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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi blushed and retracted his hands, muffled in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms and said,

“Ye Ning was hospitalized with a waist injury. There are only three players in the game, so I haven’t fully figured out how to fight.”

Neither CAM nor Lion are underdogs. Needless to say, CAM is also improving while TTL is improving. The two teams seem to have two mountains on the head of TTL.

But after he finished speaking, he realized that his brother is not good at playing games. If he remembers correctly, he is only a bronze rank. He was about to sit upright and suddenly hear one sentence: “The weakness of human nature is insurmountable.”

He was stunned, he hadn’t looked at the game from this angle, his brain flashed, and he rushed to the study room quickly: “I will go to bed after I finish the game.”

Yan Xue Xiao watched the young man leave and went to the bathroom to loosen his buttons. Some gunshot wounds were looming under his shirt.


In the morning‌, Shen Chi took the car from the base to the sports center. Manager Chen counted the heads. Unexpectedly, Ye Ning was also sitting in the car.

Shen Chi frowned: “Your body can’t play games.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Ning put up his beautiful pigtail again and held the warm wolfberry water in his hand.

The young man still wanted to speak, but Ye Ning sincerely said, “This is the closest I’ve been to the championship.”

Shen Chi was silent when he heard the words. Only at the court did he know how cruel the game was. There can only be one Champion.

He didn’t speak any more.

Playing a closed field can only ensure pain and inflammation and the wound could open which can cause more serious injuries.

Shen Chi closes his eyes and rests, he can only guarantee that he will do his best to win the championship and let TTL win the championship.

The nine o’clock game officially started, and Shengquan noticed that Ye Ning was wearing a medical waistcoat: “It was a TTL player who was injured yesterday.”

Professional players’ injuries are a topic that cannot be circumvented in the e-sports arena. The departure of players is the most regrettable. Even Liu Xiaodong, who has a bad view of TTL, does not make fun of the issue.

The live broadcast room is very worried about Ye Ning’s situation.

“Can the game continue?”

“Actually, so as to let the bench play.”

“TTL has no substitute”

“Alas, such is the fate of a small team”

The game went on in an orderly way, and TTL with injured members did not lose the standard as expected, but hit harder. Sheng Quan guessed that Ye Ning was playing hard.

When the last game was held, the title of the champion was still confusing. CAM ranked first with 393, Lion‌ was seven short and TTL was only nine points behind.

Everyone held their breath, and even the frequency of commentary was low. They swiped the southern corner circle. The team needed to move from north to south. Lion and the injured TTL were on the narrow road by the bridge.

Lan Heng is sitting on the competition bench. He is no stranger to Lion. The scene of being killed by Lion is still vivid. When they qualified last, Lion stood high on the championship podium.

His thoughts were quickly pulled back to the battlefield by the gunshots, Ye Ning suppressed the main force, he and Xu Cheng flanked.

However, Ye Ning’s gun line was not secured for the first time. After a member of Lion fled to the bunker, he had to give up the attack.

Although he feels sorry for Ye Ning, Shengquan still scrupulously abides by his comments: “TTL’s melee combat is much weaker than yesterday’s . The back injury had an impact on the game.”

When the situation was about to reverse, Shen Chi, who was ambushing on the top of the mountain, killed Qin Bai Wen with two shots. Because the main backbone of the team was suddenly killed, Lion’s tight cooperation showed looseness. Xu Cheng used AKM to accurately shoot the Lion players who showed their heads beside the car!

“This Xu Cheng is pretty good too”

“TTL is the configuration for PCL.”

“As a wife fan, I’m very worried”

‌Shengquan originally thought that TTL strength would be reduced, but he did not expect Xu Cheng to take on the task of Ye Ning. He played well in close combat and killed the main Lion player with AKM on his own.

He performed the commentary on the Kitty Cup, and remembered that Xu Cheng’s performance in the Cup was insufficient compared with Late, who had emerged from the competition for the first time.

Not surprisingly, he was just a mediocre anchor, but Xu Cheng exerted his efforts to the limit. He couldn’t reach the peak with all firearms, so he practiced AKM hard. The burst shot just now was an amazing level in PCL. .

Sheng Quan couldn’t help raising his expectations for this team. Yesterday, he thought it would be a team with a firm foothold in PCL, but now he is a strong team prototype.

The TTL group destroyed Lion on the screen, and reached second place, only five ‌ away from the championship!

“How can this team get more and more aggressive”

“PCL is going to be a fierce fight ‌”

” You can’t blow it down, do you want me to review the excellent deeds of a certain puppy team leaning against the circle and hoarding and winning with a hundred bottles of medicine?”

“The brothers in front are discerning people”

Although the live broadcast room has mixed praises and criticisms of TTL, TTL is still steadily clearing the bridgehead, and Shen Chi digs out an AWM from Qin Bai Wen’s box.


“I haven’t seen little Redhead use it yet, but the tattered crossbow has been used many times.”

“Thank you brothers for sending the equipment.”

There are only two teams in the finals, CAM and TTL, and the champion belongs to one of them. Everyone held their breath for fear of breaking the tense picture.

CAM is a conservative team that doesn’t take action easily. Shen Chi lay down in the grass and pondered quietly. Then suddenly he clicked on the small ground icon ‌ and said to the two: “You two shoot Ye Ning.”

Lan Heng understands tacitly, but Liu Xiaodong, the commentator is puzzled: “What is TTL?”

In the next second, he understood ‌, the left corner of the screen only showed the number of survivors, and CAM thought that there were two teams attacking each other.

No one can resist the temptation to sit back and reap the benefits and even CAM, which has always been conservative, can’t help but walk out of the bunker to observe.

But no one would have thought that the originally lively two team fighting would aim their guns at the CAM watching the battle!

“Suddenly understand why it is called Puppy Team ‌”

“The style is a real dog”

“I can’t talk about dogs either, they are too violent.”

CAM is a PCL team that has seen wind and waves after all. It only entered the battle in three seconds. It only takes three seconds to enter the battle. It is precisely these three seconds that are enough to change the war situation.

Ye Ning knocked down one person with SKS, but the other person did not easily break the defense after hiding in the bunker wearing a level 3 helmet.

The young man silently ambushing at the top of the mountain opened the magnification lens and observed with great composure. The world around him seemed to slow down. He controlled his breathing and waited patiently. He caught the moment when the enemy exposed himself from the cover and clicked the mouse to calmly shoot.

AWM shot a headshot!

This shot sealed the victory in advance, they not only won the qualification for TTL to enter the PCL, but also won the PCLP championship.

“Congratulations to TTL for winning the PCLP championship!”

Accompanied by the host’s congratulations, the director pointed the camera at the red-haired boy who had not taken off his headphones. His face was serious and then he laughed gently.

“This laughs!”

“My friend pulled me here. The game said that a famous player is a good thief. I was still thinking about how good it would be ‌, and it’s also good at close range ‌‌”

“With this face, I declare that I am a TTL fan!”

Liu Xiaodong looked annoyedly at the screen, feeling his face slapped. He did not expect TTL to enter the PCL as a champion and Shengquan’s eyes showed relief.

Because of TTL, the PCL team broke into PCL and a total of PDL teams entered PCL, especially TTL, Lion, RE and BOX. After the game, the host routinely asked the current champion team, “Is there anything you want to say after winning the championship?”

Ye Ning lowered his head to cover the red eye circles. In the stadium, the eyes of tens of thousands of people turned towards Shen Chi and the boy lowered his eyes and asked, “When will the bonus be issued?”

“The sudden excitement is gone.”

“I declare it is my new wall head ‌”

The host had to finish the game and say to send it out as soon as possible. When the awards were presented, Shengquan walked on the podium and handed the trophy belonging to the champion to Shen Chi’s hands: “Welcome to the world of PCL.”

Shen Chi‌ received the heavy trophy for the captain, and looked at the audience. Yan Xue Xiao, who was in a suit, watched him quietly, his heart beating heavily under his chest.

‌ They met in the past and the present, he accompany him through the lonely coldness, accompanied him through the glory of flowers and accompany him through all the years in the future.


After the game, TTL went to the hospital as a group. The doctor said with Ye Ning’s re-shooting film: “The waist wound is slightly enlarged and requires immediate minimally invasive surgery. Get out of bed three times after the operation.”

After knowing the problem, Shen Chi sighed.

TTL held a celebration banquet in the ward, and he was drinking porridge with the joy of winning. He worried that his brother hadn’t eaten at home and let Lan Heng buy more portions.

When the boy returned home carrying the warm porridge, Yan Xue Xiao did not come back, so he went to the study and turned on the computer.

The page on the computer ‌ was left open, and he caught a glimpse of Yan Xue Xiao’s mailbox filled with videos from his fans, and he opened a video.

As soon as he clicked on, the blushing and heart-beating sound came out. The intensity made Shen Chi’s ears red. He just wanted to turn off the video, and suddenly realized that he was an adult, and it was nothing. .

He rightly closed the study room and decided to continue. The two men on the screen were entangled together, and the picture was unsightly. When he had to put it in, the study room suddenly opened, Yan Xue Xiao went into the study with the cake he bought downstairs.

The young man immediately stood up from the chair, and before turning off the screen, he stammered and explained: “I, I’m studying.”


TL: Congratulations to TTL. Still happy that they won.

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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    Aaaah so happy they won but my heart breaks for YN. TTL, it’s time to cannibalize the teams that didn’t meet the PCL cut :’) I was wondering why they made a focus on one of the other team’s ace and when YN got injured, I immediately realized why. I hope everything works out huhu

    Thank you for the translation! Looking forward to TTL’s changes. So proud of Xu Cheng and how far he’s come since he was introduced. And our pup needs to study diligently 😀

  2. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

    Thanks for the update 💕

  3. Avatar Sofea says:

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    Ahhh they won! Happy for the cub. Poor YN,I hope he will get better and will stay on the team.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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