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Modern Painting

Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Hearing these words he was caught off guard. Shen Chi’s heart suddenly beat under his chest. He hooked his arms on Yan Xue Xiao’s neck and got into the car.

He has never been to the place where Yan Xue Xiao works. Sitting in the arms of his man, he can’t help but look through the window of the car, like a dog on a trip.

When the car arrived at the company, it was parked in the underground parking lot. The elevator next to the parking space led directly to the office. He curiously followed Yan Xue Xiao out of the elevator.

The blackout curtains were hanging down on the french windows, the east side was full of books, and thick documents were piled on the desk. Shen Chi glanced at the screen next to the documents and asked, “This is for?”

“To watch the live broadcast.”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyes.

The boy’s breathing suddenly stilled. Yan Xue Xiao always seemed to accompany him. He rubbed his head on the man’s suit and sat quietly in his arms while reading the documents.

There was a gentle knock on the door. When he heard the knock on the door, he quickly stepped down from Yan Xue Xiao and sat down in the chair beside him.

Secretary-General Huang Shijing held the sorted meeting materials and pushed the door open softly, and the picture caught his eye.

A red-haired young man sat beside Yan Xue Xiao, judging from the level of messy hair, it seemed that he had just left the man’s arms.

Huang Shijing pretended not to look away and lowered his head to put the prepared documents on the table.

He heard that Yan Xue Xiao had a boyfriend, but he didn’t expect that he would bring a child.

Huang Shijing knew Yan Xue Xiao has always liked silence. He didn’t even dare to enlarge the action of opening the door, but the boy was not reprimanded when he knocked on the keyboard with headphones on his head. Instead, Yan Xue Xiao put a soft pillow on the boy.

Yan Xue Xiao, who finished reading the information, closed the file and said to the teenager playing games beside him, “I’m going to a meeting.”

Shen Chi hummed.

Without waiting for Yan Xue Xiao’s order, Huang Shijing immediately accepted the task of taking care of the young man. He had never seen Yan Xue Xiao be attentive to someone.

At the Yan’s regular morning meeting, after the policy is implemented, the development of the new district will be put on the agenda, which will undoubtedly be a key project in the second half of the year.

Raven, who is in charge of the development of the new area, said, “The Beigang New Area will be built into a new complex technology city divided into three functional areas according to functional requirements, and the remaining five companies in this project want to buy shares.”

[TL: Beigang New Area is the plot of land Shen family bought then sold causing them to be under debt. I’ll start using Beigang instead of Northern Suburbs starting now]

Wang Shao couldn’t help but look at the man in the theme. Yan Xue Xiao monopolized the land circulating in the new district, and he was able to independently develop the Beigang project, without letting others profit from it.

Yan Xue Xiao just listened to his confidant’s report quietly, and said lightly after listening: “It’s good for everyone to share it.”

Wang Shao’s eyes were surprised. Everyone was fierce. Yan Zhao would never surrender his due benefits, but he suddenly thought of something.

It will be a generous person who can defeat Zheng An. This sentence is superficially sounding. It is the right intention to tie the rest of the family on Yan’s boat with profit.

Compared with Yan Zhao, who is a long-sleeved dancer, Yan Xue Xiao is not good at communication, and he reveals a sense of distance when he is studying. If it hadn’t been for the family change, he might still be studying the philosophy of non-secularism abroad.

All the world is profitable. If Yan’s family is a lone tiger, and the wall is pushed by everyone, today’s Yan’s family is evolving into a giant beast through the intertwined interest network.

No one dared to refute Yan Xue Xiao’s words. No matter what the people underneath are, this young Yan family leader has already established his own prestige.


Huang Shijing looked at the screen ‌ Shen Chi, the young man looked indifferent and did not have any arrogance at all. He was even too easy to support, as long as he can use a computer and play for a long time.

Shen Chi opened the live broadcast.

“Cub changed places!”

“This place is?”

“I was suddenly flattered to sit here and play games.”

“Is it my daughter-in-law’s company?”

Huang Shijing feared not doing his best on taking care of him, trying to wipe out the generation gap between the two, every time the teenager hit, one person would praise: “Your marksmanship is good.”

Shen Chi had no problem with the office environment, but his brother’s secretary seemed to be too noisy, so he silently wore the headset more tightly.

When the meal is about to be served, he asks warmly. He put on a thoughtful expression: “Are you going to have something to eat?”

The boy answered yes.

Huang Shijing hurriedly ordered from the best French restaurant in Yancheng, and personally went to the elevator door to pick up the food box.

Shen Chi thought it was dessert in the pantry, but he didn’t expect to open the box and even have white truffle smoked foie gras, which is more extravagant than what Manager Chen prepares.

“There are still people delivering food!”

“This is too advanced”

“Is there a mine in my daughter-in-law’s house?”

“I am becoming more and more curious about my pure and beautiful daughter-in-law”

Huang Shijing stood beside him, Shen Chi had never been watched when eating, he finished the meal quickly.

Maybe he was embarrassed to play games in the office for too long. The teenager took a history book from the shelf to read, but the classical Chinese was too difficult for him. He put down the book and drew on the paper with a pen.

“The cub can draw?”

”You are mom’s fairy cub”

“Ready to take a screenshot”

The young man sat at the table with his back straightened, his hand also looked decent. He planned to draw the wolf pup printed on his uniform, the one biting his tail.

However, the hand is not very dictated, the things drawn are dancing with dragons and phoenixes, and there is not the slightest similarity. It is not so much a little wolf pup as it is a collapsed match room.

“It can’t be said to be exactly the same, but it just has nothing to do with it.”

“My cub’s talents are all on the game”

“I regret taking the screenshot.”

“Is that right? Mom can’t boast anymore, but let my daughter-in-law teach you how.”

Shen Chi was ready to throw the painting into the trash can, but he didn’t expect the secretary-general with mature appearance to adjust his glasses.

“If the quality of a painting is judged only by its appearance, it is too superficial. This modern painting is completely natural. If you look closely at the charm of the artist Ji Wei, I guess you must have learned painting.”

The barrage was silent.

“The Jiwei International Award is almost finished, right?”

“It’s a pity that this person doesn’t chase stars. He knows how to write fan letters.”

“When you hear the boasting, I wonder if he can catch up with Liu Xiaodong, I hope they will compare each other.”

“It’s a level I can’t learn”

Shen Chi still knows his own level. When Yan Xue Xiao returned to the office, he took a piece of paper and said, “I copied it like this, and the secretary praised me.”

Yan Xue Xiao glanced at Huang Shijing.

Huang Shijing was uneasy and wondered if he was too obvious in flattering him. Yan Xue Xiao had always disliked ostentation, but the man said, “A bonus will be given at the end of the month.”

Huang Shijing suddenly understood that he was right. Yan Xue Xiao was happy no matter what he praised. The next day Yan Xue Xiao framed the painting and hung it on the wall, and it began to be said that Yan’s big man liked painting instead.


Father Shen in the hospital had suffered from an operation and got better. He could get out of bed and take care of himself. The gray and blue on his face gradually disappeared, and the doctor said that he could be discharged soon.

Mrs. Shen didn’t have to travel back and forth, and finally had the energy to take care of herself to attend the banquet. She turned out the clothes under the pressure box and put it on. It was the skirt she wanted to sell, but she used it today.

This time, she did not dare to wear imitation jewelry, fearing that the inferior pearls would fall on the ground like last time. She wore a loose bun with a dark green long skirt to create a lazy beauty, and her confidence was no worse than anyone at the banquet.

She was holding a glass of wine and looked at the crowded master. Xiao Nie, her assistant, who caught up with the old man of the Southeast Asian general. Even if she wears the clothes from fashion week just released, she can’t hide the tacky yellow and purple color scheme.

She didn’t respond, she drank a sip of red wine while listening to other people’s conversation. The frostbite on her hands seemed to disappear under the radiance. This was the life she wanted, she didn’t have to worry about making ends meet.

She turned around and heard comments coming from the door when she was applying makeup in the bathroom. One of the voices was Xiao Nie, who used to respect her, and her pace froze.

“Who invited her?”

“She came herself without receiving the invitation, and she still considers herself as the high-ranking Mrs. Shen, and the frostbite foundation on her hands can’t be covered. It’s not that I’m joking, I feel like she smells.”

“I feel it too.”

Mrs. Shen hurriedly sniffed her clothes, which exuded a damp smell, although it was only faint, one couldn’t smell it if they didn’t smell it carefully.

However, she felt that the people at the banquet were laughing at her secretly, holding their hands like thorns and walking out of the coveted banquet hall.

Ironically, even though the Shen family fell from grace, she is unwilling to deal with the lower class, but in the eyes of others, she has become a lower class and was completely abandoned by her friends of the same class.

But attending the banquet this time was not without gain, at least she heard one thing, Yan Xue Xiao likes painting.

Now they want to send a painting on behalf of them.

TL: The truth is YXX only likes it because it is made by SC. Now everyone is sending him paintings.

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