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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

The coldness born out of thin air disappeared. Realizing the long gaze, he turned away and asked, “What are you thinking?”

Today’s Yan Xue Xiao was extremely silent, and the next second, Shen Chi was tightly imprisoned in his arms, like a silent response.

The strong emotions overturned, his hair rubbed against the cold clothes, his brother is the best man in the world.


Mrs Yan woke up from the hospital bed a few days later and returned to Yan Mansion accompanied by her assistant.

After catching a glimpse of the yellow plum blossoms in the bottle in the living room, she asked, “Didn’t Luo Shu come?”

Luo Shu will give her a fresh plum every day. She was discharged from the hospital today and did not see the shadow of Luo Shu.

The assistant hesitated and said: “Mr. Luo…‌‌.”


Mrs. Yan turned her head in disbelief. The Luo Shu in her impression was weak. She would always watch them skiing next to her. When she pulled up Luo Shu, Luo Shu would always hold the mirror and say no.

She couldn’t hide her gratitude from Luo Shu. When Yan Zhao passed away, she cried so much that she couldn’t lift her body at the funeral. It was Luo Shu who handed her the handkerchief embroidered with plum blossoms.

Both Yan Ji and Yan Xue Xiao quickly accepted Yan Zhao’s death. Only the desire for power can be seen. Only Luo Shu is willing to listen to her .

Luo Shu took care of the Yan family. During Zheng An’s great power, he never gave in. What he gained was Yan Xue Xiao’s suspicion. Instead, Luo Shu said he was sorry.

If Luo Shu was not there, and no one would stand beside her.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Yan suddenly realized that she was cold all over in the sun. How could there be such a coincidence in the world? Luo Shu’s death is probably not an accident, and even the car accident is not an accident.

She recalled that a slender hand was placed on the breathing tube, then she left the Yan Mansion in fear without packing.

Lin Sinian was sitting at the dining table, listening to his mother’s conversation: “I didn’t expect Luo Shu to be burned at home.”

He raised his head fiercely, but it was still different from the dream. Yan Xue Xiao’s hands were covered with blood in the dream. Luo Shu was not stable at home, but he took a piece of Luo Shu’s meat in front of Mrs. Yan. Mrs. Yan was so afraid she fled abroad.

He still remembers that Yan Xue Xiao looked over without any warmth. Lin’s family stood in the wrong team. It was his next turn. Even if the dream was cut off, he still remembered the chilling pair of eyes.

It is difficult to determine if it is the original happenings. Now Yan Xue Xiao’s wrist is too gentle and not bloody.

He won’t get blood on himself.


‌ After performing firefighting inspections for the base, Shen Chi ‌ went out in the wind and snow, but it was extremely difficult to get up.

When he heard Yan Xue Xiao calling his name, he turned around and continued to sleep. He was faintly coaxed to put on his clothes, and put his head in the quilt after putting on his clothes, like a quail cub piercing into the nest.

A well-knotted hand gently pulled him out of the quilt, and held him to drink the juice. After he was fed the juice, his eyes were still closed: “I want to sleep more.”

“It’s not impossible to sleep more.” Yan Xue Xiao calmly put down the cup, “As long as you promise not to stay up late.”

Shen Chi heard the last sentence open ‌‌, the training time per day was ten hours, and because of the lack of time had to stay up late to make up for it.

Yan Xue Xiao is a strict parent with strict schedules. He couldn’t help but say, “You also stay up late to watch the pieces.”

He thought that Yan Xue Xiao would dismiss it, but Yan Xue Xiao seriously replied: “I will try not to.”

Shen Chi could only get out of bed to wash. After Yan Xue Xiao went out, he sat on the computer ‌‌ to broadcast live, with the red hair on his head cocked in disobedience.

Suddenly ‌ the mobile phone placed next to the computer turned on, and he caught a glimpse of the browser pushing the emperor penguin live broadcast advertisement.

——The annual Emperor Penguin All-Star Game will start next week. Please vote for your favorite player.

Shen Chi, pause: “All-Star Game?”

Lan Heng’s enviable voice came from the team’s voice: “The Emperor Penguin Cup champion team can directly enter the All-Star Game. This time, Wang Wang Milk sponsored the championship prize money of millions.”

Lan Heng saw that the game hadn’t started yet, and couldn’t help but remind, “Captain?”

The red-haired ‌ focused on watching the introduction of the All-Star game. Players who rank in the top 10 of votes have the opportunity to participate in the competition, but they are eligible to vote only when they buy a bottle of Wangwang milk.

He was ranked seventeenth, a full difference of 100,000 votes from the number of promotion votes. He silently turned off his mobile phone, and he was reluctant to vote for himself.

“I’m going to shoot”

“I can still afford five dollars of milk”

“Send the cub to the All-Star Game”

Shen Chi boarded the game, and said to the fans, “Don’t spend money to vote.”

Although the prize money of the All-Star Game is high, he doesn’t have much money to spend now. He eats and lives at the base or at home, but he can’t buy what his brother likes. He hopes there will be more competition at the end of the year.

“This game is not so good either”

“The voting system is outrageous. It’s completely better than the fan’s krypton power. If you have money, it’s better to buy dried fish for the cubs.”

“But I still want to watch the cubs play the All-Star game”

“Mom must earn money”

The barrage in the live broadcast room is comforting, but there are people on the forum who have posted ridicules of Late fans.

[Big Cup of Milk Green] Seeing the popularity is high, loyal fans can’t fight at all. Wu Rui’s fans can put out 100,000 dozens of votes, and the fans of the red-haired cub can’t even afford a bottle of milk, so they said the system is outrageous.

[ Ji Qing] Is the team without a background attractive?

【Grapefruit】Speaking too much ‌‌

Proud and accustomed to TTL fans were sprayed so that they couldn’t hold their heads up. One after another posted orders on Weibo, but the ridicule on the forum was even more fierce.

【Sunfish】Are you not embarrassed to expose a bottle? My passersby buy five bottles

【Zhangzidao scallops】Other teams buy it in boxes.

【Clownfish】The highest ranking ‌ only bought one box

The little fan Su Ye who was sitting on the computer hurriedly cried. She didn’t know how to express that Cub really didn’t want fans to spend money, and he never asked for a reward when he was having a hard time.

Can Cub have any bad thoughts? He doesn’t know how to say nice things or even a few words. For example, if not for the advertising video, I’m afraid he won’t have many fans, so he can live and play the game quietly.

Su Ye couldn’t refute that the fans were poor. They were indeed not richer than the old team. Just as she was losing her head and preparing to turn off the computer, the vote soared by 100,000!

She rubs her eyes in disbelief, which means that a certain big bought a million bottles, the low crowd of fans is boiling.


Wang Shao walked to the meeting and sat down, and he subconsciously looked up at the main position. That position was really right and high, and all those who wanted to take it were all gone .

People who craved the main position below the head for less than half a year, died one after another, and now people did not dare to give birth to covetous thoughts.

Objectively speaking, Yan Xue Xiao’s business skills are not as good as Yan Zhao of the past. He has a youthful mind. In just six months, he cleaned up Yan’s internal and external difficulties.

There were still people who were not optimistic about Yan Xue Xiao taking over Yan’s. Now there is only deep fear. The person next to him whispered: “Ms. Yan’s car accident, did you say it was an accident?”

Wang Shao didn’t dare to answer. Mrs. Yan and Luo Shu got too close. It is impossible for mother and child not to have a gap. Calling the board of directors was a confirmation, but the answer was too shocking.

‌The staff arranged the drinks. He thought it was mineral water, but he didn’t expect them to replace it with Wangwang’s milk.

Everyone looked at each other and wondered if it was meant for reform, but watching Yan Xue Xiao, also drinking, the well-dressed executives seriously drank Wangwang milk.

TL: It’s kinda funny watching the executives drink Wangwang Milk. If I’m not mistaken WangWang milk is a kid’s drink. Sorry for late posting, I’ve kinda been busy reading some BL novels that I forgot to post.

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