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Coax a Child

Yan Xue Xiao looked at the screen and thought for a moment, it was indeed just a wolf pup who only got his head out of the hole, showing his head to seek praise.

For some reason, he lowered his eyes and touched the shaggy head of the little wolf cub.

[Yan Xue Xiao] It was 1(tl: Yan meant it was a compliment based on the last chapter)

The moment Shen Chi received the message, he pretended to take off his earphones calmly, turned off the computer, and walked to the door of the Internet cafe, but the boy squeezed the phone tightly, and there was only one thought in his mind.

He was Praised.

*There were many people watching the live broadcast at night. As a game anchor, Lan Heng spent the night. He really didn’t have the energy to play again, and he couldn’t bear the heat in the live broadcast room, so he sent a message to Ren Duo.

[Lan Heng] Did a newcomer talk about your strength last time?

Probably it was sad to be poked, and it took a long time for Ren Duo, who was obviously online, to send a reply.

[Ren Duo] What are you going to do?

[Lan Heng] Going to check the room

refers to taking the fans to watch the live broadcast in other live broadcast rooms, which can be used as a means of adjustment when the live broadcast is inconvenient. He is quite curious about the newcomer.

After Ren Duo sent the link, he reminded him again.

[Ren Duo] I advise you not to recruit him

He perfunctorily replied “get it”, opened the link sent by Ren Duo, and entered the newcomer’s live broadcast room.

“Asia’s no. 1 Gun God? This name is a bit fierce|male”

“Coincidentally, it just started broadcasting”

“I didn’t say that the picture quality was too low. I almost thought I was old-fashioned.”
“I seem to be a little impressed with this person. Talking about old Ren Dou in front of the live broadcast.”

There are fewer and fewer newcomers in the PUBG area. There are very few who transfer from LOL like Ren Duo. Lan Heng is more caring for newcomers. He asked: “Can you say Tell me how you killed twenty-two in one round?” The boy did not answer.

He thought it was too much news that he didn’t see, so he asked again, and past fans were also asking for him.

The young man finally spoke, as if he was objectively stating: “I said you won’t be able to do it.”

Lan Heng:……

“Grass, this bastard is so arrogant”

“Sure enough, he and Lao Ren are friends, they are both the same person. ”

”Are high school students so annoying now?”

“The map in front is attacked! Our high school students are not like this.” The

The first time Lan Heng encountered such a shameless person in a ward round, the other party only focused on the game and even said a few lines.

What he noticed was that Late was significantly different from other anchors. He didn’t have a habit of using firearms, he could use whichever he picked up on the ground. He suddenly wondered if Late could use every firearm well.

He couldn’t help picking the most unpopular one and asked: “Can the crossbow win?” The young man ignored him.

“Forget it, don’t ask.”

“You can’t get an answer if you ask anyway.”

“But if Lao Lan is a girl, I can probably get a reply.”

“Is it so real?”

Lan Heng said without giving up, “If you win, I will pay a hundred Dried fish, you lost to me a hundred dried fish.”

Seeing Late’s cold appearance, he didn’t hold any hope. One hundred dried fish is only one hundred yuan for RMB. Now I have a meal. Hot pot is going to be one hundred, and one hundred is really not tempting.

What’s more, although the crossbow has high lethality, it is second only to the AWM in the game, killing people silently, but the slow range of reloading is short, and it has no offensiveness against targets 200 meters away.

But to his surprise, the boy agreed and said in a cold voice: “Deal.”

“Just accepted for a hundred yuan? It seems that parents did not give enough pocket money.”

“People have collapsed.”

“But with a crossbow.”

“Can a crossbow really win?”

“What is the experience of playing cold weapons in a shooting game”


“Listen to your mentor about the integration of analytical philosophy and European philosophy.” Adam knocked on the door and walked into the dormitory, returning the book he borrowed last time to Yan Xue Xiao. “That’s difficult to write.”

“Byron also said some excuses yesterday. He gave you all the work of sorting out documents. I saw him go to the bar yesterday.” Adam couldn’t help reminding, “It’s okay.” But when the young man heard him, he couldn’t see the slightest surprise in his expression, so he was stunned.

It turned out that Yan knew everything, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t help but wonder what a gentle person like Yan would care about.

“Would you like tea?” The young man took out tea to entertain him.

“What kind of tea is this?”

His attention couldn’t help being diverted.

“Tea from home.”

The young man in a white shirt sat at the table with a set of semi-old ceramic tea sets in front of him. After warming the cup, he poured water into the teacup along the wall of the cup. His face was looming.

“Chinese tea.” Adam sat in the chair and took a sip of the teacup.

Unlike the black tea he had drunk, the taste of the tea was very light, but the aftertaste was soothing. He drank the whole cup without knowing it, and said embarrassedly: “It’s delicious.”

“I won’t bother you anymore.”

He watched the teacup and leave reluctantly, Yan seemed to see his thoughts and gave him a bag of tea when he went out.

He wanted to return the gift. Although Yan’s character is likely to not accept, when he returned to the dormitory, he still searched for the variety of tea, and he was shocked when he checked.

The name of the tea is Yuqian Bake, which is the most expensive variety in Huaguo Longjing tea. Its output is scarce and it is difficult for ordinary people to buy it.

He suddenly realized that Yan’s background may not be ordinary, no wonder there is a sense of alienation.

After Adam left, the youth drank tea and opened the live broadcast.


Shen Chi clicked to enter the game.

The map is a random map. Theoretically speaking, the smaller the map, the greater the advantage of the crossbow, but the map of the island is the largest area in random map.

“Death start”

“If it’s a foggy day, the cross|crossbow is too big, and it is easy to be spotted by the enemy when hiding behind a tree.”

“You can have a sub-gun, right? It didn’t say that you can only use a crossbow”

The crossbows are refreshed in P City, military bases and airports. The airport was selected according to the route.

There were a lot of people jumping into the airport. Shen Chi quickly entered the building and searched for the crossbow, but before he could find it, he heard the enemy’s footsteps outside the door.

“What should he do, he haven’t found the crossbow”

“he haven’t found even a first class armor for his body”


Shen Chi stopped and quietly hid behind the door. Fortunately, the person outside the door was shot. The sound attracted the person away and didn’t come in.

He continued searching in the house, and finally found a crossbow in the room.

There were too many people jumping into the airport, and the crossbow was not suitable for face-to-face combat. After finding the weapon, he followed the fence and left the airport.

“I saw Late for the first time.”

“No way, it takes 4.4 seconds for the crossbow to reload. It takes two shots and everyone else has finished firing one bullet.”

” Are you going to go!”

“Come on, cubs”

Island map There are many trees on the hillside and it is easy to hide in the early stages. Shen Chi didn’t hit a few people along the way.

However, the drug circle was refreshed, and the scope of the safe zone was getting smaller and smaller. When there were only ten people on the scene, the safe zone was only surrounded by a hillside. No one wanted to be the first person to shoot and be set on fire. The scene became tense. .

“I saw someone in the toilet on the hillside!”

“Do you want to fight?”

“It’s less than 30 meters. If you shoot, will you reveal the location?”

Shen Chi was lying on the ground in the grass, and he glanced at the head of the person next to the toilet. He had no intention of shooting, but threw a smoke|mist bomb toward the front of the toilet.


“This is not a smoke|mist bomb, it is completely a signal bomb.”

“Too much too much”

“It’s not a problem anymore.” The

mist bomb broke the deadlock. It’s next to the toilet. People immediately became the target of the fire, and only two people remained on the field after a while.

Only then did Shen Chi crawl to the boulder and aimed the crossbow at the last person.

Crossbow reloading is slow to kill, so he has to solve the enemy with one arrow. He held his breath and devoted himself to the game, slowly squeezing his hand on the mouse.



“You killed karatm with a crossbow” The barrage was quiet.

“Late can win with a crossbow, I saw it myself.”

“Cub is really amazing.”

“Late is really strong, and basically solves the enemy with a single shot.”

“Only I care about a hundred fish!”

Lan Heng Surprised, the number of kills in this round couldn’t be compared to Ren Duo’s round. It was certain that the crossbow could survive to the end and made him take a higher look at Late.

Many people think that PUBG is a game more than marksmanship, but consciousness and strategy are also very important, especially in professional competitions, where consciousness even determines life and death.

He was not a person who did not keep his promise. He immediately said: “I will throw a hundred small fishes right away.” When he saw Lan Heng, the boy breathed a sigh of relief, his hand on the mouse also relaxed, and he got rid of the tightness of his body. Stretched, leaning on the chair to rest.

“In the last shot, I didn’t even bother to gasp, because I was afraid that the shot missed. Late was probably even more tired.”

“Me too.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t lose a hundred dried fish, otherwise it will take two or three days to make it back.”

Only Yan Xue Xiao, who has always been indifferent, heard the slight undulating breathing of the teenager in the earphones, frowned slightly, and struck a line in the live broadcast room.

“A hundred to coax a child?”

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    (tl: Yan meant it was a compliment based on the last chapter)
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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