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DRNMY Chapter 20

The truth

Chapter 20 … The Truth

Ji Cheng looked forward with some sluggish eyes. The story is not over yet, but Lu Jingze found that Ji Cheng’s hand was holding the chair, and veins soon appeared.

At that time, Ji Cheng didn’t know what Ji Mincai meant. After various things happened, he knew that Ji Mincai meant this.

Compared with Luo Shaofeng, Ji Cheng is lucky.

Bai Rong didn’t know the dirty business between Ji Mincai and Fang Xushan, so when she realized Ji Mincai’s eyes that looked at Ji Cheng become more and more strange, she began to pay attention to Ji Mincai and Ji Cheng.

That day, Ji Cheng was taken into a room alone by Ji Mincai as usual. Just when Ji Mincai said he was going to teach Ji Cheng further, Bai Rong opened the door and rushed in.

Everything was exposed to the sun, and Ji Cheng didn’t even know what he had done wrong, but he was mocked and laughed by the crowd.

Ji Cheng didn’t know everything that happened afterwards. He only remembered that when the police came to Ji Cheng to make a transcript, he learned that Ji Mincai was sued by Bai Rong for indecency.

Later on, Ji Cheng recalled this past, only to realize that the victim of the year should be suffering more than him. When he contacted Luo Shaofeng again, the other party had already gone abroad.

Unexpectedly, when Luo Shaofeng returned to China again, the son of Fang Xushan stood beside him.


“All of this is over, now you have me, I will protect you!” Lu Jingze shook Ji Cheng’s hand, interrupting the other’s memories, “The next act is about to begin, I will get another cake. With cake, you will have the strength to explode in the afternoon after eating.”

Ji Cheng turned his head and looked at Lu Jingze next to him, with confusion in his eyes.

Just as Lu Jingze got up and was about to leave, Ji Cheng grabbed the corner of his clothes and stopped talking, “You…”

It seemed that he had guessed Ji Cheng’s mood at the moment. Lu Jingze touched Ji Cheng’s head and smiled at him, then said: “I’ll be back soon, wait for me!”

Looking at Lu Jingze’s back, Ji Cheng gently hooked the corner of his mouth.

Can you believe it again? Ji Cheng muttered in his heart.

A trace of anxiety arose in Ji Cheng’s heart. He didn’t know when he began to care more and more about Lu Jingze. Care about whether he is bored with himself and whether he is disgusted by his own past experience. This kind of emotion is stronger than when he discovered that Wang Ye and Shan Cong were together. Ji Cheng couldn’t control himself to not pay attention to Lu Jingze’s every move, including every small movement, which made him think a lot.

Ji Cheng knew what went wrong with him, but this kind of problem couldn’t be cured immediately.

Lu Jingze returned quickly with the cake as he said, with sweat still hanging on his forehead.

“This one is flavored with red dates, and they said it tastes good!” Lu Jingze squatted down beside Ji Cheng and handed him the cake. “They said that the scene over there will be set in half an hour.”

“Is there something else in the company? Why don’t you go back and work on it first!” Ji Cheng took the cake and said softly.

“No hurry, I have already freed up all my afternoon time.” Lu Jingze tilted his head, “It seems that, except for the interview that day, I haven’t seen your live performance yet!”

“You’ll see it later.” Ji Cheng smiled. He did not force the other to go away, their time to be together is running out.

The two people sat quietly on the corner of the street without speaking until the setting was finished not far away.

“Let’s go over.” Lu Jingze got up, turned around and stretched out his hand towards Ji Cheng.

Looking at the hand Lu Jingze handed over, Ji Cheng was taken aback for a moment, then subconsciously stretched out his hand, and the other party slammed him up from the steps.

“Let’s go!”

Looking at Lu Jingze’s appearance, Ji Cheng can see that it was definitely not Lu Jingze’s act, but he was even happier than the person involved.


Lu Jingze sat next to Xing Cangrui, his eyes followed Ji Cheng and never left.

“I said, can you stay away from me? I still have to work here, what are you doing here!” Because Lu Jingze was on the scene, none of the actors on the scene were not nervous except Ji Cheng. For this reason, Xing Cangrui had yelled “cut” countless times, and after yelling cut again, Xing Cangrui directly poured his anger on a certain someone next to him.

“Tsk, you think now that your wife is so good at acting? Didn’t you always run to the company before, why didn’t you have anything to do now!” Lu Jingze glanced at the person next to him disgustingly, but changed his position obediently.

Lu Jingze moved the stool and just changed the position to continue watching, when the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar number. Lu Jingze hesitated for a moment and then connected the phone.

“Long time no see!”

Lu Jingze heard Fang Yao’s voice.

“Long time no see.” Lu Jingze hooked his mouth, got up and walked towards the corner.

“I have a cooperation I want to talk to you, I don’t know if you have time now.” Fang Yao is still using the cynical voice.

“What kind of cooperation? I’ll give you one minute to see if it can attract me.” Lu Jingze said.

“About Ji Cheng, and I can help you get all of your father’s inheritance. It’s not bad.”


After Ji Cheng filmed a scene, he came down to catch his breath and waited for the next filming.

After receiving the water bottle from Bi Xiaoling, Ji Cheng looked around while adding water.

“Lu Jingze just told me that he was leaving in a hurry. Let me tell you to call him after you get off work tonight.” Xing Cangrui looked at Ji Cheng faintly, and felt uncomfortable thinking about Lu Jingze’s attitude just now.

“Yeah.” Ji Cheng didn’t say much, and after drinking the water, he stayed aside and continued to read his script.

The next scene was a contentious scene. There was a more dangerous move, requiring the opponent to push Ji Cheng down, and accidentally hit the threshold next to him with his head.

Ji Cheng communicated with Xing Cangrui, and decided to go in person, without the need for a substitute.

“When you push me later, push it seriously. I tried the cushions below, and they are all quite comfortable.” Ji Cheng said to his opponent as if jokingly.

This place needs to be shot in two parts, one is the scene of being pushed down, and the other is Ji Cheng lying on the ground with a bruise on his forehead.

After the first fall, Ji Cheng got up from the mat, waiting for the staff to take away the equipment, and was going to continue to lie back on the cold floor.

“Watch out!”

Ji Cheng just got down on the position, and suddenly someone shouted over his head, and then he felt his shoulders heavy, and a heavy object slammed on him fiercely.

“Ji Cheng!”

These were the last two words that Ji Cheng heard before he lost consciousness.


Lu Jingze and Fang Yao sat face-to-face in the cafe table .

“What do you want to tell me?” Lu Jingze sat down and looked at Fang Yao, who was carefully savouring coffee.

“After reading this, you will understand.” Fang Yao put a folder in front of Lu Jingze, “Maybe you are interested in knowing my father’s purpose in bringing Shaofeng and the others home.” Lu Jingze frowned. He then opened the document, “The list of personnel of the Changting District Children’s Welfare Institute?”

“It is the orphanage where Shao Feng and Ji Cheng came from.” Fang Yao said, “Look at the list of personnel involved in the past.” Lu Jingze drew out another document again. Another document in the folder reads “List of Person Involved in the 914 Extraordinarily Large Child Obscene Incident.”

“Where did you get these information?” Lu Jingze asked, looking through the two lists and comparing them, his brows were tightly furrowed.

Looking back and forth across the two lists, Lu Jingze’s expression became more serious.

If these two lists were true, there would never be so many people with the same name and surname in this world.

Lu Jingze raised his head to look at Fang Yao on the opposite side.

“You don’t need to worry about the source of the information. I can guarantee the authenticity. I just want to ask you to help and explode this matter.” Fang Yao took a sip of coffee, but some trembling from his hands exposed his mood at the moment, “If this matter is successful, your Lu family’s legacy will surely fall firmly in your hands.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Jingze had an ominous premonition that this matter was more difficult to resolve than he thought.

“By the way, there is a recording in the folder. Go back and remember and listen to it.” Fang Yao stood up, “My instinct tells me that you will stand on Ji Cheng’s side.” After that, Fang Yao stood up and left the coffee shop.

Lu Jingze held the recorder in his hand, and the two documents in front of him made him feel cold.

Back in the car, Lu Jingze turned on the recorder.

Inside was a noisy voice, followed by a conversation between two men.

“Master Yuan, this is Shao Feng, who I just picked from there. Would you like to try it tonight?” A man’s wretched, trivial voice sounded.

Lu Jingze heard this call and his heart was surprised for a momen. Then, a less deep voice could be heard from the recorder, “It’s very kind of Mr. Fang, but my father is not interested in such a young child. It’s not that you don’t know, but why do you still make such mistakes today?”

This is Lu Jingyuan’s voice!

Lu Jingze’s mind instantly exploded. He sat in the car and couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“Don’t get me wrong, Master Yuan. I know Mr. Lu is not interested in this young child. This radish is prepared for Master Yuan.”

Hearing this, Lu Jingze’s previous conjectures have been fully confirmed. There is no need to continue listening, he also knows what will happen next.

After listening to Ji Cheng’s narration at noon, plus the things Lu Jingze found out before about Luo Shaofeng and Ji Cheng, he thought he had already understood in detail. He always thought that this was just one of those shameful things in the upper class, but he never thought that the ultimate goal of these things was to please their Lu family.

Maybe he should have known it a long time ago, but he just didn’t want to believe it.

As the biggest family in the upper class, everyone wants to please the Lu family. As Lu Junfeng’s subordinate, it is not uncommon for Fang Xushan to have people next to his boss. It’s just that, their actions were too big, and they even joined the orphanage to do these shameful deeds together.

Lu Jingze was trembling with anger. If Bai Rong hadn’t discovered it early, would Ji Cheng also be sent to his father’s bed? It is no wonder that Lu Junfeng talked with him on the phone as soon as the scandal between him and Ji Cheng came out.

Lu Junfeng didn’t oppose the relationship between the two because of Ji Cheng’s adoptive father, but in his eyes, Ji Cheng was originally a person who couldn’t stand up to the stage.

Just when Lu Jingze wanted to rush home to look for Lu Junfeng to confront him, his phone suddenly rang.

“Where are you? An accident happened to Ji Cheng!”


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