategy not to save.”

Shen Chi, who walked out of the wheat field, pursed his lips and ran back.

It was just that the moment he helped Yan Xue Xiao up, the computer jammed, and the bullets on the roof shot densely, and the heads of both men turned gray.

“You were killed by yuri with 98K”

Shen Chi closed the settlement interface, lowered his eyes and said to Yan Xue Xiao: “I didn’t bring you up, you will definitely be able to go in another round.”

“Hug the Cub”

” Cub Cub, you didn’t realise you lost your points too!”

“Distressed for the scores of the cubs,”

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the screen with uncertain emotions, gently moved his gaze to look at the time, and replied “something is up”, and she was offline from the game.

* After Yan Xue Xiao left the team, Shen Chi broadcasted until 11 o’clock in the evening. Because of the computer card, he didn’t use the low fault-tolerant sniper, and the main gun was replaced with a rifle.

When he passed the front desk, he saw the boss watching TV while eating potato chips. He couldn’t help asking: “Don’t you consider changing the computer?”

“What’s the matter?” The boss put down the potato chips in his hand and paused the computer, hurriedly. Asked, “Is there something wrong with the computer?”

He nodded: “It’s stuck.” The boss immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and suggested to him with a particularly experienced look: “Just restart it.”

Shen Chi left blankly.

He very much doubted that if this was not the only Internet cafe in the border city, he would walk out of the Internet cafe.

The configuration of the computer in the Internet cafe is too bad, and it gets stuck from time to time. I can tolerate it before. Recently, he doesn’t know if the machine gets stuck when it gets older.

Other games are okay. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds specializes in configuration. The low picture quality is second, which has seriously affected his normal games.

Thinking of this, he silently opened Aurora’s official website, added the old host to his wishlist, and received email reminders for price reductions.

The young man thought in his heart that if he broadcasted an extra hour a day, he would be lucky and wait until the host price cuts again, maybe he could afford it next month.

He flicked the screen and stopped when he was about to close the website, and a scrolling event message came into his eyes.

——Repost the activity pictures and texts to Moments. At the end of this month, you can have the opportunity to sample the latest model.

He opened Moments.

*It was noon when Yan Xue Xiao returned to the dormitory from the library. He hung the windbreaker on the wall, sat at the table and turned to a circle of friends.

[Shen Chi] After forwarding this picture, there is a chance to extract the new Aurora host. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you act immediately?

He raised his brows and made a comment.

[Yan Xuexiao] Want to change your computer?

[Shen Chi] The computer in the Internet cafe is too stuck, and the boss has no plans to replace it with a new one, so if you want to see if you can win a new one, you can also forward it and try it. The prize will be drawn at the end of the month

He remembered that Aurora was a company acquired by Yan’s.

The young man squinted his long and narrow eyes and dialed a phone call.

And Shen Chi went home and lay on the bed. He didn’t want to draw a lottery anymore. He has always been a lottery insulator and has never won a lottery. He didn’t expect much . He just tried his luck.

After the boy went to bed, he closed his eyes and curled himself up into a small ball in the dark. He quickly fell asleep because of exhaustion, and in his dream he had a new computer.

Shen Chi was awakened by the phone in the morning. The teenager turned on the phone with a few red hairs sticking out of his head. He coldly opened the phone, and saw a WeChat message in a hazy manner.

——Congratulations on winning the latest Aurora console. Please fill in your name, address and contact information. It will be delivered to your door within one to two working days

. He must have read it wrong.

The sleepy teenager rubbed his eyes, and when he looked at the screen again, he found that he was right. He seemed to have won the prize.

Translator’s Note: This is my last update for today. Happy reading

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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