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HSS 20

Domineering Young Master's Personal Baby 1

The girl leaned back and was held Bai Chen arms. She blushed, a pair of misty beautiful apricot eyes looked at Bai Chen with a touch of affection, and a pair of weak and soft hands clung to the front of Bai Chen’s clothes tightly.

Bai Chen straightened the girl blankly, let go of the hand that was holding the girl’s waist, stepped back, and drew a safe distance between the two.

Xiao doesn’t like him being too close to others.

Bai Chen lowered his eyes to cover the emotion in his eyes.

He really missed Xiao.

“Yan, classmate Yan.” The girl clasped her palms nervously, and stumblingly said, “Thank you, thank you.”

She bowed to Bai Chen, cheeks red and shyly looked at Bai Chen, then turned around and ran away quickly.

Bai Chen didn’t care about the girl. He looked around and found that he was in a garden with a green lawn at his feet and a swing by the side.

He walked to the swing and sat down, with his toes lightly touching the grass, and the swing suddenly took Bai Chen to swing.

Bai Chen: [System, has the last world been sealed?]

Before Bai Chen woke up, he was thrown into the world by the system before he could ask.

System: [Don’t worry, little master, the last world has been sealed, when little master recovers, you can return again.]

Bai Chen looked relaxed, and then habitually flattened his mouth.

It’s going to be a long time, he won’t see Xiao for a very long time.

Just think about it and he feels wronged.

The system didn’t know how to comfort Bai Chen, it was a little nervous thinking about the last world.

When the golden light broke into Bai Chen’s body, the last world suddenly disappeared into the three thousand worlds, and it couldn’t be found no matter how much the system scanned.

The system didn’t dare to tell Bai Chen this news, and could only pin its hopes on that illusory hope.

Bai Chen: [System, data.]

Bai Chen felt wronged for a while, and then he cheered up. He had to do the task well and go back to find Xiao quickly.

The system recovered and quickly sorted out the data of Bai Chen’s body.

After staying in the last world for more than 20 years, the system has absorbed a lot of world energy. Now energy is no longer as scarce as the last world, and the speed of collecting data has also increased a lot.

Bai Chen fingers tapped on the air and looked up carefully.

This body is Yan Yan, the young master of the Yan family, one of the top four families in country Z. He is currently a freshman in Huafu Elite Academy1.

Huafu Elite Academy is the top elite school in Country Z. It has strong teachers and has trained many outstanding heirs and subordinates for the major families in Country Z. Almost all the descendants of the famous families in the country are studying here.

The original owner was a young master of the Yan family, one of the top four families in Country Z, of course is no exception.

Therefore, any student in this school who goes out has a strong background so no one dare to offend.

But there are exceptions.

In order to encourage the children of these elite families to study, the Huafu Elite Academy selects ten students with excellent academic performance from the common people to enroll in the school every year.

In this session, there is a civilian girl named Xuan Lingling, and the wish of the original owner is related to her.

In the data, the original owner, Yan Yan, fell in love with the civilian girl.

Xuan Lingling is pretty. In this school full of handsome men and beauties, her appearance wasn’t lost at all. On the contrary, she is more attractive because of the different characteristics from those wealthy ladies.

Xuan Lingling is a good student with both good character and grade. Apart from studying hard, she often works part-time in various places in the school to subsidize her family.

She is stubborn and strong, like a growing grass, and she is not afraid of power.

She is different from the common people who studied in Huafu Elite Academy, who generally try to please the children of the wealthy family in every way. On the contrary, in the eyes of Xuan Lingling, she is no different from those people. She will stand when they touch her dignity and interests, and will come out to defend herself.

The original owner was attracted by such Xuan Lingling. He fell deeply in love with Xuan Lingling and silently watched out for Xuan Lingling behind her back.

But Xuan Lingling did not accept his feelings, but turned and plunged into the arms of his friend Duan Qin.

Duan Qin, like the original owner, is the young master of the top four families in Z country. Unlike the original owner of the Yan family’s young master, Duan Qin is the only heir designated by the Duan family.

Duan Qin is cold, and few people can walk into his heart. The original owner became Duan Qin’s friend because he grew up with Duan Qin.

The original owner has a gentle personality, and it is rare for his friend to have someone he likes. He naturally blessed his friends and the girls he liked silently.

But what happened after that made him collapse and despair.

Xuan Lingling suddenly detonated the bomb she was carrying during her wedding with Duan Qin, blasting all the guests including herself to pieces.

Although there were only a few hundred people attending the grand wedding, they were all people with important identities.

At that time, Duan Qin had taken over the Duan family and became the head of the Duan family. People from the four major families will naturally come to attend his wedding.

Although the four big families will compete in business, they are all healthy competition. The relationship of the four big families is much better and stronger than what outsiders think. Therefore, the important figures of the four big families were present in Duan Qin’s wedding, including the parents of the original owner and his older brother Yan Lu who has become the head of the Yan family.

Everyone was annihilated at that luxurious and grand wedding.

The original owner was in grief and despair. He didn’t know why Xuan Lingling did that, but he couldn’t forgive Xuan Lingling.

He is stubborn and crazy, wanting to change the fate of everyone, he carries this obsession, his soul is attracted to the system and so he makes a trade with the system.

System: [Little Master, Yan Yan’s wish is to stop falling in love with Xuan Lingling, and to keep Duan Qin away from Xuan Lingling, and to kill her when necessary. He must not repeat the same mistakes and repeat the tragedy.]

Bai Chen: [Hmm.]

This task is not difficult. Just stop Duan Qin from contacting Xuan Lingling and prevent Duan Qin from developing feelings for Xuan Lingling.

Bai Chen’s eyes flashed: [Can the system kill her directly?] Xuan Lingling is the source of the tragedy. As long as Xuan Lingling dies, nothing will happen. He can also go to Qi Xiao because of completing the mission sooner.

Thinking of seeing Qi Xiao soon, Bai Chen’s eyes lit up instantly.

The system was silent, and after a while said: [Yan Yan still has feelings for Xuan Lingling. He didn’t want to see Xuan Lingling die before she threaten anyone’s safety. ]

The light in Bai Chen’s eyes dimmed, he hung his head wrongly.

He pouted and subconsciously wanted Qi Xiao to coax him. He stretched his hand back halfway before realizing that there is no Qi Xiao in this world.

Bai Chen felt wronged: [System, I really want to see Xiao.]

The system feels distressed, but it can’t do anything. It can only coax Bai Chen: [Little Master, as long as we fulfill the wish of the wisher, it will be over soon.]

Bai Chen still wasn’t happy.

He stood up sadly, and walked to the dormitory according to the previous path of the original owner.

It was class time. The original owner was taking a riding and shooting class, but when he went to the bathroom, the faucet suddenly broke and sprayed all over him, so he took time off and went back to the dormitory to change his clothes.

When passing by, Xuan Lingling suddenly ran out of nowhere and bumped him. The original owner saw that Xuan Lingling was about to fall to the ground, and out of courtesy gave her a hand. This was also the original owner and Xuan Lingling’s first encounter.

According to the guidance of the system, Bai Chen returned to the dormitory and changed his clothes before returning to the place of the class.

There is a dedicated venue for the riding and shooting classes of the Huafu Elite Academy. The venue is not inferior to those professional racecourses outside. In order to train students and maintain the safety of students, the horses in the school are selected from a thousand miles, and the horse is carefully maintained everyday by dedicated people.

Of course, students can also bring their own horse to ride in the school’s racecourse, and they can come and run with their horse during riding and shooting classes and during their spare time.

The original owner is riding his own horse in the school’s racecourse.

Bai Chen walked into the racecourse in riding attire and riding boots. The teacher in this class has finished the main points and is letting the students practice freely.

Most of the students here are children of rich families. They are no strangers to riding and shooting. They also have good riding and shooting teachers at home. Therefore, there are not many teachers who can guide them. They usually remind students to pay attention to safety.

Of course, first-class riders are arranged around the racecourse to keep an eye on the situation of the students, just in case.

“AYan, you are finally back.” Zheng Xuanhao put down the bow and arrow in his hand and walked towards Bai Chen. He raised his hand and moved the hair from his forehead to the back of his head, exposing his full forehead, and then shook his arm, “After shooting, my arms are sore, and both AQin and Yiran have finished three laps.”

He said, looking at the two people not far away who were restraining the horses, and patted Bai Chen’s shoulder with one hand, eager to try: “I’m done, but you come back so let’s the four of us have a try. I will definitely not be the last one this time.”

Zheng Xuanhao said enthusiastically, but found that there was no sound from the person next him. When he looked back, he was shocked.

“AYan, what’s wrong with you?”

1: The literal translation is magnificence house noble school (I think Huafu Elite Academy sound better though)

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