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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi closed the door and was about to untie his apron. Yan Xue Xiao’s hand fell on his back, the knot was tight but was slowly untied by his fingertips. He still felt the touch through the clothing on his skin.

The hands seemed to move down the waistline, as if there was a pressing sensation. He stammered and said, “I’m going back to the bedroom.”

When he slowly walked out of the bedroom, Yan Xue Xiao went to work, and there was a freshly baked strawberry cake on the table.

He took a small spoon and took a bite. The soft and dense cake was mixed with fresh strawberry diced. The taste was sweet and sour. It was the strawberry cake he had eaten.

The boy’s beautiful eyes were bent, and he treasured the unfinished cakes into the crisper. Shen Chi took them out to the base and put them in the refrigerator. As soon as he boarded the live broadcast, the barrage poured out.

“Did you take the express delivery yesterday?”

“The front is too subtle”

“Is the cub’s waist still okay?”

“What did you buy? Tell mother!”

Shen Chi’s hand that clicked the mouse stopped: “I bought a book.”

“Just a book?”

“It’s a pity”

“I reviewed myself and thought about it all night, and I also wanted to pass the film to the cubs, to the daughter-in-law in my mind”

“Is it a love book?”

Seeing a barrage behind ‌, the boy’s ears ‌ were consciously flushed. Although he lowered the brim of his hat with a cold face, he could not hide from the eyes of ‌ Live Broadcast ‌.

“Ah ah ah ah love book!”

“Oh, mother’s cub is so innocent”

“Worry about cub, right”

Lan Heng took the newspaper and sat down beside Shen Chi. What he saw was the discussion on the screen. He watched the young man focus on training and thought that his fans had a lot of thoughts. Sometimes they fell asleep after training so they don’t have the time to think about love.

The young man’s vision was keen and he changed the subject: “Saturday’s group came out. The other three teams are Lion, Black Shark and CAM.”

TTL’s luck in grouping has always been ‌‌lucky, but according to conscience, this grouping can be said to be a small competition among the four groups. Lion ‌ s and The black sharks are all teams from PDL, and only CAM is the PCL team. .

The strength of the PCL team and the PDL team are in the same place. The PDL champion Lion ranked last in the T08 training match. Even if TTL is ranked second in the second T1 training match, no one is thinking that TTL can enter PCL.

As a famous black fan, Liu Xiaodong even criticized innuendo in the newspaper:”Training competition can be used as the basis for judging strength, and teams with clear recognition are all exercising new tactics. The pursuit of training competition results is different from putting the cart before the horse.”

[tl:Black fan is also called Anti-fan]

Lan Heng‌‌ to turn to an article in the new issue of “E-Sports Weekly” to ease the tension of weekend games.

The writer is a newcomer named Jian Zhu: “The training competition can be used as a basis for judging the strength, but the leaves fall and the world falls. TTL, as a newly established team, breaks through from PDL. The last time such a team won the spring championship, UA, whose style is younger and more changeable than UA, is the rising star of the league.”

‌The whole text is full of beautiful words, and he also refutes Liu Xiaodong’s point of view in four or two ways, which made Lang Heng boast.

If the club has money, he suspects that Manager Chen has bought marketing. He showed the article to Shen Chi: “There is still someone with a unique eye.”

However, the boy glanced at the name at the end: “My classmate.”

Lan Heng:………… Dare to have someone in the E-sports Weekly

He finally understands the meaning of studying at a top university. With contacts there, classmates will become the backbone of the industry. When he wants to read it again, he hears the cold voice of a teenager: “Training.”

Lan Heng immediately put down the newspaper and put on the headphones to enter the game. He admired Shen Chi for always insisting on training, and not being affected by any foreign objects which also infected them into working hard.


Ji Shu sat in the classroom of Yan University since he was admitted for a double degree. He completely walked out of the shadow of failing in the college entrance examination and returned to Yan’s political science and law.

After passing through Huating, the classmate recognized the red-haired boy on the road and asked in a low voice: “Then, is it your poor relative who came to ask for money?”

The teenager who had just finished training and was preparing to go home was particularly sensitive to hearing. He stopped and turned to his head. The red hair set off the fair complexion, and his mixed-blood eyebrows showed openness.

Looking at this face, Ji Shu panicked for a moment. It was obvious that it was Shen Chi who sent him back to the border town, but the publicity on his face was not weakened by half, but more wanton. He even felt that he was shorter.

But he was the one who had low self-esteem since a long time ago and dared to look up at Shen Chi. He has an excellent education and a wealthy family. It is Shen Chi who deserves low self-esteem.

The boy lowered his eyes and asked, “Poor relatives?”

“If this sentence makes you happy, I apologize.” Ji Shu looked at his classmate, “Being poor is something difficult to talk about. You need not be too sensitive.”

The young man raised his thin eyes. He was not interested in talking. With Mrs. Shen’s temperament, he would probably say that he was dependent on the Shen family, so he turned and left.

“I am very happy for you to come to Yancheng from a border town, but this society cannot do anything without academic qualifications. With your diploma, you can only take the dishes and deliver them. I was admitted to Yan Law school and I even got a double degree from Yancheng University. The circle of contact is your imagination.” Ji Shugao persuaded him, “You should go back to the border town to take a test for a school.”

The boy stopped: “Does Yan University count?”

TL: I hate how Ji Shu became arrogant, it’s not good for someone to step on someone just to look amazing. Happy Reading Everyone! Tell me what you think of this chapter.

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