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DRNMY Chapter 2

Who is that man?


Chapter 2 Who is that man? 


When Ji Cheng woke up again, it was already 12 noon the next day.


He was the only person on the big bed of the hotel, and the intermittent sound of water from the bathroom told him that there was another person inside.


Ji Cheng’s memory seems to be broken, only vaguely remembered that he poured red wine on Du Qiyan’s face last night, and then left a handsome back and turned to leave. Then, it was the flowerbed outside the bar until he was held by a person and came to this room.


The scene last night was gradually recalled by Ji Cheng, the more things he remembered, the darker his face became. Lifting his quilt, Ji Cheng poked his head in. Sure enough, as he had imagined, there was not half a thread on his body. The noon sun shines through the curtains into the room, allowing Ji Cheng to clearly see the traces left on his body last night.


The pheromone smell of the two still remains on the bedding in the room, and his body has been cleaned.


Against the physical discomfort, Ji Cheng picked up the charging phone on the bedside table and turned on the front camera. Looking at the camera, he found the glands on the back of the neck. The shallow teeth marks on the glands told Ji Cheng that last night he was temporarily marked.




Lu Jingze let the water hit his face .


Lu Jingze had already thought about it, and while his Omega hadn’t woken up, he should dress up by his own first, and when he woke up, he could see his perfect self at first sight. At that time, the shy-looking Omega would definitely be overwhelmed by his handsome appearance, and the two could begin to discuss further plans.


Lu Jingze’s mind had begun to show all sorts of scenes from last night, and he couldn’t wait to lie beside his Omega. It was because he was too eager to do it last night, and he didn’t even have time to ask what he should call the Omega.


Putting on the bathrobe and combing a handsome hairstyle in the mirror, Lu Jingze nodded in satisfaction, opened the bathroom door, and strode towards the place he was longing for.


Last night, Lu Jingze helped Ji Cheng clean up, so he also replaced the sheets with new ones. But now, there is only a snow-white quilt left on the snow-white sheets, and the person who should have been lying on the bed is now gone.


The clothes that were scattered on the ground last night, now only Lu Jingze’s is left. If it wasn’t for the smell of jasmine green tea in the room, Lu Jingze wondered if he really rolled the sheets with that Omega yesterday.


Going around the bed, there is nothing left that belongs to the other person. Without leaving a name, without any verbal communication with each other, this seems to be a perfect 419. 1 419 : homophonic of “for one night”, meaning one-night stand.


Lu Jingze was stunned by all this.


Just ran away?


Ji Cheng entered estrus last night. In order to temporarily suppress the passion and desire in his body, Lu Jingze gave him a temporary mark. Although the two had just met, the perfect fit last night made him want to know more about each other and intervene in his life afterwards.


Lu Jingze played the abacus well, thinking that after communicating with people today, with his strong Alpha ability and handsome appearance , he will definitely be able to put people in his arms and complete the final mark.


But he didn’t expect that a person lying in bed who was obviously affected by the estrus period would have disappeared now!


Was it because he didn’t work hard enough last night?


Lu Jingze picked up the phone angrily. When he was about to notify his subordinates to find someone, he suddenly remembered that he didn’t even know the name of that person.


With a gloomy expression on his face, he smashed the phone directly on the bed with his backhand.


The mobile phone drew a parabola in the air and accidentally hit the TV remote control on the quilt. The screen turned on and a familiar male voice attracted Lu Jingze’s attention.


“Thank you Dragon Fruit TV for giving me this opportunity, so that I can show another side of me in front of my fans! This song is the theme song of the movie “Yueyang Tower” starring me, and I hope everyone will support me …” Lu Jingze looking at the familiar and somewhat unfamiliar face on the TV, he couldn’t help blinking. There is such a coincidence in this world that this person looks so similar to his Omega!


Driven by curiosity, Lu Jingze turned on his phone and searched for the name of “Ji Cheng”. In an instant, the overwhelming news bounced from the phone, and these news also solved his inner doubts.


“F*ck! Ji Cheng and a popular niche mystery man met in private!”


“An informed source said Ji Cheng and popular niche mystery man met in a private hotel,  and had to ask the waiter for inhibitor!”




All the reported videos are consistent with the scenery Lu Jingze saw when he entered the hotel last night. He turned his head and looked at the hotel introduction on the table, which is exactly the same as the name of the hotel in the report. The photo of the protagonist in the report proves that this artist named Ji Cheng is Omega who escaped without being marked by himself.


Lu Jingze, who should have been evasive and angry about this, couldn’t help but curled up the corners of his mouth, the smile in his eyes was ready to come out, pretending to be calm and opened the phone address book.


“Hey, help me check Ji Cheng’s information. It is the Ji Cheng in today’s headline.”




“Look, this is your good friend, Wang Ye, childhood sweetheart!” Shan Cong dumped the headline of today’s entertainment newspaper. On Wang Ye’s desk, his tone was full of contempt, “Look, what’s all this!”


Shan Cong was full of fire. Yesterday, Ji Cheng was going to be chic, and he gave himself to that d*mn director again. It was comfort and an apology, and a lot of tofu was eaten, and the matter was finally resolved. But now it seems that Ji Cheng is not doing well. The guy Du Qiyan gave him high-end imported goods. Although he got out of the bar, he still didn’t escape the palm of other Alphas in the end.


In this society where Omega is scarce, when an Omega is forced into estrus and is taken to a hotel by a strange Alpha, what can happen can be imagined. An ordinary Omega might make headlines in social newspapers for this matter. What’s more, that Omega is a big star? Judging from the current situation, Ji Cheng’s acting career has come to an end.


Thinking of this, a scheming smile crossed Shan Cong’s face. He was sitting on the sofa in Wang Ye’s office, wishing to celebrate with red wine right away, but on the surface, he was still annoyed by the artist’s disobedience and the company’s irritation.


Ji Cheng is considered the most popular among this generation of niche players in the entertainment industry, but his external evaluations are mixed. Like him to the extreme, and hate him can also list ten reasons that can’t be tolerated. However, because of the inextricable relationship between Ji Cheng and Wang Ye, the president of Fenghua Entertainment, anyone who hacks him must always take into account that three-pointer.


What is strange is that Wang Ye didn’t know the slightest news about what happened today before it was exposed by the media. And half a day passed after the exposure, and Fenghua Entertainment did not make the slightest move, which made everyone start to doubt Wang Ye’s true thoughts.


Shan Cong suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, and clapped for his networks from the bottom of his heart. If it hadn’t been for his good interpersonal relationships in the circle, such news would not have been reported and spread by several major newspapers so quickly.


His gaze was fixed on Wang Ye, and when he thought that Wang Ye was about to fall out with Ji Cheng, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but tilt up. Without Ji Cheng, wouldn’t it be easy to win Wang Ye?


As the successor to the new generation, Wang Ye is also considered the leader of this generation of presidents. After graduating from university, he came back to take over the family business company and set up his own company-Fenghua Entertainment Co., Ltd. three years ago. It has cultivated countless outstanding artists such as Ji Cheng, Lin Yishu, etc., especially Ji Cheng, regardless of ability, still is the beauty ranked in the top of the entertainment circle.


The mysterious relationship between Wang Ye and Ji Cheng is often a curiosity for outsiders. Wang Ye claimed that he and Ji Cheng were childhood playmates, but the real situation allowed everyone to use their imaginations.


“Xiao Cong, please calm down. I will let the public relations department handle this matter. I can press it down. When Ji Cheng comes back to ask about the situation, I will make the next step.” Wang Ye rubbed his aching temples, “This, Who is the man, wouldn’t Ji Cheng really pick it up from the side of the road?”


“Who knows, I haven’t settled with him about the thing that he left me and ran away yesterday!” Shan Cong walked behind Wang Ye , directly stretched out his hand and hung it on his neck, “By the way, I haven’t had time to tell you that the “Broken Shield” that I talked to Director Du last night collapsed.”


“It collapsed? Didn’t Du Qiyan always want to work with Ji Cheng? How could it suddenly collapse?” Although Du Qiyan is not a top-notch director, he has recently successfully filmed several major IP dramas. Many excellent reputations. The new drama “Broken Shield” is also adapted from a popular online novel, and Du Qiyan also found the original author to serve as the screenwriter of this TV series. If Ji Cheng’s acting skills are added at this time, this series will inevitably become popular this summer. . And this result is a good thing for Du Qiyan and Fenghua Entertainment.


And that is such a good thing, can Ji Cheng talk about it? ! Wang Ye couldn’t believe it. He knew Ji Cheng’s temper, and he knew how to do things well. He didn’t seem to be someone who would make such a mistake.


“It’s not Ji Cheng. Yesterday, Director Du just wanted to have a drink with him. He didn’t know what he was going crazy, so he saved the face to Director Du on the spot. You don’t know his mouth. Things are just like this. Hey!” Shan Cong sighed, “You don’t know how long I persuaded Director Du in the box yesterday. It was to accompany him and laugh at him. I finally let him calm down, otherwise the court summons might have arrived today! ”


“Really? Why is it just to accompany the wine to make a smile? How do I think it should be more than that simple!” The office door was pushed open from the outside, and Ji Cheng took off his sunglasses and sneered at the two people who were ambiguous.


“You! Why do you come in without knocking! This is the president’s office, don’t know how to be polite!” Shan Cong was startled by the sudden appearance of Ji Cheng, and he didn’t know how much he heard what he said just now. The voice is also a little lacking in confidence.


Wang Ye, who was leaning in Shan Cong’s arms, immediately let go of Shan Cong’s hand and straightened up honestly when he saw Ji Cheng.


“Oh, what are you? From the establishment of Fenghua until now, I still don’t know if I have to knock on the door to enter this office!” Ji Cheng scorned the corner of his mouth, and sat down opposite Wang Ye. .


“Look at this.” Wang Ye did not accuse Ji Cheng of being irregular, but handed the newspaper to him, “I think you should give me an explanation.”


Ji Cheng didn’t get out of the hotel too early,but his vigilance as an entertainer made him choose to leave from the back door of the hotel. He didn’t realize that this move made all the reporters who were blocking the front door return empty handed.


After returning to the company, Ji Cheng felt that people around him looked at him differently from the time he entered the company’s door. Originally thought it was because of the sudden incident last night that he looked bad today, but it was not until Wang Ye put the newspaper in front of him that Ji Cheng realized what had happened.


“Tsk!” Ji Cheng glanced at the contents of the newspaper, “These people are really well informed, I don’t know where I went, they know better than me.” His eyes swept over the people standing behind. At the moment when Shan Cong’s eyes met his, Shan Cong looked away with some guilty conscience.


“So, this thing is true?” Wang Ye didn’t notice the flashing eyes between the two of them. The hand holding the newspaper was slightly squeezed, as if suppressing his inner anger, “Who is that man!”


Wang Ye didn’t restrain the spread of his pheromone. Ji Cheng sitting opposite him and Shan Cong standing behind him were both affected by the sudden pressure.


“President Wang may not be too bold, right? Why, there is an Omega standing behind him, and he still has the energy to take care of who my Alpha is!” Ji Cheng moved his neck and sneered at the two in front of him. Fortunately, the smell that Alpha left on him last night has not yet dissipated, and he can secretly take a breath for Wang Ye’s oppression.


Wang Ye, who was defeated half to death by Ji Cheng, just planned to educate him again, but an internal call interrupted his thoughts.


“Mr. Wang, the media just called , wanting to invite Mr. Ji Cheng to audition for their “Silk Road” crew tomorrow.”




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    419 : homophonic of “for one night”, meaning one-night stand.
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