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Live Broadcast

The live broadcast room was quiet for an instant.

“When did the live broadcast room have room management?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s easy to ban people.”

“At first sight, you can’t talk.”

Shen Chi looked at the screen and pressed his lips. I didn’t know why, and he explained: “I won’t play in rank.”

“It’s not easy to play in qualifying.”

“It’s not normal, there’s too much cheating softwares.”

“It was fine when the qualifying was first launched, but now the pro players don’t play anymore.”

However, the teenager seemed to ignore it. , And put down another sentence: “If you want to fight, hit the top ten of the Asian server.”


Lu Xiuping, who was muted in front of the computer, sneered. The top ten of the Asian server? Let alone Late, even Xu Cheng can only stop in the top fifty.

But he was muted and couldn’t speak, so he could only re-register an account and enter the live broadcast room to speak.

This time he learned to be smart and pretended to be a small fan.

“Late is amazing, can you take me to the rankings?”

However, the others were silent.

“The account registered half a minute ago”

“Do you think we can’t see it?”

“I suggest the implementation of the size of the serial ban system ” Lu Xiuping insisted on not admitting it.

“I just came to the website and I don’t understand. Is there any problem with the number I just registered?”

“If it’s not free, I can pay for it. I’m now in the prime rank, and the market price is one hundred at a time.”

Late ignored him, and he raised the price.

“Two hundred?”

“Three hundred?”

“Five hundred?”

He regretted it after sending the last barrage. You can pay attention to hundreds of thousands of anchor tapes for 500 yuan, but Late should not agree.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the young man responded coldly: “Okay.”

Lu Xiuping:? ? ? ! ! ! It turned out that he didn’t agree because the price he offered was not high enough.

His heart was bleeding, but after all he already said it, he could only reluctantly take out five hundred yuan and join Late’s team.

“Hey, cub promised.”

“It doesn’t have to be true?”

“Just bring it with you.”

“+1, is it really necessary to bring a black spot for five hundred yuan ?” Lu Xiuping looked at the barrage and was nervous. Five hundred yuan had already been transferred. If Late really rowed, he was not only losing money, but also losing blood.

The qualifying match is a random map, the rain forest map.

The rainforest map is a small map with a small area and rich in materials, which saves time in collecting resources, but it also means a faster pace and high requirements for marksmanship.

Lu Xiuping couldn’t help asking: “Where to jump?”


He was nervous when he heard the answer. If the rainforest map is fast-paced, the resort is probably the fastest-paced place in the entire map. People are everywhere.

“There are too many people in the resort. I feel my scalp tingling when I hear the gunshots.”

“The cub never jumped to the resort before.”

“Late cub: bring it with you.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha love 500 yuan”

Lu Xiuping looked at the live broadcast room, and it was as if he had fallen to the ground. Even the movement of searching for equipment was faint.

The resort was more intense than he had imagined. As soon as he landed on the ground, the sound of gunshots in his ears did not stop, and dense bullet holes were shot on the ground and walls.

He was busy going up the stairs to the second floor, searching heavily for equipment on the second floor, and finally found the second-class helmet and second-class armor, preparing to go downstairs to participate in the battle, and looking at the open space he was stunned.

There was nothing else in the open space, it was full of knocked down enemies, slowly crawling in all directions.

Seeing him stunned and motionless, the young man said coldly: “Are yougood at shooting?” Lu Xiuping nodded hurriedly, ” Yes, yes.”

He shot his head easily.

“This business level is only 500 yuan, which is a loss!”

“This wave of head points is a lot.”

“It turns out that he really wants to earn 500 yuan.”

Yan Xue Xiao in front of the computer slightly frowned his eyebrows and closed the live broadcast.


“You used AKM to kill Yuri”

“You used AKM to kill foxlenx”

“You used AKM to kill Alumb”

At first, Lu Xiuping would be excited about the kill information, but he was numb afterwards, when the finals At the time of the lap, the number of his kills had broken the record and reached twelve.

There will be a score penalty for elimination in qualifying, so survival is the first place. Many anchors are cautious about firing shots in qualifying, but Late is completely different, and it can even be said to be handy.

Lu Xiuping realized afterwards that Late seemed to be really good, and if he could win this round, he should have no problem getting to the platinum rank.

There were only eight people left on the court, and they circled the Y city’s housing area. Because the house was too difficult to determine the location of other people, everyone was watching patiently, and no one shot the first shot.

“I seem to hear the sound of the handle|thunder”

“I heard it too”

“Is there anyone outside the house?”

Lu Xiuping heard the sound of throwing the hand|thunder, and cautiously changed to the opposite room, but the enemy seemed to know him Action-like, the hand|thunder thrown from outside the window exploded accurately in front of him, and he immediately left only half blood.

“The prediction is too accurate.”

“Can you predict which room to change to????”

“It’s not going to be open, right?”

Lu Xiuping didn’t dare to stay on the second floor anymore, punched a medical kit, and walked up one floor, hiding behind a bunker to observe, but the gun outside the room always shot him as if it had eyes.

“It must be a hang up1Cheating software.”

“Perspective hanging”

“That person should be on the nearby roof.”

Lu Xiuping rarely enters the finals and has never encountered an open hanging. He asked nervously, “The other party seems to have opened the perspective. What should I do? There is no place to hide.”

The boy’s cold voice came from the headphones: “What else can I do?” In the next second, the boy left the house.

Lu Xiuping was stunned. Can he go out so casually when he knows that the other party is opening perspective? He couldn’t help but feel sorry for his 500 yuan again.

He didn’t mean to blame Late, he just sighed that his luck was really bad, and he met him in the finals.

“Go straight out!”

“I’m so courageous .”

“I’m so nervous that I can’t drink water.”

Shen Chi saw a black muzzle on the roof of the bungalow. He didn’t plan to attack the house because every move would be exposed. Under the eyes of the other person.

He retracted his gaze and quickly climbed to the top of the building opposite the bungalow. Without looking for a cover, he moved in a zigzag position and fired, leaving no time for the opponent to aim.

“This shot is too stable.”

“It hasn’t hit the ground.”

“And it’s still shooting while walking!” Lu Xiuping watched in shock as Late shot and killed the people on the roof at lightning speed, let alone the opponent. He didn’t even react.

It wasn’t until this time that he had to admit that Late was really powerful, and he even vaguely felt that Xu Cheng might not be as good as him, so he subconsciously turned on his phone and paid attention in the live broadcast room.

At the end of the game, his ranking was successfully promoted to platinum. He finally let go of his thoughts. When he just wanted to say “Thank you”, a line appeared on the screen.

“You have been kicked out of the team”

Lu Xiuping: …it’s too early to pay attention


Shen Chi kicked the person away blankly, opened the water cup and drank, and clicked to start the next round.

”   Play well and simply”

“Just charge money and not talk about feelings”

“I also want to play games with cub, but I can’t spend five hundred yuan.”

“Cub prefers to play alone, and there is very little communication with teammates. ”

He has been playing singles, and the live broadcast was suspended until 10 o’clock in the evening. He went to the water dispenser to receive water.

After the boy returned to his seat, he held a water cup and drank it.
At this time, an advertisement was pushed to his mobile phone, and Aurora under Yan’s Group released a new game console, and the old one was on sale, with only 5,800 yuan.

It’s still expensive.

Shen Chi placed his hand on the screen and crossed out the message nonchalantly, but then cut open the page to check the bank card balance.

This month’s wages have been transferred, plus the five hundred yuan earned today, for a total of five thousand eight hundred and seventy yuan.

The red-haired boy stared at the balance for a while, clicked on a person’s name to transfer money, and received a text message from the bank after a while.

“You have successfully transferred 3,000 yuan.”

There is only two thousand eight hundred and seventy yuan left on the bank card. He can’t afford an Aurora game console. The boy pursed his lips while looking at the balance. At this moment, a message appeared on Up on the screen.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Can you play with anyone?

Shen Chi looked at the news and thought about it for a long time before he realized that it was about him playing games with Lu Xiuping. Although he didn’t know why he asked after such a long time, he still responded seriously.

[Shen Chi] I don’t bring people in vain

[Shen Chi] Bringing people to gain money

In the library, Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyebrows lightly.

For the first time, he saw someone who was so arrogant about collecting money, and he didn’t understand his overtones at all.

He turned off the phone, and the little wolf pup opposite sent another message with his furry tail.

[Shen Chi] If it’s you, there is no need to pay

The young man eyes stared


Shen Chi didn’t wait for a reply, thinking it was a girl, embarrassed, and after thinking about it, he wanted to open the game directly and sent Yan Xue Xiao an invitation to form a team.

“Cub actually invited someone!”

“How much money did this person give?”

“It seems…no money”

“Oh, it’s a loss”

He thought of it after sending the invitation, and forgot to ask if it was convenient for him to play, and he sent it over. The invitation was not accepted. When he was about to close the interface, a message suddenly came on the screen.

“The other party accepted your invitation.”


Translator’s note: I would try to use cheating software more often instead of putting plug in or hang up

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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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