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DRNMY Chapter 8

It's dinner

Chapter 8… It’s Dinner


When Lu Jingze returned home, Ji Cheng was reading the script in the room. As soon as he walked in, he could hear him talking alone in the room.


“Back?” Hearing the sound of the door closing, Ji Cheng poked his head out of the room and looked at Lu Jingze who had just returned.


“Well, get ready to go out!” Lu Jingze put the briefcase on the coffee table in the living room, a trace of excitement flashed in his eyes.


Ji Cheng nodded, put on the coat he had prepared in the room, and walked to the living room with the equipment in his hand.


Lu Jingze was about to go back to his room when he saw the hat and gloves in Ji Cheng’s hands and the large cotton coat wrapped around his body and couldn’t help but laugh., “ah, this dress, this time certainly no one can recognize you.”


Now It has entered November, and the temperature has gradually approached single digits. For the action of the two of them this afternoon, Ji Cheng deliberately pulled out a long coat that hadn’t been worn at all. Before, he only felt that it would look a little bloated, but today it was just right.


Lu Jingze walked into his room to change clothes. Compared with Ji Cheng, not many people knew him. After hesitating, Lu Jingze chose a long casual windbreaker, and after thinking about it, he took out the sunglasses from the cabinet. Standing in front of the mirror and observing himself , it seemed to match Ji Cheng’s one.


“You are afraid that others will not notice you!” Ji Cheng was very dissatisfied with Lu Jingze’s outfit. He said it was to conceal others’ eyes and ears, but he seemed to be afraid of not being seen by others, stupefied whether he was pretending to be the big brother next door, or he knew that he was the kind who was particularly handsome and golden at first glance.


“It’s one thing to pay attention to it, but it’s another thing if you recognize it or not. Don’t worry, I am dressed up and others will not recognize it!” Lu Jingze hooked the corner of his mouth confidently and pushed Ji Cheng out.


Ji Cheng couldn’t help him, so he put on a mask and sunglasses and followed him downstairs.




As soon as he walked into the supermarket, as expected, he felt that people within a few hundred meters were looking in their direction.


“Look, I said it would be more attractive!” Ji Cheng gritted his teeth and said fiercely.


“What are you afraid of? Let them look forward to it! You cover it so well, they can’t recognize you.” Lu Jingze reached out and hooked Ji Cheng’s shoulder, and the two wandered in the supermarket pushing the cart.


When he went to work today, Lu Jingze had already made a list in his mind. He had been thinking about Chinese dishes such as sweet and sour pork ribs, sweet and sour pork loin, Mapo tofu 1mapo tofu :

, etc. for a long time. It’s just that since returning to China, every day is basically all kinds of entertainment. You either go to a high-end Chinese restaurant or go to a high-end western restaurant. This kind of home-cooked food has never been eaten once.


“Why do you like to eat sour?” Ji Cheng listened to the names of these dishes on Lu Jingze’s list, only to feel that the roots of his teeth were also sour, and couldn’t help squinting his eyes.


“It’s delicious and appetizing! I believe your level, these are all home-cooked dishes.” Lu Jingze smiled at Ji Cheng showing eight teeth, a silly expression on his face.


Ji Cheng shook his head, pushed the cart to the fresh food area, and picked a rib in front of him. After thinking about it, he picked a few chicken breasts. After weighing these things, Ji Cheng turned his head and realized that Lu Jingze, who was behind him, was missing.


When the cart turned around, he unexpectedly found Lu Jingze squatting in front of a row of yogurt beside the freezer.


“This brand of yogurt is not bad.” Seeing Lu Jingze staring at the yogurt he endorsed, Ji Cheng stroked his nose with some embarrassment.


“Let’s have a bottle of all, then.” During the settlement, Ji Cheng looked at the snacks in the car that did not meet the tastes of the two men, and his brain hurt a little.


Shouldn’t the presidents be the kind of domineering handsome men who don’t eat sweets or snacks and only eat Western food? How does he feel that this person he knows has nothing to do with the president except for an unquestionable identity? !


Lu Jingze didn’t know Ji Cheng’s thoughts, and threw things into the car happily all the way. Just as he was about to drive back, the phone in his pocket rang.


Lu Jingze didn’t evade Ji Cheng, so he just clicked to answer.


“Mr. Lu, come to talk about cooperation this afternoon…” The secretary’s voice appeared directly in the car.


Ji Cheng consciously turned his head aside and stared at the surrounding street scenes in a daze. Although he wasn’t very interested in these things, after all, the two were not the same company. The voice of Lu Jingze’s conversation with the secretary continued to reach his ears. At this time, Lu Jingze’s appearance was completely different from the previous one. He was very decisive in solving the problem. Ji Cheng only felt that he would walk away after a while.


The call didn’t stop until they got home. Ji Cheng took the initiative to put things into the kitchen, Lu Jingze smiled apologetically at him, and took the phone to the balcony.


Ji Cheng glanced at the time, he should be able to start the meal before nine o’clock.


When Lu Jingze returned from the call, he opened the balcony door and smelled a scent of vegetables.


Sweet and sour pork rib 2Sweet and sour pork ribs:


and Gongbao chicken 3Gongbao chicken :


were already placed on the dinner table. Ji Cheng was still busy in the kitchen. After stealing a piece of chicken, Lu Jingze quietly leaned on the kitchen door.


The two stoves in the kitchen were on fire. Ji Cheng felt the gaze behind him, and said without looking back, “I have boiled pork ribs and carrot soup here. You can try it for me.”


“Hey!” Lu Jingze picked up the spoon opened the earthen jar, and a scent came over his face, “It’s so fragrant!” Lu Jingze heard a cry from his stomach, licked his lips, scooped a spoon, and sipped gently.


“How about it, did you see if the salt okay ?” Ji Cheng skillfully filled out the green vegetables in the pot, and looked a little funny at Lu Jingze’s enjoyment.


“Not yet, I couldn’t help but try a bite first.” Before the soup was too difficult to cook, Ji Cheng only made the easiest. But it was this simplest variety that made Lu Jingze greedy for a long time.


Bringing the prepared dishes to the dinner table, Lu Jingze felt happy for the first time since he grew up.


“It’s been too long. Maybe the taste is not so good. If it’s salty, I’ll pour you a glass of water.” Ji Cheng looked at the dishes on the table and was also hungry, and put a piece of meat into his mouth.


“The taste is just right, you have worked hard today!” Lu Jingze had already been stunned by the taste, and the two of them were not polite at the moment, and directly began to mop up.


After eating and drinking, the two collapsed on the sofa.


“You have to go to work tomorrow!” Ji Cheng, who was slumped on the corner of the sofa, kicked Lu Jingze, who occupied the other end of the sofa. “Go and wash the dishes early.”


Lu Jingze fell contentedly on the sofa and didn’t want to move at all. ” Is there no work arrangement for you tomorrow ?”


Ji Cheng looked up and thought. Originally, Shan Cong had decided to go to the Du Qiyan’s crew to discuss the filming of the film tomorrow, but since what happened that night, Ji Cheng directly refused the filming of that film.


“No, there have been too many scandals recently, and activities have stopped.” Ji Cheng’s words are true. After being photographed that day, the topic of Weibo has been hot, and he followed this man next to him again. Ji Cheng doesn’t bother to read Weibo now, and he would only see the news that black fans took turns bombarding him. It would be better to study the script honestly.


There is less than a week before he joins “Silk Route” ‘s crew. During this time, Ji Cheng has arranged for himself, hiding in the big house of Lu Jingze, studying the script.


Lying on the side, Lu Jingze frowned slightly when he heard Ji Cheng’s words, “Your company’s public relations department hasn’t processed those news yet?” Lu Jingze had asked his own public relations department to handle these things before, but after all, Ji Cheng is not in his own company’s artist, some things are not easy to intervene, they just control the criticism. A few days have passed, and Fenghua Entertainment hasn’t done much.


“Take it right!” Ji Cheng’s eyelids were a little bit fighting. He didn’t count on the public relations department at the beginning. It was too late for Shan Cong to harm him, so how could he still want to help him. However, Ji Cheng himself doesn’t care much about these comments. After all, those mouths are not his, and only if he does it well can he be able to block others mouth.


Lu Jingze raised his head and glanced at the sleepy Ji Cheng, then lay down on the sofa again. Let’s take care of this matter when we go to work tomorrow.


The last bowl was washed by Lu Jingze.


After being awoken by Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng realized that he was actually asleep on the sofa. He dragged his sleepy body and took his clothes into the bathroom. When he came out, he was quite awake.


He returned to the room and took out his mobile phone. Sure enough, the company didn’t send the work schedule for the next day. Instead, the crew of “Silk Route” that was added today sent a few photos of the first draft of the makeup photos.


There are a total of three photos of Ji Cheng, which are Wang Nianqing’s young, middle-aged, and old people. When he was young, he was vigorous and ambitious , but when he was middle-aged, there was a hint of cunningness , and he was tired and worried when he was old. Although Ji Cheng is all alone in the photo, the message from his eyes makes people truly feel the marks that years have left on him.


These photos were also transmitted to Lu Jingze’s mobile phone.


“How about it, what I recommend to you is unusual!” Lu Jingze triumphantly sent a message to Xing Cangrui, “This kind of talent is buried in Fenghua and wasted.”


“…” Xing Cangrui was silently looking at the chat box, “You want to dig people over, but I heard that he has a special relationship with that Wang Ye.” Seeing Wang Ye’s name, Lu Jingze’s eyes showed a fierce look.


“Ji Cheng can only be mine.”




When Ji Cheng got up the next day, Lu Jingze had already left. There was also a prepared breakfast on the table, accompanied by a small note: “I Boiled some millet porridge in the pot, remember to warm it up before eating it^_^”


Looking at the small expression on the note left by Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng couldn’t help but raised the corners of his mouth.


Sure enough, there was a pot of millet porridge in the kitchen. Ji Cheng scooped a bowl and brought it to the dining table, reading the script while tasting it.


As soon as he received the audition notice, Ji Cheng had already read the entire script once and had his own opinions on the characters. Now he wants to deepen his understanding of each paragraph and study the dynamic changes of the characters in each period.


Just as Ji Cheng was watching the script intently, the cell phone placed aside suddenly rang.


Ji Cheng picked up the phone and didn’t pay attention to who seemed to be calling. He directly pressed the connect button, “Hello?”


“Ji Cheng, long time no see!”




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    mapo tofu :

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    Sweet and sour pork ribs:


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    Gongbao chicken :


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