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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

The blunt edge of the chair draws in the water and drips down the dark edge. The water slides down to the skin, presenting an opaque texture. You can imagine how deep it is.

The exhausted wolf dog sat obediently in the arms of the man, leaning on the table to help Yan Xue Xiao turn the pages.

Yan Xue Xiao was very focused on official business, only occasionally bowing his head and kissing him, then he satisfactorily narrowed his amber eyes.

Although he and his brother live together every day, they don’t have much time to see each other, so they cherish every time they meet. Even a simple hug is extremely satisfying, but he envies other couples that can have dates.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at Shen Chi in his arms and narrowed his eyes. As the evening approached, he closed the document and said softly, “Let’s go.”

Shen Chi subconsciously asked, “Where?”

Yan Xue Xiao held his hand: “Watching a movie.”

Before he could answer, another sentence fell in his ear: “Or how about something else.”

Shen Chi’s heart under his chest was pounding, and Yan Xuexiao’s hand took him into the car. He had no idea what to do with ‌‌, so he specially booked a high-rated literary film.

He usually overestimated himself by watching movies. Shen Chi fell asleep on the chair in the cinema, sliding down the chair slowly.

Yan Xue Xiao reached out and picked up the wolf dog who quickly slid down the chair. He took a photo in the dark and saved it in the album named Cub.

The next day, Shen Chi sat in front of the computer to broadcast. Perhaps it was because he drank ice juice after the game yesterday. He sat in front of the screen and coughed, making him weak.

“Cub has a cold”

“Is it uncomfortable?”

“Hurry up and take medicine”

The young man’s nose was blocked while looking at the concerned words on the screen.He muffled as if he was floating in the water and said, “Tomorrow I’ll be fine .”

Lan Heng, who was seated, turned his head over, “Really don’t want to take medicine?”

He put on his headphones: “Young body ‌‌.”

Lan Heng:…………

“Distressed Lan Heng”

“But is it really okay to not take medicine? Cub’s face is pale”

“If you don’t say anything, you will be caught”

“The number in front of you is gone”

Shen Chi squeezed the mouse and started today’s training. He was used to fighting in the border town. He didn’t have the habit of taking cold medicine for a mild cold.

He doesn’t know if it was caused by a cold. After the training, he was dizzy and went back to Huating to lie down in bed and sleep. Who knew that his waist was caught by a cold hand just when he walked to the bedroom.

The boy’s forehead was rubbed against Yan Xue Xiao’s hand. Yan Xue Xiao’s voice came from above his head, “You have a fever.”

When Guan Shan rushed over from the hospital, he saw that the red-haired cub was being held to measure the temperature. Yan Xue Xiao looked at the scale on the thermometer and said, “38.3 degrees.”

Guan Shan couldn’t help sighing that Shen Chi was a completely different person in front of him and in front of Yan Xue Xiao. He thought he was an indifferent little wolf dog, but he became a quiet little milk dog in front of Yan Xue Xiao.

After inquiring about Shen Chi’s condition, he took out the medicine from the medicine box he carried and said to Yan Xue Xiao, “The medicine must be taken for two consecutive days.”

After Guan Xhan left, Shen Chi watched Yan Xue Xiao and took the medicine. He took the cup and drank the last sip of the granules. With heavy pain on the tip of his tongue, he raised his head to kiss.

But he immediately realized that he was sick, and for fear of infecting Yan Xue Xiao, he put on a mask.

Suddenly his mask was taken off, as if it were a reward, Yan Xue Xiao’s kiss fell on the light blue mask, through the mask——

He kissed him.

‌‌His own heartbeat sounded fiercely. The medicine in his mouth was no longer so bitter and the corners of the originally tight lips were slightly bent upwards.

In the morning, Yan Xue Xiao loaded his backpack with medicine. He took his medicine during the live broadcast break. Lan Heng next to his seat was strangely, “Didn’t you say you didn’t need to take medicine yesterday?”

“My boyfriend told me to take it.”

Shen Chi drank the medicine with warm water.

Lan Heng: …

“Oh, Lan Heng has no boyfriend”

“Boy’s tone: Proud”

“My daughter-in-law”

The playoffs came on the day that Shen Chi recovered from a cold. Sixteen teams that broke through the regular season will compete for five days, and the champion team will receive tickets for the Berlin station.

Duan Shi, asked his partner Fang Shengquan, “What does Mr. Fang think about this game?”

“The COV is put into the PCLP, and the new team entering the playoffs this year is TTL.” Fang Shengquan didn’t realize that he unknowingly started from TTL, “The TTL league results have remained stable in the upstream but it’s hard to compete with top teams.”

“The regular season is the best.”

“This year’s championship depends on VF and SWL”

“Teacher Fang is quite objective, unlike Liu Xiaodong who crooked his ass and blows Late’s guns every day.”

[tl: Liu Xiaodong is always boasting about Late]

“All-Star Game Champion Know One”

“Pure passerby feels…not the first or second level”

The competition teams walked into the stadium one by one. They had participated in a lot of cups. Lan Heng was still nervous sitting on the bench. At this time last year, he was an ordinary anchor on the cat live broadcast. It was hard to imagine that a team from scratch could make it to the playoffs.

He never thought that he was so close to the championship. If he could get the trophy, he would have no regrets in his life. When he is old, he can tell his grandson that he has also touched the PCL championship trophy.

Lan Heng took a deep breath and sat on the seat.

The game started on time at three o’clock in the afternoon. The TTL jumped in the dormitory building without the interference of the COV. When he moved to the side of Longji Mountain, Shen Chi was keen and heard gunshots in the distance.

He approached quietly, and judged from the kill information on the screen, “MAR and SWL are in front.”

TTL played against SWL in the regular season. He knew that this team was difficult to deal with, even though he knew that the SWL strength was not small.

Ye Ning and Xu Cheng rushed over quickly and Lan Heng was in charge of the break. Suddenly, gunshots came from behind him. The player who dodged slowly and was ambushed behind him, was caught off guard.

Duan Shi paid attention to the performance of each player, “Lan Heng is not in a good state today, and he didn’t manage to stop the fight.”

“TTL is perfect without Lan Heng”

“Are you going to be the grandfather of a contestant at such an age?”

“Twenty-seven years old ‌‌”

”He can’t keep up”

Fang Shengquan on the other side retorted, “His performance is better than usual but other opponents are stronger in the playoffs.”

Although the regular season faces the risk of relegation, it will be placed in the PCLP only after the last three. The regular season has a long schedule and strong teams will more or less preserve their strength.

However, their attention was quickly attracted by Lion. Since Qin Baiwen was facing VF without observing the information, Lion became the first team to be destroyed by the regiment.

“VF’s strength can be seen.” Fang Shengquan said with regret, “Qin Baiwen is a mature professional player and I believe he will calm the team’s emotions.”

At the end of the first day of the playoffs, Lan Heng’s right mouse hand was shaking. He looked at the points row on the big screen.

10% of the points in the regular season were converted to initial points. VF’s strength is too strong. The gap in points is widening a little bit. Seeing that there are not many points, it is still difficult to catch up. Before the start of the playoffs, they are seven points away from the VF points. After the start, the points were pulled to 17 points.

TTL’s performance is mediocre. Lion was at the bottom of the list, and the two commentators are ready to end the broadcast.

“Lion performed well in the regular season but was not satisfactory in the playoffs.” Duan Shi said regretfully, “If they can’t make the top ten clubs, they may face the risk of closing.”

The Lion’s boss was very polite to the captain. Everything was subject to Qin Baiwen’s will. However, Lion first sank the whole game in PDL and then returned to PCL to perform well.

He understands the pressure of Lion’s boss. After all, the club wants to make money. People can’t live with dew.

Qin Baiwen, who has always been tough, turned his back to the camera and his eyes were red. Shen Chi silently handed over a piece of paper.

He believes that everyone on the field is working hard behind the scenes, but there can only be one champion. The huge pressure is enough to force people out of breath, even Qin Baiwen, is the same.

“Thanks”, Qin Baiwen said.

The two people did not speak. Shen Chi walked out of the stadium and got in the car back to the base. Lan Heng, who was sitting in front of him playing with his mobile phone said, “I want to quit the team.”

He knows the evaluation of him on the Internet. Shen Chi seems to be cold-hearted, but he is especially protective of his shortcomings. Every time he is killed by someone, Shen Chi always solves the opponent without a word.

Lan Heng is unwilling to embarrass Shen Chi. Instead of letting Shen Chi mention it, let him speak for himself. After that, he pretends to bow his head carelessly, “I’m not interested in playing professionally and it is much more tiring than being an anchor. I’m going back to the live broadcast.”

“Old Lan, are you joking ?”

Ye Ning frowned.

Lan Heng aimed at Han Duqiu next to him, “You don’t need to worry about the shortage of people in the playoffs. Han Duqiu is successful and his results will not be bad.”

Lan Heng lost his usual hippie smile and Shen Chi pursed his lips. It is difficult to win the championship with TTL’s current results. If Han Duqiu is on the court, it can indeed improve their results but Lan Heng wants to leave TTL.

The heart of the boy is heavy.

Xu Cheng, came up with the key question, “Can the cat live broadcast pay wages?”

“Receive payment by QR code.”

Lan Heng returned to the base and began to pack his luggage. He heard the sound of a wheelchair outside the door, and turned to look at Han Duqiu’s face, “You came to see the joke, right?”

Han Duqiu helped the wheelchair, “No.”

“Come on.” Lan Heng waved his hand disapprovingly, “I know you blame me for not saying anything to you at ordinary times.”

Han Duqiu looked at Lan Heng’s back. He didn’t know why Lan Heng treated everyone with false words but he did not say anything. He gradually understood when he and the team became more and more harmonious.

Lan Heng intended for him to integrate into TTL as soon as possible and teach him all of his things. He has learned to unconditionally obey the command of the captain, from playing games alone to learning to play games with the team.

‌Lan Heng carried the suitcase and walked upstairs. Han Duqiu helped the wheelchair to catch up. He did not notice that a high step fell to the floor and the whole person fell from the wheelchair to the cold floor.

Han Duqiu looked sadly at his disabled body. His parents divorced early and had a new family. He could not be amputated because he had no money for treatment. He has been living alone since then.

When he came to TTL, he finally had friends and he could buy a new wheelchair with his salary, but he didn’t want anyone to leave because of his existence.

He slowly tried to get up from the ground but his arm was not strong enough to support him. At this moment, Lan Heng ‘s voice came from above, “In the game, I won’t criticize you anymore.”

Lan Heng strenuously helped Han Duqiu to the wheelchair. His cautious movements were extremely slow. Afterwards he felt something hot against his body.

His old face blushed and he suddenly realized that Han Duqiu was not paralyzed. He swallowed back his words when he looked at Han Duqiu’s apologetic eyes.

When Lan Heng was dragging the suitcase on the floor, Manager Chen’s glass fogged, “Aren’t you used to staying in the club?”

Shen Chi glanced at Lan Heng with warm water.

Lan Heng folded his uniform neatly and put it on the sofa. He couldn’t resist saying what he thought, “It is said that the Lion Club may be closed and Han Duqiu is an idle person who won’t get paid.”

“Our club is rich.”

Manager Chen said immediately.

“Manager, please don’t comfort me.” Lan Heng said, “What’s the situation of your team? It is clear that the bonus for playing matches is not as high as the monthly rent of the villa and money is not the same.”

He himself is reluctant to leave TTL. He is used to talking and laughing at the base. He doesn’t know how to adapt to the live broadcast of a person in the room. But he hopes that TTL can become a PCL team that lasts forever instead of failing without money.

“I didn’t comfort you.”

Manager Chen ran upstairs and took out the club’s financial information, “I admit that I was groping for the industry of e-sports. Last year, poor management led to negative income from the main business and the investment income exceeded one hundred thousand dollars, which caused a lot of competition pressure for everyone.”

“How much?”

Lan Heng almost thought he was wrong.

Manager Chen pushed his glasses, ” 100,000$”

Lan Heng swallowed hard. In his impression, Manager Chen cooks better than running a club. He did not expect that he is an investment talent. One hundred thousand dollars can be said to be one hundred thousand dollars.He figured out that their club is engaged in e- sports after investment.

Shen Chi looked at Lan Heng’s reaction and raised his eyebrows, “‌ I book a car for you.”

Lan Heng quickly said, “‌‌ I’ll be a substitute ‌.

Ye Ning handed the warm water soaked with wolfberry to Lan Heng, whose face changed quickly. Xu Cheng silently opened the locked door and the corner of Shen Chi’s mouth rose by two points. Han Duqiu’s hand in the wheelchair was finally released. .

The young man walked up to the training room on the second floor to train and the barrage was watching with concern.

“How do you want to train today?”

“Will it be too hard?”

“Hug the cub”

It has become a habit for Shen Chi to train every day. He boarded the game’s training ground to practice target shooting and a discordant voice appeared in a concerned live broadcast room.

“What’s the point of grinding the gun? TTL level must be in the top three? Can you call Dad, the key is to be able to touch the side”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows: “My son is good.”

“Hahahahahahahaha, I feel comfortable”

“Leave this to pretend to be grandson”

“Guy, I turned out to be a fan of MAR”

“Make them sour to death”

Shen Chi retracted his gaze to continue training, but a system message was displayed on the live broadcast room. He hadn’t received a reminder of the kitten live broadcast for 800 years.

“The live broadcast room was banned for suspected personal assault.”

Then the live broadcast room became dark. Although the live broadcast could not be watched but the fans could speak, they couldn’t control their anger at this time.

“I can’t tell, report it”

” Cat Live Broadcast ‌ please review the staff if you have money.”

“I want to see the bastard”

Many fans asked the reviewers to lift the ban, but the hard-headed reviewers refused to let go. Fans did not hope to ask their “big fans” for help.

“Daughter-in-law is hungry, I want to watch the live broadcast”

“There are 5 G videos to send.”

“Raise your hand.”

“I wish my daughter-in-law a hundred years together.”

Yan Xue Xiao on the other side of the screen gently constricted his dark eyes and dialed the customer service number of Kitty Live. A polite female voice came from the phone, “What can I do to help you?”

“The review of the platform is too demanding.”

The customer service has not received a salary for more than half a year. If it were not for the economic situation, she would find another job, she patiently said, “Thank you for your valuable comments. The auditor’s work is in accordance with the regulations of the platform.”

[TL: Remember when YXX requested they cut off the required number of streaming hours because SC is not sleeping properly? This is the same customer service employee who answered]

It was the same customer service ‌ who answered the phone, and the remarks remained the same as last year. Yan Xue Xiao quietly hung up the phone, retrieved the past documents from the computer, and sent the plan for the acquisition of Cat Live to Secretary Huang.


TL: YXX can’t afford Cat Live before but now he could!

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