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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi’s white ears turned red and when Yan Xue Xiao noticed that he was distracted, he bit his mouth gently.

He threw himself into the kiss and the warm body fluid exchanged between his lips and teeth, gave him an inappropriate thought.

The medicine is bitter.


PCLP was held at Yancheng Sports Center on Saturday. There was a problem with the coordination of the competition venue. The original three-day competition was reduced to two days on the weekend, becoming nine games a day.

‌ The nine rounds of the game is a lot of pressure for the older players. Shen Chi packed chocolate into his backpack to supplement calories.

The sports center can accommodate tens of thousands of people to watch the games together and the audience is filled with people from all over the country, holding signs to support the teams.

The contestants enter the arena in groups, and TTL enters the arena. Lan Heng did not dare to look out of the audience: “Will some fans come?”

There are millions of spectators in the live broadcast room, and there are many spectators who only watch PCL. Their popularity is far higher than that of PDL games that not many people watch

“I haven’t seen this team very much”

“The new team that just came up from the PDL”

“Then not many fans are normal”

Although the popularity of the team is closely related to the strength of the team, the longer the team is established, the more fans will accumulate, and even fans will pull their friends.

Shen Chi, who was walking in front, stopped.

Lan Heng followed the boy’s gaze and the red cheer card in the lower right corner of the stadium was particularly eye-catching.

Different from the wholesale cheer cards on other team shopping software, the cheer card of TTL is hand-painted with a red-haired wolf dog. The brush strokes are so detailed that the hair is visible, so lifelike that it looks like it will rush in the next few seconds.

“This level is good, Yan Meisheng”

“I’m jealous with fans like this”

“Look carefully at the team uniform, there is a little wolf cub with a tail biting”

“Oh, I was turned over by cuteness”

Shen Chi looked at the three people. Zhuang Zhou was holding the card. He said they would come. He suddenly recalled the scene of his first match in the provincial capital.

The boy laughed softly, his amber pupils were dyed with bronzing even the fine eyelashes were golden and the sense of distance on his face disappeared without a trace.

“I’m dead for these eyelashes”

“I need to know his name!”

“Too great”

“I thought you were talking about someone. Isn’t this the little red hair anchor of the kitten? Don’t be fooled by other people’s putting on airs.”

“You’ll know it’s an old emperor penguin.”

Although the emperor penguin’s old audience sneered. There were so many new audiences who could not hold back watching the game and there was a heated discussion about the eighteen-year-old TTL captain.

Liu Xiaodong, who was sitting in the commentary booth, frowned. He didn’t like TTL at all and thought that this face would not be worth it for PCL.

“The competition is always about strength.” Liu Xiaodong patched up, “Training matches cannot be used as a criterion for predicting the results of the competition.”

“How come this argument sounds so familiar”

“He criticized TTL in the weekly newspaper”

“Who doesn’t know that Liu Xiaodong is the number one black fan of TTL”.

The PCLP commentary is jointly hosted by Liu Xiaodong and Fang Shengquan. Fang Shengquan is an old acquaintance of Shen Chi. It can be said that he is a professional player who watched this youth grow from an anchor to sprint into the top league, it is no different from watching his own children.

He looked at the screen and smiled and said, “Isn’t he playing better?”

“Teacher Fang and I have the same filter”

“I am so happy to watch Liu Xiaodong being choked”

“Speak more if you can.”

The first round of the game began at nine o’clock. As the most important pre-season battle, six teams each landed at the jumping point from Northwest Airlines.

“It can be seen that the game is still relatively cautious, there is no situation like PDL grabbing points, BOX took the initiative to withdraw from the fight for P City.” Fang Shengquan commented without delay.

“BOX will turn on the lights throughout this year, and if they cannot enter the PCL they might have to disband.” Liu Xiaodong retorted without mercy.

“BOX: I don’t want face”

“Liu Xiaodong is not good, but what he said is true. There are only six of the six teams that can enter the PCL. Most of the ones who can’t make it are sold as players or the whole team.”

“Don’t talk about BOX, I don’t even like Lion”

The last sentence: No one rebutted. There were six teams in the game, six PDL teams and six PCL teams. The PCL teams were ahead of each other on the line list predicted by each vote.

As expected, the CAM in the airport and Lion in the fishing village are facing transfer pressure and will collide in the wheat field.

“Both teams are famous for their marksmanship, and Qin Bai Wen’s temperament is estimated to be head-on.” Fang Shengquan spoke with his past impressions.

Liu Xiaodong also agrees.

What didn’t surprise him was that Lion changed its style and avoided it, which was an ambush to be exact. CAM was caught off guard by the change of Lion, and three players were lost, and Lion scored three wonderful points at the beginning!

Liu Xiaodong looked at the screen with shock: “Did Lion have a new coach?”

Qin Bai Wen has always been tough in Lion. Even the manager of the team has to accompany the smiley face. Even if he changes to a new coach, he will not easily change his style of play.

“I have seen the cigarette lighter speech in the T1 training match, and he has probably been assimilated by a certain team.”

“This word is very spiritual.”

“I suddenly want to make up this year’s PDL.”

“I have never heard of a new coach.” Fang Shengquan replied, “It may be that Qin Bai Wen wants to try a new style because with the original style of play they can’t make it into the PCL.”

With the development of the competition, the camera moves to the edge of the circle. TTL, as a school aborigine, has great control over the northern circle in theory.

“But this is a situation where there is no difference in strength.” Liu Xiaodong is not optimistic about the team that TTL can get stuck in the circle, “I remember that TTL could lose because they did not manage to get inside the circle.”

“PDL finals, right?”

“Old Yellow Calendar”

“Don’t even say that Liu Xiaodong’s memory is really good”

The school is located on the main road from the fishing village through P City to the center of the circle. If the team can get stuck in the circle, they can get extremely high kill points, but if they can’t, they will be defeated in turn and lose the next initiative.

The first team that tried to enter the lap was RE. The team was racing across the road. Upon seeing this, Fang Shengquan said, “It’s safe to avoid the battle.”

Liu Xiaodong on the side said with disdain: “TTL dare not fight, RE is getting better and better.”

It’s just that as soon as his ‌ sound fell, the player driving the car of RE was swept down, and then Late killed the RE’s striker.

Ye Ning sprayed with tacit cooperation and annihilated the RE team in five minutes, which was enough to show his control over the school.

Fang Shengquan paid close attention to the team of TTL and their performance on the PDL was not satisfactory. The players did not have a bright display. Late’s performance is not as good as the anchor’s stage. It is difficult to get from the PDL line.

The situation was reversed in the training match. TTL’s tactics changed from the original two-two teams to three-plus. The change in tactics’ direction made TTL’s strength completely reborn.

But just as TTL was clearing the battle, a sudden change occurred, and the black shark in City R heard the sound and took away the half-blooded Xu Cheng.

“This is what happens when you rob someone’s territory.”

“The black shark is finally proud.”

“They are”

Fang Shengquan couldn’t help looking at Late. ‌Because it was too late to replenish the medicine, the boy had only half blood and he needed to hold the two Black Sharks offensive for his teammates in the distance.

The young man is holding the SKS. This gun is second only to the air-dropped weapon MK14 in continuous sniper. Perhaps due to the excellent surface, the drop rate of neutron bombs in the new season has increased by 15%.

This means that it is more difficult to control the trajectory. Compared with the anxiety outside the field, the boy’s face is not nervous at all and he starts shooting calmly.

‌The bullet did not miss.

Fang Shengquan heard only the crisp shots then the two members of the Black Shark fell to the ground and the live broadcast room was stunned.

“SKS seems to have no recoil in his hands”

“What is Late’s marksmanship? When is it so good?”

“Little Redhead’s marksmanship is always very good. When the anchor was misunderstood to be using hung up, I thought it was all fake when I saw PDL this year.”

Fang Shengquan shook his head. With his experience in the league commentary, not only did he not regress, but he was even more powerful. It was difficult to reach the top and then improve his marksmanship, but Late did it.

Ye Ning on the same team is not inferior. Under the suppression of the Black Shark Gun|line, he can not only get out of trouble, but also play two. The style of play is not fierce, but it just means that it is just a little over easy to fold.

Fang Shengquan suppressed his worry, and his eyes did not conceal his appreciation for the TTL team. Even Lan Heng, who was easily overlooked, seemed to play a very good role as a person, not competing for highlights, and making silent contributions in the team.

TTL once again extinguished the black shark after the group extinguished the RE. Liu Xiaodong, who had been eloquent, did not say anymore. It is undeniable that TTL is the dark horse in PCLP this year.

He said that the training game really cannot be used as a basis for judging strength. The TTL in the training game did not seem to be doing its best. The focus on tactical running-in made people look down on marksmanship.

Nowadays, each team puts operations in a crucial position, but everyone knows that no marksmanship can’t go far. No one really takes this team nicknamed the Puppy Team into heart.

Especially the PCL team, they only played in the T08 training match, never played against TTL, and was caught off guard because of the strange style of the opponent.

Before the game, he guessed that the PCL team would put the PDL team on the ground, but the result of the game was surprising. Several PCL teams ranked in the middle, and the T1 regulars were in the high position.

“Is the PDL so strong this year?”

“You can understand more by playing with TTL”

“Ranking high? In exchange for bitter tears. ”

“My home team is weak in dealing with stolen heads.”

At the end of the nine games in the afternoon, CAM firmly occupied the first place with 189 points, Lion was second with 178 points, followed by TTL with 169 points.

The red-haired boy looked at the score, took off his headphones and sighed slightly, followed his teammates to leave the game table. Lan Heng said to Ye Ning who was still sitting in his seat, “Let’s go.”

“I can’t stand up anymore.”

Lan Heng Said jokingly: “Isn’t it embarrassing for me to hug you just so you could stand up?”

Ye Ning’s voice was unexpectedly weak: “I really can’t stand up.”

Ye Ning’s tone didn’t seem to be joking, and he felt a bad premonition: “Your waist won’t work, will it?”

He saw Ye Ning get up several times, and thought it was a stiff leg caused by the long training room, so he didn’t care. He didn’t expect it to be an injury.

Shen Chi saw the dense sweat on Ye Ning’s forehead, the light on his face disappeared without a trace, and he immediately dialed the hospital’s phone.

Soon after, the ambulance ‌‌ was at the entrance of the venue. The medical staff carried Ye Ning onto a stretcher. The result of the hospital’s examination was that the lumbar intervertebral disc was protruding. The lumbar muscle was severely strained and needed surgery as soon as possible.

This is undoubtedly a serious blow to TTL. Everyone’s expressions are extremely serious. Shen Chi tries to calm himself as much as possible, at least not expressing his worries.

Lan Heng went to pay the fee. There were only Shen Chi and Ye Ning in the ward. Ye Ning’s lips were pale.

The young man poured a cup of warm water and thought about adding a slice of goji berries.

Ye Ning, who is a minority nationality, always has a weird habit. He will tie his pigtails carefully every day and is more enthusiastic about health preservation than the elderly.

“I said I wouldn’t fight if I couldn’t get into PCL this time.” Ye Ning suddenly said, “It’s not your problem, it’s mine.”

“I can’t fight.” Ye Ning’s back trembled faintly, “I’m old, no, I didn’t plan to fight again.When you found me, I said I still wanted to win the championship, but I’ m sorry I couldn’t send you to PCL.”

“Really Sorry.”

The young man looked at Ye Ning. Ye Ning’s complexion was pale and his hair was messy. He even forgot to tie his pigtails. He handed over the other party’s favorite wolfberry water: “There’s still me.”

Ye Ning stared at the silent amber eyes and made a decision in his heart after receiving the warm water.

Shen Chi doesn’t know Ye Ning’s thoughts. He won’t comfort people. All he can do is to continue to sit in front of the computer and train and prepare for tomorrow’s game over and over again.

‌ Looking at the boy’s usual appearance, Lan Heng and Xu Cheng, who had returned to the base, felt relieved. The anxiety in their hearts gradually disappeared. Unconsciously, the boy truly became the backbone of the team.

Shen Chi trained to return home in the evening. He sat alone in a chair late at night. It was not until this young boy’s brows and eyes showed fatigue, but his mind was on tomorrow’s game.

Yan Xue Xiao, who had just got off work, walked into the door, raised his wrist and glanced at the room, watching the young man still sitting on the chair, squinting his long and narrow eyes.

“It’s already late.”

Shen Chi knew that he should rest, but he couldn’t stop himself . Suddenly, a cold kiss was imprinted on the sensitive back of his neck and kissed all over his skin inch by inch.

The boy was subconsciously immersed in this kiss. Two shirts were loosened, and a hand was inserted under the shirt to pinch his narrow waist. He felt that he was completely controlled by Yan Xue Xiao.

He was very comfortable being kissed, so he unbuttoned the man’s buttons. Who knew that Yan Xue Xiao, who kissed him first, held down his unruly hand: “The kid plays well.”

TL: Oh No Ye Ning. I don’t know how they could compete when they are short of one player. Happy Reading Everyone!

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