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DRNMY Chapter 7

Makeup photo shooting

Chapter 7 Makeup photo shooting


“I want to stay at Mr. Lu’s house for a while.” Ji Cheng looked at Lu Jingze, “I think you know that I’m going to film with the crew soon, I just wanted to find a place to stay for a while before filming.I will move out as soon as I find a place..”


Ji Cheng was caught off guard by today’s emergency . If he hadn’t just read the assistant’s text message, he might not have thought of it before. Wang Ye asked someone to help him find the place to live, and everyone knew that he lived there.


Ji Cheng won’t have any fear if he changes to the usual things. But now his body is still in a floating state, if he really bumps into them to make trouble, he will really suffer by that time.


And just now Lu Jingze’s performance made Ji Cheng realize that the other party didn’t hate him, and the two people’s current way of getting along is pretty good, which made Ji Cheng come up with such an idea. What made Ji Cheng more assured was that even if Wang Ye knew that he was at Lu Jingze’s house, he would never catch up directly.


When Lu Jingze heard what Ji Cheng said, he was already stunned.


He was still thinking about how to keep Ji Cheng, and the call today made Lu Jingze a little scared when he thought of it. Now Ji Cheng offered to move over to live together, Lu Jingze was full of joy, but his face still maintained the last trace of stability.


“No problem, you live here tonight, and you can go back tomorrow and move your things over. I will tell Lao 1 lao : literally old, but also used to indicate affection and familiarity. Xing to move your makeup photo time to the afternoon.” He thought of Ji Cheng living in his own home , Lu Jingze was a little excited. After all, this is the first step of the Long journey and requires a good start. “By the way, you can your fingerprints on the door. I may be back later these two days.”


“It doesn’t matter, I can ask the assistant to help me go back and get something Good.” Ji Cheng glanced at the door, how could he always feel that something was wrong.


After dealing with these trivial matters, Lu Jingze let Ji Cheng drink a bowl of porridge, and urged him to wash and rest.


Because he was worried that his pheromone would have a negative impact on Ji Cheng, Lu Jingze put him in the guest room from the beginning.


Lying on the bed, Ji Cheng opened Weibo. He didn’t expect to wait for him to go online and let his mobile phone get stuck on the message page.


When he slowed down, he saw that his private messages and comments seemed to be blown up, and they couldn’t be read through.


He clicked on his Weibo and discovered that the company had already helped him repost the Weibo of Xing Cang Rui’s protagonist. The sentence “Please take care of me” triggered the following tens of thousands of comments.


Ji Cheng slid down and watched one by one. Except for what his fans boasted for him, most of them cursed himself.


“Can third-tier stars like Ji Cheng also act in Xing Cangrui ‘s play? What’s wrong with this world!”


“I’ve seen the acting skills in previous plays are okay, but it’s not so good that they can be in Xing Cangrui movies!


“Hehe, there is some shady business ”


“Is there a melon upstairs! Please tell!”


“jc and ljz, they just went on a hot search before, and there was a post saying that the person who followed jc to the hotel that night was also ljz. “Pin”


“Wow, big melons!”


After reading the previous comments blankly, when he saw his name with Lu Jingze appear together, Ji Cheng’s heart also tightened.


Sure enough, the names of himself and Lu Jingze were jointly searched. Although Lu Jingze should have explained to the public relations department, the hot searches are basically all about criticizing and propagating the “Silk Route”, but there is still no shortage of people who eat melons and those who put drugs.


It’s not that he has’t had a hot search with other actors before, but this is the first time that Ji Cheng is panicked about this. Perhaps it was because the identity of the other party was so different from himself, or that these so-called poisonous melons did indeed happen to them.


After reading the whole article commenting on his acting skills for a while, Ji Cheng rubbed his sleepy eyes and closed Weibo.




Early the next morning, Ji Cheng was woken up by the biological clock.


As soon as he opened the door, he smelled a smell of fried eggs.


Yesterday, Ji Cheng only drank two bowls of porridge at night and slept for a while. Now his stomach is already empty. Although it was just ordinary egg scent, Ji Cheng couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva.


Walking to the kitchen, he saw Lu Jingze in home clothes, holding the lid in one hand and the spatula in the other, fighting the eggs in the pan.


Ji Cheng couldn’t help but laugh. Yesterday, he really believed that he has superb cooking skills. It seems that he should have it forcibly.


“Need my help!” Ji Cheng leaned against the kitchen door, smiling at Lu Jingze, who was struggling on the front line.


Shocked by the sudden appearance of Ji Cheng, Lu Jingze frowned, “You, you go to wash first, it will be fine soon!”


Ji Cheng was half pushed out of the kitchen by Lu Jingze, but he saw the man’s earlobes turning red.


Really innocent, lively and cute!




When Ji Cheng finished washing, Lu Jingze really lived up to expectations and brought out two plates of sandwiches, poured two cups of milk, and placed them on the dining table.


“Wow, it smells good!” Ji Cheng wiped the water off his head and walked to the dining room following the smell.


Ji Cheng was accustomed to washing his hair before going out, and the water droplets on his hair slid directly along the ears to the collarbone, where they were absorbed by the white shirt.


Lu Jingze, who watched the whole process, couldn’t help swallowing.


“Well, breakfast is ready!” Lu Jingze didn’t dare to look at Ji Cheng for fear that he would be unable to control himself.


“Excuse me, I have to bother Mr. Lu to make breakfast himself.” Ji Cheng felt as if he was raised at home by Lu Jingze, including food and housing. He still feels a little sad. “I just don’t have arrangements in the afternoon. Try my Craftsmanship tonight. ! What do you want to eat?”


“Are you sure you can do what I ordered?” Lu Jingze asked suspiciously, but Ji Cheng wanted to make dinner for himself, which made Lu Jingze full of expectations.


“Well, don’t just order it as a restaurant. Ordinary home cooking is still fine.” Ji Cheng took a sip of milk.


“Call me after you take the photos, and I will go shopping with you in the evening.” After Lu Jingze finished the breakfast in front of him, he looked up and found Ji Cheng looking at himself in surprise.


“What’s wrong? What’s the problem?”


“It’s not appropriate to let you a chief executive go shopping for groceries!” Ji Cheng looked at Lu Jingze with a faint smile, and his eyes were a bit seductive, “And are you sure you want the two of us to go together? It’s not so easy to explain.”


Then just admit it without explaining it! Lu Jingze whispered to himself in his heart.


Although the beginning of the two was just an accident, Lu Jingze had to admit that whether it was the hormone effect or the recent getting along, he was really moved by Ji Cheng. In his heart, Ji Cheng is his exclusive Omega.


“If you keep it tight, it shouldn’t be a big problem!” Lu Jingze tilted his head, couldn’t help thinking of the two people wrapped in a ball in his mind, and couldn’t help but laugh.


Seemingly being influenced by Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng couldn’t help being amused when thinking about that picture.


“Ding Dong!”


“It should be my assistant here.” Ji Cheng glanced at the time. It was just nine o’clock.


“Brother Cheng, did you have breakfast? I brought you a special fragrant breakfast shop just as I passed by…something to eat…” Bi Xiaoling held a few boxed lunches in her hand and immediately showed it to him when he opened the door. Ji Cheng looked, but just halfway through the conversation, he saw Lu Jingze walking by from behind.


Bi Xiaoling’s eyes widened, what a drama this is!


“I have eaten, you come in and wait for me, I’ll change my clothes and leave.” Ji Cheng looked at her surprised expression, did not explain, put the person in and turned into the room.


Lu Jingze changed his clothes from the room, and when he saw Bi Xiaoling sitting on the sofa stiffly, he nodded slightly, but she was so frightened that Bi Xiaoling stood up immediately.


Oh my god, where did I see what I saw, shouldn’t I be waiting downstairs, why should I go upstairs!


Bi Xiaoling’s mind was in a mess, and she stood beside the sofa with her head down, but her eyes couldn’t help but peek at Lu Jingze.


Ah really handsome! It’s so much better than photos! Bi Xiaoling has a nymph in her heart. It turns out that the melons posted on the Internet are not all fake. She was aggrieved before that neither of them knew each other at all. Now it seems that not only do they know each other, but the relationship is good!


“Let’s go!” Ji Cheng changed his clothes and came out, his white shirt and slacks pants, his legs were extraordinarily long.


“Oh, oh good!” As if liberated, Bi Xiaoling quickly took the good things and rushed to the door to go out and wait, only to find that the door did not listen to her.


“Let me come.” Lu Jingze walked to Bi Xiaoling’s side, entered his fingerprint and opened the door.


Bi Xiaoling looked at it with surprise, she seemed to know something extraordinary.


“Remember to call me when you are over.” Lu Jingze didn’t forget to raise his head to remind Ji Cheng before going downstairs.


Ji Cheng smiled and nodded, “Okay.”




Bi Xiaoling drove the car and looked at Ji Cheng sitting in the back row from the rearview mirror several times, and stopped talking.


“We are just friends, don’t think too much.” Ji Cheng flipped through the script in his hand and said to Bi Xiaoling, “When the photo shoot is over, I will go back to Liyuan. I will get something.”


“Ah, good.” Bi Xiaoling thought for a while, but couldn’t hold back, “Brother Cheng, do you want to talk to Brother Cong?” The artist’s social circle is usually informed to the company, and the agent will remind the artist how to talk to the artist based on the current situation. Those who are closer should stay away, in case other artists get involved in an accident.


“Then tell him.” Ji Cheng didn’t care about this. He knew that even if he didn’t say it, Shan Cong must have already known it in other ways.


Sure enough, at the moment in Fenghua Entertainment, Shan Cong frowned as he looked at the fresh photos in his hands.


In the photo, Ji Cheng and his assistant had just come out of Lu Jingze’s private house, and the two people’s cars drove out of the gate of the community immediately afterwards.


It seems that these two people really have a leg! Shan Cong sneered, and made no secret of Ji Cheng’s contempt, “He really relies on a man to climb up!”




Ji Cheng’s shooting time is set at two o’clock in the afternoon.


As soon as he arrived on the crew, he was stuffed into the fitting room by Xing Cangrui, and put the pre-made clothes models on him in turn.


Ji Cheng is like a natural clothes hanger. These custom-made standard clothes are just the right size for him. Xing Cangrui looked at Ji Cheng coming out of the fitting room and squinted his eyes, as if it really looked like that.


The shooting proceeded on time. It was not the first time that Ji Cheng took makeup photos, and these were not unfamiliar to him. Within two hours, all of Ji Cheng’s photos had been taken.


After returning to the dressing room to remove makeup, Bi Xiaoling handed over Ji Cheng’s mobile phone, “Brother Cheng, you have a lot of news today, and it has been shaking.”


Ji Cheng was also a little strange. He opened the phone and saw Lu Jingze’s nineteen text messages that came.


His lips couldn’t help but twitch, Ji Cheng slowly read from the first message , basically asking about what Ji Cheng wanted to eat and telling what he wanted to eat. Looking at this long piece of news, Ji Cheng couldn’t help but raised the corner of his mouth. As he was about to reply, the other party called.


“I heard that you are over?” Lu Jingze’s low voice came from the phone, and Ji Cheng couldn’t react to such a voice that was completely inconsistent with him.


“Well, I’m going back to get something.” Ji Cheng took the thing and waved to Bi Xiaoling, and the two were ready to leave together, “Are you off work?” Looking at the time, it was still ten minutes to five o’clock.


“It’s almost time for you to go back, pack your things and come over, then go home and wait for me!”


Lu Jingze said, “Go home and wait for me,” making Ji Cheng stunned, and then bowed his head and smiled.


“Alright .”




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    lao : literally old, but also used to indicate affection and familiarity.
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