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Shen Chi boarded the live broadcast room. He was about to open the game. After glimpsing the number of followers in the live broadcast room, his shallow breathing couldn’t help but stop.

He doesn’t know when his attention number has broken through five thousand, even if he hasn’t started broadcasting, the number of viewers waiting in the live broadcast room has exceeded five hundred.

“I saw the crossbow eating chicken”1(TL: Eating chicken means winning the game in PUBG)

“Me too”

“Will it not start broadcasting today?” The boy’s lips bent upwards very lightly. Instead of starting the broadcasting immediately, he took a deep breath, opened the webpage, and clicked to submit the contract application. .

After submitting the application, he put on the headphones hanging around his neck and chose a random double row.

“Finally I’m waiting”

“Is it a double row today?”

“It looks like the cub is in a good mood today” The route level is cut in the middle and upper part of the map, passing the popular jumping spots G port, school, water city, and there are few houses in the wild area. There are dangerous areas along the way, which can be said to be very extreme routes.

The teammate went offline directly.

“It’s too real to be offline.”

“Sure enough, it’s still solo today.”

” Is this route solo and duo?!”

“Why don’t you go back.” The boy didn’t seem to see the barrage, so he marked it on the map to jump. Point: “I can win.”


The reviewer of Cat Broadcasting received a signing application on the 03th. The moment he saw the name, he was taken aback.

He had an impression of this anchor, and only applied for the opening of the live broadcast room last week. He didn’t expect to be eligible for signing so soon.

He clicked on the live broadcast room.

The game has already started, and Late jumped into the school, perhaps because of the single and double row, instead of choosing the richly-stocked roof, he chose the ground floor at the back of the school.

The low-level materials are not abundant, and are generally used as the final search target. As expected, Late only found a S686, not even the second-level head.

“If the teammates did not afk they should be able to go to the rooftop to blog.”

“Too many people jumped on the roof.”

“+1, at least it’s safe now.”

No one came to this position. The fierce battle was concentrated on the front of the school. After searching the entire floor, No. 03 thought that Late would leave the school, but Late unexpectedly stayed in the room.

“I won’t drop the connection anymore?”

“I heard footsteps.”


even the 03 subconsciously held his breath, the footsteps were getting closer and closer, but Late still had no response, he thought regrettably, it seems It’s really dropped.

But his thought just came out, and the picture of Late moved. With the high explosive power of S686, he killed the person who opened the door and entered the room, and easily picked up the opponent’s equipment.

“98K, level three, sniper…too rich”

“No wonder Late didn’t want to go, he was waiting ”

“Finally, I got out of the roof. Who can think that there are still people under it. It’s hard to deliver couriers to the cubs. ”

After the end of the game, the barrage was full of praise, but he heard the teenager coldly open his mouth: “Twenty kills.”

is a very confident person.

He thought so.

It is true that Late is also the top technical group among the anchors he has reviewed, but live broadcasting is not a professional league. Technology is not the only deciding condition, or even the most important.

The popularity of PUBG continues to decline, and the popularity of the anchors is gradually saturated. They no longer need so many silent anchors.


Shen Chi finished the game, opened the cup and took a sip of water, and received a message, the sender is the official kitty live broadcast.

He didn’t click on the message immediately, but slowly screwed the water cup, and then squeezed the mouse to click on the message. He didn’t even notice the slight trembling of his fingers.

A message greeted him.

“I’m sorry that your application for signing the contract has not been approved.” The boy’s hand holding the mouse suddenly relaxed, his eyelashes swaying, as if this matter had no effect on him, he clicked on the next game.

It’s just that the broadcast time is one hour earlier than usual.

The boy took off his earphones and walked out of the Internet cafe. When he returned home, he stayed alone in his room. There was no light in the room, and darkness enveloped him.


A financial newspaper is randomly placed on the side of a rectangular table, and the headline written on the cover is very conspicuous.

—— Yan’s successfully acquired PA Electric.

Lin Sinian sat at the square table, and saw that the face of the newspaper turned pale, and his body couldn’t help trembling.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mother asked with concern.


Lin Sinian lowered his head hurriedly.

The Yan in the dream also acquired PA, using the same methods. At that time, it did not attract anyone’s attention. It was like a drop of water falling into the sea, but later, the world’s talents later realized that it was the beginning of Yan Xue Xiao’s contact with power. .

At this time, Yan Xue Xiao was still walking on the Princeton campus.

He answered the phone with one hand, and Yan Ji’s voice came from the phone: “The acquisition of PA is successful. It’s useless to talk about it. You really have to use the method you said, but now I’m busy, and the management is about to change. One batch, but also to appease small and medium shareholders.”

He said nothing.

“I know you don’t like to listen to this.” Yan Ji changed the subject, “Will you return to China at the end of the year? You haven’t been back for two years.”

Yan Xue Xiao paused for a while, and said emotionally, “I won’t go back.”

He hung up the phone and went into the library.

Yan Xue Xiao found a place to sit down. Today’s mobile phone screen is very quiet, and his eyes are away from the mobile phone.

But for some reason, he lowered his eyes and opened Shen Chi’s live broadcast room, which was completely dark.

“Did he broadcast early today?”

“I didn’t watch enough at all.”

“The next few games he doesn’t seem to be happy.”

“I can feel it too.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze stopped on the screen.


Probably because there was no light in the room, Shen Chi leaned on the cold wall and fell asleep unknowingly. It was already eight o’clock in the evening after waking up, and his red hair was messy.

Border Town is different from Yancheng. The night is extremely quiet, so quiet that he can hear his heartbeat, and he suddenly wants to find someone to talk to.

It’s just a little bit.

He emphasized in his heart.

The boy turned on the phone, and the faint light reflected on his thin chin, and he opened the conversation with Yan Xue Xiao.

[Shen Chi] I passed my application and was rejected

He just finished typing a sentence and felt uncomfortable, so he deleted it blankly. After typing a few more words, he deleted it.

Five minutes passed, he didn’t send a word, and the status showed that he didn’t care during the input, anyway the other party couldn’t see it.

As he was thinking about it, a message suddenly flashed across the screen. The moment he saw the message, his typing hand froze instantly.

The other party asked calmly.

[Yan Xue Xiao] What do you want to say

Is he caught?

His hand holding the phone was hot, his heart beat suddenly, and he subconsciously sent out the typed words.

[Shen Chi] The contract was rejected today. They didn’t say the reason. It should be that I didn’t play well enough, but they didn’t rest assured that.

The boy’s head drooped deeply until the extinguished screen lights up again.

[Yan Xue Xiao] It’s not that you are not good enough

paused, then sent another sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] They have no vision

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    (TL: Eating chicken means winning the game in PUBG)
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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    Hmm who is actually that lin sinian. Why is he so scared of yan when he never met him?

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