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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Ji Shu, who taught himself well, choked. Yan University is not only a good school but also a top school.

But the question is, can he pass it? Even he could not be admitted to Yan University, he did not think that Shen Chi had the possibility of being admitted to Yan University.

Ji Shu regained his senses and said: “Yan University is very difficult to take the exam.”

Shen Chi’s voice is lazy: “It’s okay.”

Ji Shu had an incredible guess in his mind: “Are you admitted to Yan University?”

“Otherwise, why did I come to Yancheng ?” The boy’s tone contained an inexplicable coldness, “Do I really want to ask for money?”

Ji Shu’s face turned pale for a while. The young man has left, and the classmates around him questioned: “Can he be admitted to Yan University?”

There is no such thing as a good student in Shen Chi. He speaks coldly and without mercy, and has red hair that is more flamboyant than anyone else.

Ji Shu also had a question in his mind. He returned to his home, walked into the study alone, closed the door and dialed a long-awaited call.

Daddy Ji’s surprise voice came over the phone: “Xiao Shu? You wait for me to close the stall and find a quiet place.”

After a very quiet period, Ji’s father said incoherently: “It’s been a long time since I talked to you on the phone, and I can’t get through to you. I almost changed my number. How are you doing in Yancheng? ”


Ji Shu lowered his head. Actually, he was not busy and had no time to answer the phone, but he did not want to be associated with the Ji family.

“Be busy, be busy, study more and then sit down in the office.” Dad Ji used barren language to try to get closer, “The university has been in school for more than a month, and I haven’t asked you which university you have been admitted to. ”

Ji Shu wanted to answer Yan’s Political and law, but Dad Ji replied as if he had realized that, “You have a better performance than Shen Chi, and you have transferred to a good school. It must be Yan University.”

Listening to the last sentence, his fingertips were pinched into the cracks, and he did not deny: “Shen Chi… which university did he take the exam?”

“He is not as good as you.” Dad Ji’s tone was helpless. “When he first came to the border town, he couldn’t even go to school. At a young age, he said he could remember a word. Now, the parents, the teacher, don’t dare to control him.”

Yes, Shen Chi’s poor performance is unlikely to be admitted to Yan University.

Ji Shu slowly relaxes. Shen Chi said that he got admitted to Yan University, but he just relaxed when Dad Ji said on the phone: “However, this child has a lively mind when he plays, and I was shocked when he passed the No.1 examination, and the county also held a banquet for his admittance to the school.”

Ji Shu suddenly raised his head, holding the phone with a ‌ big. ‌ As for the unpleasant squeezing sound, he didn’t think Shen Chi could really be admitted to Yan University as the top scholar.

At this time, he realized that his inferiority complex had never left before, and his proud achievement was also defeated. The school he dreamed of going to he easily managed to get in.

Why can fate be so unbalanced?

Ji Shu bit his lip and hung up the phone, opened the bottom drawer, took out a photo at the bottom of the drawer of Shen Chi sitting down by the french window to play the piano.

If they didn’t get switched, he should be the one who was arrogant, and he should be the one who was admitted to Yan University. He burned the photos completely.


Ding Dong–

Shen Chi stepped out of the elevator and took out the key from his pocket to open the door. There was no one at home.

He cleaned the fresh-keeping box, put the brown sugar pot helmet sent by Yan Shen on the table, and dialed Yan Xue Xiao’s phone: “Brother, when are you coming back?”

The phone was surprisingly quiet, and before he could say that there was a delicious brown sugar pot helmet, he heard a muffled voice saying, “I won’t come back today.”

The young man carefully put away the brown sugar pot helmet, hung up the phone, and heard Guan Shan’s voice faintly, he ran to the Yancheng Civil Hospital without worry.
Yan Xue Xiao was on the bed watching a video. Guan Shan on the other side changed the bottle infusion and sighed”You insisted on eating the cake and get sent to the hospital in the afternoon”

Yan Xuexiao didn’t raise his eyes: “It’s the thought that counts.”

“Be careful, after Shen Chi, you raise him so you should stay until the end.” Guan Shan glanced at the screen on Yan Xue Xiao and asked, “Do you understand the game?”

He is not optimistic about Yan Xue Xiao and Shen Chi being together, not because he is jealous that his friend has found a boyfriend, but because he is seven years older and there is a gap.

Yan Xue Xiao said: “RE plays aggressively and considers playing slowly, while BOX is impatient and suitable for guerrilla attack from the flank.”

A surprise expression appeared on Guan Shan’s face. He knew Yan Xue Xiao was not interested in the game. He understood so deeply because it is something that Shen Chi liked.

This nurse appeared outside the ward: “Doctor, someone is looking for you.”

Guanshan stopped talking and walked out of the ward. Just at the door of the department, he was blocked by a teenager with red hair.

Obviously, the teenager came in a hurry. His thin back fluctuated with the sound of breathing. He hung his cold eyelids and asked, “Is my brother suffering from stomach trouble?”

Guanshan did not cover up for his friend: “He is infused in the ward.”

The young man’s voice dropped: “Is it because…of the cake I made?”

“Little children, don’t think too much.” Guan Shan turned off the topic and walked into the department. “Just help your brother get the medicine, take it after meals twice a day, and avoid irritating food…”

The young man listened silently, remembering every word in his heart.

Shen Chi carried the porridge he bought into the ward, and looked at the man on the bed with his head hanging down. He was almost 18 years old, and he didn’t know how to take care of him.

He put the porridge in the cabinet next to the hospital bed, his drooping eyelashes trembled and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me when you were sick?”

“I don’t want to affect your game.”

Hearing the answer, his heart tightened, and he said with a certain tone: “Next time you must tell me.”

Yan Xue Xiao hummed softly.

Shen Chi carefully divided the medicine he had picked up: “Take three white capsules at a time, and two capsules at a time, but you can only take it after meals.”

The young man learned to take care of him and opened the box containing the porridge. He took a mouthful of the porridge with a spoon, and carefully handed it to Yan Xue Xiao using his lips.

Yan Xue Xiao watched Shen Chi and drank the porridge.

Shen Chi was feeding the porridge mouth by mouth, not knowing whether it was because of the love book. At the beginning, he was embarrassed and disappeared unconsciously. He tried to communicate his life

“We were divided into Group B for Saturday’s game. Six teams are all PCL. We have never played with a PCL team. If we can get into the top six clubs, we can get sponsorship. Now, Lan Heng doesn’t have to worry about going bankrupt. Xu Cheng can send money to his home, and Ye Ning can stay in the team. He always says that he will leave if he can’t get into the PCL.”

Shen Chi realized that Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze stayed on his face, and he subconsciously asked, “What’s the matter?”

“You are very happy in the team.”

He nodded: “Are you happy in the company?”

Yan Xue Xiao squinted his phoenix eyes, and the complexion under the hospital clothes appeared pale: “Unhappy.”

He sits in his current position, flattering him, hating him, and fearing that he will calculate his heart, but the heart is the dirtiest thing.

The young man didn’t seem to be able to comfort him, he was silent, and suddenly raised his head and kissed him, as if to say–

Don’t be unhappy.

He narrowed his eyes: “Happy.”

‌ His heart is dirty, but his Shen Chi is clean.

TL: Haissst YXX started from a pure college young man turning into a darkened character but this is life. I’m just glad they both have each other. Happy Reading Everyone!

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