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At the moment he saw the news, the red-haired boy slowly raised his head, stared at the screen and couldn’t see what he was thinking, then clenched his mobile phone and sent a reply.

[Shen Chi] Thanks, I’m fine

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the screen thoughtfully, but he was a little wolf pup who looked up to people on alert when he touched his head.

He flatly withdrew his gaze and was about to turn off his cell phone when he received another message.

[Shen Chi] But after listening to you say this, I don’t know if you will believe it. I am really happy

Yan Xue Xiao squinted gently.

It doesn’t hurt to touch it.


The next day, Shen Chi still arrived at the Internet cafe on time at eight o’clock, with no obvious dark circles at the moment.

He did not broadcast live immediately, but opened the document sent to him by Baicha and read the part about signing the contract.

The application for signing a contract can only be submitted once a month, and can only be resubmitted in October, which means that it is impossible for him to pass the contract before October.

It’s no different from the official website.

He half lowered his eyes and was about to close the document when a line of bold print suddenly caught his eye.

—— There is an unwritten rule in the live broadcast of kittens. Every time the winner of the official anchor contest will become the signing anchor, which may be a shortcut to signing the contract.

He read this short passage word by word and opened the activity page on the official website.

There are many competitions in other games, including not only anchor competitions of large and small, but also star charity competitions. However, the official competition that PUBG is signing up for is the Kitty Cup anchor team competition.

He stared at the number of participants and squeezed the mouse.

It takes four people.

Teenagers boarded the game silently and opened their friends list, which was empty. Was there no one there?


The annual Kitty Cup Anchor Competition started to register. As the PUBG online competition that the platform attaches most importance to, the first prize was as high as 200,000, but Wu Yu was worried when looking at the registration interface.

Originally, four people were collected, but a friend was temporarily absent. The registration deadline will be at 10 o’clock this morning, and he still can’t find the fourth person.

He had to leave a message under the comment area to try his luck.

[Wu Yu] Does anyone want to participate in the Kitty Cup?

No one answered him.

The residual expectation in his heart is gone. In fact, he didn’t expect anything. After all, the registration deadline is today, and those who want to participate will set up the team early, and those who don’t want to participate will not participate.

But what he didn’t expect was that the idea of ​​giving up just flashed through his mind, and there was really a person here.

Although he is not a big anchor, the number of attention is only in the early 5000 s, and the computer doesn’t look very good, but he can’t pick it at this time, so he quickly handed in four applicants before ten o’clock.

After completing the registration, Wu Yu told the news to his friend: “I found a person at the end. Although It was a small anchor who didn’t sign a contract, he reported his name and he was one step closer to the 200,000 bonus .”

Lan Heng disagreed with Wu Yu’s words: “With Xu Cheng and the others, it is impossible to get the first place if you change to a major anchor. The competition is just to give the platform face.”

Wu Yu was speechless, and what Lan Heng said was true.

Kitten Cup is held every year, and every year the champion is Xu Cheng’s team. Others can say that they are going to make up the number, so there are fewer and fewer anchors participating in the competition.

“Who is that little anchor?” Lan Heng turned on the computer. “I will pay attention to it and check a room when I have time.”

“Do you still want to check the house?” Ren duo shook his head.

Lan Heng replied carelessly: “Not every newcomer is so abnormal. You can win with a crossbow.”

Wu Yu was busy renovating some time ago. Today, he picked up the live broadcast again. He was in a semi-retired state. He couldn’t understand what these two people were talking about. He opened the message: “The live broadcast room is called the Asia’s no.1 Gun God.”

“the game ID is Late.”

Wu Yu could feel his voice drop, and the atmosphere in the air was instantly silent. He couldn’t help but look at the live broadcast room of Late again. It was really a small anchor with only 5,000 attention.

“Is there something wrong with this person?”

Wu Yu couldn’t help but ask, if he wants to come and go, he only has the reason that the name of the live room is exaggerated, and he is not interested in people’s dream of looking forward to the Asia’s no.1 gun god . He thinks his two friends are too harsh on newcomers.

After hearing Wu Yu’s question, Lan Heng recovered from the empty state and patted Wu Yu’s shoulder. The tone was complicated: “Look on the bright side, maybe we can really be the first this time.”

Look on the bright side.

Wu Yu: Suddenly there is a bad feeling


Shen Chi finished signing up at 10: 00 am, but the registration materials needed to be reviewed. It was not until 7: 00 pm that he received the confirmation notice of successful registration.

“Congratulations on your successful registration for the Kitty Cup Anchor Competition”

He looked at the notice and subconsciously clenched the mouse, quietly relieved, ended the ten-hour live broadcast, and turned off the computer.

He rubbed his sore wrist because of excessive tension and stood up from his seat. When he was about to leave the Internet cafe, Xiao sent him a message.

[Xiao Hui] Last time we agreed, when will we call your girlfriend to play games together

Shen Chi too lazy to ignore, casually replied.

[Shen Chi] She is very busy

Xiao asked warily.

[Xiao Hui] Really? Why didn’t you say that last time

Shen Chi hold the hand of the mobile phone, paused, opened the conversation with Yan Xue Xiao, and planned to send a screenshot directly to Xiao Hui.

[Shen Chi] You must be very busy now.

Yan Xue Xiao has to attend classes and work part-time, so he has little time to talk with him every time. It is strange that he is not busy, so there should be no other answer.

Sure enough, the other party replied to him.

[Yan Xue Xiao] I’m very busy

Shen Chi was relieved and continued to ask.

[Shen Chi] Then you won’t agree to play games with me?

I don’t know if it was because he was in a hurry to send back screenshots to Xiao, and the waiting time for reply was exceptionally long, so long that he thought the other party would not reply, and the screen went out.

However, the next second, the screen lights up again, and a message slowly emerges. He froze when he saw the message.

[Yan Xue Xiao] agreeing

It’s like gently appeasing his coquetry.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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