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DRNMY Chapter 3

Meets "love"

Chapter 3… meets “Love”


Xing Cangrui is sitting in the conference room of Tomorrow Media at the corner , smiling and looking at Lu Jingze who is sitting on the opposite side.


“Unexpectedly, the first thing you did when you came back to China was to plug in a third-rate actor into my crew.”


Lu Jingze didn’t care, smiled and said, “I know that Director Xing  always has a high vision, but you have to believe me. I can recommend it to you because of the human level. Naturally, he will not be a third-rate actor.” After he said, he pushed a bunch of video materials to Xing Cangrui, “Here are some of the films he has acted before, except for the script itself, the reason is that his acting skills are still remarkable, at least better than the ones I saw when I just came in.”


Xing Cangrui was a little surprised as he raised his eyebrows and said, looking at the  material in front of him. “It seems that Ji Cheng also has the ability. The news just hit the headlines this morning,  in the afternoon, Mr. Lu personally recommended the back door!” When he first received a call from Lu Jingze at noon, Xing Cangrui refused. He has heard of Ji Cheng’s name, and he has seen several serial dramas starring Ji Cheng. He has to say that Ji Cheng’s acting skills were amazingly bad at that time, that is, relying on a face to ensure some ratings rate. What he didn’t expect was that the name he had just seen again in the morning would be said from his friend at noon.


Xing Cangrui, who had only wanted to go through the procedures perfunctorily, could not help but become curious about Ji Cheng after seeing Lu Jingze’s actions.


This time Xing Cangrui made a biographical film. Mainly based on the life of the protagonist Wang Nianqing, a story of a poor-born young man who made a fortune by reselling goods on the Silk Route 1 silk route: The Silk Route was a historic trade route that dated from the second century B.C. until the 14th century A.D. It stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean, traversing China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greece, and Italy. It was dubbed the Silk Route because of the heavy silk trading that took place during that period. . The entire film has a large time span, and the requirements for actors have also increased. The actors who play the main role must play the role from the youth of the role to the death of the role. The long span of time has also greatly increased the requirements for actors’ acting skills, which is one of the reasons why Xing Cangrui has not yet selected the protagonist.


Such a high standard makes it difficult for ordinary traffic stars to control such a role. Coincidentally, in the eyes of Xing Cangrui, Ji Cheng is such a traffic star.


“Since it was recommended by Mr. Lu personally, then I have to take a good look.” Xing Cangrui’s tone was a little more playful. He wanted to see Ji Cheng, and why did he move the heart of the new president Lu Jingze.


At this time, Lu Jingze also looked forward to the meeting tomorrow.




Ji Cheng sat in the nanny car, staring at the script in front of him, still feeling unreal in his heart.


He is no stranger to Xing Cangrui’s name. Those who can be selected by Xing Cangrui for filming are basically commendable in their acting skills. There is a saying in the entertainment industry. If you want to know if your acting skills are good, you can just walk around in front of the criminal director. If the audition is selected, then congratulations on your acting skills.


Xing Cangrui followed his father into the entertainment industry since he was a child and made his first film independently at the age of 25. All the main characters in the film were chosen by him in the film academy. Hearing that the casting has been selected for about half a year. However, this film, which is full of newcomers, quickly became popular all over the country. Overnight, these film school students also became well-known movie stars. Since then, Xing Cangrui has become famous, and each of his subsequent films has been a hit, and he has been nominated for many foreign film awards.


For a long time, Xing Cangrui has a habit of making movies. The main actors in the film must be selected and checked by him. Even if some big people want to go through the back door, their acting skills must pass the test of Xing Cangrui, otherwise they are so-called. Xing Cangrui wouldn’t even take a second look after the movie emperor was cast.


The casting of “Silk Route” started half a month ago, and Ji Cheng also wanted to try it out. But he is still full of other schedules. If it weren’t for the recent incident and the other party’s active invitation, he might really not have time to go there.


Ji Cheng, who thought he would have to wait in line, arrived in the conference room and realized that he was the only person interviewing today.


“Hello, Mr. Ji, these are the clips that need to be performed later. Have you received the script sent to you before? Later, Director Xing may ask a few small questions related to the script .” The staff asked Ji Cheng outside the door and explained the next process and precautions, and after all arrangements were made, Ji Cheng was put into the meeting room.


There were three people sitting in the conference room. Except for Xing Cangrui, the other two Ji Cheng had never seen them.


“Ji Cheng, right? I want to see you perform the section where young Wang Nianqing refused his brother Song Yuan to carry contraband.” 2 contraband : goods that have been imported or exported illegally. Xing Cangrui sat in the middle, looking up and down at Ji Cheng. The first time he saw the real person, Ji Cheng gave Xing Cangrui a good impression, much better than the one on the screen, no wonder Lu Jingze has been obsessed with others.


Ji Cheng bowed to Xing Cangrui, glanced at the lines in his hand, and sat on the chair.


“Are you saying that you are carrying a large quantity of cigarettes through customs??” Ji Cheng raised his eyes with a face full of surprise, “This, this is forbidden by the government, so it can’t be used!”


“Brother, you can get an extra five hundred taels of silver in one trip. Don’t forget, Xiaojuan is still waiting for you at home! Think about your mother again, she has suffered for a lifetime, and she is still waiting for you to honor her old man, only this time, after this time, everything will be solved. That’s it!” Xing Cangrui helped him with the right line, his eyes staying on Ji Cheng’s face, observing every expression on his face.


There was a trace of joy on Ji Cheng’s face, and he seemed to be in harmony with the family. He built a big house for the family, but soon, that trace of joy was replaced by fear. He pursed his mouth, his brows frowned, “No, no, if things are revealed, this is a crime of beheading!” Ji Cheng shook his head violently and grabbed Song Yuan’s clothes. “Yuanzi You can’t go, and honestly do your duty business. We brothers can make money together. Even if we make less, it’s our own hard earned money. Those ill-gotten gains can’t be touched!”


“Okay, it’s okay .” . “then Ji Chenggang wanted to continue acting , but was stopped by Cangrui sitting on the side,” Try again the part at the end where Wang Nianqing tells his son what to do in his funeral and tells him to guard against Song Yuan and his son. ”


The whole change of Wang Nianqing’s concept in the play is also a great challenge to the actors. At the beginning, he was also a motivated and angry young man, but after decades of torment in life, some of the so-called backbone has been flattened, and his inner panic and character shortcomings have also been exposed. At this time, the actor must be able to grasp the changes. The reason for using body language to show the contradiction in his heart.


Ji Cheng took a deep breath, nodded to Xing Cangrui, and lay directly on the floor of the conference room.


Ji Cheng lifted his body slightly, sat up slowly trembling, and slowly leaned on the back of the chair that had been placed beforehand. When he raised his eyes, there was fatigue in his dark eyes, but also a little worry . He opened his mouth slightly, but did not utter a word. Until his chin trembled slightly for a long time, he slowly heard Ji Cheng’s voice, “Child, you are still too young!” After saying this, they saw a tear sliding down on Ji Cheng’s face, “I can’t do it anymore. From now on, you have to take care of your family business by yourself, and talk to the old man below when things happen. Be careful with your second uncle…”


Ji Cheng said a short line for nearly a minute. Looking at his trembling lips and hands, it was as if he was an old man lying on the bed, uneasy but had to hand over the burden of his body to his children, full of regret but powerless.


Ji Cheng handled this paragraph very well, his body language concealed his shortcomings in his lines. Xing Cangrui saw a trace of surprise in his eyes as he finished the two plots. Originally thinking of traffic stars is the same thing, but today, Ji Cheng still quite surprised him.


“Okay, the interview is over. The performance is okay. Go back and wait for the notice.”


Hearing Xing Cangrui’s words, Ji Cheng just nodded on the surface, but his heart was full of excitement.


Before coming, he didn’t have any hope. He just wanted to perform according to his own ideas. He didn’t expect that he would get a rating of “good performance” in the end!


Ji Cheng walked to the toilet with a bright face, and took out his mobile phone to share the good news with his best buddies. Unexpectedly, the moment he bowed his head, he bumped into someone at the turn.




“Sorry!” Ji Cheng apologized to the other party, clutching his nose, suddenly he couldn’t stand firmly, and his whole body suddenly fell backward.


The man moved quickly, and Ji Cheng held out his arms once again.


What a familiar taste! After receiving the shock, Ji Cheng took a big breath, but unexpectedly felt a familiar feeling.


“Sorry, trouble!” Ji Cheng broke free from the other’s arms, and the distance between the two of them made him a little at a loss. After standing still, Ji Cheng could see what the other person looked like. Isn’t this one of the three who interviewed him just now!


After watching Ji Cheng’s first performance, Lu Jingze left the conference room because of a phone call. When he went back after the phone call, he was told that the interview was over. Lu Jingze, who was thinking about blocking people after the interview, could only find another chance, but he didn’t expect the two to meet again at the toilet door.


“What a coincidence, we met again!” Lu Jingze adjusted his tie, smiled and stretched out his hand to Ji Cheng, “Formally meeting, Lu Jingze, the general manager of Tomorrow Media.”


Tomorrow Media is an entertainment company under the Lu Group, a well-known investment group in City A. The company leads the production of film and television, and has also trained some directors, screenwriters and entertainers. Its business scope includes culture, sports, tourism and real estate.


As the eldest of the Lu Group, Lu Jingze is far more famous than him.


Lu Junfeng, the president of the Lu Group, has two sons, one is his wife who gave birth to the eldest son Lu Jingze, and the other is the illegitimate son Lu Jingyuan. After the death of his wife, Lu Junfeng took his illegitimate child and the mother of the illegitimate child to the mansion. At this time, everyone discovered that Lu Jingyuan was one year older than Lu Jingze.


Since Lu Jingyuan moved into Lu’s residence, Lu Jingze has also been sent out of the country. Lu Jingyuan, who lives in China, has always been the subject of attention of reporters. In addition to his life experience and identity worthy of everyone’s talk , what is more attractive is his handsome face and the same temperament as Lu Junfeng.


This kind of attention was not transferred until someone posted a picture of Lu Jingze on Facebook in the past few months.


A few years later, Lu Jingze is no longer the boy who only knew how to hide behind his father. After so many years of training abroad, the years have sharpened the edges and corners of Lu Jingze’s face, but his appearance is not quite similar to that of Lu Junfeng. Similar, but very much like his dead mother. The handsome face and deep eyes added a touch of calmness to him.


And it was such a person who suddenly appeared in front of Ji Cheng now.


Ji Cheng was a little dazed, but he stretched out his hand, “Hello, Fenghua Entertainment Ji Cheng.”


Ji Cheng was a little strange, always feeling that the smell around him was a little bit wrong. Obviously it should be the first time the two have met, why do they feel like they have met before? Especially Lu Jingze exudes the pheromone smell. Although it is covered up by men’s perfume a lot, he still perceives it accurately.


Seeing Ji Cheng’s doubts, Lu Jingze smiled and said, “We saw each other the day before yesterday, don’t you remember?” After such a reminder, Ji Cheng reacted quickly. This familiar taste, and this familiar face, suddenly pulled Ji Cheng’s memory back to that night.


“It turns out that it’s you!” Ji Cheng opened his eyes wide in surprise. Before his brain could react on how to act, his body had already consciously stepped back a few steps.


Even if Ji Cheng has such a stubborn character that is not afraid of death, when he encounters his own 419 object, and the other party is still a well-known big brother, he will unconsciously instigate.


“That haha, it’s really a coincidence. If there is nothing wrong, I will leave first!” Ji Cheng seemed to have oiled the soles of his feet. He was smiling and stepping back quickly. In this embarrassing atmosphere, he should go first. One step ahead is better.


However, the other party did not give him such a chance. Lu Jingze saw through Ji Cheng’s thoughts early in the morning. When he turned around to escape, Lu Jingze stretched out his hand and dragged the person into his arms.


“Why, Mr. Ji is planning to not accept the bill after eating!”




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  • 1
    silk route: The Silk Route was a historic trade route that dated from the second century B.C. until the 14th century A.D. It stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean, traversing China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greece, and Italy. It was dubbed the Silk Route because of the heavy silk trading that took place during that period.
  • 2
    contraband : goods that have been imported or exported illegally.
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