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Primary School Student

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi woke up on time in the morning. He sat down at the table and asked Yan Xue Xiao.

“Brother, are you going to the company today?”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyes and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Shen Chi finished eating the shredded pork with sauce and put on his team uniform. He was suddenly held by a cold hand and Yan Xue Xiao’s voice came above his head.

“Let’s go.”

He had a pounding heart and they sat in the car together to the competition venue. He rubbed his hair on the man’s shoulder.

In the stadium, Duan Shi sat on the bench to open the pre-match commentary. “Today, the Allenger Division has joined the group stage. Allenger has SWL, VF and windy teams. It is not difficult to imagine the intensity of the competition. ”

“play off lineup”

“I just want to know if it is true that they will send COV back to PDL.”

“I want to know, too.”

Duan Shi read the barrage and said, “After the game, players can’t take their words seriously. The regular season is related to the playoffs. For TTL, a stable and high score is the most important thing.”

Next to the debugging headset, the host can hear his head: “Curious about COV tactics.”

“What other tactics are there?Follow TTL and don’t let it go.”

“I don’t want to score because of the heat”

“COV’s ‌ ranking will not be downgraded”

“What a pity”

Maybe because they tasted the sweetness yesterday. In the island map, COV and TTL jumped around the school. After picking up the equipment, they hid in the wild area.

“The COV is playing very cautiously.” Duan Shi paid attention to the screen, “No stay, pick an anti-slope position to observe the TTL.”

“Go, press ‌a sheep ”

“Just don’t give eyes to this kind of team, the more you curse, the more vigorous they are”


After picking up the equipment on the rooftop of the dormitory, Lan Heng asked in a worried tone: “They won’t pay us back, right?”

The mid-stream team at the top of COV is not a strong opponent, so it can’t hold back the snipers around.

Shen Chi asked noncommittally, “What do you think?”

“What will we do?”

Xu Cheng couldn’t help asking.

The red-haired boy squinted his eyes and shot the gun, “Where do you think they will go?”

The team’s voice cannot be heard during the live game. Duan Shi can only see the TTL‌ team heading north‌ and the COV behind the slope starts the vehicle at the same time.

When he was about to look away, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the muzzle passing by the roof of the school building. The gun body showed metallic luster and reflective light.

Duan Shi has no time to think. In the screen, the muzzle is aimed at the moving vehicle and the body frame is clear in the magnifier.

“They will hit the tires?”

“It’s difficult to do alone”

“Little red hair should be okay, right?”

It was not that Shen Chi hadn’t swept the car on the field, but to everyone’s attention, the boy did not aim at the tires, but instead to the COV member who was driving the vehicle. The bullet quickly passed to the other person’s head!

While moving, the vehicle stopped on the spot. The COV hadn’t had time to throw a smoke bomb and then another person was killed by a piercing bullet.

After a while, the COV group is destroyed.

Looking at the killing picture on the screen, the whole audience became quiet even Duan Shi, who had a rich experience in explanation, was stunned. After he recovered, the audience kept chanting Late’s name.

Ah Pei, who was sitting in the auditorium, looked at Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes which showed pride. He suddenly understood why Shen Chi wanted him to watch today’s game.

Sitting on his chair, the teenager wears ‌ earphones and holds the mouse tightly. The ‌ lights ‌ shows the bright red hair making look good in front of Yan Xue Xiao.

“One person destroys the whole team!”

“Too beautiful”

“Late is awesome.”

“They’ve been circled.”

Only five minutes into the game, the COV became the fastest team to be eliminated in the league. This is just the beginning. At the end of the first half, the COV dropped to second from the bottom and the edge of relegation was at stake.

“Oh, it’s time to return to PDL”

“Little red head does what he says”

“Good job”

Originally, Duan Shi didn’t understand why he was trying to kill COV, but he saw that COV no longer dared to provoke TTL, and they seemed to realize it. Instead of being tied up in every game, it is better to fight until COV is defeated.

In the second half, the TTL points jumped to first place. Although this result was not impressive, the average number of kills per game reached an astonishing fifteen.

He doesn’t know if it’s his illusion, the teenager’s state is better than the All-Star Game, just like a peacock on the screen, Duan Shi suppressed the weird thoughts.

一‌‌After the game was over, Shen Chi took a glance at the audience. He took off his headphones and walked towards Yan Xue Xiao. He took the water handed by the man and poured it into his mouth.

Yan Xue Xiao naturally wiped off the water stains on his lips.

The teenager caught a glimpse of the camera. He spoke without confidence, “Pay attention to the media”

Yan Xue Xiao let go of him quietly.

“Who said that cubs is strict in his wife”

“Domineering Captain, Little Wife”

“Knocked up”

Shen Chi breathed a sigh of relief in front of him. His brother gave him a face then he walked out of the stadium and got inside the car, leaving the camera. He couldn’t help rubbing on Yan Xue Xiao.

After a long time, the baffle in the car slowly rolled down. The rear seat formed a closed space and the air was filled with hot temperature.

His fair skin touches the cool baffle. Because of the narrow space, he can only bow his body. Every time the vehicle bumps, his stomach will bulge a little.

Can’t tell whether the car is the reason or not. He was stuck in a deep position and reached the baffle plate. His back was hooked into a beautiful curve. He didn’t dare to move forward and whenever the car suddenly stopped, he could only take a deep breath.

Kissing off his skin, he caters it till the range of the travel. For fear of being discovered, he can only suppress his voice. When he got out of the car, he could hardly stand.


Huating is surrounded by school areas. It was the time when elementary school was over in the afternoon. A boy in a small suit was sitting on a bench on the road and playing with a mobile phone. He had thin eyelashes and a low nose.

“‌ Isn’t it Yan Chen Chen?”

Ah Pei recognized the child.

“Who is Yan Chen Chen?”

Shen Chi asked doubtfully.

Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes constricted, “My uncle’s son.”

Because the little boy didn’t answer any questions, Ah Pei had to take Yan Chen Chen back to Huating.

But they hadn’t been back for a long time when they heard a knock. Shen Chi saw a well-dressed woman appear with a plum blossom scent.

Mrs. Yan walked up to Yan Xue Xiao, her slender eyebrows tucked deep and there was no smile on her face.

Shen Chi subconsciously blocked Yan Xue Xiao in front of him, but was gently pulled back by Yan Xue Xiao and his cold voice came, “Don’t talk to the child.”

Madam Yan suppressed her anger and walked towards the study room.

The young man followed Yan Xue Xiao curiously, but he had just walked to the study and he was shut down, only to realize that he was also a child in this category.

In the study room, Mrs. Yan’s lips trembled, “Why is Chen Chen here? You better give me a suitable excuse.”

“I saw him ​​on the road.”

Mrs. Yan questioned, ” ChenChen grew up without his mother. How could he run out of school by himself if he is so behaved? Don’t hide from me. If I didn’t watch the surveillance today, would Chen Chen disappear? He has a lot of shares in the group.”

Yan Xue Xiao couldn’t hear her emotions and asked, “What do you think I will do to him?”

Shen Chi rubbed his waist, walked to the sofa and sat down. He poured himself a glass of iced juice.

Playing games in a chair, Yan Chen Chen quietly aimed at the juice.

Shen Chi thought about it and wanted to pour another cup for Yan Chen Chen.

Who knows that Yan Chen Chen wanted to drink but refused to touch it, the drinking glass was overturned on the ground. Yan Chen Chen made a sharp voice, “I won’t drink it!”

He looked down on the bear child, Shen Chi asked coldly, “Why?”

Looking at Shen Chi’s indifferent face, Yan Chen Chen said in fear, “These things are poisonous and cannot be touched.”

“Who told you ‌?”

Yan Chen Chen glanced at the study room and whispered, “Auntie.”

The aunt told him that he could not see Yan Xuexiao, otherwise he would be sold to the mountains, or something more terrible would happen. He always listened to what the aunt said.

Shen Chi paused in his study. It seems that his brother’s relationship with his family is worse than he imagined. He doesn’t know what kind of mother would instill such an idea in his nephew. His brother is obviously the best person in the world .

He looked at Yan Chen Chen‌’s mobile phone. The screen was the mobile version of PUBG. Compared with the computer-side operation, he turned his head and asked “Do you want to play?”

Yan Chen Chen seemed to be annoyed by his words. He couldn’t say a word and pinched his small fist to emphasize: “I am platinum.”

“And you?”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows: “I am a professional player.”

TL: It’s understandable why Mrs. Yan hates YXX. YXX also tried to kill his mother because he thought she was involved with her father’s death. Now, everything is messed up.

EN: Rich family lives are so complicated. I can never relate.

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