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DRNMY Chapter 9

Agent's invitation

Chapter 9… Agent’s Invitation


Upon hearing the voice on the phone, Ji Cheng’s attention was finally drawn back. Looking at the caller’s name, his voice immediately cooled down, “What’s the matter?”


Wang Ye didn’t seem to care about Ji Cheng’s tone, and he still said with a smile, “I heard that you moved to Lu Jingze’s house recently? Not bad, that’s it. In a few days, the relationship between the two of you is so good.”


Ji Cheng frowned. He knew that Wang Ye would know about him borrowing  Lu Jingze’s house, but he didn’t figure out why Wang Ye would call him at this time. “So What do you want to say?” Ji Cheng didn’t want to entangle with him so much. Ji Cheng had already seen Wang Ye’s nature before, and the other party’s trouble that day made Ji Cheng not want to see him again.


“Heh, now you don’t even have the patience to listen to me!” Wang Ye smiled in a low voice, “Lu Jingze is the young master of the Lu Group. His father has deep expectations of him. He has just returned to China. He just got together with a certain domestic star, and the whole world knows about it. Guess what will happen next?”


Ji Cheng frowned.


Wang Ye didn’t give Ji Cheng a chance to reply. He continued, “I think Lu Junfeng has already started looking for someone to check your details. I don’t know how they would think of you and your stepfather. I’m really curious. !”


Ji Cheng’s face turned white. That incident did not have a large-scale impact in City A, but at that time, Ji Min was also in the business circle. Ordinary people didn’t know about it, but more or less people in the circle had heard of it. What’s more, it is the business giant Lu’s family.


Wang Ye naturally knows how severe this incident will be for Ji Cheng. He can even imagine what Ji Cheng looks like at this time. “By the way, there is one more thing that needs you to come to the company. Tomorrow Media has just sent it. Someone will come over and talk about cooperation with you. It seems that Lu Jingze has some eagerness to dig you over. The company needs you to come over and listen to your thoughts.” He didn’t wait for Ji Cheng’s response, so he  directly hung up.


Ji Cheng sat in a chair decadently, and his cell phone was thrown on the table at random. He thought that this matter could be turned over with the passage of time, but God did not give him this opportunity. Whenever he was thinking about preparing for a new life, that matter would always come back to give him a blow and wake him up from his dream.


It is bound to be impossible for him to live like a normal person.


And what Wang Ye said just now clearly told him that he and Lu Jingze could not have any further relationship. Although the two didn’t say anything, but Ji Cheng could feel the difference in how Lu Jingze treated him, and at the same time, he knew that he was not completely without feelings for Lu Jingze either..


Without the thought of reading the script at all, Ji Cheng even felt that the whole room was repelling him, and there was no room in this large house for him. After tidying the dining table, Ji Cheng returned to the room with his mobile phone . He planned to find another place for himself.




Lu Jingze is not having a good day today.


When he came to the company early in the morning, he asked people from the contract department to come over, told them that he wanted to dig Ji Cheng into his company, and arranged for the company’s gold agent to communicate with Ji Cheng.


After the arrangements were made, Lu Jingze suddenly received a call from his father.


“I heard that you were very close to the guy from the Ji family?” Lu Junfeng didn’t have any emotions in his voice. Lu Jingze had never been close to him as a child, and they hadn’t really spent much time together.


“Well, I plan to bring him into our company.” There was a hint of pride in Lu Jingze’s tone.


“I hope you can keep a distance from him, and I will tell you in advance that our Lu family does not accept him.” Lu Junfeng conveyed his opinion to Lu Jingze as if giving orders.


“Excuse me, then I will also inform you, whether you accept it or not, he is the only Omega in my life.” Lu Jingze chuckled lightly, as if he didn’t put his father’s words in his eyes, and he didn’t wait for Lu Junfeng to reply and just hung up the phone.


After hanging up the phone, Lu Jingze couldn’t help sighing deeply, and muttered in a low voice, “Cheng Cheng, I have already told everything to my dad, don’t slap me in the face by not accepting me later !” ”


Speaking of Ji Cheng, he couldn’t help but think of the table of delicacies last night, and his stomach was a little hungry.


Taking a look at the time, it was past eleven o’clock, Ji Cheng should have been awake.


Lu Jingze thought for a while and sent a message.


Ji Cheng was lying on the bed facing the ceiling in a daze, when the phone on him suddenly shook. He slid his cell phone blankly and saw the message from Lu Jingze: “Get up, remember to have lunch!”


He did not respond, and threw the phone on the bed, and continued to look up at the ceiling.


Ten minutes later, Lu Jingze kept looking at his mobile phone, never getting the person’s reply. He was feeling a little strange. Just when he wanted to make a call, the secretary’s internal phone call came in, “Mr. Lu, the people from the contract department are here.”


“Let them in.” Regarding work matters, Lu Jingze  would not be sloppy, waiting for Ji Cheng’s reply was  temporarily left behind by him.




Ji Cheng has been lying on the bed all day. When he recovered, it was already 4:30 in the afternoon. He sat up from the bed dizzy, and when his head became clearer, he went to the kitchen and took the ingredients out of the refrigerator.


Opening the refrigerator and seeing the   vegetables the two people bought yesterday, the tenderloin and chicken chops that were marinated by him, Ji Cheng was a little dazed. It’s been a few days, Ji Cheng smiled bitterly.


When Lu Jingze returned home, Ji Cheng had already prepared dinner.


“Wow, it smells so good!” When Lu Jingze got home, he seemed to be a different person. He took off his suit jacket and threw it on the sofa, rolled up his sleeves and ran to the table to sit down, “It’s all my favorite. !”


Seeing Lu Jingze’s lively appearance, Ji Cheng couldn’t help but smile, “Then eat more!” It may be the last few meals, Ji Cheng thought in his heart. When he was at home in the afternoon, he also went online to find a house while he was in a daze, but after another thought, no matter how, Wang Ye could still find himself, why bother to do so many unnecessary struggles.


Lu Jingze took a piece of meat and put it in his mouth, with a face full of enjoyment, “You know, I was thinking about your cooking at noon today. If it wasn’t for a sudden incident later, I would almost run back to eat with you!” Saying this, Lu Jingze seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly put down his chopsticks and walked to the sofa, took out the phone from his jacket pocket, frowning .


“Why didn’t you reply to me today?” Lu Jingze returned to his position with his mobile phone, looking at Ji Cheng pitifully.


“Oh, I saw it, and then I went to sleep and woke up and then forgot.” Ji Cheng looked at him like this, his tone couldn’t help but soften a little.


However, Lu Jingze didn’t seem to believe what Ji Cheng said. He squinted and asked, “Did your company contact you today?”


Ji Cheng swallowed the food in his mouth and nodded, “Are you talking about letting me come to your company? ?”


“Yes, we will pay you the liquidated damages in Fenghua, and then come to our company and sign it with Shen Ruchun.” Lu Jingze said to Ji Cheng, “I think  Fenghua should not Let go, I didn’t expect Ruchun to negotiate earlier today, but your agent is quite happy?”


Ji Cheng smiled, can he be upset, Shan Cong wished that he would break away from Fenghua now.


If it hadn’t been for the phone call from Wang Ye today, Ji Cheng would still be very excited. Shen Ruchun is well-known in the industry as an agent. After he has produced a lot of actor movies, the most famous actor should be the actor He Ting. He once went abroad to win the best actor award at the Academy Awards.


But those words of Wang Ye sounded like a wake-up call to Ji Cheng’s heart.


The two of them are only friends. To say, Lu Jingze is the president of Tomorrow media , but the ultimate control is still in the hands of the Lu Group. As Wang Ye said, if you only appear in Tomorrow Media as an artist, that’s fine, but as an artist who has been rumored with the president of Tomorrow Media, then it can only bring negative impact to Tomorrow Media. What’s more, as Lu Junfeng who knows what happened to him, it is even more unlikely that he would agree to this matter.


Thinking about it this way, Ji Cheng really didn’t have the excitement at the moment when he heard the news. Whether it is Fenghua Entertainment or Tomorrow Media, it is not a good place for him. But the only certainty is that as one of Fenghua Entertainment’s shareholders, Ji Cheng still has the right to speak in Fenghua. He didn’t want to go back now, because he didn’t want to really talk face to face with Wang Ye, after all, there was still some friendship from the past.


“Well, if there is no problem with you, I will go over and do the procedures tomorrow? You can transfer to our company after your work is cleared. Of course, we will help you will this. Here’s the new script for you.” Lu Jingze looked at Ji Cheng expectantly, waiting for him to nod.


“Let’s talk about it later, I don’t want to change the company right now.” Ji Cheng just smiled, as if he didn’t see the disappointed and surprised expression on Lu Jingze’s face, “I’m full, I’ll go back and read the script first.”  Ji Cheng returned to the kitchen with his bowl.


Lu Jingze never thought that Ji Cheng would reject him. He was clearly prepared for everything, but he would be cut off by the person involved. The person he thought was the least likely to refuse rejected him.


Lu Jingze walked to the kitchen door and frowned at Ji Cheng who was washing the dishes in the sink, “Can you give me a reason? Wang Ye is like this, you still want to go back?”


He couldn’t understand what Ji Cheng was thinking. Wang Ye already did something like that to him that day, why is he willing to go back to that wolf den again!


“It has nothing to do with him. It’s just that I have been in that company since I debuted, and I always have some feelings.” Ji Cheng put the bowl back in the disinfection cupboard, waved his hand, and walked to Lu Jingze, “You’ve saved my life so many times and you’re still worrying about me.”


Lu Jingze heard the alienation in Ji Cheng’s tone. It seems that from the moment he walked in the door today, Ji Cheng gave him such a cold face, completely different from the previous one.


“What’s wrong with you? Did someone tell you something?” Lu Jingze took Ji Cheng’s hand, and he suddenly remembered the phone call with Lu Junfeng called  this morning, and quickly asked, “Is it my dad? Did he tell you something?”


Ji Cheng turned his back to Lu Jingze and freed his wrist from Lu Jingze’s hand. “No, it’s just my personal thoughts.”


After that, Ji Cheng returned to his bedroom and closed the door.


Lu Jingze looked at the closed door and smiled to himself. What he thought about at noon today has come true. It’s all his own wishful thinking.




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