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HSS 11

Real and Fake Young Master 11

The movie with a scary atmosphere was seen by the two of them as a weird sweet atmosphere.

Qi Xiao originally planned having fun at the amusement park after the movie, but looking at the exhaustion that unconsciously revealed on Bai Chen’s face, he decisively removed the amusement park plan, and with the sleepy Bai Chen, he returned to the car.

Bai Chen cherishes every minute and every second he spends with Qi Xiao, even if his eyelids are uncontrollable, they keep drooping, but he insists on not letting himself fall asleep.

The system is worried: [Little master, don’t try to be strong, go to sleep.]

Bai Chen: [No, I don’t want to sleep.]

The helpless system: [Little master, your body is important.]

Bai Chen’s grievance: [But I am don’t want to go.]

System: [If the little master is not obedient, I will use force.]

Bai Chen quietly burying himself in Qi Xiao’s arms, silent against the system, but also greedy for Qi Xiao’s scent.

The scent of Qi Xiao always made him feel at ease and content, and Bai Chen liked it very, very much.

“Baby, go to sleep if you’re sleepy.” Qi Xiao watched Bai Chen sleepy but tried to stay awake, distressed. He stretched out his palm and gently patted Bai Chen’s back, like coaxing a child, “I am here, won’t leave, go to sleep, baby.”

Although it was only two days of getting along, Qi Xiao also probably understood why Bai Chen sticks to him. Bai Chen forcing himself to stay awake was probably because of him too.

Because of guessing the reason, Qi Xiao felt even more distressed towards Bai Chen.

He patted Bai Chen’s back again and again, coaxing patiently and gently.

He doesn’t know if it’s because he is too sleepy or because of Qi Xiao’s soothing effect. It didn’t take long for Bai Chen to fall asleep, but he still held Qi Xiao’s clothes tightly in his hands, and Qi Xiao smooth clothes were crumpled.

The system watched Qi Xiao and Bai Chen get along with a complicated sigh.

The car parked steadily outside the Lu Family Mansion, and there was no movement of the people in the car.

After about half an hour, Qi Xiao’s low voice sounded in the car: “Go back.”

Holding the sleeping Bai Chen into the villa, the housekeeper hurriedly greeted him.

“Call Wenxuan and ask him to contact the Lu family.”

Looking at Bai Chen in Qi Xiao’s arms, the butler nodded and stepped back.

It was not until the next night that Bai Chen was urged by mother Lu serious phone call to ask Qi Xiao to send him back to Lu’s house.

When he got off the car, Bai Chen reluctantly held Qi Xiao’s hand, his brows drooping and very aggrieved, “Say yes, you will come and pick me up to school tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Qi Xiao responded with a smile.

“Then, then I go home?” Bai Chen clasped Qi Xiao’s palm, and did not let go.

Qi Xiao was sweet in his heart and also reluctant to let go, but he couldn’t ignore the Lu Family’s wishes and forcibly detain Bai Chen with him, even if Bai Chen was very willing.

He lifted his foot and stepped out of the car and clasped Bai Chen in his arms. His height of over 1.9 meters perfectly covered Bai Chen who was 1.78 meters in height.

The bright and soft moonlight fell on them, beautiful and warm.

This is a couple made in heaven and earth, as if they should be so close by nature.

After a while, Qi Xiao let go of Bai Chen, he lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Bai Chen’s forehead, a deep voice gently penetrated through Bai Chen’s ear, “Good night, baby, I will miss you.”

A word instantly dilutes the perseverance and grievance in Bai Chen’s heart, his eyebrows are bent, his bright eyes are filled with Qi Xiao’s figure, “I will miss you too, good night.”

Bai Chen stood on his tiptoe and kissed the corner of Qi Xiao’s lips.

“Go back, I’ll watch you go in.” Qi Xiao touched Bai Chen’s head.

“No.” Bai Chen raised his head, his tone firm, “Today I want to watch you leave.”

Qi Xiao was taken aback for a moment, and then slowly laughed, very happy, “What a little baby.”

Being praised by Qi Xiao, Bai Chen immediately laughed.

Reluctantly watching Qi Xiao’s car slowly disappear into the night, Bai Chen turned and walked towards the villa gate.


When he walked into the villa, Bai Chen was stunned by the sudden sound. He turned his head to look and saw Mother Lu standing in the dark.

Mother Lu slowly walked out of the darkness, looking at Bai Chen with a complicated expression on her face.

“Mom, I’m back.” Bai Chen greeted Mother Lu obediently.

“Yuanyuan, who is he?” Mother Lu asked after struggling for a while.

“He?” Bai Chen was taken aback, and then a sweet smile appeared on his face. He look at mother Lu and said very seriously, “Mom, that’s the person I like, and I like that person very much.”

His eyes were shining a bright light, even the bright and beautiful moonlight in the sky can’t compare to the bright light in his eyes.

It seems to be his whole world.

Realizing this, the blood in Mother Lu’s body seemed to be solidified, and the early autumn, which was obviously only slightly cool, seemed to make her fall into an ice cave. The evening breeze passed by, Mother Lu body shook.

Her lips were shaking, and it took a long time to find her own voice, “Yuanyuan, he is a man.”

Bai Chen blinked, his eyes puzzled, “I know.”

Knowing you still…

Mother Lu didn’t question him. She thought about the two people who had just embraced outside, and the expression on Bai Chen’s face when he said he liked that man, the kind of happiness that seemed to have the whole world.

Mother Lu closed her eyes, her emotions intertwined in her heart with helpless pity and so on.

Her son fell in love with a man, and this road was too difficult to walk, she couldn’t bear to…

“Mom?” Bai Chen called mother Lu, suspiciously.

Mother Lu recovered, concealed the emotion in her eyes, and took Bai Chen’s hand, “Let’s go in, it’s cold outside.”

Father Lu still works overtime at the company, and only Mother Lu and the housekeeper are at home.

After asking Bai Chen to go back to the room to wash first, mother Lu went to the kitchen to heat a glass of milk.

In the bathroom, Bai Chen soaked in the warm bathtub, sinking himself into the water, leaving only his head exposed.

[System, what happened to Mother Lu?] Bai Chen thought about mother Lu’s expression just now, with a hint of doubt on his face.

The system is helpless. Although the little master is smart, he still doesn’t understand the world much: [Little master, men and men cannot be together in this world.]

Bai Chen was even more puzzled: [Why?]

System: [It an irregularity, hinders the child reproduction system, and more importantly, will be pointed and cursed by the world.]

Bai Chen: [What’s the matter with the world?]

The system was silent, and then called out several tragic endings about men’s love for Bai Chen to review.

Bai Chen looked at the information, his delicate little face slowly sank, an undercurrent surge in his eyes, and a few traces of black mist flashed in his eyes.

[Who dares to stop, I will killed them!] his voice was full of killing intent.

He slowly stood up naked from the bathtub. At the moment when he raised his head, the system clearly saw the black mist surging under Bai Chen’s eyes, and the exquisite and cold face was terrifying like a reborn asura.

The system was shocked, this situation is not good: [Little master!]

Bai Chen turned a deaf ear not listening, the aura on his body became more and more terrifying, the black mist in his eyes had a faint omen like it was ready to rush out.


The glass in the bathroom slowly cracked and fell to the floor.

Countless pieces of glass fell on the ground, making a crisp sound.

[Little Master!] The system yelled and released a burst of dazzling white light to envelop Bai Chen in an instant.

In the white light, the black mist in Bai Chen’s eyes gradually dissipated, he blinked in confusion, and then slowly fell to the ground.

Mother Lu was waiting for Bai Chen in Bai Chen’s room. She looked worriedly at the bathroom from time to time. Suddenly, there was a sound of broken glass, and then there was a bang, and something hit the ground heavily.

Mother Lu panicked, she couldn’t care about anything and immediately got up and rushed to the bathroom.

Bai Chen’s faint figure fell into mother Lu’s eyes.

Bai Chen opened his eyes in a daze and saw a white ceiling.

“Baby! You finally woke up.” A low and hoarse voice rang in Bai Chen’s ears, and then a pair of strong and powerful arms clasped his body tightly and hugged him into his arms.

The familiar touch and breath caused Bai Chen to squinted his eyes indulgently.

“Baby, is there any physical discomfort?” Qi Xiao hugged the person in his arms tightly and pressed the call bell with one hand.

Bai Chen turned his head and looked, and he saw that Qi Xiao, a perfect image of the past had changed, not only were his eyes covered with red bloodshot eyes and beard, but even his complexion was much haggard.

He caressed Qi Xiao’s bloodshot eyes with both hands suspiciously, “What’s wrong with you?”

Qi Xiao stared at Bai Chen, the joy that was lost recovery in his heart, but at the same time the powerlessness, panic, and despair still occupies In his heart.

He suddenly lowered his head, biting Bai Chen’s delicate lips fiercely.

“Hmm.” The sudden pain made Bai Chen groan.

Qi Xiao’s movements did not stop, he reached out his hand to pinch Bai Chen’s chin, and aggressively invaded Bai Chen’s territory, sweeping frantically.

It wasn’t until Bai Chen couldn’t breathe that Qi Xiao withdrew his lips. With a powerful arm, he gripped Bai Chen’s slender waist tightly, and buried his head in Bai Chen’s neck, “Baby, luckily you’re all right.”

T/N: work hard, system! (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

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