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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi returned to Huating to change into his pajamas, and grabbed Yan Xue Xiao’s sleeves. After that, he said, “I want to hear you read philosophy.”

The man sitting by the bed opened Wittgenstein’s “Culture and Values”: “This sentence may be right. The previous culture became a pile of ruins, and finally turned into a pile of ashes, but the spirit Will hover in the sky above the ashes.”

He lowered his dark eyes, the philosophy in the snowy night was all turned to ashes. Shen Chi closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Originally, the insecure teenager used to sleep curled up, but now Shen Chi spreads his limbs and occupies most of the bed. He even rubs his head against Yan Xue Xiao’s arms.

Yan Xue Xiao lowered his eyes lightly, and gently brushed the fur on the top of the little wolf dog’s head. Watching him is just like the time when he was dyed in the world.

The weather became colder in winter. The thickly wrapped Shen Chi still came to the base on time, sits in front of the screen and turns on the camera to broadcast live.

“Cub’s red hair is so smooth today”

“Every day I want to touch his hair one day”

“I can touch a cub like this!”

Shen Chi was doing daily training then suddenly Manager Chen walked to his side and said, “There is a headphone brand looking to you for endorsement.”

[tl: Chen Li is Manager Chen but if the author used Chen Li I’ll change it to Manager Chen]

“The first endorsement!”

“My young boy will finally have an endorsement.”

“Get your wallet ready.”

Shen Chi held the mouse and replied,”Not interested.”

Hearing the refusal of ‌Shen Chi, Han Duqiu’s eyes in the wheelchair showed a trace of admiration. No matter how tempted by the world, Shen Chi always focused on the game.
Manager Chen didn’t put the endorsement fee on the table. “The endorsement fee is only 10,000 yuan, and the training in the afternoon is important.”

After learning the endorsement fee quickly he changed his words. “Where to shoot?”

“This is too real”

“Ouch, mama’s cub.”

“Han Duqiu almost got up from his wheelchair.”

“Medical Miracle”


In Yancheng People’s Hospital, Father Shen was discharged from the hospital after his illness improved. Father Shen with white lips left the hospital and walked into the rental house. He asked incredulously, “Is the family so poor?”

The old houses in the community are the bottom line. He didn’t expect that one day they would be in the basement and live like insects in Yancheng.

“Your illness has emptied the savings at home.” Madam Shen’s tone revealed a faint anger, and the movement of pulling the chair away was quite violent.

Father Shen sat in a chair without confidence before speaking, looked around the damp wall and sighed: “Go back to my hometown in the northwest?”

The housing prices in Yancheng are too high. The money for renting the basement can be used to rent two bedrooms and one living room in the hometown. At least it looks bright and clean.

“It’s easy to work hard from the northwest to Yancheng.” Mrs. Shen frowned slightly. “When you go back, you will definitely be seen as a joke.”

Knowing Mrs Shen’s good face, Shen’s father tolerated others’ eyebrows and had no choice but to ask, “What do you want to do then?”

“The modern paintings taken last time were mortgaged in pawn shops.” Mrs. Shen sat up straight. “I found out that Yan Xue Xiao’s favorite is modern painting.”

‌ Fortunately, because the price of the painting was too low, it was not sold but mortgaged. The painting can be retrieved after the mortgage period is paid off.

Father Shen was quite moved. ‌ In the hospital bed, he heard of Yan Zhao’s death and regretted not currying favor with the Yan family.

Looking back carefully on the calendar I was on that day, he found it so easy to hear the conversation about the new district, which meant that his luck was good.

It’s a pity that they are not patient and wasteful of the opportunity for the appreciation of Beigang’s land. Father Shen immediately decided: “What do you say this time? I want to send the painting over.”

‌ After speaking, he suddenly realized a problem, and he hesitantly asked Mrs. Shen: “Today is the last day of the mortgage period. How do you get the money for the painting?”


In the afternoon, Shen Chi finished signing the endorsement contract and came to the shooting location. It was Director Wang of the headset brand who hosted the headphone brand. Director Wang led to the studio: “Is it not interrupting your training?”


Director Wang smiled awkwardly. He was not angry when he heard about Shen Chi’s temperament: Try to delay your evening training, and you can try the raw rolled porridge downstairs when you leave. It is a must to burn the fresh-cut beef at the bottom of the porridge.”

Shen Chi wrote down the location of the shop.

The makeup artist next to the dressing table was surprised to see Shen Chi. The skin of the e-sports player who stayed up late for a long time would not be good. She was ready to put on a thick foundation, but his skin was incredibly fair. She resisted the thought of pinching it to see if she could pinch the water.

However, being swept by the cold eyes, the makeup artist had to retract her hand. She doesn’t have this opportunity.

Before the shooting started, Director Wang was particularly anxious. Shen Chi seemed to have a good temper, and he was worried that there would be conflicts during shooting. He cooperated with the posing during, and even though he had no problem jumping into the pool, he finally put down what he was carrying.

Shen Chi finished shooting the commercial and dried his wet head. Several missed calls appeared on the screen of the phone, and another one came in when he was concentrating.

When the phone was connected, Mrs Shen’s reproachful voice immediately came from the mobile phone: “Why did you not answer the phone?”

Shen Chi hung up the phone.

After a while, Mrs Shen redialed, as if afraid of hanging up again. This time, her voice eased: “You pay me back the 50,000 you owe me.”

Shen Chi lowered his eyes: “Now there are only thirty thousand.”

“Your monthly live broadcast income is only 30,000 yuan.” Mrs. Shen must compare, “I saw on the Internet that you accepted the endorsement of 10,000 yuan.”

“The food you eat in the Shen’s house far exceeds one million. As long as you transfer me 50,000 within today, the Shen’s house will have nothing to do with you in the future.”

Shen Chi pursed his lips and walked towards Director Wang with his mobile phone.

Director Wang watched the advertisement in front of the computer. As soon as Shen Chi entered PCL, they noticed that a good-looking e-sports player has great commercial value, so this decision should not be difficult.

The reviews on the Internet have been mixed. Last week, they also grabbed the jumping points of the established teams. They were invited under a small pressure.

Looking at the outstanding appearance on the screen, he had an inexplicable premonition that it would drive sales. He turned around and eagerly said to Shen Chi: “If you have any requests, please mention it.”

“I want to make money right away.”

The director hesitated.

“There is no provision in the contract for payment today.”

Director Wang feels embarrassed by this request. In order to increase the utilization rate of funds, the company’s accounts payable are delayed as late as possible. The words are put out, “I will ask about finances.”

Shen Chi squeezed his hands and stood in place.

One second passed, and finally Director Wang finished the phone call. “Finance says it will be accounted for before getting off work.”

Shen Chi loosened his clenched hands, “Thank you.”

‌ Looking for Manger Chen for a two-month advance salary plus the savings on hand can just make up ‌‌50,000. But he has no money today to buy his brother raw rolled porridge.

Director Wang waved his hand immediately, and when Shen Chi left, he sighed at the makeup artist. “I’m afraid there is something urgent at home. It’s really not easy for professional players.”

The makeup artist nodded her head. It can be seen that Shen Chi has a serious temperament, without the impetuousness of children of the same age.

Ah Pei in the car asked the man sitting in the back row: “Manager Chen said that Shen Chi advanced two months’ salary.”

It seems that only the money should be paid back and the Shen family should lose money, although the Shen family now has no money.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the Red Year under the sun and said faintly, “Do whatever you want.”

Ah Pei was stunned when he heard the words. Yan Xue Xiao had never interfered in his behavior for ‌ years, but just stood gently behind him, so now Shen Chi still retains the tame in his bones.


Mrs. Shen in the auction house waited peacefully. Shen Chi sent 50,000 before she got off work, and she quickly took the mortgaged painting home.

Father Shen walked back to the rental room with emotion.

“A child can save so much money.”

Mrs. Shen suspected that Shen’s father was accusing himself. “Xiao Shu said that Shen Chi and an older man have some relationship. There is a mixture of dragons and fish in places like the border town. Who knows how he saved money.”

She doubted Xiao Shu’s words, but Shen Chi earned more every month. When others saw her clothes, she recognized them as hand-made.

She knows that Shen Chi has been spoiled and brought up since he was a child, and he is allergic to wearing cheap clothes. How can he eat the bitterness at the border town? He is beautiful, it is too common to be coveted by one person.

” How to draw and get it back.”

The Shen family was relieved sitting in the damp rental room, their faces expressing anticipation for tomorrow.

TL: They thought SC is selling his body to get money.

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