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Buy the Expensive

When Lan Heng saw the sudden appearance of the barrage, his eyelids twitched, and he said that he shouldn’t provoke him, so he had to reward two hundred dried fish.

Yan Xue Xiao, who was in front of the computer, withdrew his gaze, finished her last sip of tea, and opened the “Critique of Dialectical Reason” on the case. The pages of the book were haunted by the breath of white tea.

When he got home at night, Shen Chi lay on the quilt and counted his own dried fish. There were 1,200, and he could earn about 3,000 at the end of the month. The boy yawned and slowly closed his eyes.

* As the sun rises, Yancheng is the capital of China. The dark gray city walls envelop the heaviness of history, and countless skyscrapers rise into the sky.

“Anything you fancy?” In Loro Piana’s shop, a woman in a shawl stood in front of a finely crafted cashmere sweater.

Ji Shu shook his head.

“It’s all over there.” The woman said to the clerk.

“Okay, Mrs. Shen.” The clerk bowed his head respectfully.

“It’s all there?” Ji Shu couldn’t help but look at the price on the label. The total amount is more expensive than the clothes he has worn in this life.

The woman frowned slightly, and waited for the clerk to leave before she said: “Xiao Shu, you are not in a border town now. You don’t need to worry about life, you just need to concentrate on taking the exam for college.”

Ji Shu nodded restrained, he felt like he had a dream. He don’t have to go back to the embarrassed border town. He has endless money, noble and elegant parents.

It’s just that he couldn’t help being envious when he thought of the black-haired boy in the photo who looked down and played the piano like a little prince.

And in the bungalow in the border town, a red-haired boy was awakened by the horn of the street office, got out of the room expressionlessly, and skillfully picked up a deep-fried dough stick from the dining table.

Today is the weekend, Ji Dad and Ji Ma did not go out, Ji Dad went back to the countryside, Ji Ma took off his apron and looked at him: “Xiao Chi, let’s go shopping for clothes today, otherwise I don’t know what you like.”

As soon as the young man put the fritters on his mouth, he was obviously stuck for a while when he heard what Ji Ma said, and he made a low “um” sound.

There is only one commercial street in the border town, next to the vegetable market, half of the department stores and half of the border town’s specialty Chinese cabbage are sold. Vendors often clamor for space and refuse to give up a centimeter.

Shen Chi had never bought clothes in such an environment. He frowned and walked away from the sewage drain.

“Your child’s skin is really white, suitable for this one.” The proprietress who had just had a quarrel with the next door turned her head and immediately smiled at them. “This checkered suit is also suitable. One piece is only forty-five.”

Ji Ma stopped at the stall. He asked: “Is it comfortable to wear?”

“Our clothes are all 100% cotton, so they must be comfortable to wear.” The proprietress replied enthusiastically.

Ji Ma looked at Shen Chi: “Let’s see which one you like.”

Shen Chi looked down at the clothes on the stall, his eyes fell on the two cheapest sweaters.

“If you like it, try it.” The proprietress stuffed two pieces of clothes into his hands, and pointed to the small fitting room with wooden boards behind him.

Under Ji Ma’s ardent gaze, Shen Chi pursed his lips and walked into the fitting room without saying anything to reject.

He compared the two sweaters in front of him in the mirror, the styles and sizes were similar.

He didn’t choose clothes very much, what to wear, he stared at the full-length mirror for a long time and didn’t decide.

Girls should be able to pick clothes, right?

Shen Chi turned on his phone, took two photos of his clothes, and sent them to Yan Xue Xiao.

[Shen Chi] Which one do you think is suitable?

After a long period of time, he didn’t receive a reply either, maybe neither of them were suitable, he looked at the screen and lowered his eyes.

*In the evening in New Jersey, Yan Xue Xiao wore a light-colored uniform and worked in a coffee shop. He bowed and brought a cup of American style to the customer’s table before walking back to the bar.

He was busy all afternoon and didn’t have time to look at the phone. He turned on the phone and unread messages appeared on the screen.

[Shen Chi] Which one do you think is suitable?

Clicking on the message are two photos taken against the body, the first is a black long-sleeved sweater, and the second is printed with milky white puppy paw prints.

Yan Xue Xiao is accustomed to wearing solid-colored clothes, but I don’t know why. He thought a little wolf dog appeared in front of him with his clothes in his mouth, and he knocked back.

[Yan Xue Xiao] The second one

Seeing that he looked intently, the colleagues who worked together washed the cups and asked him curiously, “What are you doing?”

Yan Xue xiao turned off his mobile phone: “Picking clothes for children.”

In the sound of rushing water, my colleague obviously misunderstood and asked, “Do you have a pet?”

Yan Xue Xiao gathered his eyes: “Sort of.”

A wolf cub found by himself.

In the afternoon, Zhuang Zhou walked into the Internet cafe and saw the front desk cleaning up the small advertisement of making friends on the wall. When he was about to ask, the news of the local TV station in the border town happened to be broadcast on the screen.

The host’s Mandarin spoke with a strong frontier accent: “Today the police seized a number of shops selling virtual lovers. Many shops were suspected of online fraud. The informant said that he did not receive the goods at all, and the shop ran away with the money, hoping that citizens would improve themselves. Awareness of prevention.”

Zhuangzhou is accustomed to fraud, and there are always new types of fraud in border towns. However, he didn’t expect all the fraud advertisements to hit Internet cafes.

He walked to the seat and sat down. The place next to him was empty. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes. The little red hair who usually sits in the Internet cafe and is about to take root has not come.

Before Zhuang Zhou’s thoughts appeared, he heard the sound of a chair being pulled. He turned his head and looked at it. The moment he saw it, he thought he had saw it wrong.

The red-haired boy had earphones around his neck, and was wearing a sweater with milky white paw prints. His thick eyelashes were slightly hanging down, which looked strange and cute.

He probably noticed that he was watching, and the young man immediately looked over coldly. He immediately closed his gaze, and it was just an illusion that it was cute.

He reminded him out of kindness: “By the way, I read the news that a virtual lover shop is suspected of fraud. Don’t be deceived.”

The young man seemed to be in a good mood today, glanced at him, and rarely responded: “Just buy expensive ones.”

Zhuang Zhou: …

In Shen Chi’s view, being deceived is because of greed for petty and cheap. For example, if you sell Yan Xue Xiao for 500 yuan a month, you will not be cheated. If you sell Yan Xue Xiao for 50 yuan a month, you must be a liar.

You can’t go wrong if you buy expensive ones.

The young man quietly strengthened his outlook on consumption in his heart.

The startup speed of the Internet cafe is still as slow as ever. It has not been turned on after three minutes. He turned on the phone and a message jumped onto the screen.

[Xiao Hui] It’s been a long time since I played PUBG Mobile. Call your girlfriend to play games together. It’s okay if she doesn’t know how to play. Anyway, she has you.

he knows Xiao Hui is not giving up.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] She has classes during the day

[Xiao Hui] I didn’t say that during the day, any time is ok, nothing else, mainly because I want to get to know each other, but it is also the love of growing up together, Su Wen also wants to know

This is the end of all of his words, Shen Chi did not expect a reason to refuse for a while, and agreed indifferently.

He clicked on Yan Xue Xiao’s WeChat profile picture.

[Shen Chi] Is it convenient to play games together?

Did not receive a reply.

He couldn’t help holding his breath.

In fact, he is not very sure whether Yan Xue Xiao will agree or not. After all, the monthly subscription only includes chat and does not include game play. Watching his live broadcast is already a free service. If Yan Xuexiao agrees, it would be nice.


Yan Xue Xiao returned to the dormitory from the coffee shop. He sat at the desk and was about to turn on the computer. The phone on the table lit up.

[Shen Chi] Is it convenient to play games together?

Yan Xue Xiao has no interest in computer games. If you have time to play games, it is better to read a paper.

He replied “sorry” politely to other people, but the other party seemed to be serious and replied solemnly.

[Shen Chi] You don’t have to apologize, I asked too much, I shouldn’t take up your time for free

Yan Xue Xiao’s dark phoenix eyes narrowed,he stared at the screen for a while then, turned on the computer without any emotion, and continued to edit the paper.

It was two o’clock in the middle of the night after he finished writing the paper. He saved the document, but instead of turning off the computer, he opened the web page and tapped in the search box.

——How to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


Translator’s note: Waahh I can’t wait for them to meet.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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