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Open Mic

Looking at the reply on the phone, Shen Chi was lost in thought, not sure if it was good or not. When he wanted to ask again, he received a message.

[Yan Xue Xiao] I’ll read a book.

He is embarrassed to bother, but when he was lying in bed, he thought about this problem all night and didn’t understand it.


At seven o’clock in the morning, the street office horn rang earlier than usual, and Shen Chi went out on time with a block of fried dough sticks in his mouth.

The side town is better than the capital because there is no traffic jam. There are no cars on the road. At most, tractors from the countryside can cross the road slowly.

He ate the fried dough sticks and went into the Internet cafe, boarded the live broadcast, and Ruan Yan sent a message.

[Ruan Yan] Yesterday, I saw that your computer is an old 21-inch display. It is not convenient to rotate the viewing angle in the game. I recommend a 24-inch TA display. It is recommended to buy a big-brand display. It is definitely not expensive for you.

[Asia’s No.1 Gun God] Internet cafe’s computer

[Ruan Yan] Why are you broadcasting live in the Internet cafe?

Shen Chi typed on the keyboard.

[Asia’s No.1 Gun God] I can’t afford a computer

Probably in this era, it is very strange that a family cannot afford a computer. Ruan Yan didn’t send another message.

The boy lowered his eyes.

Kitten Live signed the anchor for a monthly guarantee of 3,000 yuan, but the contract conditions are very demanding, and only if you are concerned about 5,000 yuan, you can apply.

His current live broadcast room only has a thousand followers, but if he can successfully sign a contract, he should be able to save himself to buy a computer, right?

He clenched the mouse in his hand and turned on the live broadcast.

“Good morning Late!”

“Are you still not using the microphone today? Curious about Late’s voice”

“I want to hear it too! It must be cool”

“If the microphone is turned on, the popularity will be higher.”

Shen Chi has never been nervous when playing games. , But sitting in front of the computer alone, facing the barrage that is getting louder and louder, for the first time he was a little nervous.

He clicked on WeChat and sent a message for no reason.

[Shen Chi] I started broadcasting


Princeton University, office.

“I didn’t expect you to finish the first draft so soon, and others are still in the topic selection stage.” The tutor gave his opinion, “However, the mainstream in the British and American academic circles is analytical philosophy.”

“You choose the fusion of analytical philosophy and continental philosophy to write . It is conducive to publication, and the division between the two is obvious. Are you sure you want to write it down?”

Faced with his doubts, the young man calmly said: “The division is history rather than reality.”

He was startled, not knowing how to refute. Modern philosophy is indeed facing the problem of a realistic way out, and all schools are contending, and integration may not be a way out.

At this time, the young man just bowed slightly: “Thank you for your opinion.”

Heine couldn’t help but look at his students. He had served in the school for ten years. Among all the students he taught, Yan impressed him the most.

This young man from the far east puts all his thoughts on philosophy, but he can’t make mistakes in his life. He guessed that he was strictly educated and his family background should be unusual.

“Then write it like that.” Heine didn’t insist on his own point of view anymore, and got up from his chair. “Today is Friday. I’m going to watch a hockey game with my wife. You should take a break, too.” The

two said to the office. When walking away, Heine asked casually: “Have you ever thought about what your future partner will be like?”

Yan Xue Xiao replied, “I haven’t thought about it.”

(TL:Means a Celibate:Abstaining from sexual relations.)

Yan Xue Xiao did not refute.

He returned to the dormitory and sat at his desk. When he was about to continue writing the paper, an unread message appeared on the screen of his phone.

[Shen Chi] I started broadcasting.

Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze paused, and he clicked on the live broadcast.


Half of the game time passed, and there were only forty survivors in the upper left corner. In order to force people on the field to move, the area inside the poison ring kept shrinking.

Shen Chi mounted a gun on the edge of the poison ring, and silently sniped the people who entered the ring.

“Fourteen killed”

“The first time I watched a quiet live broadcast room”

“Me too”

“It seems that Late doesn’t like to talk, sigh.”

Shen Chi didn’t seem to see the barrage, and still played the game silently. Until he saw a live room prompt, his action of opening the camera stopped.

“Yan Xue Xiao enters your live broadcast room”

The red-haired boy seemed to have made a lot of determination, took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled and turned on the microphone.

The first time he opened the microphone, he was not familiar yet, and he greeted in a jerky voice: “Hello, everyone, I am Late.”

Even if the microphone is noisy, it still can’t cover up the boy’s clear voice. The live broadcast room was quiet for a while, the barrage was overwhelming.

“Is this a teenager! It doesn’t feel like an adult yet?”

“Ah, this little tail trembles and my heart will melt.”

“Well, don’t stop me from being a fan.”

“It’s a cute cub!” The

A daze flashed in the boy’s eyes, and he added cautiously: “The way I speak easily offend people, everyone forgive me.”

“How come?”

“I love to listen to what you say”


Shen Chi hung at ease. After he got down, he re-entered the game and found that the poison ring was brushed at the location of the nuclear power plant, a full kilometer away from him, and he needed to run to the safe area inside the poison ring immediately.


“I didn’t see the car all the way, so I just ran.”

“The more the poison ring goes to the back, the higher the damage. I only picked up three medical kits, and I was worried that I would not be able to run.”

Shen Chi ran to the safe area. After the last medicine pack was used up, he finally ran to the edge of the poison circle. His blood volume no longer dropped, but only a thin layer remained.

At this moment, a bullet passed by his side!

“Unexpectedly, there was someone in front of the house.”

“It’s over. Cub was found.”

“The opposite seems to be the popular anchor recently.”

Shen Chi calmly opened his backpack. He didn’t collect many medical kits in this round, but there were a lot of thrown objects. , There are three hand|thunders and two smoke|mist bombs.

He threw two smoke|mist bombs in front of him, and the white smoke instantly diffused to cover his whereabouts.

“Fortunately, there are smoke|mist bombs.”

”   Go and go.”

“I’m so nervous to watch.”

But Shen Chi didn’t think about it. Instead, he walked under the cover of the smoke to the tree and observed the people in the house.

“You won’t try to attack, right?”

“Remaining blood, no matter how good marksmanship is.”

“I came back from the live broadcast room next door. The house is really free. Marksmanship is one of the best in the anchor zone. It is recommended that you stay away.”

After confirming the opponent’s position in the house, Shen Chi threw a hand|thunder at the house, smashed the window and threw it into the house.

The movements are extremely fast, one after another.

The other party probably didn’t expect that he didn’t run but chose to attack. The action was half a beat, and the slow half beat directly determined life and death, and the originally safe house suddenly became a sea of ​​flames.

Kill information is displayed on the screen.

“You killed Renduo with a Fragment Hand|Grenade” The

barrage shook for a while.

“Actually… he won? The other side is Renduo”

“The victory of the Throwing Object Party!”

“I noticed that Late hasn’t spoken anymore”

“Is there nothing to say?”

Shen Chi looked at the barrage and thought for a while, and replied blankly: “The opponent is too stupid.” The audience in the live broadcast room was silent for a while. Before thinking that Late said that it is easy to offend people is still modest, now they realize that he’s really not modest, and most people can.

Only Yan Xue Xiao in front of the computer saw that the microphone on the side of the minimap was silently turned off. He raised his beautiful eyebrows and made a barrage for the first time in his life.

[Yan Xue Xiao] You’re right.

The small microphone quietly…turned on again.

TL: Yan Xue Xiao supporting Shen Chi in little ways is cute.

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