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Yu Sheng didn’t expect Late to agree so readily. He shook his heart, and immediately comforted himself that his vision was not wrong. His posts were based on the objective and used facts to speak.

The opponent entered the game.

He opened the Late live broadcast room to watch. The picture quality has improved a lot from yesterday. Yesterday’s picture quality can be seen at best. It belongs to the level that most viewers will leave after a glance. Today’s picture quality is even better than that of most anchors.

He was slightly surprised, because picture quality is an important factor in attracting audiences.

People are all visual animals, and many viewers would rather go to a live room with average Blu-ray picture quality than a live room with better standard definition picture quality.

But he is not a real audience, he has no requirements for the quality of the picture, he can see clearly, so he doesn’t care too much.

The randomly arrived map is an island map. As the oldest map, the island map has the largest area and the most play styles. It can not only rely on marksmanship to win.

Late on the ground found a VSS. This gun can be said to be one of the most difficult guns in the island map. The slow rate of fire is the biggest drawback.

“VSS’s rate of fire is too slow.”

“It can only be said that it comes with a silencer and a magnifier. It can be used in the early stage.”

“Let’s see the previous ones. Late in his live broadcasts never change guns. Whatever he pick up at the beginning of the game is the one he will use”

Yu Sheng shook his head. For the so-called live broadcast effect, it didn’t take too much effort to change the gun. He didn’t believe that anyone could use any gun well. If they had one, they wouldn’t be able to use it in the kitten video. A host on a big platform might be able to do it.

He watched it for ten minutes and didn’t have much motivation to watch. The layman watched the excitement and the expert watched the doorway.

PUBG’s full name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is not a simple shooting game. Late marksmanship is more than cautious.

In other words, marksmanship suppressed his caution, and there was no habit of collecting enemy information before entering the lap. Qualifying is not an ordinary game, and any mistake will be a fatal cause.

Sure enough, after entering the lap, Late was blocked by a car. It is impossible to beat four people with a VSS in his hand, but if the four people are allowed to leave, the safety of the back cannot be guaranteed.

“They entered the lap at this time. These four people have resisted a lot of poison, right?”

“I don’t know how much of their medicine kits are left. If they deliberately stuck time to eat poison to enter the lap, it would be too overcast.”

“Qualifying is the kingly way.”

” four is dangerous.”

Shen Chi calmly observed the situation. He had already entered the circle under time. He didn’t expect that there were still people behind. There were a total of four people in the car, and there was no chance of winning in front of the enemy.

He turned on the magnifier and pointed it at the driver.

“Open the car directly!”

“The speed of the vehicle is too fast.”

“It’s hard to hit the tires, let alone the head.”

Yu Sheng didn’t think it would be possible. He patiently watched Late’s live broadcast yesterday. The hands of the quadruple lens shook and the gun was trembling, not to mention that the quadruple lens hit the moving person.

The car in front continues to drive towards the housing area. Because it is close to the housing area and there are many bunkers outside the housing area, this is good news for people, but obviously not for vehicles.

The vehicle in front hit a rock. The volume of the rock was not large. The vehicle just stopped slightly in front of the rock.

But Shen Chi grasped the moment the vehicle stopped, and he pressed a predetermined shot based on the vehicle’s starting speed.

“You used VSS to kill ykuni”

barrage swept densely.

“This can be shot??!”

“My cub is too powerful ?”

“Is it because of the new computer? How come I feel better, and his movements are a lot smoother.” The remaining voice suddenly felt that his ten thousand yuan was in danger. Now, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is indeed not a simple shooting game, but it is difficult to fight back in the face of absolute marksmanship.

He thought of his 10,000 yuan and was restless, and suddenly couldn’t watch the live broadcast anymore, and opened Late’s personal interface.

At present, Late’s qualifying score is only 1640. If you want to enter the top 50 at the beginning of the season, the score must be at least 3000 points or more.

Playing games for more than ten hours a day is not an easy task even at the Late level. He breathed a sigh of relief and continued to open the forum to write posts.

*The next day, Zhuang Zhou spent a pleasant weekend, and went to school to do the homework very skillfully.

He just up to half, but Wang teacher came to the podium:. “Class representative collect the homework. We have less than three hundred days before entrance exam, we put should steel our hearts, we will held an English exam in the morning,”

The class representative started to collect the homework in small groups, Zhuang Zhou watched the remaining half of the homework and complained about it.

He looked at the red-haired boy on the side. The boy should have gone to bed late last night. He fell asleep on the desk with a few dull hairs on his head, completely unmoved by the assignment.

Zhuang Zhou couldn’t help feeling a bit of envy in his heart. When would he have this kind of calmness that was unchanging before the landslide.

He originally thought that Shen Chi would sleep all day, but when the English paper was issued, the boy woke up unexpectedly, picked up the pen, and quickly filled out the answer sheet.

Zhuang Zhou was originally wondering how he manage to do the questions so fast, but it took a while to realize that Shen Chi was studied in the Yanwai International Class before transferring, and his English level was definitely not bad.

He heard that all the students in Yanwai speak very well, and it is not surprising that they can do the questions faster than the English class representative. It is normal to think about it. Can the teaching in the border city compare with the teaching in the capital?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his guess was reasonable, and he copied it with joy and became the second hand in the class. When he walked back to his seat, his back straightened a lot.

Because there was no composition in this paper, it was completely modified by a machine. The grades came out in the afternoon. Teacher Wang walked into the classroom with the grade ranking: “This time our class did a good job, and half of the students passed.”

Zhuang Zhou sat upright. He had never passed the English test. There should be no problem in passing this time.

“The class representative scored 110 points in the test, the first in the class, everyone should learn from her.” Teacher Wang continued, “but this time our class also took the last one in the grade, and only got 5 points.”

“5 What is the concept of points? I close my eyes and choose more than this point.” Teacher Wang sighed deeply, with an expression of hatred for iron and steel.

Zhuang Zhou agrees very much. How could someone only score 5 points in the test, and he can usually get 30 points. However, the next second Teacher Wang’s words made the expression on his face freeze.

“Shen Chi and Zhuang Zhou should reflect on it.” Teacher Wang looked at Zhuang Zhou and her tone became severe. “Especially Zhuang Zhou, it’s not many days before the college entrance examination, and the grades have dropped a lot. Let your dad know in the evening. I’ll make a call.”

Zhuang Zhou couldn’t help looking at Shen Chi beside him. The boy was expressionless. Only then did he realize that the reason why Shen Chi answered so quickly was not because he knew how to do it, but because he chose randomly. Only five questions are correct!

He is in a very difficult mood now. You really don’t want to wear colored glasses as a human being. Who says that his english must be good because he comes out of the international class.

And a board-inch head sitting by the window looked at them, with a long scar on his face and a fierce look, Shen Chi raised his head and looked over.

Zhuang Zhou immediately pulled Shen Chi’s sleeves and reminded him in a low voice: “He is Yanshen, a gangster. I heard that he has chopped and wounded people. He is the boss of our school. Don’t provoke him.”

Zhuang Zhou finished. Feeling that his request was too difficult for Shen Chi, he added: “Just don’t talk to him.” The

a young man retracted his gaze and lowered his head without saying a word.

Perhaps after being criticized by the teacher in public, the teenager himself felt embarrassed. It was rare that he did not lie on the table but opened the book, seeming to be taking notes.

Zhuang Zhou’s eyes couldn’t help but look at the pages of the book. The notes on the side of the pages were not mathematical formulas. He was silently writing about the damage of various guns in the game. He even drew a map roughly.

Zhuang Zhou:…………


After school in the afternoon, Shen Chi returned home.

After dinner, he went into the room, turned on the computer and boarded the game. He played one last night, and his current score is 2000 points, barely entering the top 500 of the Asian server.

“Good evening, cub”

“Do you still have to play in the ranking today? The higher the ranking, the harder it is to play”

“Yesterday, I saw five or six using perspective1(TL:Type of plug in that can see your location even if you are hiding;a cheat software), maybe more today. The Asian servers are full of players who use cheating software. It’s hard to qualify.” The boy pursed his lips: “I want to fight.”

He clicked on the qualifying match, and randomly arrived at the island map. According to the position of the route, he chose P City to jump off.

“P City is too familiar.”

“Starting with ten kills he is stable.”

“Be bold, and 20 kills are stable.” P City has always been a popular jumping spot. He had expected that there were too many people in P City. He heard the gun as soon as he landed. sound.

Normal, he would definitely join the battle without hesitation and wipe out everyone he met.

But this time, he consciously collected the information before entering the circle. There were three people in the house on the left, and a four-person car was driving on the road on the right…

He entered the house while analyzing, and he noticed something was wrong when he opened the door. Empty, obviously traces of being searched, but the door is closed.

There is someone in the door!

But when he recovered, dense bullets shot at him. He only wore second-level armor, his blood volume dropped rapidly, and the game interface suddenly turned gray.

The teenager squeezed the mouse.

“Is he in bad condition today?”

“Maybe because the cub stayed up late yesterday and didn’t go to bed until four or five o’clock. He looked asleep.”

“It’s okay. It’s normal to win or lose.”

“It’s a pity to lose points, it’s so hard to fight”

He changed his posture, holding the mouse, and continued to click to open the next round. As in the previous round, he tried to analyze all the information on the field, but once again he stopped in the top ten.

As if he hadn’t seen it, he clicked once again to start the next round. The result of this round was slightly better than the previous round, but he didn’t get first place, only the seventh.

The ninth,



As time passed bit by bit, his score not only did not rise, but also lost 20 points, but he still did not change back to his original style of play. It was already late at night and the surroundings were silent.

“Will you continue to stay up today?”

“If the state is not good, there is no need to fight.”

“Hugging hard-earned cubs”

Shen Chi is still playing the game. From one o’clock in the morning until two o’clock in the morning. He only unscrewed the bottle cap and took a drink.

But when Dad Ji outside the room heard movement when he passed the room, he walked outside Shen Chi’s room, opened his mouth but said nothing, just went back to the bedroom and shook his head to Ji Ma: “I can’t control him”

“ You give your child more time.” Ji Ma said half-dreaming and half-awake.

Dad Ji tucked the uncovered quilt for Ma Ji: “I don’t know if it’s so important to make money,he is not yet an adult. He doesn’t care about his health. If he is seen by his adoptive parents in Yancheng, I don’t know how sad they would be.”


At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Yan Xue Xiao finished his thesis and walked out of the library with the book. When he returned to the dormitory, he boiled a pot of Junshan tea, poured himself a cup, and turned on the computer.

The other party is still live streaming.

He watched quietly, and dialed a phone call: “Are you still taking a leave of absence?”

“You said that Yan Da child?” Yan Ji on the other side of the phone recalled,”I heard that his mother said that she had not dropped out of school and went back to school. Do you want to see him?”

Yan Xue Xiao didn’t speak, but Yan Ji uttered a pity. When he was about to hang up, he realized that his nephew just seemed to be…acquiescent.

He immediately made a call.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the screen, took a sip of light white tea, turned on the phone and sent a message.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Still broadcasting?

On the other side of the screen, Shen Chi’s mobile phone received the news, and he was shocked. At this time, the boy just ended a game.

He rubbed his sore wrist, and his fingertips were numb, and he needed to restrain himself from shaking.

Shen Chi thought that Yan Xue Xiao didn’t know about the 10,000 fish bet, so he restrained his trembling hands and typed a reply slowly.

[Shen Chi] I’m playing qualifying. If I get into the top 50 in a week, someone will give me 10,000 dried fish, and I will sleep after another round.

In his impression Yan Xue Xiao is a very gentle Man, he has never said anything hard to him, and his words are always light, but such a gentle voice of the other party made a very firm sentence.

[Yan Xuexiao] Going to sleep

He doesn’t know why,but the red-haired boy stared at the screen for a while without rebutting, and obediently turned off the computer.

Without the light of the computer, the room fell into pitch black again. He turned on the phone, and the faint light of the screen reflected his profile and outlined the slender bridge of the nose.

Perhaps he was sleepy, with his hair hanging down on his head, his thick eyelashes swaying slightly, and the whole person looked more fragile than before.

At night, the border town was silent, and no sound could be heard in the ear, only his slow heartbeat. He leaned against the bed and struggled to type, and then sent the typed words.

[Shen Chi] Then… Can you say good night to me?

The other party did not reply.

The young man slowly lowered his head. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t receive it. He could tell himself. When he was about to turn off the phone, the phone suddenly shook, and he received a sentence from the other party.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Goodnight, Shen Chi

The boy’s heart beat suddenly fastened, and he closed his eyes contentedly while holding his phone. This is the first good night he has received since he arrived in the border town.

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    (TL:Type of plug in that can see your location even if you are hiding;a cheat software)
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  1. Avatar Unknown nut says:

    I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I feel like mother Ji is a likeable character (for now at least), she tries to get to know Shen Chi and tries to understand his love for gaming, and that is a rare case for many parents. It’s just that she is sad, but why wouldn’t she, her child she raised for almost 20 years was taken away, and no one can have deep feelings for people they just met.

    On the other side, dad Ji doesn’t want to know Shen Chi, he just want him to ba like their child (I forgot his name). But maybe it’ll be better later.

    But, gosh, that aunt is something. I actually feel like grandpa Hi isn’t that sick, she just rob them of money.

    Thank you for your hard work! ♡

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      I have to agree that mother Ji is the most likeable character here.

    2. Avatar One says:

      +1, so far only the mother is understanding, the father is just upset that Shen Chi isn’t like their previous child and is just so disappointed in him and has a bad image of him since the beginning. I personally don’t think he’ll have a big change of his attitude because unfortunately, most people like him just.. don’t have any change of attitude. (Maybe he’ll be indifferent though)

      The aunt is totally acting like a gold digger, just because she heard he got 600k when he was kicked out from his rich family, which, is supposed to be for his studies, honestly it’s just wrong that she’s coveting his money like this just because he is “family” now.

  2. Avatar ViewLa says:

    Sometimes I feel sad for ShenChi?

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