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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

After getting off the subway Ji Shu went to the hospital, he paid attention to the topic, and suddenly an evening news appeared under the topic.

He has no interest in economic news. When he was about to close the video, he saw a familiar content. The reporter raised his microphone and asked: “Who is Shen Chi? The relationship is being discussed online.”

The man was in a dark gray suit, with gold-rimmed glasses on his straight nose, and his voice was cold, “My lover.”

Ji Shu’s brain buzzed, cold sweat oozed from his hands and feet. This time it was not only Shen Chi but also Yan Xue Xiao who he offended. Fortunately, he posted on his Weibo account, and no one should find out his identity.

The comments below quickly broke 10,000.


【Humpback Whale】The house is back

[Blue jellyfish] My daughter-in-law turned out to be the big brother.

【Swordfish】The office I saw turned out to be the Yan office


Ah Pei followed Yan Xue Xiao and entered the door. The red-haired boy wrapped in a cream-white scarf, hugged the red New Year goods and sat on the sofa. He had all the things for the holidays.

[TL: Last chapter I’m wondering why he has gifts when it is said to be Shi Liang’s birthday and it turns out they give gifts for the new year.]

Waiting for Yan Xue Xiao to make coffee in the pantry, he couldn’t help but be aggrieved: “Why would anyone say that I was raised?”

It is his brother who is obviously being kept.

The cub, who is usually not online, boarded Weibo. He didn’t take it seriously, so he posted a Weibo under Ah Pei’s encouragement.

【Late】The salary card is handed in.

Fans all appeared.

[Late Mom] The cub was wronged

[Asian Gun God Cub] Touching the cub who has worked hard to support his family

[What kind of wickedness can you have?] Who is so unscrupulous to spread the rumors? It’s obviously that my cub is raising a daughter-in-law

Yan Xue Xiao went out of the pantry and raised his eyes and glanced at Ah Pei beside the teenager. “Did you find it?”

Without waiting for Ah Pei to speak, Shen Chi raised his head and said, “I know who it is, and I want to deal with it myself.”

Yan Xue Xiao hummed softly.


In the lobby of the hospital, Mrs. Shen took a mop and mopped the floor tiles to help take care of Father Shen who was hospitalized for a long time. She took care of the cleaning work in the hospital.

She never thought that she would do cleaning. Bending over and mopping the floor is not hard, the most difficult is washing the mopping handle ‌. The temperature is low, the water is cold and it pierces the bone.

The two hands are as red as swollen radishes, the well-maintained hands are filled with wrinkles of suffering. Her waist is too sore to straighten up, and her past life seems like a dream.

When Mrs. Shen was cleaning the last tile, she suddenly heard the voice of her former assistant: “Mrs. Shen?”

Madam Shen froze and turned around.

“I heard that you work as a cleaner in the hospital? I wouldn’t believe it if I did not see it with my own eyes.” The assistant said in surprise, “You didn’t even touch cold water before.”

Mrs Shen caressed the hair hanging from her ear: “It is also leisure to take care of patients in the hospital.”

“That’s it.”

The assistant glanced meaningfully at the hands covered with frostbite, showing his MK handbag without any trace.

After the assistant left, Mrs Shen’s inner humiliation poured out from her body layer upon layer, and the mop on the floor tile was extremely stinging, just like stabbing in her heart.

It’s not that she hasn’t applied for another job, but she has a blank work experience, and the front desk is more willing to hire young girls. In addition, she has to take care of father Shen before cleaning.

Mrs. Shen prides herself on being a strong person, but thinking of her experience over the past six months, she couldn’t help but feel sore in her eyes. She forbeared her tears and entered Father Shen’s ward: “I met my assistant at the hospital door today, and she got a MK. She laughed at me, “low level people really like to pretend to be rich.”

There is more than one patient beside Father Shen in the general ward. The family by the window looked over curiously, and Father Shen persuaded her in a low voice: “Aren’t we a low-level person now?”

When Mrs. Shen choked, the anger she couldn’t vent turned into a complaint: “If only I hadn’t recognized Ji Shu, I would still live in the villa. I always felt that his life was bad, and the Shen family’s downfall was all his fault.”

Shen Father looked at his leg, “Yes.”

He didn’t believe in fate, but he had to believe . He couldn’t help thinking that it would be good if he could go back to the past having Shen Chi as their son, but unfortunately there was no if.

Ji Shu suppressed the anxiety in his heart, went outside the door of Father Shen’s ward, he happened to hear the conversation. He still had the money he earned, and the wind blew on his face like a blade.

He finally realized that his biological parents didn’t love him at all. They could abandon Shen Chi because Shen Chi was not good enough, and also because he didn’t meet his expectations. Only Dad Ji and Mother Ji are willing to love him.

Ji Shu suddenly wanted to eat the bacon made by father Ji. He grabbed the money and went outside the hospital, and suddenly received an unfamiliar phone call: “Do you know how many years you will be sentenced for defamation?”

He heard Shen Chi’s voice and his eyes widened.

“According to the Criminal Law, the use of network information to slander others and repost more than 500 times is a serious crime and requires criminal responsibility.”

Hearing the last sentence, Ji Shu’s body was shaky. He didn’t dare to imagine what would happen to him in jail. If he could not find a good job after graduating from the University of Political Science and Law, his life would be ruined.

He said in panic: “I just posted a Weibo.”

Others didn’t do anything and didn’t hurt Shen Chi, did they? His hand holding the mobile phone was sweating.

“You studying in the University of Political Science and Law is for nothing.”

Before Ji Shu could answer the call, the phone was hung up, his eyes were ashamed, and there was only one thought in his mind.

It’s over.


The next day, Shen Chi went upstairs to the base, Manager Chen followed up in the training room and said: “The well-known keyboard manufacturer wants to find an endorsement.”

Endorsements came in after the All-Star Game, and Manager Chen specially emphasized the well-known two words: “Six-figure endorsement fee.”

Shen Chi‌ gave an expressionless answer: “I won’t accept endorsements.”

He pulled his chair and boarded the live broadcast. If he accepted the endorsement, he is afraid that his brother would be able to buy a house full of keyboards. After thinking about it, he wanted to add, “I won’t participate in the vote.”

Xu Cheng can’t say no to big money ‌, he can only look with admiration in his eyes. The ease of retracting in the All-Star Game makes it easy for people to ignore the efforts behind the scenes.

Working hard is perhaps the least worth mentioning thing for Shen Chi, because it has become a habit. He has never seen a teenager entertained like his peers, and the number of people surfing the Internet is pitiful.

[TL: Xu Cheng meant other teenagers are addicted to the internet while SC is not]

Shen Chi is a top player in the league, but TTL is not a top team. Xu Cheng is unwilling to be a drag on the league, sitting in a chair and practicing more attentively than usual.

TTL members practice quietly, and sigh in the live broadcast room.

“Are you so focused on the game?”

“Don’t you want to ask my daughter-in-law?”

“I said I want to ask”

“How did you meet each other!”

“I also want to know!”

“Mom will give Cub dried fish”

Looking at the screen full of barrage asked: “Do you want to know how we get together?”


“I want to hear the details!”

“The small bench moved here”

“Han Duqiu’s ears have turned”

“Hey, I know he wants to hear”

Shen Chi adjusted the headphone cable. His brother should be at work at this time. He boldly said, “I met him on the Internet. He is the first viewer in my live broadcast room. Because I play games well every time he watches me. ”

“Is that so?”

“Daughter-in-law likes games, it’s good”

“Cub show his technique”


“I also want to learn ‌ games, can you give me a daughter-in-law?”

On the other side of the screen, Yan Xue Xiao in the office room quietly listened to the boy’s words, his pale lips curled in an imperceptible arc.

He has never been interested in games. He only watches live broadcasts and browses topics that he won’t touch because of Shen Chi.

Just because the little wolf puppy was poor, he occasionally reached out and touched his furry head. Later, he wanted to circle around to take care of him.



Shen Chi trained at the base late into the night, and the pace of the spring competition approached quietly. The team with the countdown to the season was in danger of being downgraded, while the champion could get tickets for Berlin Station and have the opportunity to appear in the PGC World Championships.

There is no player who does not want to win tickets to the World Tournament, and Shen Chi is no exception. The blood is flowing with the thirst for the championship, and the trophy with excitement.

The time of each game is not long, and the time spent behind it is calculated in months. Every accurate gun pressing requires thousands of practices, and every famous sniper requires thousands of failures.

The pointer on the wall ‌ slowly ‌‌points at twelve o’clock, Shen Chi closed the game and prepared to leave the live broadcast. Today’s barrage is particularly reluctant.

“Cub is going to get off work”

“I haven’t talked to my daughter-in-law yet.”

“I want to know if my daughter-in-law is beautiful.”

Seeing the last sentence, Shen Chi turned off his computer and returned to his home. Shen Chi started the live broadcast using his phone. He entered the room with his ‌mobile phone.

Yan Xue Xiao was sitting at the table approving documents, just like the characters coming out of the ink painting. The eyebrow is as dark and bright as Hui, and a bit of a cold starry appearance is inviting.

“My daughter-in-law is beautiful”

“I can do this face!”

“Don’t give it to me cub cub”

“No wonder the boy is willing to hand in his salary card”

Suddenly, the teenager was unwilling to broadcast live, as if something he treasured had been seen. He turned off the live broadcast and said in a muffled voice, “They praised your beauty.”

” I want to shoot myself.”

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the young man, guessing Shen Chi’s mind completely: “The possessiveness is quite strong.”

Shen Chi wanted to refute but couldn’t refute anything. In high school, his wish was to buy a big house to raise his brother, even though his brother brought the big house now.

Suddenly a cold hand was wrapped around his waist, he was pressed against the French window and kissed. His forehead drooped with wet hair and his whole body clinging to the transparent glass.

He doesn’t know if it is his illusion, the firm glass is like being hit by a blunt blade, and it starts to shake lightly or heavily.

Yan Xue Xiao arrived behind him, his cold voice was particularly deceptive: “I am the same.”

TL: YXX Meant he is also possessive or something.

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