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Earn Milk Money

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi noticed the soaring number of votes, and had a bad feeling in his heart. He went home at night to open the storage room in the attic.

There were boxes of Wang Wang milk in the storage room, and he silently closed the door and went to the study to knock on the side:”Today, I heard people say what promotion means for merchants, and it is very easy to produce irrational consumption if they cheat fans of money.”

He emphasized the last word, Yan Xue Xiao put down the data in his hand, turned around and asked, “What do you want to say?”

He swallowed his complaint on his brother’s profligacy, but the burden on his shoulders was suddenly heavy. This time he had to win the championship.


The highly anticipated All-Star Game started on the weekend afternoon, hosting a pop-up advertisement: “Thank you to the high-end milk brand Wang Wang Milk for your support of the All-Star Invitational. Participating in the championship prediction at the top of the screen has a chance to win the Wang Wang gift package.”

“High-end milk brand?”

“I heard that the executives are starting to drink and bark”


As the Spring Festival approaches, Wangwang Gift Package is particularly popular, and millions of viewers click on the screen to participate in the champion prediction.

The contestants are mostly strong team players. The results of TTL last time were cold, and no one was optimistic about Shen Chi’s performance.

“The team’s performance is not top-notch”

“I bet on Zhou Ting Chuan, he have trained in the international competition, the emperor penguin finalist is too amazing”

“The person who won the championship before being shortlisted”

The red-haired teenager went to the competition seat alone, and the organizer invited countless little stars to attend the opening ceremony. However, the teenager’s facial features were far better than those of the stars.

The host handed out a mic and asked, “Are you nervous about participating in the All-Star Game for the first time?”

Thinking slowly ‌.

“Little red hair is actually nervous”

“Not easy”

“All the people here today are seniors, people who are just from the alliance will definitely be nervous”

“Don’t be nervous.” The host comforted, “This competition is also an opportunity to learn from the predecessors. Is it convenient to know your goal for the competition?”

The boy replied blankly, “Champion.”

“Who said he was a person”

” Shouldn’t people be humble?”

“Too crazy”

The host was silent after listening. He presided over the All-Star game year after year. He hadn’t met the devil who won the championship before being shortlisted. If you are not respectful, please don’t ask advice from seniors.

The silent young man in front of him did not hold the attitude of observing and studying, but he seemed to have come to smash the scene. The host insisted and said: “It is a good thing for young people to be confident.”

Shen Chi didn’t know the host’s thoughts. He only had one thought while wearing his headphones. He must take the one million that his brother had squandered.

Because there are only twenty players participating in the game, the map does not choose the regular game map, the one is a small 1X1 map.

“The small map is not friendly to the sniper”

“What should I charge for?”

“Little Red Hair is cool”

“This week, Tingchuan will also be choking.”
Brown Bay is a modern dense forest surrounded by buildings. The reconnaissance helicopters of the Legion will keep track of players outside the room area, and avoid the attack of armored vehicles. There is no safe haven to attack players, which means that staying in the wild is risky.

So the professional players jumped off in the housing area. The small picture lacks ordinary materials. The high-level materials are kept in the material room by the regiment guard. The young man raised his eyebrows and jumped down in the material room.

“Just after landing?”

“This picture is a fight, and the finals are all Level 3 (Level 3 A). The income from the material room is high.”

“Zhou Tingchuan also jumped”

Shen Chi and Zhou Tingchuan opened their parachutes above the roof at the same time. Shen Chi picked up a sprayer without hesitation, and Zhou Tingchuan also picked up the sprayer.

The first conflict broke out just around the corner, and the audience didn’t care about the confrontation between the team members and the star players.

Only Duan Shi in the commentary stand held his breath. Few people know that it is not the first time the two played against each other. He explained the emperor penguin singles cup in the past year and is still impressed by Shen Chi’s victory over Zhou Tingchuan.

At that time, Shen Chi was a more talented player than Zhou Tingchuan, but it was a pity that he bid farewell to the game because of tenosynovitis. He was the same as the meteor that briefly passed by.

Duan Shi looked at the same spray on both hands and said, “It’s a pity that two players are good at sniping.”

“No one is good at everything”

“Zhou Tingchuan’s marksmanship is at the top level”

When the barrage was analyzing , a surprising situation appeared. The teenager’s shooting broke Zhou Tingchuan’s helmet, and then Zhou Tingchuan was taken away with one shot.

Because the speed was so fast, Duan Shi sitting in the commentary was so shocked that he forgot to say anything. After the dust settled, he added a commentary: “Zhou Tingchuan’s reaction is slow today.”

“Not in the state today”

“The first man is normal”

“Unfortunately, he fell into a box”

[tl:When the player dies in PUBG they turn into box then players can loot their equipments]

“Little Red Hair can blow it up”

However, after the first round of the game went well, Shen Chi’s points continued to rise, and the highest round scored a terrifying 20 points. Duan Shi suddenly realized that it was not Zhou Tingchuan’s slow reaction, but Shen Chi’s reaction that was too fast. .

He looked at the screen. Even in the face of Qin Baiwen, who was good in close combat, the boy shot faster than Qin Baiwen. He shot through Qin Baiwen steadily!

Melee combat is the best test of reaction ability. In other words he is talented. He used to think that Shen Chi was only good at long range and now finds that even his close combat skills are at the top level.

If you say that the young people of the past are gems that have not been polished, the lingering brilliance of the present is not covered by the precipitation. Every cut surface of the gem reflects a dazzling light.

When the boy won the championship, the barrage was silent. Zhou Tingchuan left the venue without a word, and Qin Baiwen cast a solemn gaze.

“Little Red is getting awake today?”

“Ride your face completely on the giants”

“I won the championship for the first time I was shortlisted”

“Break the league record”

A deep horror emerged in Duan Shi’s heart. Some people counted the KD value of professional players. Although TTL’s results were not top-notch, Shen Chi ranked first, indicating that his strength was far underestimated.

It’s a pity that the wind on the forum can’t help but turn too overwhelming. Everyone knows that the career of professional players is short. At the end of the autumn transfer period, Shen Chi can only indulge in TTL. On the contrary, Zhou Tingchuan, who has a wealthy background, is more likely to win the championship.

The young man who supported his family heaved a sigh of relief. The prize money of the competition totaled 1.2 million. In addition to the one million used to buy milk, he also made 200,000.

His amber eyes bent lightly, he bought large and small bags of things. He sat on the sofa holding the trophy while waiting for Yan Xue Xiao to get off work.


Ji Shu hurriedly walked out of the closed fast food restaurant. Father Shen was paralyzed in bed. He had to work part-time to earn money. He deliberately chose a place far away from the school.

He stood at the checkout counter for a day with a sore waist, and his body aches when he sits on the subway. He opened Weibo and caught a glimpse of Shen Chi’s title of winning the title on the hot search.

Ji Shu subconsciously clicked on the video. The red-haired teenager was standing on the podium with beautiful eyes full of energy. He was obviously born in the same delivery room, and he could only be squeezed in a narrow dormitory, wrapped in pungent smoke.

He unwillingly squeezed the oil-stained mobile phone and sent a long-preserved photo under the title ‌.

——Don’t you know that he was kept by Yan Xue Xiao?

Ji Shu heard Mrs. Shen talk about the power of the Yan family, how could a person like that really take Shen Chi in his heart. He would not recognize Shen Chi’s identity and just play with it.

The young man in the picture was kissed by a man in a dark suit on an expensive car, and he could see the appearance of hectic delay, which quickly aroused heated discussion in the heat of the All-Star Game.

[A cup of green milk] Kept? !

[Yang Zhi Ganlu] My house collapsed

[Bing Ningle] I just became a fan today, I can’t tell that he will be taken care of by others, so why don’t you cherish feathers?

Some fans came out to explain that it was a boyfriend, and some insiders revealed that it was a brother. Not only did no one believe it, but the question got worse.

Looking at the fierce discussion on Weibo, Ji Shu behind the screen is faintly happy, thinking about it, Shen Chi feels pitiful.


Ah Pei stood by the wooden desk and asked tentatively: “Mrs. Yan has gone abroad. Would you like to see her?”

Yan Xuexiao did not say anything‌.

Ah Pei didn’t dare to mention it again. He was afraid that Madam Yan would not see him. He heard that Madam Yan threw away all of Yan Xue Xao’s things because she was afraid of it. She didn’t know whether it was out of hatred or fear.

He accompanied Yan Xue Xiao to the economic meeting in the evening. After attending the meeting, Yan Xue Xiao walked out the door, and the reporter asked nervously, “Can I interview you for a question?”

The dazzling man looked at her with coldness.

The reporter’s heart was pounding: “Who is Shen Chi? The Internet is talking about your relationship.”

The air was suddenly quiet.

She regretted asking this question. Because it didn’t matter if she heard it, Yan Xue Xiao lowered his dark eyes and said seriously, “My lover.”


TL: Ji Shu you’re still trying to hurt Shen Chi wtf.

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    Omg he really said it to everyone now! What a cliffhanger. I wonder how everyone will react and if this will lead to our little cub finally finding out his man is actually a lot more powerful and rich. Thank you for translating!

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