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Lunar New Year's eve

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Hearing this sentence, Shen Chi shivered slightly, and spread out his body subconsciously. The temperature on his skin was as hot as ivory milk, and the squeezing exuded a sweet breath.

Ink tattoos were attached to his smooth back, his knuckles pressed on the glass turned white. The fierce wolf dog on the field turned into a sobbing little milk dog.

There is a haze from the french windows, tracing the shape with strokes like red and blue, narrowing his deep-set waist.

Shen Chi was hugged on the bed and fell asleep. While sleeping, he grabbed Yan Xue Xiao by the collar, as if he was holding his belongings.

Yan Xue Xiao let the little wolf dog hold on to his clothes and print a kiss on the mole on his collarbone: “Good night.”

The eyelashes on the boy’s eyelids trembled. He had a good dream. He dragged the young man in a white shirt to his cave and gave him a lot of dried fish as a gift.


In the morning, Ji Shu was sweating profusely when he woke up from his dream. In his dream, he was imprisoned in an unfamiliar detention center, wearing a white pinstriped prison uniform.

He felt that his ‌life was over, and his chest was so tight that he couldn’t breathe. The friends around him cut off contact intentionally or unintentionally. He didn’t know who he could call for help. He just came to the new rented house.

Although it is a newly rented house, it is not much better than the rented basement. There is no daylight, and the ceiling has a skylight.

But the upper part of the wall was scorched black by the smoke of oil, revealing the smell of smoke from the ditch, Ji Shu mumbled through his lips: “I…”

Mrs. Shen tidied up the room and said impatiently, “You’re just standing here and don’t you have work? ”

Ji Shu stopped talking, clutching his hands and staying silent for a long time.

Mrs. Shen gave him a blank look: “All day long, I feel so bitter as if I owe you. Shen Chi won’t be like you. I don’t know whether the child has added clothes or not when it’s cold. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to knit sweaters, if only his grandma is still there, she can knit better than the one sold in the mall.”

Ji Shu suddenly felt ridiculous when he listened to Mrs. Shen’s chattering.

In the past, Mrs. Shen did not listen to Grandma Shen and disliked Shen Chi’s temperament and poor grades, but now it looks like Shen Chi is so good, and one can hear the regret ingrave in her bones.

He turned and left the small rental house, bit his lip and dialed Dad Ji’s phone. After a while, Dad Ji’s concerned voice came, “Xiao Shu, did something happen?”

Ji Shu seems to be back in the days of the border town, his eyes were hot, and he choked up and asked: “How are you and mother?”

Dad Ji’s words still contain a lot of concern, and now he wakes up only to treat him like Dad Ji and Mother Ji.

“We are pretty good.” Dad Ji replied heartily, “You study hard at school, and come as a guest during winter vacation.”

Ji Shu listened to the words “guest” like the cold water poured down from the ice cave. From the beginning, he knows that he missed what was really good to him. Dad Ji didn’t complain, but he clearly blamed him.

He leaned slumped against the wall, unable to think of going to class, and dragged at an unusually slow pace ‌to Yan University

Today is the day when Shen Chi is in class. He didn’t expect Shen Chi to be generous. He just wanted to stand in front of Shen Chi and fight for once. No matter what the result, he would accept his fate.

Ji Shu‌‌ at the door of the classroom, caught a glimpse of Shen Chi’s cold face, and finally the courage that he had risen disappeared. He almost fled, who knew he was stopped after a few steps.

“Are you looking for me?”

Ji Shu feels that he is low, his voice is shaky. “Please don’t sue me.”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows and asked: “Are you scared this time?”

Ji Shu clenched his hands tightly. He was so afraid that he couldn’t sleep peacefully.Every time he woke up, he suspected that the police were knocking at the door. He lowered his head and said, “I’m sorry.”

He thought that Shen Chi was cold, but the young man raised his eyelids and said, “I didn’t plan to sue you.”

Ji Shu suddenly widened his eyes. He never thought that Shen Chi would let him go. His heart thumped and asked: “Don’t you… hate me?”

He admitted that he was jealous of Shen Chi, who was in Shen’s house. His parents pampered him and when he left Shen’s house,he was protected by Yan Xue Xiao. You can imagine that his life will be smooth.

This kind of self looks disgusting from the outside, like living in a dark ditch in the city, but what he heard was a sentence: “In fact, I envied you.”

The red-haired boy took off his earphones and said,”I’m not used to anything in the border town. They are laughing when they talk about you, but they don’t when they talk about me.”

Ji Shu’s clenched fist suddenly let go. It turned out that Shen Chi had also envied him. Shen Chi hadn’t had much parental care, but he grew up under the care of the Ji family. He always looks at what he didn’t have instead of what he had.

He asked doubtfully, “Didn’t you call before?”

Shen Chi did not leave: “I just scared you.”

He knows how difficult it is to go to university from the border town. He never thought of ruining Ji Shu’s future, but he had to let Ji Shu remember the lesson.

Ji Shu was stunned when he heard Shen Chi’s magnanimous answer. He suddenly understood why everyone liked Shen Chi and even Yan Xue Xiao regarded him as a treasure.

There was a rare sincerity in the boy’s body. The clean boyish spirit was not obliterated by the world, and his spreading jealousy suddenly stopped growing.


On New Year’s Eve, there was a rare heavy snow in the border town, and the railway was filled with thick snow. Shen Chi stayed in Yancheng for the Spring Festival. He posted a red blessing outside the door to report: “Brother, I want to go to the base for the New Year today.”

“Do you want to go home today?”

Without waiting for Yan Xue Xiao’s answer, Shen Chi piled the prepared New Year goods on the coffee table: “Do you want to bring the things I bought?”

Looking at the young amber eyes, Yan Xue Xiao, who was sitting on the sofa and reading, did not deny after all: “Come here.”

Yan Xue Xiao‌, tied a thick light-colored scarf by his slender hands, covering Shen Chi’s exposed neck.

“Go ahead.”

Yan Xue Xiao stamped a cold kiss on his forehead.

The furry-dressed Shen Chi headed to the TTL base, where a deep layer of snow accumulated on the ground, he then wrapped the scarf around his neck tightly.

Because of the heavy snowfall, his friends from the border town were reluctant to buy a ticket and never left. In addition, Han Duqiu stayed alone at the base, and he asked everyone to come to the base to celebrate the New Year.

As soon as he opened the door, he heard a loud voice from Zhuang Zhou:”It’s all your fault that the high sales promotion salary pulled us into sales promotion, and the railway didn’t stop running one day earlier.”

Shi Liang apologized weakly: “I’m sorry.”

Shen Chi was not interested in joining the topic, and asked Xiao zui, who was making dumpling skins: “You won’t go back to the border town?”

Xiao Zui shyly shook his head.

Yan Shen’s greatest strength lies on the chopping board. Han Duqiu sits in a wheelchair and mixes stuffing. There is a strong festive atmosphere floating in the kitchen.

Zhuang Zhou looked at Shen Chi, who was learning to make dumplings from Xiao Zui. The boy lowered his eyes and was very serious. He doesn’t know if it was his illusion. The hostility that the boy saw at first turned into warmth.

“Your brother is really from the border town?”

Zhuang Zhou asked Shi Liang while cooking hot pot.

“He seems to be working somewhere.” Shi Liang answered honestly.

“Just come here.” Zhuang Zhou sighed, “Otherwise, I always suspect that he has committed a crime. He sends a lot of money every month, but he doesn’t even say a word.”

Zhuang Zhou said that he had committed crimes and glanced at Yan Shen who was going to a sports school. Yan Shen’s cold and stern eyes swept away and immediately focused on boiling the water: “Why did Mr. Yan not come?”

He was lucky to have been admitted to a university in Yancheng, but after learning about Yan’s family background, he suddenly felt that he had humiliated Yan.

[TL: He felt humiliated asking YXX to teach him before]

“He has no topics in common with you.”

Shen Chi raised his eyes.

Zhuang Zhou choked when he heard the words. It was his illusion that he had a gentle personality. Shen Chi has been like this since he was in high school, but he got used to it early and put Shen Chi’s favorite beef balls in a copper pot.

He carried the copper pot and put it on the coffee table in the living room. After making the dumplings, the crowd sat in front of the TV watching the Spring Festival Gala and eating hot pot. In winter, there was warm smoke and fire.

Shi Liang, wearing an apron, asked: “Everyone, what are your New year’s wishes?”

“Open painting exhibition.”

“Expand security business.”

“A prosthetic limb.”

Xiao Zui also wrote on white paper with a pen: “Buy a shop ‌.”

Only ‌ Shen Chi did not speak while eating the dumplings, Zhuang Zhou held the bowl and hit him with his arm: “You don’t want TTL to win the championship?”

“Surely, what can be achieved is not a wish?” The boy asked.

“Then what is your wish?”

Shen Chi did not speak, and took Xiao Zui’s pen to write New Year’s wishes on the red cardboard. He folded it into a trophy and put it in his pocket. He didn’t let anyone see it.

The New Year’s bell rang, Han Duqiu took a group photo in the living room, and Shen Chi posted the photo on Weibo and commented immediately.

[Late Mom] Happy New Year’s Eve for Cats and Cubs!

【The world’s first cub】The new year is safe and sound

【Part-time job‌】The lady in the white skirt is so beautiful

[TTL supernumerary member] Where is my daughter-in-law

While Lin Sinian sat on the dining table, he saw the photo on Weibo with his eyes wide open. In this photo, he was impressed in his dreams, namely, Shi Ran’s younger brother who died early, Zhuang Zhou, a painter who was down and out all his life, and the murderer who shocked the whole country.

In the dream, Zhuang Zhou lived in the street, but only painted a picture in his life, so he became famous. The picture is a girl in a white dress in the photo. He heard that the model was a prostitute who died in a border town.

Nowadays, the children in the border town seem to be living well. They are happily eating hot pot at the base. Although Lin Sinian doesn’t know where the deviation has occurred, he is very grateful.


Shen Chi finished eating hot pot early in the morning. He packed the dumplings he set aside in the heat preservation box and left for Huating. Perhaps because the dumplings are something he made by himself, he felt it was better than the ones sold outside.

He came out of the elevator and bumped into Ah Pei in the living room. He generously gave Ah Pei half: “When did you come here?”

Ah Pei happily took the dumplings: “I came here without eating.”

He didn’t have to look at the study. To be precise, they didn’t even have a door. Mrs. Yan threw the gift prepared by the boy on the snowy ground like a ghost.

Shen Chi carried the insulation box‌‌In the deserted study room, Yan Xue Xiao stopped to wipe the gifts and asked:”Did you have a good time?”

The young man nodded, and sat in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms and said, “I heard Ah Pei say that you came without eating a meal.”

Yan Xue Xiao replied softly: “My mother doesn’t want to see me.”

Shen Chi asked: “Doesn’t she like you?”

Yan Xue Xiao just reached out his hand and touched the young boy’s red hair, hiding his gloom without any trace.

Shen Chi didn’t know how to comfort him. He rubbed his head in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms and said in a very low voice, “I like you.”

The next second, a cold kiss covered his lips. He gently opened his lips and tongue to grab it, and he was so dizzy that he suddenly remembered: “I brought you dumplings.”

“I’m going to heat it up.”

He got up to the door, not noticing that the folded cardboard fell from his pocket to the ground, and settled on the ground quietly.

Yan Xue Xiao picked up the stack of paper on the ground, and gently opened the paper ‌, and the handwriting of the young man caught his eye.

——The New Year’s wish is to marry my brother.


TL: Originally it states new year resolution but I don’t think it is the right word so I change it to wish. Happy Reading Everyone!!

EN: What a wish yayyyyyyy ><

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