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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Liu Xiaodong squeezed his hand tightly. He was holding the idea that watching the excitement is not too big a problem. Now he is suffering from heavy distress and anger.

Teacher Wang is still saying, “On the day of the college entrance examination, all other children have a home to accompany them. He went to the examination room alone, but this child won the first prize and came back.”

“Stop it. Stop it. Besides, I’m going to cry.”

“No one will know if they don’t say it.”

“Can anyone send it to Weibo?”

Liu Xiaodong left the residential building and went to the guest house next to the train station. In the dirty and messy room, he edited the live broadcast into a video and posted it on Weibo as a post.


TTL training base.

Lan Heng looked at the comments in the live broadcast room. He didn’t believe that Shen Chi would be like what they said on the Internet. He believed in what he saw day and night more than a fake interview.

The teenager sat calmly at the computer, “Concentrate on training.”

Lan Heng can only swallow the words, and can’t contain the urge to post on Weibo, afraid of being caught he still sends it on a small account.

[TTL League First] I think it’s so acidic that we took the PCLP first. If we take the PCL first, some people won’t be ‌‌happy.

He surreptitiously finished his Weibo post, but found that Xu Cheng was posting Weibo openly and even Ye Ning, who said that he was afraid of radiation so he didn’t use mobile phones.

【TTL Xu Cheng】Don’t believe the rumors

[A glass of wolfberry water] The Shen Chi I saw was a hard-working e-sports player. He was the youngest member of the team. A calm team leader, not someone a third-rate newspaper can be evaluated on.

Lan Heng liked them one by one. He was about to turn off his mobile phone. Weibo sent him a Weibo of Liu Xiaodong. Liu Xiaodong was a famous TTL black fan in the alliance. He thought that the content of Weibo would be sarcastic.

He was mentally prepared to open ‌ Weibo and he almost jumped up from his chair when he saw the text. Is it the familiar Liu Xiaodong who took a bite of Shen Chi?

[Liu Xiaodong] Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like the team of TTL, but that doesn’t mean that when I saw a hard-working e-sports player being wrongly accused I won’t speak up. What did Shen Chi do wrong? He just likes games.

Lan Heng read Liu Xiaodong’s ‌ article word by word. He could understand that the parents of the two families did not support the game. In the current e-sports development, there are still schools for quitting Internet addiction.

But he doesn’t understand what it takes to let a child live alone in a rental house, even if he moves out they should visit more often.

But the boy was so hungry that he fainted with low blood sugar in the rental room, and no one cared about the college entrance examination. It doesn’t matter if he is discarded because they don’t like him. There is a new child anyway.

He didn’t know how much effort he would have to work hard to come from the border town to Yancheng. The young man only trained in silence and competed silently. He said nothing about the hardship he had gone through. It was obvious how hard it was to live until now.

Lan Heng couldn’t hold back the tears in his eyes and he was not alone. Many people left messages on Liu Xiaodong’s Weibo.

[Candy-fried chestnuts] I saw my tears come down, no wonder even Liu Xiaodong couldn’t stand it

[Soy Milk Yuqilin] If an accident happens when an underage child lives in a rented house by himself, will he stay in the border town when he is underage? Shen Chi’s parents have no heart.

[Strawberry Melaleuca] The cub’s aunt still has the face come out for an interview, I just want to ask if the 13 thousand borrowed has been paid back. It’s not a big amount but it’s a hard earned money.

[Blueberry Pudding] A talented person like Shen Chi is said to have fallen in games, and is e-sports inferior?

As soon as Liu Xiaodong’s article came out, Qin Bai Wen’s first professional players reposted one after another, and the major e-sports newspapers made their voices. The Chinese e-sports players claim it was false report

Immediately after, Shen Chi’s high school classmates also posted real-name posts, and the hot search exploded the whole network.

[Shi Liang] I am a high school classmate of Shen Chi. I am now a student of Yancheng Normal University. I know there is no need to mention it, but if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even be able to pass the college entrance examination. Shen Chi looked cold, but he did not dare to ignore me when I encountered campus violence. He helped me. I still participated in class activities. I was not afraid of delaying my review and letting me go to class during the winter vacation. I don’t know how to tell everyone. Believe me he is a good person

Looking at the last sentence, Lan Heng could imagine that the people in front of him must be crying in a hurry. This article also completely reversed the public opinion. In less than half an hour, there were tens of thousands of replies. .

【Kiwi】I believe

【Ovaltine】I believe

【Youlan Latte】I believe it too

Under the pressure of the public, the “Yancheng Daily” immediately issued an apology statement, but the reporter avoided talking about it.

The result of this evasive action can’t satisfy angry netizens. Some people started to pick up the Shen family. After picking it up, they found that Ji Shu, who was praised to heaven, just got a double degree in Yan University and Shen Chi was the real student of Yan University.

[Figs] Yan’s politics and law, can’t you say it? Politics and law students are here, don’t go back to school if you have the ability

【Broccoli】As far as I know, the difference between Yan politics and Yan University is 60 to 70 points. It is better to be a good child in Shen’s family for a long time than Shen Chi

[Parsnip] Shen’s family is also quite problematic. If you give 600,000 yuan, how can Shen Chi live in a cheap rental house?

[Catfish] No one forced the Shen family to give it, but if you didn’t give it, you would be suspicious. Mrs. Shen also went to an interview and said on TV that the child was carrying a huge amount of money and it would be dangerous for him. Didn’t you think?

More and more people questioned the Shen family’s show-making activities and Mrs. Shen at the banquet also heard the discussion behind it.

Mrs. Shen, dressed in expensive, high-definition clothes frowned.She just didn’t want to let people say that she had not given six hundred thousand yuan. She didn’t think this was complicated at all. She was completely a mean person .

She knew Shen Chi’s temperament, and she knew he would not speak up, and took a sip of the red wine to explain: “It’s not that I didn’t give the money, but my assistant forgot to turn it.”


The car stopped at the TTL base port ‌.

“Yancheng Day report apologized.” Ah Pei carefully asked Yan Xue Xiao who was sitting in the car, “What should the reporter do?”

Yan Xue Xiao emotionlessly said, “Persuade him to change career.”

Ah Pei heard the implication. Of course, the persuasion could not be persuaded by the industry. It could only be blocked by the industry. He originally suppressed the news and was going to let it go. It turned out that he was only afraid that the teenager would be harmed, so the Shen family was silently sweating.

And the red-haired boy finished today’s training and walked out of the base, turning his head to stare at Lan Heng, who was also stepping behind him.

Lan Heng had to stop. Shen Chi’s cold temper always makes people forget that he is a child, and he never shows the weak side. As for comfort, there is no way to say anything.

His gaze paused when he looked at the man who hugged Shen Chi next to the car, and the boy rubbed his head on his suit.

In the final analysis, he is still a child who has just turned eighteen. The reason for hiding his emotions is that he can’t change anything even if he vents it. It is only in the presence of his brother that he reveals his youthfulness.

Lan Heng looked at the man curiously. Whether it was Shen Chi’s teacher or classmates they tacitly did not mention the existence of this person. He didn’t know what role this unfamiliar brother played in the boy’s life.

But he thought it must be an irreplaceable position, because only in the face of this man, Shen Chi will lie down like a dog and act like a baby in his arms.




TL: Lan Heng, that is SC’s hubby.

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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    Ah, poor reporter. Truly unfortunate but you stepped on some pretty big toes there. RIP to your career. Might have helped if you apologized under your own power but oh well my cub’s name is now clean. Thank you Liu “biggest TTL anti” Xiaodong for clearing *reads script* the name of TTL’s captain 😂😂 I hope netizens would dig deep and hard about this so that the Shen family would fall 🙂

    Thank you for the chapter translation!! I’m excited for everyone to learn about our cub’s hubby ♥️

  2. Avatar Sofea says:

    That his hubby lan heng, his HUBBY

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