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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi embraced him in his familiar arms and looked up to see Yan Xue Xiao’s cold face, suddenly turning gentle. He was lying quietly on his stomach like a dog.

He sent a message of praise to the customer service who sold books late at night. He glanced at Yan Xue xiao on the hospital bed and solemnly wrote a comment on the shopping software:

I haven’t finished reading the content of the book, but I want to accompany the other person with a good gift.


With the idea of ​​earning money to support his brother, Shen Chi came to the training room early in the morning and turned on the live broadcast in front of the computer.

“It’s early today”

“The game will be so hard tomorrow.”

“distressed cub”

“Hey, why is today’s backpack empty?”

The usual training match was tense in rhythm, and there was no moment to relax while sitting on the computer. The atmosphere of the training game the next day was surprisingly relaxed. Even the steady Lion grabbed the airdrop.

Looking at the smoke airdrop not far away, Lan Heng wanted to ask: “Captain, shall I grab it?”

Shen Chi turned on the magnifier: “Don’t grab it.”

“The cub is extraordinarily calm”

“The game has increased the refresh rate of materials, there is no shortage of materials, there is no need to risk airdrops”

“But I really want to see the cub take AWM”

“I haven’t seen the cub used it yet”

Lan Heng knows that his strength is not outstanding, he can only cooperate and completely obey the instructions of Shen Chi in the game, so he pressed ‌ to run to the top of the hill on the east side of the wheat field.

After arriving for cover, he heard shots coming from the mountain. At least three teams fought together. There were many top-ranked teams. Lan Heng thought it was a wise choice not to grab the airdrop.

“Kill mad, kill mad”

“Is PDL celebrating the new year today?”

“Only TTL, are still working hard!”

“I feel very comfortable”

The atmosphere is infectious. Lan Heng couldn’t help but observe the battle in the wheat field on the hillside. The wheat field was full of smoke and fire. Among the three teams fighting for the airdrop, BOX managed to win, and the remaining two players got into the jeep.

Cars are life for professional competitions. Car cover during transfer greatly improves safety. Because the speed of movement is too fast, even if the team is observed, it can only mean sweeping, and it is difficult to form exact pressure.

But Lan Heng never thought that Shen Chi started sweeping the car and hitting the tires!

The two BOX players in the car had to go to the car. Before they had time to throw smoke bombs to cover the retreat, Ye Ning tacitly aimed at the person in the driving position and shot, and the BOX was destroyed after a few seconds.

“have a good trip to BOX”

“Don’t grab the airdrop, just hit the person who grabs the airdrop”

“Cub, cute face”

Lan Heng sympathized with the BOX for a second, but the airdrop equipment was still fragrant, but it was a pity that AWM did not turn up from the box. As a powerful sniper rifle, it only appeared randomly in the airdrop box.

Although the teams were playing in a mess, TTL’s points remained stable and maintained second place. Lion’s captain Qin Bai unexpectedly spoke to Shen Chi during the intermission: “The possibility of TTL entering PCL is not low.”

Qin Bai seldom praises, which means that Lion truly regards TTL as a worthy opponent.

“This is the first team to speak up”

“The diplomacy of the small team has finally taken a small step!”

“Thank you for your encouragement for the cub”

“It’s time to let the e-sports weekly report! Liu Xiaodong come over and listen.”

However, the boy seriously corrected: “The goal is the champion.”

In the face of praise Shen Chi’s appearance doesn’t have any modesty. Lan Heng and the other members beside him looked at the ceiling at the same time, pretending not to hear it.

“Tactical Silence”

“No team wants to make friends?”

“Speaking of which, I heard that several captains of the league praised their good looks and wanted to make friends, but after watching the live broadcast, there was no more.”

“It’s too real”

Shen Chi didn’t feel strange at all, and habitually opened his backpack to fill up his hunger with snacks.

He did not have the habit of eating snacks before. Training consumes a lot of energy. He is hungry faster than usual, and he is prone to low blood sugar if he doesn’t eat.

The boy opened the zipper bag and the bag was empty. Only then did he remember that he had no snacks when he left the hospital today. He went to the building to pick up boiled water.

“It looks like the snacks of the cub are gone.”

“Today is a poor cub”

“The cub really has a lot of weird snacks, even baked dried fish. Every time I watch the live broadcast, I am very hungry.”


Ah Pei entered the office and he observed that no matter how thick the files on the desk are, Yan Xue Xiao can always set aside time to watch the live broadcast on the screen. He cautiously said, “The Shen family wants to see you.”

He didn’t know how the Shen family offended Yan Xue Xiao. After that, he often took care of the Shen family, which directly caused difficulties in business operations.

The man flipped through the documents on the table, his expression unreadable. “Let him wait.”

Father Shen was anxious and brought a valuable gift , but he still got no reply. He stood so long his legs were numb and didn’t dare to leave. Suddenly, he heard a voice inside the room ‌.

“If you set up a new district in the northern suburbs, you can auction the land in advance, and even if you don’t have enough funds, you can sell it.”

He discerned that he was talking with Yan Xue Xiao, and realized that the hidden opportunity made his heart beat violently, so he left without saying goodbye.

Ah Pei caught a glimpse of the disappearing figure, and stopped to ask, “Are you really going to build a new district?”

Yan Xue Xiao hummed.

Ah Pei has deep doubts in his heart. He doesn’t know why he has to tell the news of the New District. The Shen Family, who is in difficulty, will raise money to buy land for profit.

Before he had time to ask, he saw Yan Xue Xiao narrowing his Phoenix eyes: “But it’s not the Northern subs.”

The man continued to review the items on the case, apparently he didn’t take it to heart.

Ah Pei suddenly got over the topic, and if the Shen family took the bait this time, it would not only be difficult to manage but they would also have to carry huge debts. He couldn’t help looking at the back of Father Shen with pity, as if looking at people into the abyss. .

Unknowingly Father Shen hurried home, Mrs. Shen handed the brewed tea to him: “Did you see Yan Xue Xiao?”

Father Shen took a sharp sip of tea, “I haven’t even seen the corner of his clothes.”

Mrs. Shen concealed the disappointment between her brows.

“Although I didn’t see that person.” Father Shen sat on the sofa and said, “I heard a message outside. Don’t tell the public that the government wants to build a new district in the northern suburbs.”

“Is that true?”

“Can Yan’s news be false?” Father Shen said in dissatisfaction. “What do you women know? Boss Wu of Yongcheng said that the development of the new area is a certainty. Everyone guesses the location of the new area. The northern suburbs are a possible place.”

Mrs. Shen lowered her head. Even though she did not intervene in the company, she knew that real estate was not easy to do. In particular, he had a tight cash flow situation. She said carefully: “The real estate development cycle is too long.”

“Of course I know that the cycle is long.” Father Shen explained patiently, “I am short of money to fill the hole. If I get the land ahead of time and then resell it, I will earn more than that little interest money.”

Mrs. Shen is still cautious: “Where does the money for the land come from?”

“The assets are mortgaged.” Father Shen said boldly.

Without waiting for her to speak, Father Shen continued: “Why are you still hesitating about the investment that Yan is optimistic about? The interest company has collapsed.”

Mrs. Shen nodded, and Father Shen wandered about the future: “The news of the new district has been spreading that the land price will be at least doubled, and the interest will be paid at that time. I can move to the villa in the central area.”

Ji Shu, who came from ‌school‌, heard Father Shen’s words, the depression accumulated in his heart suddenly dissipated. He looked at the live broadcast room on his screen.

He and Shen Chi are always different. The money Shen Chi earned from playing games may not be more expensive than his clothes. He still has to look up to him when he is admitted to Yan University.


In TTL’s training base, watching Shen Chi leave his seat, Xu Cheng silently put a large bag of strawberry-flavored jelly on the teenager’s table, while the braided Ye Ning piled on the table a variety of snacks: “I don’t like it anymore.”

“Why would you buy it if you don’t like to eat?” Lan Heng couldn’t help asking.

“The subsidy is not a pity.”

Lan Heng, who did not receive the snack subsidy, wanted to stab him. He could see that all he bought were the snacks that Shen Chi liked to eat, he also offered the chestnut he bought at his own expense.

“It’s all the snacks the cub loves to eat”

“The small team is so good”

“I hope the game will start tomorrow”

”It’s a pity to be disbanded.”

Struggling, Shen Chi on the poverty line held a cup of water to his seat, and saw a table full of snacks. He sat down on a chair to continue training, and after a while, he said thank you very quietly. .

”So quiet”

“Why do I suddenly feel pain?”

“Because he doesn’t often accept the kindness of others, so he doesn’t know how to express it.”

“Mom will also give you a reward to buy snacks”

Shen Chi remembered Yan Xue Xiao’s body sickness. He brought dinner from the base, carrying white porridge when he arrived home.

He saw the coffee table full of small snacks. Yan Xue Xiao sitting on the sofa put the pieces in his hand, as if saying my cub is not poor.

The blood all over his body was warm and wrapped, like a small snack overwhelming the sky. He used to sit on the sofa and rub his red hair on Yan Xue Xiao’s shoulder.

The man rubbed his head with his slender hands. He curled his beautiful eyes and suddenly remembered and asked, “Lan Heng also gave me a lot of snacks. Can I bring him some?”

Yan Xue Xiao nodded gently.

Shen Chi stuffed snacks into his backpack. “The teams wanted to relax before the game. Today’s training game was very easy, but the result was still second. The official results will be much better. I don’t know if I can take the champion.”

After he said ‌, he paused. It seemed that no one was optimistic that TTL could win the championship. When he was about to say another word, he heard a sentence: “I believe.”

The tip of his ears moved and he said shyly: “I’ll win you the championship.”

After dinner, he went to the pantry and poured a cup of warm water, and found the medicine for medical treatment and sat beside Yan Xue Xiao: “Take two pills for white, four pills for capsules and one bottle of oral liquid for each time. ”

Yan Xue Xiao took the pill.

He supervised his brother taking the medicine without blinking, and the boy passed the bottle of oral liquid over. “Guan Shan said oral liquid is more bitter.”

Looking at the man’s beautiful eyebrow, he thought that his brother was afraid of suffering, so he poured a cup of honey water.

“Would you like to try something sweet?”

He remembered Guan Shan’s order so he didn’t add too much honey, and the man beside him frowned even more after drinking the bitter medicine. He carefully handed the cup over, but Yan Xue Xiao hummed but did not answer it.

Instead, he kissed him with a straight face.

TL: Lan Heng doesn’t receive the Snack allowance because the management thinks he is old. I love their team. Happy Reading Everyone! If you notice any mistake don’t hesitate to comment so I could edit it out.

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