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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Being caught red handed, the teenager wanted to find a place to hide in, but Yan Xue Xiao put down the cake and asked calmly: ” Did you learn how to do it?”

He replied slowly: “Not yet.”

He tried to lower his presence, and slowly moved his hand upwards. Before he could get on the computer, Yan Xue Xiao’s kisses fell all over the place.

“I will teach you.”

Reflected the gasping sound on the screen, his neck was covered with cold kisses and those slender hands helped him to relieve him.

His brain was blank on the spot, but his body responded honestly. He is like a hot fish on the sea, sinking repeatedly into the liquid-stained seabed.


Waking up in the morning, when Shen Chi sat on the bed, he was still blushing when he thought of yesterday’s scenes. It was rare to turn on the phone to read Weibo. The popularity of PCL was much higher than he thought.

The number of followers on his Weibo was originally 100,000, but after winning the championship, it rose to 800,000 in shock. A reporter from a major newspaper asked him for an interview but he refused.

Hearing the cold rejection on the phone, Reporter Wang’s eyes were marked with obvious disappointment.

He is very sensitive to hot spots, and his excellent-looking esports handbook is the topic, and if he remembers correctly, Shen Chi had been picked by the Shen family by mistake.

This piece of news is too attractive. He didn’t want to give up the opportunity to report. He found Mrs.Shen and went to visit: “Hello, I’m a reporter from Yancheng Daily.”

Mrs. Shen wore luxurious clothes: “What’s the matter?”

“I wonder if you have heard of any esports competitions held at the sports center on weekends.” Reporter Wang pushed on his glasses and said, “The captain of the team that won this championship is the kid you took before.”

Mrs. Shen’s face was immediately cold, and when he was about to invite reporter Wang out, Ji Shu softly persuaded, “Shen Chi is quite popular on the Internet.”

Mrs. Shen’s eyebrows tightened, she‌ tried so hard to enter the upper class. She didn’t care whether Shen Chi won the championship, but she couldn’t bear to be thrown away by defective products that would affect the Shen ‌family’s reputation.

After she figured it out, she did not send him away, “What do you want to ask?”

Reporter Wang, who was fidgeting on the sofa said, “Shen Chi is unwilling to accept the interview. Thank you for your cooperation with the interview. I want to know how he was as a child?”

Mrs. Shen’s elegant face showed embarrassment, “I don’t know if I should say it.”

“Just say it.”

Reporter Wang made a record.

“He has been obsessed with playing games since he was a child, and he has spoken coldly to ‌‌me and even the grandma who loves him the most he did not bother seeing for the last time. His temperament can be imagined.”

Mrs. Shen said and shook, “I sent him back to the border town because I couldn’t help him. I wanted his biological parents to teach him well. I didn’t expect this child to think that my child had taken his things, and he felt resentful.”

Reporter Wang had doubts in his mind, he could not contact the young man on Mrs. Shen’s story with the spirited boy on the podium.

As if seeing his doubts, Ji Shu next to ‌ spoke: “You can ask his biological parents.”

At the end of the interview, reporter Wang asked for the contact information of Shen Chi’s parents, and stood up to say goodbye to Mrs. Shen: “Thank you for accepting my interview in your busy schedule. Your son looks very obedient.”

Shen Fu‌ faintly said: “He just went to Yan University.”

Reporter Wang couldn’t help but say that the excellent genes are indeed inherited. He came out of the Shen family’s place and dialed Ji’s dad’s phone.

The one who answered the phone was a female voice, “Who are you looking for?”

Reporter Wang answered politely, “I am a reporter from Yancheng Daily and want to interview Shen Chi’s father.”

“Interview, will there be money?”

Reporter Wang was helpless, “There will be a fixed remuneration.”

“I’m Aunt Shen Chi, what do you want to ask me?” The woman on the phone obviously didn’t have the consciousness of handing over the phone.

Reporter Wang hesitated and said, “I want to know how Shen Chi is in the border town.”

“He is not better than anyone else. He doesn’t go to class all day but only plays games. As his elder, I say two words, and he still hates it. He doesn’t call when we meet and respond with a cold face, and he also mixes with the son of the murderer.”

Aunt Ji gets more and more excited, “His grandfather needs 100,000 yuan for illness, but he only wants to give more than 10,000 yuan. I helped him pack his bags and said that I stole his things. Do you think there is such a cold heart in the world?”

Reporter Wang heard all the answers. He thought it was a story of a young man who was actively struggling. Who would have expected that he was so remote that he would not even want to deal with him.

He sorted out the recording files, and Shen Chi’s interview was published in the newspaper WeChat official account, which was quickly forwarded to Weibo, which attracted heated discussion on the whole network. All of them didn’t expect this promising e-sports player to be like that.

[Emperor Mandarin] If ‌‌one parent doesn’t like him, he can still say that they are biased. If both parents don’t like him, it can only be his own problem‌, I almost became a fan yesterday‌.

[Sugar Candy Orange] It is no wonder that he is not a good student, and he can dye his hair red as a minor, and he will play games by hook or by crook. My conscience says that both parents are not bad to him.

【Shiranui】Essential white-eyed wolf, you haven’t seen his fan’s ‌zi, ‌口‌Mom wants to laugh at me ‌, he even cares about the fans regardless of his parents?

[Xian Palm] I began to sympathize with the kid who was wrongly taken in. Under the educational conditions of the border town, he can still be admitted to Yan University. Don’t say that the child is innocent. In my opinion, Shen Chi is completely stealing.

Even if the hot search is taken down, there are still discussions in the live broadcast room. Yesterday, the young champion who was still in the best position became the object of cynicism.

“I can’t even search for the name. ‌‌”

“The TTL Club is so capable”

“Can you calm your mind and train?”

In the TTL base, the red-haired boy sat in front of the computer and continued to straighten his back training as if he could not see it. He answered the phone and said, “I’m fine.”

He cherishes the hard-earned PCL quota. Training time is only for training, and other things are not important.

He lowered his eyes.

Anyway, he is also used to ‌it.


After writing the manuscript, Xiaodong Liu saw the interview chapter of Yancheng Daily before the hot search was withdrawn. As TTL‌ black powder, he was consciously robbed of the wind and immediately bought a ticket to the northwest provincial capital.

He took a car from the provincial capital to the border city and opened the live software broadcast: “The big chapter may not be too deep. I will take the big intuition and solve the life of the little redhead.”

“You actually went to the border town” ‌

“Black is more affectionate than pink”

“I’m quite curious about this place”

Liu Xiaodong did not want to follow the original report and interview the Ji family. He went to Border Town No. 3 Middle School to interview Shen Chi’s teacher Wang.

The border city is indeed a remote place. Teacher Wang had no idea about the hot search. He heard him ask Shen Chi and introduced with a smile: “Shen Chi, this kid is smart. After listening to the class twice, he will remember , saying that he wants to take the Yan University exam. He really became the top 1 student.”

“Is Shen Chi actually the rank 1?”

“I only know that he led the team to win the PCLP championship”

“Don’t talk about it, he is really smart”

Liu Xiaodong listened more and felt that something was wrong, leading to ask: “Does Shen Chi often skip class and fight at school?”

“Strutting class and fighting?” Teacher Wang appeared confused, “Isn’t this normal? As long as you don’t break the law and commit a crime, you are a good boy.”

“The people of the border town are sturdy”

“It seems that poison was found in an abandoned warehouse not long ago.”

“It’s not easy to survive this kind of place, right”

Liu Xiaodong had to ask: “How are Shen Chi and his biological parents?”

“not good.”

Teacher Wang shakes his head‌.

Liu Xiaodong thought that he did not find the wrong thing. When he was about to ask, Teacher Wang took the initiative to speak: “I’ve never seen parents be so irresponsible in my forty years.”

“The kid moved out, but the thief found that he was hungry and had low blood sugar and fainted in the rental house. The thief had a conscience to send the child to the hospital. Shen Chi’s parents did not ask.”

This is completely different from what Liu Xiaodong heard. He held up the microphone and hesitated in his tone: “I heard that Shen Chi is addicted to playing games. It is natural that his parents are disappointed. It is normal for him to have the money to move out.”

Teacher Wang asked: “From whom did you hear that he is rich?”

“Shen Chi’s aunt said it.”

As soon as Liu Xiaodong’s words fell, he saw the middle school teacher with a good old smile expressing anger: “She still has the face to talk? Who in the border town didn’t know that she wanted to get money when she turned over her suitcase, and the child moved out. ”

“Is this it?”

“Didn’t the interview say that Grandpa Ji was sick? It’s normal for her to be anxious as a daughter but the methods are not glamorous”

“It must be chilling”

“+1, she feel like using Shen Chi as a cash cow‌”

The more ‌time passed in the live broadcast room, the more ‌ the original ‌‌ allegations became uncertain and they began to question the authenticity of the interview.

This time, mother Zhuang, who runs the grocery store couldn’t help but say, “My son is a classmate of Xiao Chi. He said that he was broadcasting games to earn money at that time and he didn’t have much money at all, otherwise he would go to the youth training camp early. ”

A girl from a poor border town, facing the camera for the first time, she was shy and nervous but the tone in her tone was true.

Not to mention that the barrage even Liu Xiaodong listens in a complicated mood.

“I remember SWL Shen Chi sent an invitation. At that time, he refused and said that he didn’t want to fight. Now think about it, it is not that he doesn’t want to fight but he can’t fight. The salary of the youth academy is not comparable to the money earned from live broadcast.”

“Do Shen Chi’s parents have any solutions?”

“Maybe they just think he’s a bad boy”

As if afraid that Liu Xiaodong would not believe him, Teacher Wang took him to the rental house where Shen Chi lived, “You can understand it when you look at it.”

In fact, Liu Xiaodong had already believed in his heart that a man who had to pursue victory by any means, how could he easily give up if he had the opportunity to enter the brigade.

In TTL he needs to work hard to play from PDL to PCL, and the SWL youth academy can be said to be the reserve player of the heaven, and there is a chance to become the main force of the strong team.

He followed Teacher Wang to the house where Shen Chi had lived in the border city. The border city was dilapidated and dim, but the residential building that appeared in front of him was exceptionally dilapidated, and the gray exterior walls resembled the houses of the last century.

“Summer vacation renovation ‌‌ times.” Teacher Wang introduced for while ‌.

“Is it so broken or refurbished?”

“The corridor entrance is full of rubbish”

”I can’t bear to look”

Liu Xiaodong’s mood became more and more complicated. He followed Teacher Wang up to the second floor, ‌ to the end of the corridor, in the last room.

Teacher Wang got the key from Sister Hong to open the room. It was extremely small and cramped. There were stains from the previous year on the walls. Only the french windows were bright, “He lived here before the college entrance examination.”

Liu Xiaodong thought about what Shen Chi’s life in the border town would be like. He probably blamed himself on why he was wrongly taken or fought truant and cursed, but I didn’t think it would be this way.

For the first time, he was distressed by a stranger. He was admitted to Yan University in the rental house here, but what he got was his parents’ slander and reprimand.

“I’m crying ‌”

”Living in this house, can’t you see if he has money or not? Three thousand is already hard enough to earn for him now you can wonder if he had six hundred thousand or he does not.”

“It’s easy to decide, is it?”


TL: Face Slapping sound for everyone who judged the cub. Liu Xiaodong even if you are a black fan you feel sorry for the cub.

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