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DRNMY Chapter 4


Chapter 4… Sins


At this time, the distance between Lu Jingze and Ji Cheng is less than ten centimeters. Ji Cheng can clearly see Lu Jingze’s exquisite face, and can even count the number of his eyelashes.


Ji Cheng also carried a temporary mark of Lu Jingze on his body. The close contact between the two awakened the memories in each other’s bodies. The pheromone in Ji Cheng’s body gushed out of his body uncontrollably for an instant.


Lu Jingze also looked surprised when he smelled the familiar scent of jasmine.


Everything came so suddenly that both of them were caught off guard.


“Dare to run around before the estrus period ended? Do you really think you are very good!” Lu Jingze, who was affected by the pheromone, gritted his teeth, his possessiveness made him extremely dissatisfied with this disobedient Omega. He couldn’t help tightening the hand holding Ji Cheng, but he forgot that he was already prepared to deal with the upcoming estrus , but everything was completely disrupted because of Ji Cheng’s sudden departure.


Ji Cheng was also a little confused. How could the inhibitor he had just injected when he came out in the morning failed so quickly. In addition, what made him feel awkward and somewhat relieved was that this time he met Lu Jingze again.


With the previous experience, Lu Jingze didn’t intend to talk nonsense with Ji Cheng at this point. Regardless of the opponent’s strong opposition, he directly picked him up in a princess hug, stepped into the special elevator in a few steps, and went directly down to the underground parking lot.


Compared to that night, Ji Cheng’s consciousness was still clearer this time. There is still a temporary mark given to him by Lu Jingze in his body. Now, except that he is a little uncomfortable, everything else is normal.


“It’s still half an hour from here to the Liyuan community. You can use half an hour to explain things clearly.” Lu Jingze didn’t plan to let Ji Cheng go. Alpha has a natural possessive desire for Omega, not to mention that this is the Omega he has chosen.


“Explanation? It’s probably because the inhibitors you used in the morning can’t suppress your powerful aura, Mr. Lu.” Ji Cheng twitched the corner of his mouth. He didn’t want Lu Jingze to know more about this matter.


Seeing Ji Cheng’s appearance, Lu Jingze hesitated for a while, and finally sighed and said, “Forget it, there will be opportunities for you to tell me in the future.”


It was just 10:30 when the two left the company. The sudden incident did not let them have too much energy to notice the paparazzi ambushing around the company, so when Lu Jingze sent Ji Cheng to the door of his house, a picture was sent to him  in his cell phone.


Lu Jingze didn’t have time to pay attention to the extra pictures on the phone, but looked at Ji Cheng helplessly at the door.


“I’ve send you back, let me sit in anyway!” Looking at the iron chain between him and Ji Cheng, he was a little helpless, “You treat me as someone whom you need to be so defensive against! . ”


” I don’t dare, Mr Lu is naturally a virtuous and talented person, this is all thanks to Mr Lu that I can save the day! but we are still after all, we have  the identity of the single alpha and omega, the same room is always not very good. ” Ji Cheng said this, but his body gradually moved away from the door. He did not know where he found a bottle of water and handed it to Lu Jingze, who was standing outside, along the crack of the door, “Then Mr. Lu, I won’t leave you to eat. There is just a bottle of mineral water here for you to quench your thirst. Today it was  hard work for you !” Ji Cheng finished speaking in one breath. Before Lu Jingze had recovered, he went straight into the room and closed the door with a “crash”.


Lu Jingze looked helplessly at the mineral water in his hand and smiled at the closed door. It seems that he still has a long way to go.




After confirming from the cat eye on the door that Lu Jingze really left, Ji Cheng was relieved.


His back was wet with sweat, and the desires and hopes in his body were also about to move. Ji Cheng took a deep breath, dragged his semi-crippled body to find the box in which he put the inhibitor, threw the medicine directly into his mouth, and then lay on the sofa lazily waiting for the effect of the medicine to take place.


Ji Cheng knows that his body is different from other Omegas. The period of heat and estrus is four or five days shorter than those of other Omegas. It can often be solved with only a tablet of inhibitor. This time the loss of control is mostly due to the temporary mark relationship with Lu Jingze. Ji Cheng has never experienced the affection and movement that has plagued  other Omegas.


With his hands on his forehead, Ji Cheng tugged at the corners of his mouth. For him, he didn’t know whether his physique was lucky or sad.




“Don’t play with him, my mother said, he is a bastard, so he went to seduce his adoptive father!” A little girl pointed to Ji Cheng’s nose and said viciously.


“I didn’t!” Ji Cheng, who was just twelve years old, shouted at the others.


But the little children didn’t seem to hear Ji Cheng’s voice at all. Three or two leaned together and talked in a low voice, and the gaze looking at Ji Cheng became even more strange.


“You bullshit, I didn’t!” No matter how Ji Cheng denied it, the people seemed to have not seen it, and there was no response at all. He just wanted to get closer, but like everyone saw something terrible, they all scattered in one swoop, unwilling to get close to him at all.


Ji Cheng’s bright eyes darkened suddenly. When he returned home, he realized that the atmosphere at home didn’t seem right.


As soon as he entered the door, Ji Cheng found that his adoptive father Ji Min and adoptive mother Bai Rong were sitting at the dinner table with serious expressions.


“Xiao Cheng, you go upstairs first.” Ji Min only saw Ji Cheng come back, his expression loosened.


“Stop.” Bai Rong did not have the kindness of the past, and his eyes towards Ji Cheng were completely indifferent. “Ji Cheng, come here.”


“He is still a child!” Ji Min grabbed Ji Cheng, who was about to pass, and stared at Bai Rong’s eyes which seemed to burst into flames.


“Oh, at this time you know he is a child. You have done so many nasty things before, why don’t you say that he is a child!” Bai Rong is Beta. When she first picked Ji Cheng in the orphanage, she had a vague ominous premonition, she didn’t expect it to happen so soon.


Ji Cheng looked at the electric flint between the two, thinking of what those people said to him today, his heart suddenly became like a mirror. Freed from Ji Mincai’s hand, Ji Cheng ran to Bai Rong, grabbed Bai Rong’s clothes, and said, “Mom, I don’t have one!”


But Bai Rong ignored Ji Cheng’s words and threw the person away, “Go away, shit. People!”


Ji Cheng was thrown out by Bai Rong, looking at Bai Rong’s eyes full of sadness. Before Ji Min came over, Ji Cheng got up from the ground by himself, turned and ran back to the room.


For several days, Bai Rong looked at him with contempt, and the friends who had gone out to play with him also stayed away from him.


Ji Cheng walked home alone through the long alley, his eyes blank.


“Oh, isn’t this Ji Cheng!”


Hearing his name, Ji Cheng suddenly turned his head, but saw an Alpha and a few Betas standing behind him.


Ji Cheng knows them. These are bullies near here. They usually walk with other people. Although they have encountered them, they have never been in a situation like today. Ji Cheng felt a little flustered, and gradually clenched his hand holding his schoolbag.


“Oh, what are you in a panic? Brother is here to protect you, I’m much better than your adoptive father!” The bully gradually approached Ji Cheng, with a wretched smile on his face, and the people behind him also laughed.


Ji Cheng pursed his lips, stepping back step by step.


“Dad!” Ji Cheng suddenly yelled behind the bully. Taking advantage of the effort of the few people turning around, he turned and ran away.


“Quickly chase!” Seeing that there was no one behind him, the bully suddenly became angry and took his little brother to chase Ji Cheng.


After all, Ji Cheng was still an Omega, and his physical strength was naturally inferior to that of those hooligans , and soon he was surrounded by bullies on the corner of the street.


“Run! You can run!” The bully flew over and kicked Ji Cheng directly to the ground.


“Boss, lighten up, if the kick breaks him, you won’t be able to play with him for a while!” A little bastard behind him looked at Ji Cheng trivially, and his whole body was a little itchy.


Ji Cheng looked at the people waiting in front of him with despair in his heart.


Just as the bully squatted down, gradually releasing his pheromone, and planning to have a full meal, a voice suddenly came from behind them.


“Let go of him.”


Ji Cheng will never forget this sweet voice for the rest of his life. Wang Ye was standing at the entrance of the alley just like a savior. The sunlight came in from the outside, and his figure was very tall.


“Oh, why is there a nosy person ! Let me see who it is!” The bully sneered and turned his head, looking disdainfully at the little guy who was less than his shoulder, “Oh, he knows it at a young age how the hero saves the beauty, this little bitch is quite popular!”


The little bastard standing next to the bully frowned, as if suddenly remembering something, and approached the bully’s ears and said, “Big Brother, I know this man, he is the young master of the Wang family !” “The young master of the Wang family?”


“It’s the little young master of the Wang Group, I can’t afford it!” The Wang Group was considered one of the eight largest group companies in City A at the time. Although it was a bit worse than the Lu Group at the top of the list, it was still in the circle. Still not to be underestimated.


The bully glanced at the boy in his hand, then turned and glanced at Wang Ye who was standing at the entrance of the alley, and snorted, “Lucky you kid! Let’s go!”


Ji Cheng shrank in the corner by himself, leaving only a pair of round eyes staring at the outside. The pheromone released by the bully had already had a certain impact on Ji Cheng, and the suppression of Alpha pheromone made him dare not defy.


“Are you okay!” Wang Ye ran to Ji Cheng, reaching out to stroke his head, but was abruptly avoided.


Wang Ye frowned, stood up and fanned away the “stink” around him. After the smell faded a little, he squatted down and looked at the Ji Cheng who had shrunk himself into a ball, “It’s okay, those people are gone! You see that the smell has faded, isn’t it?”


Ji Cheng raised his head, sniffed the surrounding smell, and found that it was exactly what Wang Ye had said, and then slowly relaxed.


“My name is Wang Ye, what is your name!” Wang Ye stretched out a hand and pulled Ji Cheng up from the ground.


“Ji Cheng.” Ji Cheng just got out of the panic and sniffed his nose, with nasal sounds in his voice.


“Ji Cheng, let’s play together in the future!” Wang Ye took Ji Cheng’s hand and showed him a sweet smile.


Every time he thinks back to the scene that day, Ji Cheng’s expression becomes exceptionally soft. At that time, Wang Ye was really his savior. As long as someone bullied him, Wang Ye would always be the first to stop. When everyone around him rejected him, only Wang Ye stayed by his side.


Because of Wang Ye’s protection at the time, when Wang Ye asked to start an entertainment company by himself, Ji Cheng joined him without even thinking about it.


The Wang family always supports the actions of the juniors in spirit, but it does not provide the slightest convenience in terms of money. At that time, Ji Cheng was just an 18th-line star. After knowing Wang Ye’s ideas, he directly advanced most of the money to the crew. The salary supported Wang Ye to start the company, and later joined Wang Ye’s company, and grew up with Fenghua.


“Ding Dong!”


A text message interrupted Ji Cheng’s memory.


“Something went wrong, come to the company quickly.-Shan Cong.”




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