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Because he wanted to wait for the electronic contract, Shen Chi stayed in the Internet cafe, and he finally received the contract at 12: 30.

[Cat Live] Please download the electronic contract, print it and sign it, and upload the signed contract to the background to complete the signing. Please do not disclose the contract contents to others

There is a printer at the front desk of the Internet cafe. Shen Chi downloaded the contract and was about to walk to the front desk when a hesitant message appeared on the screen.

[Cat Live] I saw the information you filled out in the background. Are you still underage?

Shen Chi’s footsteps paused, sipping his lips and asking.

[Shen Chi] Can’t a minor sign a contract?

Opposite of the staff hurriedly denied.

[Cat Live] Sure, but minors need to get the guardian’s consent and sign a guardian’s consent form. Can you?

[Shen Chi] Yes

When he printed the paper contract, he left the Internet cafe a little faster, and the night wind made him wrap his thin coat tightly.

The stall owner who came out of the night stall at the door was about to collect the stall. When he saw the teenager looking at his side, he picked up the last spoonful of fragrant shredded pork sauce from the pot: “Would you like one ?”

In normal times, he was reluctant to buy four pieces of shredded pork with sauce, but when he wanted to sign the contract, he took out the odd money from his pocket and stretched out his hand to take the steaming shredded pork with sauce cake from the stall owner.

He bowed his head and took a bite. The sweet taste of sauced meat filled the air, and the beautiful eyes of the young man bent out of the inconspicuous radian, reflecting the dim light and taking a photo.

[Shen Chi] shredded pork with sauce is delicious


Heine closed the book and said to Yan Xue Xiao as if he remembered something before leaving the classroom: “Yan, remember to send me the final draft.”

After he left, the Jewish girl in the front row turned and asked, “I have only written half of the first draft. Are you going to hand in the final draft soon?”

The young man just quietly said “well”.

She has become accustomed to the fact that everything young people do is subtle, and she is naturally suitable for academics. She can’t help feeling: “The tutor must hope that you will read PhD.”

Adam came over and said, “There is a new Chinese restaurant on Nassau Street. Let’s eat together.”

She stood up and nodded, and asked the young man who looked down at the book, “Are you going?”

When she asked this sentence, she didn’t have much hope, probably because the taste was not authentic. Few Chinese studying in Princeton liked to go to Chinese restaurants.

The young man seems to read a message by swiping their mobile phone, and unexpectedly agrees after turning off their mobile phones.

Going to the restaurant, because there were not many new people, Adam handed the menu to the two people respectively: “Is there anything you want to eat?”

Yan Xue Xiao took the menu and browsed quietly. Finally, he closed the menu and gently said, “Shredded pork with sauce.”


Shen Chi walked to the door, and the light in the sitting room was still on, apparently waiting for him. His footsteps paused and opened the door with a key.


The door opened.

“You came back later than yesterday.” There is a worry in Ji Ma’s tone. “Do you want to eat noodles, I will cook them for you.”

Shen Chi shook his head. Instead of going back to his room immediately, without any emotion he said, “I signed the contract.”

However, the teenager’s thick eyelashes quivered because of tension, like dark ears of rice blown by the wind.

“Signed?” Ji Ma repeated it.

He lowered his head: “Four thousand a month.”

“This earned more than all of us combined.” Ji Ma looked at Ji Dad. “You see, Xiao Chi can make money himself.”

“The guardian needs to sign the consent form.” The teenager carefully took out the contract from his backpack and “signed it in the blank space.”

He handed over the contract.

When Ji Ma was preparing to take over the contract, Ji Dad, who never spoke, won’t sign the contract, and his tone was particularly strict: “I disagree.”

“I haven’t read any books, but I also know that I can be a doctor and a teacher when I come out of college. What can I do when I play games?”

The hold on the contract turned tighter: “Yes, the border town is indeed incomparable with the conditions of the capital. Maybe you feel that the salary sign is high now, and you want to make money because you are not used to the poor days at home, but can you play games for a lifetime?”

The teenager hangs his head: “Yes.”

Dad didn’t expect Shen Chi to be absolutely sure. He choked for a long time and threw the contract into a ball straight on the ground.

The boy said nothing, just bent down, picked up the contract again and walked back to the room.

There was a low-pitched conversation outside the unclosed door.

“Don’t be angry. You have a bad waist.”

“You know I don’t like to be angry. When Xiao Shu was here, I didn’t say a single word. It was a hard life. Did Xiao Shu make people worry so much? Xiao Chi, It’s not good to say that money is too important.”

“Don’t say a few words, I’ll pour you a cup of medicine.”

Shen Chi shut the door like he didn’t hear, and cut himself off from the outside world.

He leaned against the wall and slowly smoothed the paper that was pinched into a ball. He couldn’t see the expression clearly in the dark, and suddenly his cell phone rang.

-Yancheng’s number.

He stared at the screen and turned on the phone blankly.

“Xiaochi, are you doing well in the border town?” A woman’s voice came on the phone.

The teenager pinched the knuckles of the mobile phone and asked coldly: “What do you want to say?”

The woman on the phone obviously paused, as if organizing the language: “Your biological parents are very good people. They taught Xiaoshu to be a sensible child. They never bothered us. Today is the first time they try to find me.”

Hearing her words, the boy’s back trembled faintly.

“I don’t know if you ever blame me for abandoning you, but I think you are.” The woman smiled. “It’s too late to blame me.”

“You have always been very capricious. I thought that you would change if you changed the environment, but you still didn’t change anything. Instead, you intensified and didn’t even go to school.”

The woman’s voice is dignified and elegant: “making fun of your future is disappointing again and again. Who else is there around you?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

The teenager deadpans and hangs up the phone.

He looked at his cell phone, and suddenly he wanted to talk to someone, but there was no friend in the call record.

He pulled the address book to the end, clicked on Yan Xue Xiao’s head, and subconsciously dialed a voice call.

It’s probably that he was too tired for three days in a row, and he poured out a deep sense of exhaustion. Before he got through, he closed his eyes and slept with his mobile phone.

While Yan Xue Xiao walked out of the Chinese restaurant, a message appeared on the mobile phone screen.

“Shen Chi invites you to make a voice call”

His gaze stopped on the text, and he connected the voice call without any emotion.

He spoke calmly: “Hello.”

He didn’t hear any news on the mobile phone. He could only hear the shallow breathing of the teenager like a little wolf. He squinted slightly. When he was about to hang up, he heard the teenager’s dream “Mom.”

Yan Xue Xiao gently gathered his eyes.

So he misses his mother.


Translator’s Note: I really hate it when parents compare their children. I feel so bad for Shen Chi in this chapter huhuhu

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  1. Avatar Dewy says:

    His dad: can you make a living out of gaming?
    Contract: exists
    His dad: is making money so important??!!

    Bruh… 2 stances here. Pick one.

  2. littleyen littleyen says:

    He just need to communicate more with his parents. If Shen Chi want, he could also making money from game and attent school at the same time.

  3. Avatar Sofea says:

    Yes, the feeling of being compared is… just terrible

  4. Avatar Lurian says:

    Me duele mucho ver a Shen Chi así, como siempre lo comparan con el otro niño y él no puede decirles como se siente. Siento que sufre de depresión, por la forma en la que se cierra, se siente triste y solo.
    Sorry, but I don’t know how to explain this in english.

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