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HC Chapter-37.1

I don't love you

Dong ci always had a weak physique with a heightened sensitivity towards pain. The same pain others can tolerate without any complaint felt unbearable to her.
She had the experience of planting a tattoo once and didn’t want to go through that again. But even though she knew that washing tattoo was more painful than planting one, she did not hesitate to make this decision.
If it hurts, then it will.
Dong ci had already experienced the influences and extremity of the mark embedded on her finger, she would rather endure the pain than keep this tattoo.
Jing Rong truly didn’t appear in front of her for many days. Since that day, even the black car that has been following her around has disappeared. Thinking of that night, when Jing Rong had leaned on her shoulders and had whispered to her for the last time, her heart ached for a moment.
Even though Dong ci detests Jing Rong, inexplicably she sometimes feels bad for him.
Although it has nothing to do with love, the mere mention of Jing Rong makes her heart ache with pain, even though she hates him.
Dong ci felt that she can sometimes grasp Jing Rong. This man has been with her since she was a teenager, binding her to himself in a domineering way, yet inadvertently, he always revealed a trace of loneliness.
She realized that he doesn’t understand love because he was never loved.

Just as dong ci was about to go out to remove the tattoo, the studio where she interviewed a few days ago called her and told her that she could report in tomorrow.

It was a renowned studio where costumes for many large-scale famous dramas were designed. One of the artists was even famous for making wedding dresses. Many celebrities asked her to design their wedding attire.

This was exactly the opportunity dong ci was looking for.

Thinking about her lack of experience, she wanted to apply for the position of assistant designer for the time being. She wanted to start from the bottom but didn’t expect the owner of the studio to directly appoint her a designer and let her take over the authority of a crew.
The director of this crew was called Wang Shenghua. He was very well-known and had won many awards for directing TV series. But he was eccentric and stern. His scrupulous and severe behavior sometimes even became outrageous.
Wang Shenghua was going to film an ancient fantasy drama. In terms of costumes, he strived for perfection. He made a lot of demands while working with dong ci and Dong ci took note of them very seriously.
To understand the preferences of the director Wang Shenghua, dong ci even observed the costumes that he had photographed in all the previous TV series before she started designing.
Dong ci’s idea was very novel. She read the notes left by her dad for the design of the costume and added a lot of decorative elements from those notes. she was very confident that this time, her designs will win everyone’s attention.
Sure enough, when the drawings were shown to Wang Shenghua and the actors, he was very satisfied. However, the person he praised was not dong ci but another designer, Zhao Qingqing.
Zhao qinqing was the artist who was very famous for her designs of wedding dresses. When dong ci was drawing, Zhao qingqing came to her many times to pay attention to her progress and constantly praised her for her unique designs
When dong ci was almost finished, Zhao qing qing quickly showed the drawings to the director.
Dong ci became baffled. The design of Zhao qing qing was the same as Dong ci’s, especially the parts she used from her father’s notebook, although the placements were slightly different. But overall, the design looked better than Dong ci’s,
“Director wang, she is plagiarizing my work!” Because of lack of experience, dong ci made the mistake of trusting others too much from the beginning. No one will believe that a newcomer who has no connection, fame, or works to be recognized with can create such a striking work.
“Dong ci, I know that you are very ambitious and want to be famous but you don’t have to copy me you know!?”
Zhao qing qing took dong ci’s drawing and put the two side by side. “Yours is an unfinished design whereas mine is complete. Although I don’t want to make you look bad, anyone with a little professionalism can see which of the two designs is real.”
“Do you think I copied you? I have worked in this field for so long and designed for so many crews, just what could I copy from a newcomer like you?”
Dong ci looked around to see that everyone was convinced of Zhao Qingqing’s story. So she quickly took out her father’s note to prove her innocence. But Zhao qing qing grabbed the notebook and said angrily, “Dong ci, you have crossed the line! How dare you steal my notes!?”
Dong ci finally realized that she won’t be able to defeat Zhao qingqing.
A young assistant who had entered the studio earlier couldn’t stand it anymore. She pulled dong ci aside and whispered, “Dong ci, don’t argue with her. She has a strange relationship with director wang and also knows many stars in the entertainment circle. If you offend her, you won’t be living a good life in the future.”
“But that was really my own design! And My father left me that notebook, I didn’t steal it!”
“I know” the little assistant looked around nervously and whispered in her ear, “Zhao qing qing has suppressed many talented newcomers like this. In fact, most of her award-winning works are not her own!”

So guys, do you thnk Jing Rong gave up pursuing (or we could say torturing, blackmailing) Dong ci?
*laughs drily* Of course not…..

I started translating this novel because it is one my favourites. Though there were some places in the novel I would’ve preferred to be a bit different (like Jing Rong and Dong ci’s first time. I would’ve liked it if Jing Rong waited for her consent a little longer, but then again, Dong ci is really the biggest hedgehog I’ve ever seen. But I hated that part to the point that I wrote my own version of it XD)

And one thing I always felt that was missing in this novel, that was the after incidents of their first time. I like the kinds of novel where the first time of the female lead is a big deal, and the author almost wrote nothing about it!!! Just HOW!!! Our delicate Dong ci getting deflowred by the the ferocious beast Jing Rong, it deserves at least 2 chapters!!! T_T

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that I’m not as good at translating as Zefelina. But I’m trying to improve, so if there are any suggestions you guys would like to give me, I will be honored^^

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  1. hansora says:

    the beginning of this book is so dark, I was shocked the first time I read it. as we know that the MC and the ML would remain together until the end, I wonder how would their relationship develop

    the ML has twisted views, I know it’s due to his upbringing but, I still feel sorry for the MC, she wants to run but she couldn’t

    thank you for your hard work!

    1. Raminisha says:

      Your welcome^^

      I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but I wouldn’t hope for the ending to be really great. I myself have mixed feelings about it. We’ll just have to wait and see, don’t we?

  2. Sone says:

    I gave up on this book becuz I can’t stand the MTL, I think you did a great job, I don’t see any mistake! Take your time even if it’s not daily update, I’ll be waiting patiently. Thank you!

    1. Raminisha says:

      I really appriceate your comment. They give me such an encouragement that nothing can ever give. I really like this novel and one of the reasons I’m translating this because I so want to rant and fangirl over the things I liked or didnt like.


  3. bea says:

    hi!! thanks for continuing to translate this; it’s one of my favorite novels i keep coming back to. i’ve tried reading the mtl but it’s really hard to understand at times. i’m pretty decent at grammar and english writing, so if you need a proofreader/editor, hit me up! i’d love to help out 🙂

    1. Raminisha says:

      Im glad you like it^^
      Thank you, I’ll be fine by myself for now. :3

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