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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

The playoffs are in full swing and the news of Cat Live ‌Low-priced acquisition ‌ has not attracted much attention. Sometimes people are surprised that this platform hasn’t closed down yet.

Fans in the live broadcast room rejoiced.

“We are credited!”

“Moderator, you have to remember ‌to take ‌‌Daughter-in-law‌’s salary”

“I also called ‌to complain”

“Oh, I blame our daughter-in-law for being too rich”

“Good fan”

Shen Chi did not watch the economic news. He received the news that the ban was lifted from the live broadcast room then posted on the live broadcast.

“Say okay, I’ll post a little video.”

“I have a fan art here”

“Which posture does my daughter-in-law like? I’m looking through my food storage”

The young man looked at the barrage with an expressionless face. His brother ‌ wouldn’t look at this kind of thing ‌, he wore headphones to remind them: “Be careful of the live broadcast being banned.”

The bullet screen is extraordinarily bold.

“Don’t be afraid, cub”

”It will not close”

“Unless the moderator doesn’t want to be paid this month.”

Shen Chi’s eyes were full of doubts. Before he could ask a question, his cell phone rang and he picked it up with one hand.

He doesn’t know if it is his illusion, but the tone on the other side is extremely polite, “Hello, this is the Cat live broadcast ‌Staff, I’m sorry that the moderator has mistakenly sealed you due to improper work. ‌In the future we will provide you with a different moderator to maintain the order of the room.”

“What did you say yesterday? You can’t unban but then the attitude changed 180 degrees.”

“Official housing management”

“Sunspots are sealed one by one.”

“I can’t afford a live broadcast but I can throw small fish for my cub.”

Hanging up and powering off his phone, Shen Chi looked at the last barrage and his tight eyelashes slowly blinked. His titled elder brother bought the kitten live directly in the live broadcast room.

He turned on his mobile phone and checked the purchase price. The newspaper article analyzed the root cause of the problem of kitten live broadcast. Burning money to expand users caused the cash flow to break. Buying the kitten live broadcast at the current price is definitely not a loss.

He thinks that his brother is good at everything and he can spend more money than others. The teenager has more burden to support his family, so he sits in front of the computer and concentrates on training.

Training is focused on Han Duqiu’s running-in with the team. Lan Heng has played a role for a long time and the running-in effect of the team is better than expected.

Perhaps because of the unusually cold winter, Yancheng warms up slowly in spring. After training, the teenagers come home wrapped in thick coats covered with frost.

He turned on the light on the wall of the living room. There was no one in the room. After taking a bath, he put on pajamas and went into the warm nest.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, he heard the sound of the door opening. The young man hugged Yan Xue Xiao on the bed and subconsciously rubbed against the man. The two were separated by thin pajamas. He did not realize how close this distance was.

“sleep tight.”

A cold voice came from the top of the head. He still hugged Yan Xue Xiao and felt that he was kissing him.

The teenager was put into various positions, his slim waist folded into incredible curves and he could only whine through kisses.

Early in the morning, he sat in front of the screen with his waist sour and his ears. He said, “Don’t send anything in the future.”

“Hmm, have my daughter-in-law apply what she has learned?”

“Talented and hard working, where to find such a wife?”

“Consider the cub’s body”

”Drink some milk”

When Shen Chi saw the word milk, the picture of yesterday’s milk dripping and slapping appeared in his mind and his whole face turned red.

“The cub’s face is so red”

“You are a grown-up cub”

“Everyday I want to grab the son away from my daughter-in-law”

“First of all you need to be able to buy the kitten live broadcast”

“Then I still silently knock sugar”

The TTL captain coughed, “Training hard for the game every day.”


“TTL playoffs rushed”

“Let MAR fans kneel and call you Dad”

“Let’s snag the top three!”

Lan Heng looked at the barrage of Shen Chi’s computer ‌‌. It can be said that one has more teeth and claws. He couldn’t help wondering how Shen Chi would comfort him, but then he heard the young man downplay, “If you take it, you should win the championship.”

Lan Heng: …think of ‌Fan Sui Zhengzhu

The third day of the playoffs was still being held at Yancheng Sports Center. TTL walked to the rest area and sat down. Lan Heng clearly felt that MAR’s eyes were bad.

He is glad that this year’s playoffs did not have an interview in the game, otherwise they would mock the entire league unconsciously with their captain’s temperament.

Commenter Fang Shengquan noticed the TTL substitution, “This interchangeable Han Duqiu, TTL ambition is not small.”

On the side, he heard Fang Shengquan’s meaning. Lan Heng said to TTL that he had a more secure approach, but he did not discriminate against the disabled, and the substitute was cooperating with the general manager. .

He took the stubble and said, “TTL wants to take the third place trophy back.”

Although the third runner-up and the fourth runner-up are one place behind, everyone will talk about it. The third runner-up will not be asked about who is the fourth runner-up. The cruelty of the competition may be reflected here.

There are 5 million people in the official live broadcast room of the event and the old members of Emperor Penguin correct the wording of the paragraph.

“Little Red Hair Stares at the Championship Trophy”

“Take a look at the two mountains of VF and SWL”

“TTL doesn’t want their face?”

Duan Shi doesn’t know about Han Duqiu, the information says that he was originally an anchor. He does not know how, ‌Shen Chi digs ‌ Professional players.

This time Han Duqiu changed from a substitute to the main player and Duan Shi was worried about whether this player could survive the pressure of the competition.

He subconsciously paid attention to Han Duqiu. This wheelchair player is much better than Lan Heng in terms of marksmanship, but the league does not lack first-class gunners.

He made an evaluation in his mind. This is a good player, this gap is enough to make TTL‌ score surpass the third place.

Before the start of the last round of the game, the TTL score had exceeded a five-point difference, but there was still a 70-point gap compared to the second SWL.

“Second place is stable”

”It’s been two days, it’s okay if the finals won’t bring down the third place.”

“But it’s up to the ceiling”

“Someone said that the ceiling can be used now”

“What is the emperor penguin fan? The ceiling of the third runner-up is not satisfied? If you want to win the championship, first see if you have the strength.”

They never thought that TTL could win the championship. On the first day of the playoffs, he still couldn’t imagine TTL having a chance to win the third place.

He looked towards the big screen, and the safety zone slowly shrank to the area of ​​the room. The distance between the SWL and TTL was gradually shrinking.

Fang Shengquan commented on the competition, “SWL‌ has a uniform team, and all three players are from youth training camp, so no one else can replace them in cultivating tacit understanding.”

In ‌ Yan’s ‌ Meeting room, Raven is working on the new area, and says, “The construction of the first phase of the new area is completed and the speed is half a month faster than planned.”

Yan Xue Xiao listened quietly.

The meeting is over. Secretary Huang takes the organized manuscript and walks into the meeting room. He sees the man flipping through the documents and listening to the game commentary.

He suddenly felt that he knew the secret, even if he could not be around each other, the two men could not live without each other.


On the other side of the stadium, Shen Chi controlled the character to stop at the back of the house, “There is someone in front.”

Han Duqiu didn’t know how Shen Chi knew but after Lan Heng kept chanting, he didn’t get too late and was ready to fight.

Commentary Duan Shi’s tone was surprised, “Han Duqiu was the first to pick up the gun.”

“Look at him in a wheelchair. I used to be embarrassed to mention bad things.”

“Maliciously killing professional players is stronger than anyone else”

“It’s normal for him to kill someone”

Looking at the barrage, the curiosity in his heart became more and more intense. He doesn’t know what’s remarkable about this Han Duqiu.

. On the spot, there were TTL, SWL and MAR, a lone wolf outside. TTL chose to attack the building for the tenth score.

Attacking the building can’t be placed anywhere. It’s a dangerous move, but TTL threw a fog bomb and planned to attack. Fang Shengquan was dumbfounded.

“So random?”

“SWL full compilation”

“How did the last one start to fly?”

The young man walked into the white smoke holding the mouse. Under the influence of the smoke ‌, he could not see the structure of the room clearly.

However, he recovered a picture of the internal structure of the house from his memory, and he asked Han Duqiu, “Can you?”

Han Duqiu holds the mouse and nods.

Shen Chi quickly walked to the second floor ‌stairs‌, this time facing ‌‌full of top teams.

He reacted in a moment and there was an idea in his heart that he would win. But he and Ye Ning were swallowed up by the fierce fire just after walking to the stairs.

“There is no need to attack the building”

” TTL does not have enough medicine”

“Then this is a fight against the water”

“Too anxious to attack the building”

Fans are breathing nervously so they can’t stand the chance. No one can think that Shen Chi’s gun is too accurate.

The bullet was passing through Zhou Tingchuan’s head. Shen Chi immediately retreated back into the smoke, moving so fast that the audience were left speechless.

“What just happened?”

“It’s too fast to see clearly”

“Late kills Zhou Tingchuan”

Duan Shi was so surprised that he almost stood up from his chair. “The geographical position is not even dominant ‌ but late can still take away the opponent’s life, the most threatening ‌ sniper.”

However, under SWL‌‌ fire attack, TTL‌ temporarily withdrew from the area. The two teams lost one player each.

Duan Shi thought that this was over, who knew that the next second the game ‌‌ the situation suddenly reversed, two successive ‌ hand|thunders were thrown into the room through the window.

TTL chose to attack the building again and exploded in the air. The projectile matched the gun line and directly took away the last three people of SWL!


“Except for this word, I can’t express what I want.”
“The final circle is the stage for Han Duqiu.”

Seeing TTL’s victory in the last game, Duan Shi’s performance against Shen Chi was no surprise. The teenager seemed to have no limit and would always be in control of the game. He didn’t expect Han Duqiu to actually be a finalist.

There was a moment of silence in the arena. Before the game, who ‌ couldn’t imagine that a team that played ‌‌‌ from the secondary league would win against the giants.

The child, Yan Chen Chen, carried a TTL cartoon sticker holding the small red support flag, and said suddenly in the quiet, “The original ‌SWL is so easy to play.”

The little boy’s voice was heard clearly in the audience and everyone couldn’t help thinking. These words are too hateful and it happened that people are still righteous.

SWL fans have been throwing their eyes and knives together, but they would not look at Yan Shen sitting, fearing that the sky would make social news.

After the game, Shen Chi walked to the car parked outside the venue. While he watched the car leaving, he suddenly felt someone gripped his pants.

He turned around and saw Yan Chen Chen holding a precious gift.

Shen Chi went to the car on the road without receiving the gift. Yan Xue Xiao caught a glimpse of the little bean, who was following his footsteps and said casually, “He likes you very much.”

The teenager thought and said,”But I like you.”

‌‌Yan Chen Chen who followed just heard this conversation ‌.

The little fan’s heart snapped-

It’s broken.

TL: The chapters are getting longer probably because we are nearing the end of text then a few extras. I forgot to post yesterday so here you go

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