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Old Book

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi heard Yan Xue Xiao laugh very lightly, and then a hand fell on his head and rubbed it: “What kind of blind date do children want?”

He lowered his head and covered his hot face. Whether in the border town or in Yancheng, he was still a child in Yan Xue Xiao’s mind. He could only keep everything concealed in his heart.

The boy closed his eyes while lying in bed. What he should do now was to lead TTL to break through the PCLP but the sourness in his chest was still lingering and he touched his empty wrist. ‌

He went to the base for training on time and they did not conduct training games during the day. But jumped to the school in qualifying and was familiar with the school’s terrain.

“How about school today?”

“Is it fixed in position?”

“There are black sharks that are not easy to hold”

“On the one hand, it’s not easy to take it,and jumping itself is not good. There is about one school circle in one hundred and the surrounding teams are more likely to get stuck in the neck, but it’s better than the blind tie of PDL.”

TTL trained from morning 8 to afternoon and signed up for the late training competition. And because they robbed the school from the black shark, even if they played all day, they did not dare to relax.

The training match started and Shen Chi wore his headphones, “Try your best.”

Xu Cheng sitting in a chair ‌ has a straight and slightly bowed back. He knows that Shen Chi’s best effort means giving his best and will not allow any mistakes.

The school is located in the center of the map and there is no need to prepare for the second jump. Because the route can be reached. The TTL jumped off the top of the dormitory behind the teaching building and Shen Chi seized the first building with the best view. You can observe the situation of the people coming to the school for the first time.

“The black shark is slow to respond”

“After all, TTL comes prepared”

“Black Shark probably hesitated to attack the building or go directly to the school.”

The dormitory building is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Attacking the building is a thankless task but the school is a fixed jump for the black shark. The black shark did not give up easily.

Shen Chi said to Ye Ning, “I will hand the close combat over to you.”

After that, he entered the interior of the building and opened the double mirror to aim out of the window. The top position of No.1 building is often the line of pulling a gun. Since there is no covering hand, the role of a single gun is mainly to put pressure on the party, so the barrage won’t notice. .

“The young commander should be comfortable.”

“Ye Ning dares to be angry and dare not speak”

“The regiment bully set it up.”

However, no one thought that with the sound of the gunshot, a member of the Black Shark was easily killed, directly disrupting the formation of the Black Shark. Ye Ning seized the opportunity to throw the hand grenade and took another person in front of Building No. 6!

“I feel that the cooperation is getting better and better”

“Are they going to steal the school?”

“You won’t be defenseless, right?”

Not only did the barrage think, but even the Black Sharks thought it too. They were in Group A with TTL in the PDL finals. For example, only in terms of strength, TTL is almost a low-class team, and they don’t think TTL can compete for the school qualifications.

When the second round started, everyone in the Black Shark was energized. Unfortunately,they did not land as fast as TTL and failed again in the attack.

TTL’s team looked like they got eyes everywhere, only the gunshot in Building On hit, they all shivered. That meant that they brought another team member to die, even if they were handling Ye Ning in close combat, they couldn’t help but feel bad.

At the end of a week’s training match, they attached great importance to TTL‌ compared with PDL. The changes can be said to be advancing by leaps and bounds and they had to reluctantly give up their school places.

While sitting in front of the computer, Shen Chi watched the black shark jump into R City and finally relaxed his grip on the mouse. He raised his eyebrows at the screen, his amber pupils were shining with broken light, and did not conceal his ostentation.

“Finally got it!”

“Can you call it rob or take it? thank the brothers for their enthusiasm and humility. We will definitely take a good look at the school.”

“The school does not belong to the S-class jump but also belongs to the A-class jump. Winning the fixed jump can guarantee a relatively stable result. I look forward to PDLP next week.”

“Has the small team risen up! When I went to PDL, I didn’t raise the light card, lest I take it out and be beaten by BOX fans. I once brought the brightest light card in the audience.”

“Although black shark fans are watching you”

When the day’s training match ended, although the black sharks had been competing for the school for a whole week, the total points were at the bottom, but everyone was relieved that they had successfully won the school.

Lan Heng is calculating what to cook for supper and caught a glimpse of Shen Chi looking solemn: “Next week, thursday.”

“It’s the fourteenth.” Lan Heng felt a little nervous.

Shen Chi rarely frowned. Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look at the teenager. Even the most calm Xu Cheng could not help but feel a deep anxiety, “Isn’t it the end of the month?”.

Lan Heng has never seen his team leader and deputy tangled. He suppressed the panic and said, “If there is something, let’s solve it together.”

Shen Chi finally raised his head.

What everyone didn’t expect was that the teenager’s tone was entangled and asked, “What is good for birthday gifts?”

When Lan Heng heard that there was a situation because of their captain’s temperament, they did not expect it is about giving gifts. Most of the time they would rush to train. He patted the boy’s shoulder clearly. : “Emptying the shopping cart is the most practical.”

The cub pushed Lan Heng’s hand.

Lan Heng: …………


When Shen Chi arrived in Huating from the base, the light in the study was on. He pushed open the open door of the study and Yan Xue Xiao was sitting at the table wearing gold-rimmed glasses to read the report.

He organized the words in his heart and said calmly, “Can I borrow your shopping account?”

Yan Xue Xiao glanced at him lightly and sent an account.

He heaved a sigh of relief and logged on to the computer next to him. Although he didn’t know how much it would cost to empty the shopping cart, his monthly salary plus the competition bonus was more than 30,000. Emptying the shopping cart should be no problem.

His brother uses a Meiya account and the content of the shopping cart displayed on the account is zero. The boy was taken aback for a moment and asked, “Why is your shopping cart empty?”

Yan Xuexiao narrowed her narrow eyes: “If I like it, I buy it.”

Shen Chi silently remembered the shopping cart that was almost full on his mobile phone, thinking that it was no wonder his brother spent so fast. The original planned birthday gift was broken and he could only forget about it.

He didn’t want to come out after thinking for a long time. He got the nerve to open Yan Xue Xiao’s shopping records, almost all of them are philosophy books, but now there is nothing displayed in his study.

He squeezed the mouse subconsciously until he saw other items, such as nuts, milk, plain jelly… and even familiar quilts.

These are all things from the little shop for raising cubs.

His memory was pulled back a year ago, when the shop appeared after he was admitted to the hospital due to anemia. Even if he no longer needs it now, it is undoubtedly a fairy tale existence for him who was in poverty at the time. One dollar he‌ can buy a box full of small snacks.

When Yan Xue Xiao disappeared, the owner also disappeared.

He was fortunate that he didn’t sink in a stagnant pool in the border town, but there was so much luck. All the luck was Yan Xue Xiao. At the beginning, Yan Xue Xiao’s hand pulled him out of the darkness.

His restrained heartbeat sounded again, and he heard his own voice with a nasal sound, “Why did you open a cub raising shop?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s hand flipping the book paused, “I don’t want you to be burdened.”

Shen Chi’s eyes were slightly red and he hurriedly lowered his head. His fiercely beating heart seemed to be covered by overwhelming tenderness.

He didn’t know why Yan Xue Xiao was so good. He is his favorite child and he would act like a baby without knowing it.

“I’m going back to the bedroom.”

When the boy finished speaking, he quickly went out of the study. Because he was afraid that he couldn’t restrain himself in the next second. He went back to his room and opened a locked cabinet by the bed with a key.

with a click——

The cabinet door opened.

The noodle boxes are something he brought from the border town. After the college entrance examination, all his things from Yan Xue Xiao were sealed in the boxes. It was the past he did not want to face and it was also his most precious property.

The box‌ not only contained the stub of his ticket to the United States, secretly taken photos and even the test papers that Yan Xue Xiao had corrected for him. He is not willing to throw it away.

There is also a red string.

His eyes fell on the old red rope. When he picked it up, the phone suddenly rang and Zhuang Man’s voice came from the phone. “I’m returning the book to the library. You can borrow it directly.”

The boy turned his gaze to the “Philosophy of Existence” by Jaspers at the bottom of the box and the pages of the book accumulated dust because of the long-term storing: “No, my brother gave me a copy.”

“No wonder you read this book.”

He lowered his eyes and responded.

This book is what Yan Xue Xiao left behind when he left the border town. When his brother disappeared, he even thought that there would be a few words in the book, and he also consulted Zhuang Man about the whole book. But philosophy is only philosophy and his brother is just an unspeakable secret love.

Hearing his answer, there was a moment of silence on the phone: “Jaspers is a German existential philosopher. When the book was written, his imprisoned partner once said that ‘if I lose you’–”

“All my philosophy will be meaningless.”

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