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DRNMY Chapter 6

The president is a fake, right?

­Chapter 6 : The president is a fake, right? 



In the silent toilet, Wang Ye’s footsteps seemed exceptionally abrupt.


Ji Cheng’s heart, who was hiding in the last compartment, had already reached his throat. Except for Wang Ye’s footsteps, he could only hear his heart beating rapidly.


“President Wang!” There was a sudden flush of water next door, and the people in the compartment opened the door. Some unexpectedly saw the leader standing in front of their own door. They called out and left. Before leaving, they couldn’t help but mutter, ” What’s the matter today? First I met Ji Cheng, and now I see President Wang!”


Although the muttering voice was very small, it still got into Wang Ye’s ears.


When Ji Cheng heard Wang Ye’s chuckle, his entire face instantly turned pale. He must have been crazy just now before running into the toilet. However,  Ji Cheng’s legs and feet are a little soft now, and he doesn’t know if it is because of fear or the side effects of the previous inhibitors, he can only gently put down the toilet lid and sit calmly inside.


He heard the toilet door being closed from inside, and then the sound of the cubicle door being pushed open successively. One, two, three… the sound of pushing the door was getting closer and closer to him. Ji Cheng and Wang Ye are left.


The footsteps stopped in front of the door of his compartment, the door was knocked three times, and Ji Cheng did not respond.


“Why, do you plan to keep avoiding me like this?” Wang Ye stood at the door, and Ji Cheng tried to make his breathing steady.


Suddenly, there was a vodka smell in the air, violent and intoxicating.


Ji Cheng realized that Wang Ye was suppressing himself with pheromone. Omega is inherently much weaker than Alpha, and the original configuration is not as good as Alpha in terms of physical ability or mental resistance. Faced with the suppression of such pheromones, Ji Cheng could only pray for Lu Jingze to come over.


Alpha’s pheromone can force unmarked Omega to enter the estrus period, and more severely, it will cause Omega pheromone to be disordered. No matter which one it is, it means that Alpha can do whatever it wants with this weak Omega at that time.


Lu Jingze’s temporary marking effect on Ji Cheng has been scarce, but it will still repel Wang Ye’s pheromone. When the two meet, there must be an inevitable struggle. Ji Cheng will be the bearer of this struggle.


The vodka flavor in the air became stronger and stronger, and Ji Cheng only felt that the surrounding air began to become a little thinner, and his breathing became more and more difficult.




Lu Jingze came here by drag racing.


He ignored the obstruction of the front desk and rushed directly to the elevator to the tenth floor.


As soon as he exited the elevator door, Lu Jingze saw a few people around the toilet, wondering what they were whispering.


“What are you doing!”


Started by the sudden appearance of Lu Jingze, several people looked at Lu Jingze standing behind them in surprise.


“No, it’s nothing!” One of them smiled at him, and took the others and quickly fled the scene.


Lu Jingze heard a few of them talk in a low voice, “Is the toilet on our floor super fragrant today? Why are all the famous people here!”


Lu Jingze frowned and pushed the door in front of him hard.


The door of the toilet is nothing more than an ordinary door. Lu Jingze just pushed a slit open, and a stimulating smell of alcohol rushed out of the toilet.


He yelled in his heart that it was not good, Lu Jingze had no time to think, and directly tried to knock the door open with his body.


Wang Ye and Ji Cheng in the toilet naturally heard the loud noise. Wang Ye turned his head and looked at the door that was about to be knocked open, smiled, and said to Ji Cheng, “It seems that your little love is still very caring for you, he found you in the toilet!”


Wang Ye  arranged his clothes in the mirror, stopped releasing his pheromone, walked slowly to the door, opened the door, and bumped into the front of Lu Jingze who was about to hit him.


“Long time no see, President Lu.” Wang Ye showed his signature smile and stretched out his hand to Lu Jingze.


And Lu Jingze didn’t feel in the mood to play these virtual things with him, and went straight into the toilet with a sentence of “borrowing”.


Looking at Lu Jingze’s nervous back, Wang Ye just hooked up the corner of his mouth and left here without stopping.


Ji Cheng’s consciousness was a little erratic, the smell of alcohol in the air gradually dissipated, and the rapid breathing gradually calmed down.


“Cheng Cheng!”


Ji Cheng heard that it was Lu Jingze’s voice, and opened the door from the inside with strong spirits, only to see Lu Jingze’s half anxious face, the whole person fell straight down.




When Ji Cheng woke up, he found himself lying on a strange bed.


“Wake up?” Lu Jingze’s voice came from the bed, and Ji Cheng turned his face to look at the man.


“Would you like something to eat? I just asked the family doctor to come over and see you. He said that the pheromone is somewhat disordered. It may be related to the things you have been in contact with recently. As long as you take some medicine and take a good rest, you will be fine.” Looking back on the matter, Lu Jingze was a little scared. As soon as he opened the door, the man fell directly into his arms with a pale face. He thought whether Wang Ye had stabbed him a few times before.


“Trouble you.” Ji Cheng smiled at Lu Jingze. Not knowing if it was because the two had been in a close relationship,every time he was next to Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng felt very safe, and he gets both physically and mentally satisfied.


This damn pheromone!


Ji Cheng couldn’t help cursing secretly. It’s all because of this damn pheromone that makes the two people attracted to each other, and the one in a relationship never realizes that the present is both familiar and unfamiliar.


“Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.” When the two were relatively speechless in the same room, Ji Cheng’s stomach opened the conversation between them first. He hadn’t eaten for the whole day today, and there was a fierce duel in the afternoon, and Ji Cheng’s physical strength was almost exhausted.


“Yes, I just cooked preserved egg and lean meat porridge, I’ll see if it’s ready!” Lu Jingze looked attentive, and briskly left the room.


Ji Cheng lay on the bed and looked at the man’s lively appearance. If he hadn’t known him before, he would not believe that this man was the heir of the Lu Group.


Ji Cheng struggled to get up from the bed and walked out of the room slowly. His legs are still a little weak, but he is not used to someone waiting on him, especially the other person is still a president-level figure.


Lu Jingze came out of the kitchen with the porridge, and saw Ji Cheng walk out and put the bowl on the table quickly, and ran over to support him, “Why are you down? I’ll take it into the room to feed you!”


Ji Cheng turned his head, the roots of his ears were a little red, “It’s not that I can’t move, you don’t need to support me, it’s not a big problem.” The two sat down at the table, and Lu Jingze sat opposite Ji Cheng, supporting his head with a smile on his face. ,Ji Cheng looked a little uncomfortable.


“The doctor said that you are suitable for a light meal now. I originally planned to show you my cooking skills, but after thinking about it, I cooked porridge.” Lu Jingze said with a smile, “Try to see if it suits your appetite.” Lu Jingze pushed the porridge on the table in front of him. Ji Cheng hesitated and asked, “Aren’t you going to eat it?”


“I just ate it, and I’m not hungry yet.” Lu Jingze smiled, of course he couldn’t say that just to cook this pot of porridge, he has already eaten a few bowls!


Hearing what he said, Ji Cheng was no longer polite, and he took a bowl and drank slowly.


Under Lu Jingze’s hot gaze, he didn’t even look away from Ji Cheng. He watched him finish drinking, like a kid waiting to be praised, his gaze chasing Ji Cheng, waiting for his evaluation.


Ji Cheng put down the bowl, pulled a paper towel and wiped his mouth. As soon as he raised his head, he met Lu Jingze’s gaze.


“Well, it tastes good, I can’t tell that Mr. Lu has this skill.”


“That is, I will make a lot of it, I will make it for you next time!” with Ji Cheng’s affirmation, Lu Jingze’s tail was about to rise to the sky, and Ji Cheng couldn’t help but bend his mouth with his triumphant appearance.


He thought that the young master of the Lu Group should be serious , but he didn’t expect to be like a child, innocent, lively and cute.


“You should have a lot of questions to ask me.” After sitting for a while, Ji Cheng hesitated for a while before asking. He has been met by Lu Jingze these few accidents, and the fate of the two seems to be really good. From the first time, Lu Jingze should be full of questions.


“No hurry, wait until you want to tell me.” Lu Jingze didn’t expect Ji Cheng to take the initiative to mention it. On the surface, he smiled and said that he was not in a hurry, but he already knew it in his heart.


When the family doctor came to see Ji Cheng today, he talked to Lu Jingze about Ji Cheng’s problem. The pheromone in Ji Cheng’s body is not normal, so he has symptoms such as unstable heat and estrus time, and is easily affected by Alpha pheromone. After Lu Jingze sent the doctor away, he immediately asked his subordinate Jiang  to investigate all the things Ji Cheng had done before. He also had a general understanding of the things that Ji Cheng had suffered back then. But those were just statements from the outside world, and only Ji Cheng himself knew what things really looked like.


“My glands have been injured before, and my reaction to pheromone is more sensitive than the average person, but my estrus period is much shorter than others, or basically not noticeable.” Although he doesn’t have to be troubled by the estrus  period on a regular basis, but Ji Cheng will still prepare a lot of inhibitors and carry some on him. What he is afraid of is an emergency. When encountering Alpha pheromone, the whole person will be out of control.


On the night when he met Lu Jingze, Ji Cheng just put the inhibitor in his assistant’s hand, and the assistant didn’t follow him to the bar that night. Then a series of things happened.


“That hurts? !”


Ji Cheng never expected that the other party would ask this question, a trace of embarrassment crossed his face, and a light cough, “It’s all right now, it should be painful at the time!”


Lu Jingze didn’t say anything. , Just replied in a low voice.


The whole house was terribly quiet for a while.


After eating, Ji Cheng feels that he has recovered a lot, picking up the bowl and going into the kitchen.


“Sit and don’t move, I’ll be fine!” Lu Jingze squeezed the standing Ji Cheng down and snatched the bowl from his hand. “Watching TV is okay. Sitting on the sofa is more comfortable.”,


Lu Jingze ran too fast, and Ji Cheng didn’t bother to catch up. Got up and sat on the sofa, turned on the TV and browsed today’s news.


“Today, Xing Cangrui posted on Weibo that the selection for the protagonist of “Silk Route” has ended, and the new actor Ji Cheng has taken the lead role, and the movie will be launched next week.”


Ji Cheng frowned and went back to the room to take out his mobile phone, he discovered that there were several missed calls on his mobile phone.


Ignoring the few calls from Wang Ye, the others were from Shan Cong and his assistant.


Clicking on the text message, Shan Cong only briefly notified that “Silk Route” had passed the audition, and that he was going to take the makeup photo tomorrow. Assistant Bi Xiaoling asked a lot, ranging from “Brother Cheng, you really chose!” to “I will pick you up at your house at nine o’clock tomorrow morning!”


Ji Cheng sent a message to Bi Xiaoling,mentioning his location , replied: “Tomorrow you will go to my house to help me get a suit, and then come here to pick me up!” After Lu Jingze washed the dishes, he looked up and saw Ji Cheng sitting on the sofa with his head down, next to the sofa,he yellowish light of the standing lamp hit his cheek, making him look calm.


Lu Jingze looked a little dazed, until Ji Cheng spotted him and called him, then he came back to his senses.


“Mr. Lu, I have something to ask you to help me with!”


The author has something to say:


Fenghua Entertainment Office:


A: Guess what I saw when I went to the bathroom?




A: I saw Ji Cheng first, and then Mr. Wang also went in!


B:! ! ! There is something tricky! ! ! You can go to the double super chat to make sugar!


A: No, it’s nothing. I just went to fetch water and found out that Lu Jingze from Tomorrow Media was also here!


B:! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


C: Ouch! Finally there is a affordable style that is same as the  male god!


Well, yes, although it’s just a toilet, at least it was used by a male god.




T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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