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DRNMY Chapter 5

Face Changing

Chapter 5 Face Changing


Ji Cheng walked into Wang Ye’s office and unexpectedly saw Shan Cong sitting opposite him.


“What’s the matter this time?” He hurried over from home, Ji Cheng was still a little weak, and he didn’t dare to get too close to Wang Ye, so he sat on the sofa beside him.


“Watch it yourself.” Wang Ye turned the computer screen to Ji Cheng, and there was a picture that was not particularly clear on the screen. Although the shooting angle and shooting quality are not particularly good, it does not affect everyone’s discovery that the two people in the car are Lu Jingze and Ji Cheng.


“Hey, the security of Tomorrow’s media is too poor, and even his CEO can be photographed when he goes out.” Ji Cheng rubbed his aching temples, “and then?”


“And then? Do you know that the Internet is already full of articles criticizing you?The other day you were in a hotel with a mystery man and today you are close to the CEO of Tomorrow Media, what are you up to?!” Before Wang Ye could speak, Shan Cong, who was sitting by the side, couldn’t help it, ” Yes, who was that mysterious man that day? Are you planning to make the relationship public or what?”


Wang Ye’s brows wrinkled when he heard Shan Cong’s words, and his eyes looked a little cold at Ji Cheng.


“What is the relationship? It was also Lu Jingze that night. It was to talk about “Silk Route”. It is also today. I was a little uncomfortable after the interview. Mr. Lu sent me out.” Ji Cheng supported his head with one hand, ”  let the public relations department Follow this idea to write the articles , and by the way, I can also catch the heat of the show.”


“Heh, can you really say that you are so sure that the criminal director will choose you?” Shan Cong was very surprised when he heard the news of the interview yesterday. Before, he had to work hard to prevent Ji Cheng from going to the interview. Outsiders don’t understand Ji Cheng, but Shan Cong knows that Ji Cheng’s acting skills are far from what is shown on the screen. If he receives a masterpiece, he will soon become famous. And all this is exactly what Shan Cong didn’t want to see.


Ji Cheng glanced at Shan Cong. He didn’t seem to want to communicate with him too much. He turned to look at Wang Ye and asked, “I’m sure I can get the role. You can read and post this article . I’ll go back, I don’t feel comfortable.”


“You wait, Shan Cong, you go out first.” Ji Cheng just stood up and wanted to leave, but was stopped by Wang Ye.


Shan Cong was unhappy, but looking at Wang Ye’s firm eyes, he left reluctantly, but before leaving, he didn’t forget to give Ji Cheng a stern look.


“Sit down.” Wang Ye pointed to the chair opposite him and invited Ji Cheng to sit down.


“No, Mr. Wang has something to say, say straight.” Standing two meters away from Wang Ye, Ji Cheng folded his arms and waited for Wang Ye’s instructions.


Seeing Ji Cheng’s vigilant appearance, Wang Ye couldn’t help but laugh in a low voice, got up and walked towards Ji Cheng, “When did our relationship become so stiff?”


Seeing Wang Ye approaching, Ji Cheng couldn’t help but shudder.


“I remember the two of us had a good relationship in the past. At that time, we went out to play together, didn’t we?” Wang Ye smiled and walked to Ji Cheng’s side, touching his shoulders with both hands, inadvertently sniffing the smell of his body.


Ji Cheng became stiff, his eyes softened a lot when he looked at Wang Ye.


“What do you want to tell me?” Ji Cheng’s tone also softened. He had never had any ability to resist Wang Ye’s gentle attack.


“I want to know, did Lu Jingze leave the smell on you?” The hands on Ji Cheng’s shoulders suddenly exerted force, the original gentleness on Wang Ye’s face disappeared in an instant, and all that was left was anger. It is like the strong possessiveness that appears after one’s own possessions are forcibly occupied by others.


Ji Cheng suddenly woke up, he had forgotten that at such a close distance, the other party might be able to smell the faint smell of green tea belonging to Lu Jingze on his body.


“That’s right, you just hooked up when he came back to China. You are really familiar with Mr. Lu.” Seeing Ji Cheng not speaking, not even a word of explanation, Wang Ye’s eyes darkened suddenly, and a trace of mocking smile on his face was also revealed .


“What do you mean by this?” Ji Cheng was slammed by Wang Ye’s words, turned around and looked at Wang Ye in disbelief, “I am familiar with him?”


Ji Cheng was still like this at first. How to explain the whole story to Wang Ye, but when he heard what the other party said, the original trace of guilt disappeared instantly.


“Wang Ye, why do you say that to me?” Ji Cheng fired in his eyes, struggling to get rid of Wang Ye’s imprisonment, “I didn’t know that Mr. Wang still had the mind to control me!”


“Heh, why? You’ve been with me for so many years, I said what’s wrong with you!” Wang Ye reached out and untied his tie, and unbuttoned the top two buttons on his shirt. “Why, didn’t you say that you like me for a long time, because I just went without nodding. Did you find Lu Jingze? Or, it was me that you actually thought of in your heart that day?”


Ji Cheng’s pupils shrunk, and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “I liked you, only until you followed the single mark.” He twitched the corners of his mouth. , Ji Cheng continued, “Wang Ye, don’t always put gold on your face, I am thanking you for taking me out of the predicament, but this does not mean that I will always be around you for the rest of my life.”


“You Got it?” Wang Ye didn’t seem to be too surprised, “Yes, Shan Cong doesn’t look like a person who can keep secrets, especially to you.”


“Let’s handle this matter like this, it’s good for me and the company.” Ji Cheng was still tired. After talking to Wang Ye, he was not as relaxed as he had imagined. Perhaps he had already lost hope, so it was like stating the facts without any other thoughts.


Ji Cheng turned around and just wanted to leave, but he didn’t expect Wang Ye to grab his wrist again.


“I don’t seem to agree to let you go.” Wang Ye turned his head and looked at Ji Cheng. Ji Cheng’s scalp was tingling with that smile.


“I have said everything, what else!” Ji Cheng frowned, trying to get rid of but found that his wrist was tightly pulled by Wang Ye.


“What should I do, I seem to be suddenly interested in you!”




“Have you decided on Wang Nianqing’s role?” Lu Jingze looked at the photo on his phone and asked Xing Cangrui, who was sitting aside drinking tea.


“Ji Cheng is a good boy, his acting skills are a little younger, but his attitude is good.” A few good words can be extracted from Xing Cangrui’s mouth, and it seems that Ji Cheng is still in his eyes.


Hearing Xing Cangrui’s words, Lu Jingze couldn’t help showing a smile on his face, and asked the secretary to come in and order: “Go ahead and post the official announcement of “Silk Route”. The protagonist is Ji Cheng.”


“You move fast.” Xing Cangrui watched Lu Jingze’s movements and couldn’t help but tease him.


“Next week, I will be in the group for filming, and I will give you a chance to notify him alone.” Lu Jingze smiled and did not refute. He glanced at the secretary who was about to go out, and said, “There is also the incident that was photographed. Let the publicity rely on the new drama, and the news of Ji Cheng the day before yesterda, do the same. ”


Xing Cang Rui  could not help but look at  Lu Jingze from top to bottom , they know each other for so long, it was  the first time he saw Lu Jingze got the idea for a person so much,” did not expect , ah, you’re pretty considerate. ”


” Nonsense, can your own people be spoiled by others?” Lu Jingze gave him a blank look, “You are almost ready to go, you are almost ready to choose the actors, have you chosen the location for the first filming? Are you planning to rush for the summer vacation next year? It’s still dragging!”


“Tsk tut, really, hey! Go, can’t I go!” Xing Cangrui was full of disgust. After drinking the last sip of tea, he patted his clothes and left, then turned his head. When the door was closed, he did not forget to snort to Lu Jingze.


Lu Jingze is in a good mood now. Seeing that there is still half an hour to get off work, he doesn’t know what happened to Ji Cheng, who was sent home by himself in the morning. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed the phone secretly saved for the interview this morning.


“Hey, it’s me, Lu Jingze.” The phone rang and was connected. Lu Jingze cleared his throat, pretending to be calm and self-reported, but the other party did not respond at all.


Lu Jingze frowned and glanced at the phone that was actually connected, but there was no sound on the other end of the phone. The expression on Lu Jingze’s face became serious, he turned on the speaker, put his ear to the phone, and listened carefully.


There was a faint gasp from the other end of the phone. It sounded like the person holding the phone was particularly nervous, breathing quickly and pretending to be steady.


“Where are you now, send me a location for my phone, and I’ll look for you in the past.” An ominous premonition rose in Lu Jingze’s heart. Could it be that it is in estrus again?




Ji Cheng clearly saw the desire in Wang Ye’s eyes, and his naked eyes seemed to pounce on Ji Cheng in the next second.


His left hand was fixed by Wang Ye. Ji Cheng reacted quickly. He turned around and picked up a wooden pen holder from his desk, and slammed it on Wang Ye’s head.


Wang Ye didn’t expect Ji Cheng to move so fast, so he let go of his hand subconsciously.


Taking advantage of this short moment, Ji Cheng rushed directly to the door.


On the whole floor, only Wang Ye worked alone, and there were only a few large vases dotted in the lobby outside the office door. Ji Cheng rushed to the elevator and pressed the elevator desperately, but turned his head to see Wang Ye walking out of the office with a gloomy look.


Ji Cheng turned around and wanted to run into the fire escape, but even if he kept turning the door handle, the fire door seemed to be against him, but it couldn’t be opened.


Seeing Ji Cheng’s nervous look, Wang Ye put on a cruel smile on his face. The pleasure of this chasing constantly stimulated his brain nerves, making his scalp numb with excitement.


Wang Ye kept approaching, like a cat catching a mouse, enjoying Ji Cheng’s escape.


Ji Cheng’s hands trembled a little, but he did not give up opening the door.


Sure enough, just when Wang Ye was about to walk in front of him, the door opened.


The wind in the corridor came in instantly, and Ji Cheng panted heavily and went straight out with a thunderous force.


There was no time to look back to see if Wang Ye was chasing him. Ji Cheng only knew that he was running down the stairs desperately, and he didn’t know which floor it was. Seeing that the door was not closed, he immediately flashed in again.


Several people stood by the elevator waiting for the elevator, and they were very surprised to see Ji Cheng who suddenly came in from outside.


Ji Cheng didn’t have time to pay attention to the expressions of these people, but walked through these people and walked directly toward the toilet.


After shutting himself in the compartment, Ji Cheng had a chance to catch his breath. From morning until now, his body has been in an abnormal state, and the intense exercise just made him feel a little weak. Leaning on the partition, Ji Cheng adjusted his breathing.


“President Wang!” He didn’t know who suddenly called out, and Ji Cheng’s nerves were tightened again in an instant.




It’s the familiar voice! Ji Cheng took a deep breath, covered his mouth and nose with his hands, and let himself slowly slide from the partition to the innermost wall.


Ji Cheng took the phone out of his pocket, thinking about finding a rescue, suddenly his phone turned on.




Lu Jingze couldn’t sit still. After he finished speaking, the phone was cut off. Almost a minute has passed, and there is still no news from the other party.


Just when Lu Jingze wanted to send a text message to ask about the situation, the mobile phone held tightly in his hand vibrated.


“The last toilet on the tenth floor of Fenghua.”




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