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Translator: Nacchi


Yan Chen Chen looked up to Shen Chi, “I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it or not.” Shen Chi said indifferently, “Anyway, you are going to die.”

Yan Chen Chen lowered his head and was shot to death while speaking. He raised his head in anger, but the person on the sofa already left.

Looking at the points dropped on the screen, Yan Chen Chen’s little fist clenched tightly. Indeed, Shen Chi was not an ordinary player but was a professional player.

Yan Chen Chen quietly followed with a puffed face.

Shen Chi went to the game room and turned on the computer. Because soon after finishing the regular season, he didn’t play the training game and switched to qualifying.

Xu Cheng is not being replaced by Han Duqiu. Lan Heng said that Han Duqiu’s mouth never stopped, “The captain called you over, didn’t you hear?”

“Run forward.”

“The airdrop is handed over to the captain.”

Han Duqiu silently improved.

“Love Han Duqiu”

“Little poor who was bullied by Lan Heng”

“All the people who are snooping in the live broadcast room are suffering from TTL.”

Shen Chi reminded Lan Heng: “Almost done.”

Lan Heng’s nagging mouth stopped, but Han Duqiu would be pointed out by him if something was wrong, his eyes sharper than usual.

Shen Chi puts a bullet on the gun, observes the person lying on the opposite roof through a magnification lens, and presses the shot to solve the two people.

Yan Chen Chen’s eyes widened while he was watching outside the door and he couldn’t help but get closer.

Shen Chi sensed the movement outside the door. He raised his hand to close the door and shut the peeping little bean mercilessly outside the door.

Yan Chen Chen touched his head on the door and tears fell from his eyes because of grievances. Even if Shen Chi is a professional player, he is also a poor professional player.

Mrs. Yan, who came out of the study room, frowned and asked, “Chen chen, why are you standing by the door ?”

Yan Chen Chen’s mother died of dystocia then his father was framed and imprisoned by Zheng An. She cared more about this child than Yan Xue Xiao in the past. For her, it was also Luo Shu’s consolation after his death.

When Luo Shu was there, didn’t she think so? When she heard the news of Luo Shu’s death, her heart suddenly became empty. There will be no one like Luo Shu again.

Yan Chen Chen ran to Madam Yan.

“I can take you away when the procedures for the British school are completed.” Madam Yan took Yan Chen Chen out, “Don’t interact with your brother during this time.”

“What about Dad?”

Looking at Yan Chen Chen’s innocent face, Madam Yan’s eyebrows crossed distressed.

“He will go to the UK with you.”

Yan Chen Chen nodded obediently.


The day after the regular season, the Yancheng Sports Hall was full of people. The security guards checked the tickets outside the stadium one by one, “One by one, don’t jump in line.”

Among young people in their 20s and 30s, a primary school student in a small suit is particularly conspicuous. He held a ticket and asked, “Is Shen Chi playing the game today?”

The security guard pointed to the year who stepped into the venue. “The red hair, the one who looks good?”

Yan Chen Chen didn’t pay attention to Shen Chi, but he had to admit that Shen Chi was quite attractive in the crowd, even if he had a cold face.

Little Bean, carrying a cartoon school bag, struggled through the tall crowd and found his place to sit down. It was not easy for him to run out of the villa. He wanted to see how badly Shen Chi played and then go abroad with satisfaction.

He didn’t notice that the cheering cards around him were all red and Zhuang Zhou next to him sent Yan Chen Chen a cheering flag.

Yan Chen Chen has never been to an e-sports competition. In a state where everything is fresh, he is confused to accept the small flag printed.

Zhuang Zhou turned around and sighed with Shi Liang, “Shen Chi is a charming man. Even the primary school students are all his fans.”

Yan Chen Chen stared at the flag thinking that he was not his fan. The little bean, who was carrying a cartoon school bag, arrogantly threw the cheering flag on the ground.

Before the start of the game, the audience was seated in an orderly manner. The regular season points rankings were counted on the big screen in the center of the stadium. VF ranked first with 447 points, SWL434 points followed closely, Tianfeng 417 points ranked third, and TTL409 points ranked third. First , and MAR regained strength to occupy fifth place.

The live broadcast room talks about rankings.

“VF Eternal God”

“Is there a third play in TTL?”

“The same question”

Duan Shi, who was sitting in the commentary seat, said euphemistically: “TTL’s performance at this stage has entered a bottleneck and it is difficult to get third.”

The first in the regular season is already quite a good result for the newly established team. He can’t imagine the possibility of taking third place.

”No. ‌It’s okay”

“COV ranking is still struggling to be relegated”

“I really want them to go back to PDL”

The first game started on time. The next day, VF and SWL were very vigorous and scored five points each less than ten minutes after the start. The teams in the central region were almost reduced to SWL’s top scorer and TTL became the only remaining seed. .

“SWL is pretty fierce today.”

Ye Ning heard shots coming from the crop circle.

“VF can’t be avoided in the west.” Xu Cheng collected information on the field, “there is a gap in the southwest, but you have to fight against the toxic circle.”

Shen Chi shot the gun and judged that the SWL in the wheat field was not in full health. He said lightly, “Go ahead.”

The screen showed TTL marching towards the crop circle, and Duan Shi’s tone revealed concern: “Shen Chi is the top player in the league, ‌TTL is not the top team, and it’s probably not a wise choice to make a rash move.”

“Ye Ning was ignored by you”

“Xu Cheng, Lan Heng’s strength is really inadequate”

“It’s perfect to buy Mar’s Wu Rui”

“Does TTL have the money?”

Under the high-intensity competition exercise, TTL cultivated an extraordinary tacit understanding. Ye Ning fired the first shot behind the stone, Xu Cheng and Lan Heng flanked.

In team battles, the personal firepower was meager. The three surviving members of SWL were all trained in the youth training camp. They were extremely sensitive to danger. The dense line of fire was aimed at the weak Lan Heng, and even the speed at which they fired was not bad.

Lan Heng was killed directly, leaving no chance of assistance, but even if he fell to the ground, there would be no chance of assistance in the fight against each other. Any pause would be a sharp edge against him.

“The firepower of Lan Heng’s death flanks is dispersed.” Duan Shi couldn’t hide his pity, “It’s only a matter of time before Xu Cheng was knocked down.”

Just after his voice fell, Xu Cheng was taken as the second head by SWL. TTL fans looked nervously at the big screen, and even Yan Chen Chen couldn’t help but crane his neck to look around.

The host asked Duan Shi: “I just heard you mention the top teams.”

“Yes.” Duan Shi replied, “The excellent PCL teams are not counted. I can also proudly say that the PCL division is a strong division. The only top players are VF and SWL. VF is the only team to win three consecutive championships, and SWL is a young team with strong momentum, so I would say that TTL will struggle against SWL.”

It’s just that as he finished speaking, a gun line came down from the hillside, and the shooting speed was not fast or even slow, and every shot was centered on the head.

This kind of stable and powerful stage is too familiar. He looked at Shen Chi on the bench, and after killing two members of the giant team of the year, he still had no expression, his red hair was dazzling.

Duan Shi is not surprised that fans are calling the name of Late like a wave.

Platinum rank Yan Chen Chen watched Shen Chi’s sniper and stayed blank. He didn’t expect that Shen Chi was not only a professional player, but also a particularly powerful professional player!

Yan Xue Xiao in the office caught a glimpse of this scene on the screen, squinted his dark phoenix eyes, then drew a wolf cub with a gun on a blank piece of paper.


The game passed by one minute and one second. Shen Chi was sitting on a chair wearing a uniform headset. He and Ye Ning sat on SWL’s jeep and moved to the safety circle. Try to get rid of the countdown COV.

“Oh, COV relegation failed”

“Go back to PDL”

“Don’t don’t don’t, we don’t want them too in PDL”

“The money to buy the quota is lost, I just want to say why bother”

“Be confident in yourself”

More than TTL potential, breaking the bamboo, even MAR constantly raising points, Duan Shi was surprised, with the top five scores you chased me, VF finally won the regular season first, SWL stopped second.

It is a pity that the TTL was interfered with by COV two days before the game, and missed the third place in the regular season by one point. The third-to-last COV entered the promotion and relegation match, and the barrage was happy like a Chinese New Year.

“Distressed for money for the quota”

”The wish to go back to PDL”

“Little red hair is awesome.”


At the end of the regular season, Shen Chi rubbed his wrist and stood on the bench. In his eyes, as long as he didn’t win the third or win the third place, there was no qualitative difference.

The regular season is long and intense, and the next playoffs are the highlight. The five-day game will determine the league champion, which means that every day’s game is very important.

He walked towards the audience, and Zhuang Zhou handed in the prepared iced juice. Shi Liang on the side reminded him, “Will those who drink ice drink catch a cold ?”

“will not.”

Shen Chi unscrew the bottle cap to drink juice.

Suddenly, Yan Chen Chen, who was sitting in the auditorium, jumped off the chair and looked up at him blankly, as if he wanted the juice in his hand.

Looking at the little boy’s dry white lips, Zhuang Zhou lovingly took out a bottle from his backpack. “I bought an extra bottle in the supermarket for promotional activities.”

When little Bean was about to take over, he said slowly, “Won’t drink it. It is poisonous.”

“Do you care about children who have not grown up?” Zhuang Zhou said in a low voice, “Be careful that he cries and depends on you.”

Shen Chi is noncommittal, he is not such a generous person.

However, Little Bean, who was wrapped in tears, not only did not cry, but opened the cartoon backpack. He handed out a fancy paper, with a cautious look in his eyes, “Can you give me an autograph?”

[tl: Yan Chen Chen’s nickname is little bean]

Maybe because he was afraid of his refusal, Yan Chen Chen emphasized: “Can you give an autograph for the lovely me?”

Shen Chi indifferently refused: “No.”

After a person walked out of the stadium, Zhuang Zhou asked, “Should we have dinner today?”

“I’m going to my brother’s company.”

“Not getting together is saving money.” Zhuang Zhou wants to ask, “But aren’t you disturbing Boss Yan’s work?”

Shen Chi corrected, “I am going to supervise his work.”

Shen Chi with his supervision work, accompanied by Secretary-General Huang. He walked out of the elevator, and Shen Chi walked into Yan Xue Xiao’s office and made a tour like a model.

He doesn’t like the dark environment, so his eyes stop on the curtains.

Secretary Huang hurriedly asked: “Is there anything wrong?”

“The curtains are too dark.”

Secretary Huang immediately agreed, “I will change it tomorrow.”

When Secretary Huang left, Yan Xue Xiao flipped through the documents in his hand and chuckled: “Come to inspect my work?”

Shen Chi hummed, then he turned to Yan Xue Xiao’s table and naturally sat on the man’s lap, lying in his arms to accompany the boring numbers.

His eyelids kept falling, wondering how his brother could drop the boring numbers.The supervisor kept stealing and kissing Yan Xue Xiao’s chin.

However, he was held in his arms, and Yan Xue Xiao said softly: “I cannot be distracted at work.”

Shen Chi was sitting properly, and suddenly he caught a glimpse of a corner under the piece of paper. The energetic man curiously pulled out the paper, and a little wolf pup with a heavy sniper on his back appeared on the paper, with furry hair. It is portrayed as if it can move.

It turns out that his brother also plays and draws at work. The red-haired Nian seized the opportunity to ask, “This is?”

Yan Xue Xiao said calmly, “Fan contribution.”

As if nothing could be done with him, the next second an overwhelming kiss fell on every inch of his white skin, and the heavy heat rolled over him.

Shen Chi forgot whether the door was locked or not. He only knew that he could not sit down. He took a breath every time he moved down, but Yan Xue Xiao, who was neatly dressed, clasped his waist.

He sat down with difficulty. Suddenly the office door was knocked, he suddenly sat on Yan Xue Xiao, so heavy that his temples jumped and the heat flowed through his body. When he wanted to break free, he was firmly pressed by the man’s slender hand.

TTL’s current captain’s ears were too red, and a thought came to his mind.

——This fan is so bold.

TL: SC don’t tease a man at work.

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