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HC Chapter-37.2

I don't love you

How could the world be so unfair? Why does the week have to be bullied?

Dong Ci not only felt helpless, for a moment, she resented life.

Zhao Qingqing not only plagiarized her work; she also took away her father’s note.

Dong Ci felt impatient, but if she tried to retaliate, she would only be humiliated. Zhao Qingqing went as far as to share this incident on the internet. Many celebrities comforted her and told her to avoid Dong Ci.

Dong Ci finally understood why her talented and kind father always became so strict and tough when it came to pursuing his dreams. All those sufferings, he never shared with them.;

Dong Ci was ruined. She knew that with all the blame put on her, it will become harder and harder for her to walk in this path. As she was being anxious as what to do, Director Wang Shenghua approached her.

“Dong Ci”

The previous seriousness was nowhere to be found in Wang Shenghua. He smiled and grabbed Dong Ci’s hand, and said kindly, “Uncle Wang knows that you were wronged. I always wanted to find an opportunity to help you.”

Dong Ci endured the nausea and didn’t take her hand back from him, “How do you want to help me?”

Wang Shenghua smiled and got closer to her, “This is not the right place to say it, How about this, you come to this address to find me tonight and we will talk in detail.”

If Dong Ci didn’t understand what he was implying, she would be a complete fool. She took her hand out of his grip and said coldly, “Forget it, I don’t want to trouble you.”
“No, It’s no trouble at all!”

Wang Shenghua didn’t give up. He went on with a greasy smile, “Dong Ci, you need know that you cannot get out of this mess without my help. I can also let you take over the design of this drama and even recommend you to other director.”
“You need resources, don’t you? ”

Dong Ci really didn’t expect the serious director to be so perverted in reality. When there was no one in the studio, he took the chance to come over and flirt with her. Dong Ci tried to free her hand, but he pressed it hard and came closer to her face.

“Get out!”

Dong Ci slapped his face and right at that moment, some employees came in. Wang Shenghua’s expression changed and he spoke before Dong Ci could say anything.
“You’re young enough to be my daughter. How dare you think of seducing me. I don’t know how the old Wang* let you into the studio!”
[*if you’re not used to Chinese novel, old is just a respectful way to refer to someone senior (I think). Wang Sheng Hua is just referring to the studio owner, Wang Ming]

“You’re lying!” Dong Ci’s eyes widened. How could a person be so shameless!

She though that she was strong enough, bit she really couldn’t help it after all that happened today. Tears clouded her view as she swept all the things on the table angrily to the ground. She squatted on the ground, crying, “You all are lying.”

The sound of papers rustling was covered by Dong Ci’s cries.

More and more employees came to watch , but none dares to come forward and help Dong Ci. After Zhao Qing Qing came, she even accused her of intentionally destroying things in the office.

The person who ended this farce was Wang Ming. He was the one who recruited Dong Ci and also was the owner of this studio.

Dong Ci thought that Wang Ming would fire her after all that happened. Unexpectedly, He didn’t fire her and even comforted her, saying that she shouldn’t worry about other people and work at ease.

Wang Ming wasn’t an easygoing person, but he seemed to be extremely tolerant towards Dong Ci, to the point that it seemed like he was being cautious with her.

Before Dong Ci could figure out the reason behind Wang Ming’s attitude, a series of event occurred.

The company that initially invested in Wang Sheng Hua withdrew their capital and before he could find a new investor, a series of photos of his extramarital affairs with potential stars and artists were exposed online.

Among all the pictures, the one’s revealing his sexual relationship with Zhao Qing Qing became viral.
As soon as Zhao Qing Qing saw that things were bad for her, she quickly clarified her innocence on the internet and protested that she was being framed. But before anyone could take her side, the evidences of many of her award-winning works being plagiarism of talented newcomers broke out. However, Zhao Qing Qing refused to admit, and even insisted that someone was deliberately framing her.

Everyone thought that she would keep refusing her faults to death, but surprisingly, she confessed everything to the media the second day of the incident. Not only did she admit that she had plagiarized people’s idea, she even took the initiative to clear up Dong Ci’s name and asked someone to return Dong Ci’s notes to her.

Is this the so called ‘God’s Judgement’, the wicked getting the taste of their own medicine?

Dong Ci didn’t believe that all these events were just a coincidence. And after two months of working in the studio, her belief was finally proven right.

After Wang Sheng Hua and Zhao Qing Qing were exposed, they both disappeared from Dong Ci’s life. The studio was finally peaceful and Wang Ming assigned her to new tasks. Everything went smoothly without any occurrence.

Dong Ci’s competence was finally proven. Although she’s not that famous, the attitude of the people in the studio has changed a lot.

Only Wang Ming’s manners sometimes made her puzzled. She was clearly his subordinate, yet Wang Ming always listened to what she had to say and obeys her. Its as if their position had been reversed.

Until one day, when she was getting off from work, she saw Wang Ming and Jing Rong getting into the same car.

Seeing Wang Ming’s respectful attitude towards Jing Rong, she guessed his relationship with Jing Rong immediately. In order to confirm her guess, she looked into the incident of Wang Sheng Hua on her phone and it turned out that the one that had withdrawn all the capital was also connected with Jing Rong.

Everything made sense now. Jing rong sent Wang Ming to recruit her into the studio. He invested in Wang Sheng Hua to cooperate with Wang Ming ‘s studio and assigned Dong Ci to be the costume designer. He even punished everyone who bullied her.

Doubt flashed through Dong Ci’s eyes, wasn’t he the one who was always suppressing her, how come he wanted to help her now?

It was obvious that the two of them were talking, as the car had not moved. After a while, the car window was slowly rolled down and a pale, slender hand holding a cigarette was exposed. The ring on his finger shined in the dim parking lot.

The window was completely rolled down and Dong Ci could vaguely make out Jing Rong’s face under the cloud of smoke. Except when smoking, his thin lips were pressed tightly.

He didn’t speak, only listening to the person next to him.

The cigarette burned out quickly and while he was throwing out the remaining cigarette, as if he was aware of her presence, he quickly tuned to where Dong Ci was standing.

It was the peak time for work and there were so many people between the two of them. Yet, it was Dong Ci who Jing Rong spotted first and astonishment flashed in his eyes.


I don’t know if you guys have read the raw, but there is a lot of ‘flashed in his/her eyes’ in the sentences. I don’t know how I should translate. Should I strictly follow the MTL? Or do you want me to make changes in places that kind of sound awkward? I mean sometimes the MTL is grammartically correct and all that but still sounds weird to me.

Anyways, took her quite a long time to find out. didn’t it? I feel bad for Wang Ming though, think about his situation, having to take care of the Mafia leader’s woman. I mean imagine yourself, being the boss of a studio and out of nowhere a gang leader tells you to take care of his wife or else, he will… RIP Wang Ming.

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  1. Avatar hansora says:

    I think it’s fine if you want to change it. Maybe you could use other synonyms if there were ones that suitable

    Seems like Jing Rong is slowly letting her develop herself even though it’s still under his watch. If he gave Dong Ci a little bit of freedom at the start as well as changed the way he treated her, Dong Ci wouldn’t be so much like a prickling hedgehog

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