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house management

It was already bright when Shen Chi woke up. He forgot to cover the quilt last night, his wrists were cold, and he sneezed.

A message appeared on the screen in due course.

[Yan Xue Xiao] I’m going for a cup of hot milk

He was stunned. How did the other party know that he didn’t sleep well last night, and it happened to be the time he got up. When he clicked on the message to ask, he caught a glimpse of the voice call record in the middle of the night.

He had no impression of this call. He didn’t know if he said something that shouldn’t be said yesterday. He silently stared at the screen in a daze.

Anyway… he can’t remember either.

Thinking of this, the boy pretended not to see the record, and frankly turned off the phone, put his hand on the doorknob, paused, and opened the door.

Ji Ma sat in the living room and saw him stand up: “Xiao Chi, your father cares about you. I searched the Internet for game anchors yesterday. There are indeed tens of thousands of monthly incomes, but the risks are also high. He does not agree with them for a reason.”

Shen Chi lowered his head.

“You see if it works, I agree to sign.” Ji Ma’s tone was softened.

He raised his head when he heard the last sentence.

Ji Ma said cautiously: “If you go to school during the day and live broadcast at night, your father won’t have much of an opinion.” The atmosphere was silent for a long time.

The young man lowered his eyes and nodded.


Class 29, No. 3 Middle School, Border Town.

Ten minutes before the start of the first class, the English class representative brought back a message from the office: “A new classmate is going to be transferred today.” The classroom immediately exploded.

No one is rushing to work next to Zhuang Zhou.

The boy sitting in the front row asked, “But there is only one empty seat next to you in the classroom. You are not curious about who will sit with you at the table? What if you don’t get along well.”

Zhuang Zhou thought, no matter how difficult it is to get along, it is not as hard to get along with than the little red hair in the Internet cafe. He asked carelessly: “Where can it be difficult to get along?”

As soon as his voice fell, the hidden door of the classroom was pushed open.

A red-haired young man followed Teacher Wang into the classroom with a strong and public appearance, exuding the temperament that no strangers should get close to. He patrolled the territory like a wolf cub, but the little milk in his hand was out of touch with the temperament.

Teacher Wang stood on the podium and introduced: “This semester our class has a new classmate, Shen Chi, who is transferred from the Yanwai International Class and is not familiar with the content of the college entrance examination. I hope everyone will take care of the new classmates.” There was a burst of sound from the podium . Whisper.

“This is the third year of high school, why would a student from Yanwai transfer to our school? Yanwai International Class is firmly applied to a famous foreign school. It is difficult for our school to take undergraduate entrance examinations.”

“Please be more rigorous. It is difficult to take a college entrance examination.”

“Where does the name seem to be heard? Pass.”

Zhuang Zhou was very satisfied with his senior year life, but he suddenly felt that the future was dark, so he sighed heavily.

He sighed so loudly that he heard it in the front row. He turned his head and said dissatisfied: “Student Renxin hasn’t come over yet, so let’s see if you can take care of your new classmate.”

Zhuang Zhou:… ………

Shen Chi walked to the empty seat and sat down. The wooden chair was stained with ash. After wiping it with a paper towel four or five times, he put on the white headphones to watch the game video.

The students around were afraid to say hello, only the boy in the front row boldly said: “Your last name is quite rare.”

Seeing that Shen Chi was not interested, he cautiously opened the topic: “The richest man in the northwest is also surnamed Shen, have you read the news? , Shen Jiaran1This is the real son of the Shen family took the wrong name, and the person who took the wrong name was kicked out the same day. He is usually unwelcome.”

Shen Chi raised his head and said blankly: “It’s me.”

Classmates:? ? ? ! ! !

There was no sound around him, especially when the person in the front row stopped, and he dared not say anything, but turned his head and cast a sympathetic look at Zhuang Zhou.

Zhuang Zhou continues to rush his homework. After he handed in his homework, he drew comics on the book, and Shen Chi, who was watching the video with headphones on the side, had nothing to do with him. He didn’t say a word during the day.

Until he heard the teenager ask: “What does house management mean?”

He usually watched live games a lot, and almost blurted out: “The house management is the person who manages the live broadcast room for the anchor, and is generally a fan who rewards him.”

“Relationships .What about a good friend?”

“Of course it does.” Zhuangzhou replied euphemistically.

It is hard for him to imagine that Shen Chi will have close friends, and his face is written as if there are few friends. It is more practical for fans who rewarded him to be the housekeeper.

The 2B pencil in his hand slipped on the paper and suddenly thought of a possibility.

Isn’t that friend himself?

The more Zhuang Zhou thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible, he was not only a deskmate in Shen Chi’s Internet cafe, but also a deskmate in school.

Just as he was hesitating to accept, the boy gave a cold “Oh” and put on the headphones again.

Zhuang Zhou:…………I’m sorry that I think too much.

He couldn’t help but quietly look in the direction of Shen Chi, very curious about who that friend is.

And the boy looked at the message sent on the phone, and his eyes were entangled.

[Cat Live] Your contract has been entered into the system. Congratulations on becoming the signed anchor of Cat Live. In order to maintain the order of the live broadcast room, please set up a house manager as soon as possible.

Although he does not understand the meaning of house management, he is required by the platform. Still open WeChat, hesitating to open the conversation with Yan Xue Xiao.

[Shen Chi] Would you like to be the room manager of my live broadcast room

[Yan Xue Xiao] Sorry

he lowered his head slightly, and then cautiously sent another sentence.

[Shen Chi]I’ll just write your name, it doesn’t take time

the other party didn’t reply again, which seemed to be a default.

The boy breathed a sigh of relief, opened the live broadcast software, and set Yan Xue Xiao as the only room manager in the live broadcast room.


Someone posted on the forum of Cat Live.

[A cup of milk green] Did anyone watch the final video of the Kitten Cup yesterday? It’s a pity Late, if you hit the champion with that shot, it would be different.

There are many posts underneath.

[Brown Sugar Milk Tea] The KD value is 8.7, which is equivalent to an average of nearly nine kills per round. This result is really amazing.

[Emperor Orange] It’s a pity not to play in qualifying. The new season starts today. I want to see how Asian servers can rank. Do you make it to the top ten?

[Soda Soda] The top ten is too difficult, and the high-end game is hard to distinguish. The top ten is basically taken over by those who have cheating softwares

Lu Xiuping, who is in front of the computer, frowned.

He is a fan of Xu Cheng. Yesterday Xu Cheng once again defended the Cat Cup champion. He was still immersed in joy, but the forum seemed to be out of sight. They all felt it was a pity for Late.

He has read Fang Shengquan’s post-match commentary, and Late is only a thorough study of other teams. At most, he is well prepared, and his true strength is still unknown.

At the beginning of the new season, anchors large and small will score points. They dare not to be ranked clearly because they are afraid of showing their timidity. No matter how much the plug-in scores, it can stabilize the top 50 of the Asian server.

Lu Xiuping closed the post. He didn’t think that an anchor with only five thousand followers could be compared with Xu Cheng. It is estimated that they invited a water army.

He waited in front of the computer for a day and didn’t wait for Late to start. He finally waited at 7 o’clock in the evening, and several bullet screens were posted.

“You have the ability to hire the water army but not the ability to play the ranking!

“You have the ability to hire the water army but not the ability to play the ranking!

“You have the ability to hire the water army but not the ability to play the ranking!


As soon as Shen Chi went online, he saw someone in the live broadcast room. After swiping the screen, he later realized that today was the start of the new season. He raised his eyebrows and was about to speak–

a message appeared in the live broadcast room.

“Lu Xiuping has been banned by the housing management.”

Wasn’t it agreed that …… he would only be a house manager in name?

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    This is the real son of the Shen family
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    OH GOD! Mr. House Manager did a good job! Well done!
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