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HC Chapter-36.2

I don't love you

When dong ci was walking back home, it had already become dark.

A car went past her and stopped in front of her, blocking her way. Dong ci calmly stopped and turned to go on in another direction.

“So, you don’t want to see me anymore?” a familiar voice sounded from behind and the car door was slammed shut. Clearly, someone was in a bad mood.

Jing rong caught up with her in a few steps. He pulled her shoulders forcefully to make her face him and whispered, “Look at me.”

Before Jing rong could finish, Dong slapped him hard. She raised her head and looked at him fiercely, but her eyes brimmed with tears, red. She said in a subdued voice, “when will you let me go!??”

The strength she put into that slap wasn’t little. Jing rong felt a burning sensation on his cheek and his expression went icy.

“Were you drinking?” Jing rong gently grabbed her trembling little hand and carefully wrapped it around his palm. He sighed, then laughed, but the laughter did not reach his eyes, “It’s the first time for Xiao ci to hit someone.  Look how scared she is, her hands are still shaking.”

“are you scared of me?”

He was a deceitful demon. Although he smiled at her, his eyes looked colder, “Don’t be afraid. Because I love you so much, even if you hit me, I will never fight back.”

“Let me go!”

How could Dong ci ever believe him? She tried to get her hand out of his palm, but the more she struggled,  the more Jing rong’s hold became tighter, as if he wanted to crush her hand. In the end, Dong ci couldn’t bear it anymore and bit his wrist.

“Try biting me again?” Jing rong sneered as if he didn’t feel anything. He stretched out his hand and slowly rubbed her neck. he squeezed her skin hard till Dong ci let go.

“Xiao ci seems to love to bite me every time I lose my temper. It’s really a bad habit.”

Maybe he ran out of patience or he couldn’t maintain his feigned gentleness anymore, Jing rong pressed her on the car and said coldly, “Since I’m your husband, why don’t I help you change it?”

The anger that was repressed for a long time finally erupted. Jing rong pressed her body and kissed her lips fiercely. He bit her mouth till she could taste the blood inside her mouth.

Dong ci cried out as he put his hand into her clothes. Tears flowed down her cheeks and finally Jing Rong noticed the salty taste of her tears. He became stiff and stopped moving.

“Don’t cry.”

Her eyes looked helpless and pitiful, filled with tears. Jing rong’s heart twitched. He raised his hand, wiped her tears away and whispered softly, “Xiao ci, don’t cry.”

At that moment, he regretted his rudeness.

“What should I do for you to let me go?” dong ci turned to avoid his touch. “You keep restraining me everywhere. Because of you, I don’t have friends and I can’t find any work! Do you think I will ever come back to you when you always like this to me?”

“Jing rong, let me tell you, even if I have to die, I will never look back at you!”


“do you really hate me that much?”

This was the most vicious thing dong ci ever said to him. Jing rong’s heart throbbed painfully and it felt so painful that he couldn’t breathe. Still, he couldn’t hurt the person in front of him anymore.

“Im sorry.” It was the first time Jing Rong ever apologized to someone since childhood.

He leaned over and softly enveloped her within a hug. As if he had lost all his strength, he buried his head in her neck and whispered, “I won’t force you anymore. You are free to go.”

Under the desolate moonlight, dong ci pushed him away ruthlessly. She had never looked at him from the beginning to the end, so she didn’t see the sorrow that flashed in his eyes.

Jing rong stared unblinkingly as she left and when her figure disappeared entirely, he looked up at the waning moon. His eyes were slightly squinted, and it was impossible to say whether there were tears in his eyes or it was the reflection of the moonlight.

There were still traces of her bite on his wrist along with the pain. Jing rong slowly stroked the circle of teeth marks with his fingertips and gently kissed the marks with his thin lips, his dark eyes shining.

“Xiao ci.”

He knew that she wasn’t here anymore, but he still called her, with a voice that expressed a lingering and lifelong obsession.

He had a thousand words to say, but in the end, Jing Rong just curled his lips and smiled, coquettish and evil.

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