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HC Chapter-38.1

I don't love you


After dong ci took a few steps, she realized that she was acting strange.

She didn’t do anything wrong, so why should she be in such a panic?

She slowed down a little and stopped to recover her own pace. But she was still  not at ease, so she turned and glanced back. It didn’t matter even if Jing rong was still looking at her, but she didn’t expect to meet Jing rong’s line of sight directly.


“lets talk?” Jing rong motioned her to get in.

“what do we have to talk about?”

Dong ci felt suffocated and asked him mockingly, “tell me how are you going to oppress me this time?”

She was turning into a hedgehog again.

Jing rong frowned. Pressing his forehead, he said helplessly,  “I just want to help you”

“by that, do you mean suppress me first, then let me enter a studio under your control? I saw it with my own eyes! Just what do you want Wang Ming to do for you?”

“I thought you would want to know more about Zhao qingqing and wang shenghua.”

Dong ci was taken aback. She frowned and looked at him coldly, “what do you mean by that?”

“my Xiao ci is so smart. So you’ve guessed by seeing me and wang Ming together, didn’t you? I arranged a job for you in this studio and also got someone to look after you. Now tell me, why didn’t you doubt that I might’ve also been the one to set up Zhao qing qing and wang sheng hui to bully you?” Jing rong hooked up his lips with a smile and said slowly, “this might also be one of my strategies.”

“first, find someone to bully you and then be a good person to help you so that you can get a good impression of me.”

“what do you mean?” dong honestly asked him.

She could guess some of the things after seeing Jing rong and wang Ming together, but she never thought that the matter of Zhao qing qing and wang shenghua was also related to him.

“are they really yours?” dong ci bit her lips.

Jing ring leaned his elbow on the car door. He looked at her and laughed slightly, “doesn’t dong ci already have the answer?”

From his expression, dong ci could see that her thoughts were guessed thoroughly by him. In front of him, she was a transparent person, without any privacy at all.

This made her a little annoyed.

“Xiao ci, Im very happy.” Jing rong’s  thin lips curled up slightly. His good mood was obvious.

Zhao qing qing and wang sheng hua’s incident really wasn’t arranged by him.

The reason he invested in wang sheng Hua was to give dong ci the resources she needed. That’s why he asked wang Ming to arrange her to take over the work of the film crew. Its just that he didn’t expect someone would dare to bully his Xiao ci. He almost couldn’t control his violent emotions when he first learned how they bullied dong ci.

He didn’t expect to be caught by doing ci. He even prepared himself to face dong ci’s anger

She thought that she would accuse him of the incident of Zhao qing qing and wang shenghua too, but he didn’t expect she would only suspect him of recruiting her into the studio. His gloomy mood was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Only she could bring her unexpected warmth like this.

“although wang Ming is one of my people, his studio has nothing to do with me. I wont intervene in your work. So you don t need to resign.”

Knowing dong ci, she would definitely resign tomorrow after discovering this, so he explained, “although wang Ming gave you many resources because I asked him to, it was indeed his personal wish to recruit you.”

“he is a very talented person and he appreciated your skills, so I don’t want you to act impulsively and miss this opportunity because of me”

“don’t try to act like a good person, I don’t care about you at all.” Dong ci was planning to resign in her mind, but after hearing Jing rong, she decided to give it a little thought.

It was true that she didn’t need to trouble herself because of Jing rong. Wang Ming was a renowned designer in this field and she could learn a lot form him. If she was to resign like this, she might never find another opportunity like this again.

After their conversation ended, dong ci wanted to get away from Jing rong as quickly as possible.

“don’t try to follow me!”

Dong ci quickened her pace as if to show Jing rong she wasn’t the slightest bit interested in him. She forgot that she was wearing high heels. Getting unsteady on her feet, she threw herself on the ground.

“Xiao ci!” Jing rong told the driver to stop the car and quickly walked over to ding ci to help her up. But being the stubborn person she was, she refused to let him even touch her.

“go away!”

Dong ci felt like she would die from the pain.

The pain on the ankle was severe. She tried to; stand up, but she fell back again. This time, she even managed to scrape some skin of her palms.



Jing rong didn’t let her do things her own way anymore. He picked her up and stuffing her into the car, ordered the driver to start driving. Before dong ci could even take in what was happening, the car was started to make its way to Jing rong’s place.

“let me down, I want to go home!”

Jing rong put her feet on his thighs and gently kneaded the place where she got hurt. “you can go home after tonight”

“what about my mother! I want to get off!!”

“don’t move”

She was being really disobedient. Jing rong frowned and held her rebellious foot. Trying to soften his voice as much as possible, she said “Xiao ci, just go back after staying for one night, I won’t touch you.:”

“no, I want to go home! I don’t want to be with you!”

Jing Rong’s long eyelashes drooped slightly, trying to act pitiful. In a harmless manner, patiently continued to coax her. “But I miss you so much.”


Dong ci was stunned. Her brain stopped working for a few second .then she reacted quickly and said viciously, “but I don’t want to be with you at all!”

After thinking about it, she felt that she should make her point clearer, so she added, “I hate you very much!”


Very difficult to coax!


You might notice many typos and mistakes in today’s chapter, I really hope that you guys will forgive me for this. Three of te buttons of my keyboard stopped working and I used a software to relocate those buttons. But I’m still having a lot of trouble getting used to the changes.

In my crappy mood, I decided to translate another one.


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